The Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood Crossover fic:

Disclaimer: I don't own either show, although I'd like to

Pairings: Clyde/Rani

Spoilers: Takes place before the whole 'Children of Earth' episodes in Torchwood. And after Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Summary: Can the team from Ealing and the team from Cardiff unite in the face of trouble?

Author Note: Upon hearing the tragic news of the death of our beloved Elisabeth Sladen, I am going to dedicate this fic to her in her memory. She will be incredibly missed and will forever remain in our hearts as one of the best Doctor Who companions in history. In the words of Sarah Jane Smith herself in the Doctor Who episode 'School Reunion': "The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it's a world, or a relationship... Everything has its time. And everything ends." May she Rest in Peace xxx

Unity of Teams

"It's only us!" Rani called from the hallway of 13 Bannerman Road, the slamming of the front door sounded behind her and Clyde as they headed up to the attic. "Clyde you seriously have to calm down" Rani laughed.

"Says who?"

"Me!" Rani warned, but with a cheeky smile, pushing him slightly as they reached the doorway of the attic.

The two of them saw that Sarah Jane was on the phone as they came into the large room.

"Yes, alright...sounds great, we'll be there tomorrow... Okay, bye."

"Who was that?" Rani asked, curiously.

Clyde matched her curiosity "Yeah and what did you mean by we'll be there tomorrow?"

"You two are full of questions today" Sarah Jane smiled knowingly, briefly changing the subject "I'm guessing you're happy it's half term?"

Rani rolled her eyes "He is" she nudged Clyde "Wouldn't shut up about it on the way home from school."

"Hey come on Rani, don't be such a misery, we've got two weeks off school! That means lie-ins" Clyde beamed from ear to ear.

"Yes but we've got coursework to do, don't you forget!"

"Oh Rani, you have to go and spoil it" Clyde groaned.

Rani laughed "Aww, is Clyde-y upset that he has to actually get out of bed for two weeks" Rani teased, in a babyish voice.

Clyde gave her a disgruntled look, which only made Sarah Jane and Rani laugh.

"So who was it on the phone then Sarah Jane?" Rani inquired, going back to their original questioning.

" was a friend of the Doctor; he used to travel with him for a while. Now he heads up a team over in Torchwood Cardiff, and he's invited us to go and visit him for the weekend."

"Sounds pretty cool" Clyde said, sitting down on the wooden steps.

"Hang on, Torchwood?" Rani frowned "I thought we weren't supposed to trust them?"

"That was the old Torchwood. I wasn't sure at first when I first met him but he's been trying to persuade me ever since then to go and see for myself the work that they're doing. Captain Jack is known for being very persuasive, and I've finally given in."

Rani smiled "Great, so we're going to Cardiff tomorrow then?"

"As long as it's okay with both your parents?"

"I'm sure it will be" Rani assured her "Come on Clyde, let's go and ask them."

"Make sure you go and pack an overnight bag, we've got to leave by 9am tomorrow and we'll be back Sunday night."

"Looks like no lie in on our first day of half term tomorrow, Clyde" Rani teased, as they headed out of the attic.

"Rani, you're going to get on my nerves in a minute!" Clyde groggily replied, Sarah Jane laughing to herself at hearing their playful bickering.


Rani and Clyde headed to the Chandra household across the road. Rani went upstairs to get changed and pack an overnight bag, whilst Clyde sat in the living-room, idly flicking through the magazines lying on the coffee table. Not long after he got bored of Hello Magazine, the front door slammed and in walked Gita.

"Oh hiya Clyde, where's Rani?"

"She's getting changed" Clyde replied, chucking the magazine back on the coffee table "We also want to talk to you about something?"

"Oh yes, I am intrigued. Are you going to tell me you two are finally together?"

Clyde's eyes widened, blushing like the colour of Gita's red top she was wearing.

"No! Course! It's it's half term, we were wondering if it would be okay if Sarah Jane took me and Rani to Oxford to see Luke tomorrow?" Clyde using the cover story he and Rani had quickly thought up on their way over to the house.

"Well of course my darling, aww I bet you miss him don't you? I hope Sarah doesn't mind taking you two up there?" she gave a very small gasp as she thought of something "We could always if you like? I'm sure Haresh wouldn't mind."

Clyde quickly butted in "No!" thinking he didn't want to be stuck in a car with Rani's dad if he could avoid it "I, thank-you, Sarah Jane was going up there anyway and she just asked us if we wanted to tag along, go and surprise him."

"Oh that'll be wonderful" Gita grinned happily "So shall I make us all a cup of tea?"

"Sorry mum we can't stay" Rani interrupted, finally joining them in the living-room, having got changed out of her school uniform she was now wearing light coloured skinny jeans, a pink top, denim jacket and some white converse.

Clyde agreed "Yeah we've got to go and ask if our trip is okay with my mum."

"Okay, well remember Rani your dad and I are out tonight. There's plenty of stuff in the freezer to make yourself something to eat later."

"Yes mum" Rani complied, sounding like she had heard this more than once "Come on Clyde, let's go" she dragged him out by the arm.


"Where are your parents going?" Clyde asked, as they walked down the street heading towards Clyde's house.

"They've got theatre tickets to see some play in the West End. I didn't really fancy going; and neither did dad but he had no choice, mum's making him go."

Clyde laughed "Your dad is so under the thumb, I'm gunna tease him about it when I see him next."

Rani chuckled "On your own head be it, Clyde."

"I'll take the risk" Clyde grinned as they turned into his road; they approached the house to see Carla getting out of her car. Smiling at the two of them as they came onto the driveway.

"Hello you two; haven't seen you for a while Rani, how you doing?"

"I'm good thanks Mrs. Langer."

"It's Carla, Rani" Carla reminded her, smiling "Come on in, I'll put the kettle on."


"Mum, I need to ask you something" Clyde told her as the three of them came into kitchen "Would it be okay if Sarah Jane took me and Rani to Oxford tomorrow, so we can visit Luke?"

"Yeah sure, when will you be back?"

"We're staying for the weekend" Rani commented "So we'll be back Sunday evening."

"Well it'll be nice to have a bit of peace and quiet this weekend" Carla grinned "You'll keep an eye on my little boy won't you, Rani?"

Rani giggled as she saw Carla fussing over Clyde, much to his displeasure.

"Yeah of course, someone's got to stop him getting into trouble."

"Why do I get the feeling I'm being ganged up on here?" Clyde wondered.

"You are" Carla and Rani replied in unison, the girls laughing, whilst Clyde raised his eyebrows.

"I'm gunna get changed and pack my bag ready for tomorrow."

Leaving Carla and Rani alone, the girls got chatting on subjects such as school, work and then Carla decided to ask Rani a curious question she had wondered for a long while.

"Rani, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, sure" she put her glass of squash down on the table in front of her.

"Is there something going on between you and my Clyde?"

Rani looked stunned "No, no of course not. We're just friends."

"Really?" Carla seemed surprised "I can tell he really likes you. He never acted this way around Maria, or any other girls for that matter."

"Really?" Rani sounded hopeful.

Carla grinned, knowingly "So you don't have feelings for my boy then?"

Rani blushed, trying to hide a smile, but failed.

Carla beamed "Oh I recognise that smile! Oh Rani!" she hugged her, leaving a rather bewildered Rani with no choice but to hug her back.

"What's with the hugging?" Clyde inquired, having come into the room now changed into jeans, trainers and a blue hoodie.

"Never you mind!" Carla told her son, getting up from the sofa she had been sharing with Rani "Now, its Friday night, you better get in that kitchen."

Clyde sighed and headed towards the kitchen, Carla asked "Rani, do you want to join us for spag bol for tea?"

"Yeah I'd love to; thank-you" Rani grinned, before calling to Clyde "Need any help in the kitchen, Clyde?" she joked, trying to undermine his cooking abilities.

"You wait till you taste my spag bol, you won't be laughing then" Clyde replied boastfully. Rani just laughed and turned back to chatting to Carla.

After a very successfully cooked meal by Clyde, he left the room to use the loo only to come back downstairs to the sounds of laughter. Coming into the room he saw his mum and Rani sat next to eachother looking at baby photos.

"Mum! What are you doing, put them away! Please!" Clyde begged, trying to snatch them out of her hands.

"Oh Clyde" Rani couldn't stop laughing, holding up pictures to show him "Look at you, you were so cute!"

"My Clyde-y was such a beautiful baby" Carla could not stop the overindulgent praise about her son "Was always a mummy's boy weren't you, remember you used to follow me around the house asking me to read you stories."

Rani continued to laugh "Aww Clyde!"

"Mum! You are so embarrassing!" Clyde moaned, leaving the girls and headed upstairs, out of the way from any more of his mum's humiliation.

Rani smiled to Carla "Go on, show me the rest."

For another ten minutes Carla showed Rani more photographs from Clyde's childhood. Some made Rani laugh; some made her feel soppy and others just made her feel happy. Knowing that despite Clyde's dad leaving, which resulted in the subsequent break up of his family, he had had some good times growing up. Rani then went up to Clyde's room and knocked on the bedroom door, after hearing him say she could come in, she went inside to find Clyde lying down on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Come on Clyde, come downstairs, we're going to watch a film."

Clyde sat up "On one condition, you put the baby photos away and it's not a romantic comedy."

"I think you'll find that's two conditions" Rani replied, cheekily, folding her arms in the process.

Clyde raised his eyebrows at her but said nothing more. Rani glanced around Clyde's room, looking at all the drawings he had done. "Wow Clyde, I haven't seen half of these drawings before."

"Ah you know" he shrugged "Just some ones I've done in my spare time. It's not like they're any good or anything."

"How can you say that, Clyde, they're amazing!" Rani marvelled at his artwork, noticing he had drawn many pictures of himself with Luke, herself, Maria and Sarah Jane. Then she moved onto questioning him about the alien drawings.

"Does Sarah Jane know you've drawn pictures of the aliens we've met?"

"No, and she isn't going to. I don't think she'd be too happy."

"No, she wouldn't" but Rani couldn't help but smile "But I'll keep your secret."

"Thanks" he smiled at her, genuinely grateful she was going to keep this from Sarah Jane.

Carla interrupted the two of them as she shouted from downstairs "Come on you two, we need to pick a film!"

"Coming!" Clyde replied, and sighed as he got up off the bed.

"I'll join you in a minute, just gunna use the loo" Rani told Clyde, who headed downstairs.

Rani, however, went back into Clyde's room as she had spotted something out of the corner of her eye. On Clyde's desk, partially hidden under a load of other drawings, Rani had spotted a picture of herself. It was absolutely stunning; so much detail had been put into the picture, every part of her face had been intricately drawn, Rani thought of how much effort he must have put in to create it. It must have meant a lot to him. Looking underneath the one drawing she found half a dozen others, a few of them even had some hearts drawn next to her. Rani smiled happily and blushed all at the same time, quickly putting the pictures back where she had found them, so Clyde wouldn't suspect a thing. The common phrase 'mum knows best' ran through Rani's mind as she left Clyde's bedroom to use the loo, she thought that Carla's assumptions about Clyde must be correct.

He secretly liked her.