Chapter Six

Sunday morning dawned on the residents of Cardiff Bay; Clyde awoke to find Rani still snuggled up to him fast asleep on the sofa. He smiled as he looked down at her, things were changing for the two of them, and he couldn't be happier about it. He kissed the top of her head, and this caused Rani to start to wake up, she snuggled closer to him which made Clyde chuckle. This made Rani wake up properly.

"Oh" she sat up slowly, blushing "Morning Clyde."

"Morning" they were looking at eachother in a new way, the love they shared spilling from their gazes, but their moment was interrupted by a cough. The two of them looked up to see Sarah Jane, Jack, Gwen and Ianto all stood near them, smiling.

"Are we interrupting something?" Jack wondered, a cheeky smirk on his face.

"No course not" Rani blushed "What time is it?"

"Lunchtime, you guys slept for ages!" Gwen announced after looking at her watch "Anyway, get yourselves sorted and we'll take you out for something to eat."

"Sounds good to me!" Clyde said enthusiastically, getting up to go and find the toilets.

The Torchwood team busied themselves whereas Sarah Jane approached Rani "You alright? Looks like you sorted things out with Clyde?"

Rani blushed "Yeah...we uh...I dunno, it's all a bit complicated at the moment...but we're happy."

Sarah Jane smiled "That's all I want for you two."

"Thanks Sarah Jane" Rani said cheerfully, before she also headed off to go and get freshened up.


Once everyone was changed and ready to go, the Torchwood team took Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani to a nice cafe for a bit of a late lunch before they went bowling. Clyde and Gwen being the best bowlers of the three games they ended up playing.

They headed back to the Hub to grab their things before it was time to say a sad farewell at the train station.

"Thanks for having us, all of you. It's been...memorable that's for sure" Sarah Jane smiled.

"Couldn't agree more" Rani beamed, before glancing at Clyde who locked eyes with her for a moment, they two of them knowing why it was indeed memorable, in more ways than one.

"It was for us too" Jack told them "And remember if you guys ever have any trouble or if you need our help in any way, we're here for you."

"Thank-you" Sarah Jane said sincerely "Same for you guys too."

"We're all in this together" Rani said happily, causing all of them to smile.

They all exchanged hugs before they headed into the train station and began their journey back to Ealing.

A few hours later they had arrived home and stepped out of the taxi outside 13 Bannerman Road. Dusk was now upon them all, the sky a beautiful shade of orange and pinks. Sarah Jane said goodbye to Clyde and Rani who were stood outside the house, not knowing what to do now.

"So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" Rani said, picking up her bag off the floor.

"Yeah...yeah I will" Clyde looked at Rani, wanting to say so much more, but they hadn't quite established what their relationship was with eachother. They were both so confused.

They gave each other a brief hug before Rani went to her house and Clyde started heading down the road to his.

Clyde was almost at his house when he stopped in his tracks, a sudden need to talk to Rani about their situation taken president in his thoughts. He turned around and ran back down the street, all the way to Rani's house and knocked on the door.

Haresh answered "Clyde..."

"Hello sir" Clyde said, slightly out of breath from his run "Can I come in, I need to talk to Rani."

Haresh eyed Clyde suspiciously, but allowed him to come in as Haresh called out "Rani, Clyde's at the door."

Rani quickly appeared from the living-room, Gita not far behind her, watching them nosily.

"Clyde, are you okay?" Rani wondered, a small frown on her face, but she looked more worried and surprised at him being there, than anything.

"Yeah" he said, before glancing at Gita and Haresh, as did Rani who said politely "Mum, dad, can you give us a minute."

"Oh, yes, of course my darlings. Come on Haresh" Gita grabbed her husband's arm and pulled him into the living-room, closing the door.

"Clyde, what's going on?" Rani asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry Rani, I just had to see you..." he gave a nervous chuckle "Look, I haven't even gone home yet" he showed her his bag that he had used for the trip, before putting it on the floor by his feet "Rani..." he was gazing at her with all seriousness now "Everything that's happened with us...I just...I feel..." he gave a small groan of annoyance, not being able to express his emotions the way he wanted to. "What I'm trying to say is...I've fallen for you Rani, big time...I know now that I love you...and I have done for so long."

Rani beamed "You know I love you aswell."

They finally allowed themselves to relax around eachother; their feelings now out in the open. They moved towards eachother and kissed tentatively before it deepened. Gita was watching through the crack in the door that she had managed to quietly open, after having her ear pressed against it on the other side.

Rani and Clyde broke apart and gave nervous laughs but they were smiling.

"So what does this mean...are we together now?" Rani asked.

"You'll be my girlfriend?" Clyde asked, happily.

"Yes" Rani giggled "As long as you'll be my boyfriend?"

"More than happy to be" Clyde kissed her again, but not long after that Gita opened the door and gave an excited squeal of happiness and clapped her hands momentarily as she cried delightedly "Oh my darlings!" it broke Clyde and Rani's kiss as she brought the two of them into a big hug "I'm so happy for you my darlings, I knew you would end up together!" she let go of them and put her hands either side of Clyde's face as she said "Welcome to the family, Clyde!" and gave him a bone crushing hug.

"Mum! Stop it, you're embarrassing us!" Rani pleaded, going redder by the second.

Haresh was standing near them, arms folded "Langer" he looked at Clyde sternly "You do just one thing to upset my little girl and I'll make sure you never see her again, understood?"

Clyde looked worried but said truthfully "I promise I will never hurt Rani, she means more to me than anything in the world. You have my word sir."

"Oh come on Haresh, that sounds pretty good to me" Gita said to her husband "Clyde's a good boy. Just look at them they're made for eachother!" she looked at the pair of them dreamily.

"Mum!" Rani protested, hiding her head in her hands briefly.

"I know we don't see eye to eye sir" Clyde spoke up "But can we draw a truce?" he offered a handshake to Haresh.

Haresh gave a nod and a smile and shook Clyde's hand, much to Rani's delight "Thanks dad."

"Thank-you" Clyde said gratefully "I won't let you down I promise."

"I'll hold you to that Clyde" Haresh said sternly, but he said with a small smile, before turning stern as he warned them "Just one more thing you two...I don't want any funny business going on upstairs now, I mean it."

Clyde and Rani blushed a deep red "Dad!" Rani shouted in total embarrassment.

"Haresh!" Gita said, also stunned by his comment.

"Can I leave now?" Clyde asked, feeling so very uncomfortable, grabbing his bag from the floor.

"I'm coming with you" Rani asked, grabbing her jacket, needing to get out of the house "I'll be back in a bit" and she shut the front door behind them.

Clyde and Rani laughed their way out of embarrassment before Clyde kissed Rani's cheek and she gave him a sweet smile.

"Well done for handling things with my dad so well."

"He only wants to protect you...same as me...what he doesn't realise is me and him are more alike than he're the most important person in both our lives."

Rani melted on the spot and kissed Clyde's cheek "Thank-you."

They walked a little further and Clyde took hold of Rani's hand in his, which made them both grin from ear to ear. It was so new, yet it felt so natural.

"We just have to tell your mum now" Rani said happily.

Clyde groaned which just made Rani laugh.


Carla came into the hallway after hearing them arrive at the house not long later.

"You're back!" she enveloped Clyde in a big hug and kissed him numerous times, much to Clyde's protest. Before Carla looked at her son's best friend "And Rani you're here too, what a lovely surprise!" she gave her a hug too.

Clyde scratched the back of his head before he said "Yeah mum, there's a reason Rani's here...we uh...yeah we just needed to..."

Rani sighed but couldn't help put a smile on her face, "What your son is trying to say is, we wanted to tell you that Clyde and I are officially a couple now."

Carla beamed "Oh that's wonderful! Oh come here you two!" like Gita, Carla enveloped them in a big hug before asking enthusiastically "When did this happen?"

"Well..." Rani began "Last night we kind of talked about it all...but we only made it official about ten minutes ago."

Carla chuckled "Well I'm very happy for you both; you've picked a good girl Clyde."

Clyde grinned "I know" looking lovingly at Rani who blushed.

"Seriously Rani, my son couldn't have picked a better girl than you, I'm so happy" she gave another hug to them both, which made Rani feel on top of the world, whilst Clyde just groaned at all the fuss their announcement had caused.

But it was all worth it. They were all happy.


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