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Chapter one: Verdict

Nahuel and his aunt had just finished their account for the Volturi and we all took a collective breath in anticipation of Aro's response. His red eyes focused on me and Edward again, feigned sadness deepened his expression and he began to pace back and forth.

'I'm sorry dear new friend, but I cannot judge the possible future of one child based on the hearsay of another creature of the unknown, I also cannot overlook the obvious deception of your existence being kept a secret from myself and my brothers, for this, your witness is invalid.' He began.

'Come brothers, let us decide upon our verdict once more' his wheezing voice came to a halt and they gathered around him in the pretence of deliberating whilst obviously intent on finding the best way to end us.

I was suddenly filled with an even greater rage than before, creating a surge of anger at the idea that everyone I loved; the Cullens and the wolves, especially Seth and his awkward grin, Leah too, despite her open animosity. The Denalis and the Irish coven. All of the nomads and the frightful Zafrina and her sister. All of them would die, all so Aro could continue to keep his white hat and gain power in the vampire world.

It sickened me; each wave of hatred pulsed out from me and rippled into my shield, it felt oddly more tangible now, less of an invisible protector and more like a physical entity. This strengthened my resolve and I decided to discreetly test it, focusing on the outer perimeter of our gathering I urged my shield to weave outwards and towards Seth, 'Jake' I whispered so low that only he and a few others of our group heard us, 'could you tell Seth not to panic, I'm going to try something and it might feel weird but it's just me', he gave me a strange look but huffed and then dipped his head to show that the message had gone through. Edward was looking at me from the corner of his eye like I was insane, 'just bear with me okay, trust me', he rolled his eyes but waited patiently anyway.

Urging my shield like an extra limb, I willed it to rap around Seth's hind leg and pull it ever so slightly, it was easier than I thought, instead of the elastic recoil of my first shields, I now had a living creature at my disposal. I should have guessed it sooner, after all the shield was as much a part of me as any of my arms or legs, but only now, through the sheer determination of wanting to fight as well as protect, was I finally able to manipulate it at will. I could see that with this new shield I wouldn't have to stay still whilst concentrating on protecting the people fighting, I knew without a doubt that as my family and friends fought the Volturi my shield would stay with them on its own accord, not only that but I also instinctually knew that this shield could rip and tear even the diamond hard skin of the strongest vampire whilst keeping those I loved safe from harm.

Seth's muffled protest and confused grunt luckily didn't rouse much suspicion, Edward however was looking at me like I'd just grown an extra head. 'shhh' I whispered conspiratorially, I didn't want the Volturi to clue in to my even greater growth in power and new ability to attack. He just blinked a few times then focused back on the Volturi, the confusion of those who'd witnessed the exchange probably didn't have any idea it meant that my power had grown even more, and they were on our side anyway so I didn't mind their suspicion.

They would see soon enough, when I personally made sure that the smirk growing on Jane's face would be wiped off permanently.

I was ready, fed up of Aro's transparent games and utterly ridiculous attempts at convincing his audience of our guilt. By their faces I could tell that they now knew us to be innocent of all crimes he spouted, I knew they wouldn't fight us, they wouldn't fight the Volturi either, but at least they were safe, for now. If the Volturi won they would probably be silenced from spreading the news of Aro's obvious corruption, we just had to make sure the Volturi were in smoking remains then.

Aro and the other members of his guard were still involved in their so called deliberations, Alice and Jaspers smiles of reunion were replaced by grimaces of anticipation, even Nahuel and his aunt seemed ready to fight.

'So…' Aro's scraping voice rang out, everyone's eyes on him now. 'It appears that there is even more than meets the eye to our supernatural possibilities, as we can see this here wonder is not an immortal child, and by the looks of our newcomer she may grow to dazzle us even further in her maturity. However, 7 years of growth? Surely too fast to avoid suspicion, and I see through dear Edward's thoughts that these golden eyed ones are actually fraternising with the newborn's own human father.' A hiss escaped from both mine and Caius' mouths, mine from the idea of Aro seeing my father as a liability, and Caius' in outrage.

'But he does not know of Vampires!' Carlisle pleaded; it seemed to fall on death ears. 'Enough!' Caius snarled, 'it is enough that he has seen the changes in the newborn and on top of that witnessed the existence of the half-breed, do you seriously value the life of one insignificant human over the safety of our secret?'

'It's not like that' I spoke, barely above a whisper, Caius glared at me as I spoke, 'Oh please' he simpered sarcastically, 'do go on'.

I took in a breath and continued, 'He doesn't know the truth and even so, he would never dream of telling anyone even if he did guess something!'

Caius' retort was cut off by Aro's pale hand, 'Regardless young one, that, amongst your other crimes and your obvious display of disregard to our authority cannot be abided, hand over yourself, your mate, child and your lovely sister in law and pledge to join us and we may spare the rest of your coven, your witnesses however' he continued, emphasising the word 'witnesses', 'your witnesses should know that they have chosen their allegiance and for that they must pay penance.'

Outrages hisses rippled out from our entire group, even Renesmee, who was until a minute ago incapacitated with fear at the Volturi, let out her own little snarl. The wolves accompanied with a rumbling of growls, it almost sounded like thunder, or perhaps that was the tempest brewing overhead from Ben's own fury at the Volturi. His angered expression mirrored perfectly the sky's growing storm.

It was coming, we could all feel it. The fighters of the Volturi, especially Felix, were gearing up for the battle to come, almost smirking at the idea of getting through my mental shield, unknowing of its full power. Likewise, Emmett had a savage look to his face that was almost beautiful, his eagerness for the imminent fight shining in his golden eyes.

We were all ready, each side awaiting the other to strike; it seemed like hours passed with us all standing there, Aro awaiting our inevitable refusal to his false offer. We knew he wouldn't let any of us live, and those who survived would probably be very conveniently those whom he desired to join him. There was no way we would allow that.

Surprisingly it was Esme who spoke first; we were all expecting either Carlisle or Edward or hell, even myself, to decline his outrageous proposal. The hatred in her voice was so unlike the motherly tones I was used to hearing from her as she began her tirade against Aro's offer.

'You old fool, you know nothing of our family. You think us strange for loving one another and claim your own controlling hold on your guard is a true coven. You will never take any of us, and we would never willingly go to you. Neither, will we stand by while you threaten ourselves or our allies, you'll have to crawl over my shrivelled corpse before I let you touch a hair on any person's head. And trust me, I WILL put up a fight'. She crouched into a position that spoke of her absolute willingness to tear them limb from limb and only grunted when the shocked eyes of every person on our side took in this complete stranger. Even Aro, who had seen through Edward's memories how caring she was seemed completely shocked by this sudden change in character.

His expression quickly morphed into one of feigned sorrow, 'very well my dear friends, it seems that you have made your choice, I only wish that by the end those of you who survive will come willingly to my side. Ciaus, if you will'.

Carlisle looked at Aro, and as if reading his intention, spoke to our group, 'those of you who wish to fight may stay, the rest of you may wish to leave for it is about to get very messy here.' Surprisingly, only a few left but the rest of our group seemed intent on staying, their lethal glares fixed upon the Volturi.

'Jake NOW' I whispered frantically, he gave me one long, agonising look which was mirrored in Renesmee's tear filled eyes, 'I love you' I choked out and then he sprinted back into the woods. Hopefully by the time the battle ensued he'd be at a safe enough distance. I was pained to see him go, but on the off chance we didn't survive, I needed to know my Renesmee would be safe. It was the only way to ensure it.

Here it was, the moment we were all dreading, Ciaus lifted his hand towards the air with agonising slowness and in it we could see an object similar to the other one, a small metallic disc on which there were intricate carvings only slightly different than the last one. This was the signal; I knew he was telling the guard to prepare to battle...

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