"Care to dance, Champion?" Hot breath rushed past his ear, he couldn't help but to shiver. He longed to hear those words, but he wouldn't dare admit it to the blonde whose arms were starting to snake around his shoulders.

"As you wish," Harry breathed out, hoping no one would notice the interaction yet despite for the contact. A pale hand pulled him close to the other's chest as he led him in a slow dance in a far off corner.

"Reading those silly muggle fairy tales of yours again? In case you haven't noticed, I am no princess." His trademark sneer worked its way across his delicate features. How he loved to see the sneer, especially in jest. "By the looks of it lover, you may be perceived as the submissive at the moment." Harry sent a glare at the boy in his arms but it fell quickly at the lightest brush of a kiss.

"I managed to convince Professor McGonagall to let us set up a projector in the common room this afternoon. Today it was the movie," he breathed against Draco's neck. "And a damn good one, if I say so myself."

"As you wish," Draco replied as the music ended. "But I believe the date you unfortunately brought is looking for you. Wouldn't want to disappoint the lioness, princess."

"As long as you make it up to me tonight, prince. I expect to see you in the room of requirement tonight when we manage to get out of this."

"As you wish."

This was taken from the Princess Bride. I am partial to the movie, and if you haven't seen it, the line "As you wish" was the character's way of saying yes in a slightly more poetic fashion. This will be a series of drabbles featuring Draco/Harry. Until the next update my dear readers.