Harry entwined his fingers with Draco's lazily, almost falling asleep on his lover's lap. Draco chuckled as he drew lazy patterns across the boy's chest which drew Harry's eyes suddenly to the nails that traced delicately across his skin. He pulled the long fingers close to his face and inspected the nails that seemed to glisten under the light from above them.

"Draco- is that nail polish I see?" Harry asked incredulously. "You got a manicure and I wasn't there to witness it?" Draco let out the breath that he had been unconsciously holding and allowed himself a small chuckle.

"Unlike you, I like having my nails looking their best. I am still a Malfoy after all and being as such requires me to look my best. You can have nails that are half bitten off and overgrown cuticles all you want, Harry, but you enjoy the work my hands can do, yes?" Draco quipped back. Harry grinned as he still looked at the polished tips with a bit of shock still in his chest.

"I do, but was the polish necessary? I'm glad you didn't go with bright neon pink but still the fact that the clear can be seen under the right circumstances freaks me out a little," Harry returned. "Now about the work your hands do so well- how about you remind me of how much I truly enjoy it?" Draco picked up the smaller boy easily and suddenly, not willing to question or second guess the invitation.

"Won't pass it up for the world."

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