It's been almost 2 years after the trial. Ben came home that night and we settled back into our normal life. Many things of happened. For one, Embry found a girl. Her name is Sarah. Luckily, she loves kid so when the problem of jealousy arose with Ben, she found it to be cute. They had a 'talk' and she promised not to steal him.

Jake found his own calling and started a business not only working with cars, but also teaching others how to ride motorcycles. Most of the pack helped out there, but they had to take orders from Jake, the boss.

Paul and Emily got married, after Sam and I of course. Oh I didn't tell you?

Yup! Sam and I tied the knot. He proposed just a few months after Ben came back. He pulled together a whole night- full of stringed lights and family. It was a big get together full of happiness, love, and friendship.

As for their secret, Ben was eventually told. He was surprisingly open to it and enjoyed the free 'doggy' rides to the beach. He thought it was cool to have a bunch of dogs around, but still wished he had a normal one.

So, Sam went out and bought him one. A golden retriever. He was cute, I will give him that, but having another male in the family made me want to go crazy. He acted just like one of them. Always hungry and very active. He liked to steal food off the table, go through the trash, and dig in the backyard. Yup, a true dog. Of course, when he follows Ben around, we can all tell he is making sure he was safe. They were best buddies-it was sweet.

Now, I could update you on everyone else, but there is something I have to get off my chest. My news beyond news.

I'm pregnant. Yep, that's right. The bun is in the oven.

I haven't told Sam yet, truth be told, im a bit scared. I know he's always wanted kids but now? Just as we are setting up a studio for my music and songs, pulling together a picnic for Quil's imprint Claire to have her birthday, and probably so much more I am just forgetting, now is not the best time.

I took the stick that read positive and threw it in the trash. Maybe next week…

I walked out of our bedroom, passing Ben and Henry (the dog) on the way down, and went to make some dinner.

Tonight was chicken parmesan. I took out too bags of chicken breast, breaded them all and started the noodles and marinara sauce. Being the Alphas mate required cooking for an army. It was crazy how many times we had to go to the grocery store or how much food we went through.

"Ben! Henry! Dinner is in 5! Get cleaned up!" I shouted from the kitchen.

"Okay!" Ben called back.

Just as I was ready to pour the noodles, Sam came walking in.

"Hey baby," I smiled as hugged me from behind.

"Here, I got that," he told me, taking the pot and pouring the noodles in the strainer.

"Thank you," I said giving him a quick kiss to the cheek.

We talked about our days for a while till I called dinner for Ben and Henry. We heard some scurrying upstairs and both laughed. Ben and Henry must have been playing and now rushing to get food.

"Henry!" Ben yelled, running down the stairs.

"Ben?" I asked, walking to check out the commotion with Sam in tow.

"Henry stop!" Ben commanded as he continued down the stairs.

Henry made it down to the bottom before stopping. Not thinking of what Henry had in his mouth, I grabbed Ben from the last few stairs and made sure he was okay.

"Sorry, Henry and I were playing hide and go seek and then you called dinner and Henry grabbed something out of the trash….I tried to stop him but-"

A throat cleared and I looked over to Sam. He was holding the pregnancy test in his hand.

Immediately I froze. Oh gosh. My heart raced and he looked up at me.

"Your-" he croaked.

Biting my lip, I nodded slowly.

His eyes went wide and I set Ben down.

"Sam I-"

"You sure?" he asked, glancing down at my stomach.

"It said positive…" I swallowed, stepping towards him.

Looking back down at the test he shed a tear and smiled-wide.

"I'm going to be a dad."

I let out a laugh and let the butterflies fly away. He was happy.

"Yea," I nodded, "you are."

He took the last step near me and kissed me. Lowering a hand down to cover my stomach, he let out a laugh and rubbed his thumb over me.

Ben tugged my pants and we looked down at him.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Crouching down to him, I smiled.

"I am going to have a baby."

"A baby?" he asked. Glancing over at Henry, who also had his head cocked to the side, I looked at him.

"Yes, a baby. You are going to have a little brother or sister soon."

"Really?" he asked surprised.

"Yea, is that okay with you?"

"Yea!" he squealed.

"I cant wait to tell 'Bry! Henry did you hear that! I'm going to be old!"

I let out a laugh and stood back up. Sam immediately hugged me to him and kissed my head.

"Are you sure im not dreaming?" Sam asked, turning to look at me.
"I'm sure," I grinned. Taking his hand, I put it over my stomach and rested my hand on top of his, "I'm absolutely sure."

*~tHe EnD~*