Okay. Long time no updates haha OTL. Well, instead of updating my other stories I decided to write another one! (I suck I know.) Anyways, this is based off Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin and a video I saw on youtube.

Tweek and I had returned home a few minutes ago from Token's party. It was boring to me. I mostly stayes in the back of the room, taking random drags from my cigarrette while I watched Tweek dance and have fun. It made me jealous to see him have fun with anyone other than me.

Before Tweek could get drunk and do anything that he might regret I pulled him out of the party , while ignoring requests to stay from Token and Clyde. I gently put Tweek in my car, not wanting to hurt the fragile boy, and drove us home.

Tweek had fallen asleep in the passenger seat of my car. Everytime I came to a red light or a stop sign I would take the chance to look at my sleeping blonde lover. He rarely ever slept but, when he did he was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Even cuter than Stripe.

I pulled up to Tweek's house. His parents were away on some kind of coffee trip ,and I was staying here so he wouldn't be competely alone for the next week or so. He can't handle something like that.

I got out of the car and went to Tweek's side. I picked Tweek up and closed the door with my foot. I made sure I did it quietly so I wouldn't wake Tweek up. I went inside the house and up to Tweek's room and gently laid him on the bed. I kissed his head like I was his mothe ror something. I don't know why, just felt like I should.

I was about to go downstairs to get something to eat and watch a little tv before I went to sleep but, something red on Tweek's desk caught my eye.

I walked over to his desk and pulled the red object out from under some papers and notebooks. I carefully made sure the things on top didn't fall and wake Tweek up.

I looked at the from of the object to see a sloppily written 'Tweek Tweak's Diary' at the top. I filled with excitement and quickly went to downstairs so I could read the literature by myself.

When I reached the couch, I practicly fell onto the thing.I sat up straight and ripped the book open. I looked at the first page and started to read what was scribbled on the page.

Dear Diary,

Today, Eric started to call me a spastic freak and he almost beat me up. Luckily, Clyde and Token came to save me just in time. I love those guys sometimes.

Where was I when this happened? It bothered me a bit that I didn't help Tweek when he needed me. I just shook it off though and turned the page.

Dear Diary,

Today Clyde and I went to harbucks together. He helped me gain enough courage to apply for a job there. Then, as a reward he bought me that new coffee they have. It tasted like apples.

Under it was a little doodle of an apple with a heart around it. Now, I'm starting to get pissed. Where the hell am I in this Diary? I turned the page.

Dear Diary,

Clyde gave me one of his tacos at lunch today. He said that i should eat more. I wonder if he's disgusted with my skinny figure? I really hope not.

Clyde again? Where am I? I mean more to Tweek than fucking Clyde! I quckly flipped to the next page, willing to give Tweek one more chance to write about me.

Dear Diary,

I love how Clyde's brown hair blew in the wind today as he walked me home. Craig stayed home sick today so Clyde offered. I was so glad that I wouldn't have to walk home alone.

That's it. I've found my place in the Diary of Tweek. It's also showed me that Clyde's in the way of Tweek being mine and mine only.

I know what I have to do.

Haha yeppp that was the INTRO just wait for the rest. But I have to warn you. There's sex, love, betrayal, murder, bunny, style, suicide, blood, and messed as fuck things coming up :)