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Oh shit. What the hell should I say? 'Oh nothing just reading your diary to know if I can trust you.' HELL NO! I tried to think of other things I could say. Maybe 'Just going through the book you wrote that made me kill Clyde and Butters.' He would leave me if I said that. Especially if he found out I killed them. He would be so afraid me. He would hate me.

I don't know what to say! Maybe if I just stare at him he'll go away.

"Craig! Answer m-me!"

Well, that's not working. Okay come up with something good Tucker. "I was just um, you know, g-getting to know you better?" I'm a fucking idiot.

"So you take m-my fucking –nggh!- diary!" If you want to get to know me better Craig then just talk to me! D-don't steal m-my diary! It's personal!"

"We're you afraid that I would read all of your entries about how damn fucking amazing Butters and Clyde were!" That's it. I'm not holding back anymore. Tweek is going to KNOW how I feel.

"C-Craig?" Tweek rushed from his spot on the stairs and sat next to me on the couch. I snapped my head down on the ground to avoid eye contact with him. "Craig. Were y-you jealous of B-Butters and Clyde?"

"You should fucking write about how amazing I am in your diary! Not fucking them! I'm your damn boyfriend Tweek! Not Them! ….Not them." My voice cracked as I whispered the last part. I began sobbing violently.

Tweek Brought his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I felt his shaking body against mine. He was so warm. It comforted me, but it didn't make me calm down. It just made me sob even louder and harder. Tweek gently rubbed my back as an attempt to soothe me. "It's o-okay Craig. Th-there's no need to -GAH!- cry. I love you. I will always love you." Bull shit. If he found out about what I did he would hate me for the rest of his life. "B-besides Craig, you should feel b-bad for Clyde and B-Butters. They were j-just killed." This is it. I'm not holding back.

I stopped my sobs and took a deep breath. I held my head up and looked at Tweek. I looked at him with the most twisted, evil, smile I could manage. I wanted to show him how satisfied I was with my work. He looked at me with his large brown eyes. His shaking increased some. He muttered a barley audible 'C-Craig?"

"Tweekers." I chuckled. "I'm the one who killed them."

Tweek's eyes grew larger than I have ever seen before. His arms released from around me and his shot up from the couch and stared at me. He started to slowly shake his head. Letting "No" escape from his lips over and over again. He's in a state of shock. I smirked and stood up. I took a step towards him. He took a step away. My smirk turned to a hurt frown. I'm scaring him. What the fuck is wrong with me! I'm going fucking crazy! Tweek turned, probably about to run away, but I grabbed him and threw him on the couch. I got on top of him and pinned him down with his arms above his head.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" I yelled right at the crying, shaking blonde boy under me. I tightened my grasp on his wrists.

'Craig! You're hurting me!" His crying got louder. It almost crushed my heart, but I can't let him leave me. He's the reason I did all of this anyways! It's his fault not mine! It's because I love him so much! Tears began to flood my eyes.

"Are you going to fucking leave me now Tweek!" You're the reason I even did any of this! To have you all to myself with no one getting in our way! AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO FUCKING LEAVE ME!" I glared down at him as one of my tears dripped down on his face. "I'm never going to let you leave. You're my boyfriend and you will always be my boyfriend. I LOVE YOU TWEEK!"

"Craig! You're going Crazy! Get off of me! I hate you! I fucking hate you!" He hates me. I grimaced evilly at him. I could feel my heart shatter. The one I literately KILLED for hates me.

"Well, I love you. I will make you love me too." I bent down and forced my lips onto his. He tried to squirm away, but I'm too strong for him. He ran my tongue along his lip, but he wouldn't let me gain entrance. I squeezed his wrists and as he gasped in pain I slid my tongue into his warm mouth. I explored his mouth as continued to try to get away. Then, he did the worst possible thing. He bit my tongue. I pulled away from him and groaned quickly in pain.

I glared down at him. I took one of my hands, and had the other one hold his wrists together, and I slapped his as hard as I could across the face. I didn't like hurting Tweek, but if I had to do this to get him to love me then I would. I yelped in pain. I smirked. I pulled his shirt off of his body and kissed his neck. I stopped for a quick second and whispered, "Whether you love me or not, I'm going to show you how much I love you Tweek." I sucked on his neck as hard as I could. I wanted to leave marks all of his body.

I heard his moan a bit. It really turned me on to hear how much he enjoyed it. I pulled away from his and smirked down at him. The next thing he said took me off guard though.

"I-I love Craig! I don't care what y-you did to Clyde or B-Butters! I love you! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can! You're the only man I love! That I w-will ever love! I won't tell anyone w-what you did! I'll never talk to anyone ever again, but you! Please make me your bitch!"

I stared wide eyed down at him. Then, I took in the reality of the situation. I let out a half crazed laugh. "Tweek! Do you understand what just happened? We've both gone insane!" I kept on laughing and laughing and I heard Tweek laughing with me. We were both crazy. He was crazy for me and I was crazy for him.

Tweek smirked at me. "It turns m-me on that you did all of th-that for me." He practically growled. "We should kill more people together. For the thrill of it. T-to spice u-up our sex life!"

I chuckled so evilly that I almost scared myself. "Anything you want my Tweekers. Because, I will do anything for you. I will even kill for you."

SORRY! That's the um end. No sexy crazy boy sex for you. I know sucky ending…BUT IM MAKING AND EPILOGUE also known as a part 2 kind of thing (it will have crazy boy sex in it ;D). I liked this ending though. They're both crazy and shit . All's well that ends well. Haha please review though. Oh and yes, Tweek went crazy as soon as Craig was about to rape him :D.