Hekili Pao

By Cokie

This doesn't look to be a very long story - maybe 7 or 8 short chapters. It is completed with the exception of the epilogue, so I felt safe beginning to post it.

As per the usual, I don't own any of these characters. I've saved my pennies, checked Ebay and Craig's List but they STILL aren't available. I am just playing with them and will return them none the worse for wear. Well, almost...

As always, thanks to Rowena and Kathie for being my sounding boards and listening, reading and pointing me in the best direction.

Also, a special thanks to Sockie1000 who should be crowned "Queen of Beta". Her comments and ideas have really strengthened this story. Thank you, muchly!



The Five-0 office was quiet, winding down for the weekend. Danny had received an unexpected call from his ex-wife…and for once, it was a pleasant call. It wasn't his weekend for custody, but Rachel had asked if he would want to have dinner with Grace that evening. Danny had jumped at the chance and nearly ran out the door, waving goodbye behind his back. While the offer could be viewed as selfish on Rachel's part because she wanted a fast babysitter, she had been much more cooperative since the mess with Stan and was actively seeking out ways to allow Grace and Danny to have more time together.

Which made for a much happier Danny Williams!

The other three team members were finishing up their week's work. For the past three days, they had been tracking a connection between drug smugglers from Guatemala with a group in Hawaii, and while they had made some progress, today, all their leads had been shot to hell.

Which made for a very grouchy McGarrett!

Chin Ho pushed open the glass door to McGarrett's office. "Hey, we're going to grab a bite. Want to come with?"

"Ah, not tonight, Chin. Think I'm going to eat leftovers and hopefully catch a game on TV." He scrubbed his hand through his hair, causing even more of it to stand on end. "It's been a long week and I'm probably not the best company tonight."

"Don't work too late, Brah. We'll make the connection and get these guys. You need anything else from us?"

"Nah, I'm good." He waved at Kono as she came from the locker area. "See you guys on Monday. Enjoy your weekend."

"No dinner tonight?" she asked.

"I'm headed home," he assured her. And he was right behind them, preparing to turn out his light when the phone rang.

"Five to one it's Danny," he muttered to himself, backtracking to answer the desk phone. "McGarrett."

"Commander. It's Briggs from Narcotics."

"Yeah, you got something for me?"

"Maybe. We hope, anyway. Just talked to a snitch who has been fairly reliable in the past. Said he heard that Akamu Kane has been holed up in his sister's house up on Portlock Road near Kokee Park. Thought you might want the Intel."

"Yeah, you get an address?" He listened, writing it down on his hand. "Got it, thanks."

"Hope it pans out," Briggs added. "Let me know if we can help."

"Will do. We'll check it out first thing in the morning."

Steve hung up the phone and stared at the address, recognizing the neighborhood. He checked his watch and realized it wasn't quite nine…plenty of time. Making a decision, he turned out the office light and reached for his cell phone as he walked toward the door.

The call was answered after the first ring. "You better not still be working, McGarrett."

"I'm leaving now. Got a sec?" Steve heard high-pitched laughter in the background. "I take it Grace is still there?"

"What was your first clue, Sherlock? Gracie, say hello to Steve."

" Steve! Are you coming over? Please, please, please? We're playing poker."

"Sorry, Grace, not tonight. Besides, you cleaned me out the last time."

He heard her giggle as Danny took back the phone. "Tell me about it," Williams griped. "She's got all my M&Ms and now is taking my Skittles. This girl is ruthless."

"Can't imagine which side of the family she got that from."

"Hey! I think I resent that."

"Call them like I see them. I need your help."

"Anything, unless it involves an all-night stake out. I am not setting the alarm tomorrow."

"Well, sorry. No stake out, but you're gonna need to set that alarm."

"What's up? Take that, Grace Elizabeth." Steve could hear as he threw down his cards. "I want my Skittles back."

"You with me?" Steve asked.

"I'm listening, what's going down?"

"Narcotics has a possible address for Kane. After Grace leaves tonight, can you get a warrant for us for tomorrow morning? Early?"

"Who are you and what did you do with my partner? Gracie, you think that's funny? This guy on the phone can't be Steve 'cos he asked for a search warrant."

"Funny, Danny."

"The Steve McGarrett I know doesn't even know what a search warrant is."

"Do, too."

"Yeah, maybe, but you don't get them."

"Of course I don't. That's what I've got you for," McGarrett shot back. "I'll send you the address in a text. And thanks."

"You home yet?"

"I'm in the truck. I'm gonna ride by—"

"No, NO and HELL NO."

"What's your problem? I want to just see the layout. I'm not going to compromise anything by driving by."

"What's my problem?" Danny's rant began. "You have got to be friggin' kidding me," he muttered. "Gracie, cover your ears 'cause Danno's gonna yell at Steve." Beginning to shout, he continued, "My problem is a partner who goes off willy-nilly all by himself without backup and gets into trouble. I can't begin to count how many times—"

"Did you just say 'Willy-nilly'? Really, Danny? Sounds like an 80's band. And why should I need back up when I'm only driving by the house?"

"You're just driving by? I can't believe you even said that. I swear, McGarrett, you need back up because I know you. That's why."

"Nothing's gonna happen. Can you get the warrant or not?"

"Of course I can get a warrant. Listen, come by here, eat some of our leftover pizza and after Rachel and Stan pick up this silly monkey, we can go together."

"Danny, that would be backtracking. Besides, I'm already on my way out there. I'll see you in the morning."

"McGarrett, behave yourself. I better not get a 3 a.m. wake up call from the E.R."

~~~ H50 ~~~

Danny's phone rang again just as Grace was climbing into the back seat of Stan's newest 'toy'. This time the car was a shiny, black Lexus and Danny shook his head while trying to count the number of new cars Stan had leased in just the short time he had been in Hawaii. Gotta be overcompensation for something, he thought with a wicked grin.

With a final wave to his daughter, he pulled the phone from his pocket. "Yes, Steven?"

"Need back up," McGarrett yelled into the phone.

Williams heard his partner's feet pounding the pavement as he ran. "What the hell's going on?"

"No time. Get coordinates from my phone. One dead; I'm in pursu-"

The sound of two rapid shots drowned out the rest of McGarrett's explanation. Danny heard a thud, and then nothing.

"Steve? Steve! Hello? Dammit, answer me!"

~~~ H50 ~~~

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