Today, on Tuesday 19th April 2011, Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) died after complications in her little known battle with cancer. RIP Lis.

There is a man, a great and powerful man.

A man who turns up at your darkest hour, and points you to the sun.

He doesn't do goodbyes. He can't.

He doesn't revisit old friends unless he runs into them by accident.

Except her. His best friend. He visits her.

Oh, only during invasions, and when he is truly needed.

But he comes. He comes for her.

When he is called, and when he is not, he always comes through for her.

He doesn't do death. Definately not. And he most certainly does not do funerals.

He never retraces his steps, for fear of what he might find if he looks.

And he spends far too long running from his own shadow, to stop and look around.

But not with her. She was always an exception. Always THE exception.

He told her that the whole universe would shiver if he were to ever die.

He never told her that it would be him shivering if it were her to die.

He stands at the back, dressed in a black form of his usual costume.

Because while bow-ties are cool.

A red one at a funeral isn't appropriate.

Today, he will stop.

Today, he will wait.

Today, he will not run.

Today, he says farewell.

The universe was blessed to have known her.

Blessed that such a wonder had been bestowed upon them.

He envied the passer-bys in one respect.

They had not known what a beauty, a gem she was.

They will not know she is gone.

Already her work, continued by her son and his friends.

They were her friends as well.

The universe doesn't stop for anyone.

He salutes the black-clothed congregation.

Tomorrow, he will not stop.

Tomorrow, he will not wait.

Tomorrow, he will run.

Tomorrow, same as the day after, as the day after that, and the day after that.

Forever he will run.

But today is not tomorrow.

Today is not forever.

Today is a day of remembrance.

Remembering he came too late to save her.

There is a man, a great and powerful man.

A man who turns up at your darkest hour and points you towards the sun.

But is the price too high?

"Goodbye Sarah." He whispers.

Once a wonderful, marvellous, magnificent human being.

A mother. A friend. A survivor.

Now just another shadow to run from.

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