Title: Contrary to popular belief...

Author: Lora Kael

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars and don't make any money on this. Just fooling around.

Note: This is a drabble made from a promt on the Wraiths and Rogues community on LJ, Wraith Squadron. The title is the promt.

"Contrary to popular belief I do have a sense of humor," Luke said raising an eyebrow. "I just don't find having my X-wing covered in dirt, ale, and crude pencil drawings, my pilots somewhere between drunk and hungover, and the hanger looking like a Tusken Raider raiding party AND Jabba the Hutt went past, fun." His face was taking on a more reddish tone, even though he still kept his voice mostly level. "Now guess who's in charge of the clean up?"

Wes Janson tentatively raised a hand, while supporting himself against his X-wing with the other. "The cleaning droids?"

"Try again."

Hobbie stirred from his slumped position against Wes's X-wing's landing strut. "Um... The general don't like tea. No. Always serve ale."


Luke shook his head. Never, EVER, give the Rogues two succesive days off. Finally having enough of their behavior and the state of the hanger, he pulled himself up strait and shouted: "Attention!"

The effect was miraculous. Almost as one the pilots sprang to their feet/attention(most still swaying), even the ones who hadn't reacted to anything Luke had said so far. The Commander's voice never seized to work.

Luke smiled, but not in a pleasant way. "Congratulations, Rogues. You have won the pleasure of spending the rest of the day getting the hanger, the X-wings and everything else back to normal. If you are not done by 0600 I'll have you skinned, put on permanent cleaning AND kitchen duty, and wearing pink jumpsuits indefinitely!" With that he turned around and ignored the groans and swaying of the elleven pilots, who where unfortunate enough to have pissed off their commander, and left the hangar.

Hobbie swayed dangerously when he turned towards Wedge trying to focus both eyes on him. "Do you think he was serious about the pink suits?"

"I don't want to know." Wedge shook his head very slowly and carefully. "Let's get started before he gets back here."

"Right. We'll get the buckets." Wes got an arm around Hobbie and together they staggered toward the cleaning cabinet.