I do not know how long I've been here. My days are defined by staring out of the murky water that surrounds me as the busy White Coats scurrying around from one task to another. Sometimes they look at me. I don't move. They think I'm dead and I'm happy to leave it that way. Dead things don't get experimented on. I listen, and learn. Took me a while to learn their speech. They talk about many things. The subjects range from experiments to work to where we are. We are on a ship called The Catherine. A stealth ship. The ship rocks and shakes every couple of months and once a panel exploded. Whenever this happens the WCs (got tired of typing White Coats) are scared whenever this happens. They talk about unusual things during these times. They talk about 'Hybrids', 'Governments', Xenomorphs', 'Predators', and a variety of other things. Apparently, they pissed off a combination of those things. I really hope something new happens…

I'm bored… *sigh*

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