Leviathan One Shots

OK I am starting a one shot collection for the leviathan archive. I literally just finished Behemoth Monday so I have lots of ideas. I am going to try to upload and write one one shot/drabble a day, but I am nearing the end of my 8th grade year and I have a feeling it is about to get hectic. So here goes the first one.

It was a sunny day on the Leviathan. The Clanker Archduke Alek didn't know this because he had spent the entire day in the engine room working on the Stormwalker engines. But finally Alek got to go into the sunny day air, even if it was to fence with the deplorable Count Volger.

Alek wiped his hands on a cloth and headed for the topside of the whale, as he went he was hoping to run into this best friend Dylan and hopefully they could get together after the fencing lessons. But not in a romantic way, that would be silly!

Arriving at the topside of the whale Alek pranced, in the most manliest way possible, towered the unofficial fencing area when Alek saw the most odd thing. was doing something to Volger's lips. Getting closer Alek realized something, Volger and were kissing. Alek felt his fragile innocence being stripped from his soul. Alek turned on his heel and ran.

Magically Alek appeared back inside the whale in the hallway outside on Dylan's room. Alek feverishly hoped than his pal was in there. The future Archduke rapped his knuckles on the fab wood door.

"Aye, are you looking for me?" A slightly girly voice said from the other end of the hallway. Alek looked happily at his first and only friend Dylan Sharp.

"Yes I just saw the most dreadful thing," Alek told his friend, his eyebrows raised as he crossed the distance between them he opened the door and motioned Alek into his room and of course Alek followed, he had never been in Dylan's room and he was curious as to why he didn't sleep with the other midshipmen. Well Newkirk as the others had died.

"What did you see?" Dylan asked Alek closing the door. Alek shuddered just thinking about what he had seen about and Volger.

"I saw Volger and and Volger…Kissing," Alek whispered looking around.

"Kissing," Bovril repeated. Alek jumped he didn't even realize that Bovril had been with him.

"That is… odd," Dylan said rubbing the back of his neck. Suddenly the boys body started wavering and where Dylan was standing was suddenly replaced by a girl in a long, girly dress that was light pink.

"Oh barking spiders, I've reverted back to a girl," Dylan fumed.

Alek feel out of his bed flailing and hitting the floor hard. He's was taking big huge frightened breaths. In the dark of the room Alec almost laughed that was such a funny and odd dream. Dylan a girl, he was so full of swagger.

"Mr. Sharp," Bovril chortled in the dark of the cabin.

Pretty freaky eh?When readin the dream sequence did you think something was off? I tried to make it have the odd half reality of a dream but unless you review I wont know how well I did.