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By: Ryuuen

Chapter One

            "What the…"

            Greater Beast Zelas Metallium nearly choked in a most undignified manner on her wine as the news that her brother told her sank in. Recovering somewhat from the shock, she reassumed her usual half-lidded, bored expression and met Dynast Grausherra's calm, placid eyes with her probing gaze. He should no better than to toy with her. But then…

            "Surely you must be joking, Dynast. Such a thing is unheard of!"

            "I wish I were, Zelas. I wish I were," came the somber, almost inaudible, reply.

            Zelas quirked a brow, trying her best not to loose her cool.

            "Dynast," she began again, more carefully, lest she… what's the word? FREAK OUT? "Are you positively sure about this? We don't want to arouse unwanted concern over the matter now, would we?"

            "I am not bluffing, Juu-ou," Dynast said sternly, closing his eyes with a thoughtful expression on his countenance. "This is a much too serious matter."

            Hmm… He has a point there…

            "But what in L-sama's name made them decide to… I mean, didn't we actually help them, against all Mother Chaos, SAVE the world from Dark Star? Shouldn't they at least acknowledge THAT?"

            The dark-haired Mazoku Lord calmly reached into his tunic and procured a rather tattered piece of paper which he held before her face, just far enough for her to decipher the words embedded in red handwriting…

            Darkness beyond the blackness of twilight…


            "Dynast, what is this?"

            Ha-ou made no move to answer her question.

            Light beyond the rays of dawn…

            And that's…

            Zelas gasped.

            Could it be?

            What has been is yet to be…

            Does that mean…

            Neither black nor white shall spawn.

            Zelas released the sheet of paper, which fluttered unheeded to the ground, and stared wide-eyed at her seemingly meditating brother.

            "Do you realize what this means, Dynast?"

            Slowly opening his eyes, Dynast slowly picked up the discarded scrap of paper and folded it neatly before pocketing it.

            "I do," he said calmly. Too calmly, Zelas noted.

            "Darkness beyond the blackness of twilight…" the Greater Beast quoted. "That must mean…"

            "Ruby Eye Shabranigdo, our Lord, Master and Creator…"

            "And Light beyond the rays of dawn…"

            "Refers…" Dynast stuttered. "To the Holy dragon, Ceipheid." Ha-ou whispered hesitantly the name, which, as a Mazoku, he was forbidden to speak.

            "What has been is yet to be…" Zelas continued to recite then paused. "Is that…"

            "The Kouma War…"

            It took a full minute for that amount of information to register.

            "The Kouma War… how will that…"

            Dynast once again unveiled the infamous verses and explained, "This, I would have you know, has been a part of a telepathic message intercepted by Grou. It seems that one of the Elders of their race recently had a vision regarding that which has not yet come to pass (a fancy way of saying future ^.~;) – a prophecy, if you may. It was in an ancient language of their race that even Grau had much difficulty translating it. This is the most accurate translation he could come up with. They would have been able to find out more had they not been detected."

            "A part? You mean there's more? Now how do you expect us to come up with a correct interpretation of that prophecy if the prophecy itself isn't complete? And what does the last part mean anyway?"

            "Neither black nor white shall spawn…" Dynast repeated solemnly. "To be frank with you, that is something we have yet to discover."

            Zelas frowned. "Dynast, tell me. Just when exactly did you perceive this message?"

            "A month ago."

            "And how long did you plan to keep it from us?"

            An uncomfortable silence ensues, each one feasting on the confusion of the other. Finally, the clinking of ice cubes breaks the stillness as the third remainder of the group who has yet to speak finally decided to voice out her thoughts. Setting her goblet down primly and uncrossing her legs, Deep Sea Dolphin remarked in an overly cheerful voice that made both her siblings cringe and a certain Beast Master fume.

            "Why are you so bothered about it, Zelly? Lord Shabby could take on anyone anytime…"

            Then, she added on second though, "If he were alive that is…"

            Zelas looked at Deep Sea as though she had suddenly sprouted pointy ears, a tail and golden wings.

            "If he were alive…" she reiterated with a predatory look. "If he were alive indeed… Yes, why don't we…"

            "Resurrect Lord Shabranigdo?" Dynast expressed his doubts. "I don't think so… That would entail a lot of work…"

            Kai-ou began to whimper. Zelas threw her a look of pure venom.

            "It's the best and only plan we have," she stressed.

            Dynast shook his head solemnly. "You seem to be forgetting, Juu-ou, what fate the Mazoku race met during that war. We lost, Zelas. We lost. Even Lord Shabranigdo fell and if this upcoming war is anything like that of old…"

            Zelas seethed.

            "Besides, they have had a month to prepare for their ceremony. We haven't even started our search yet. Who knows? They could have successfully realized their plan even before the first shard of Lord Ruby Eye is revived…"

            And whose fault is that?

            Deep Sea Dolphin timidly raised her hand and squeaked. "Question?"

            "WHAT?" Zelas snapped. Lord Shabranigdo would surely turn over in his seven graves if he saw HER! the Greater Beast thought savagely. But then, she reminded herself that it was partly her fault that her only sister lost her mind.

            "Well," the rather terrified blue-haired Mazoku Lord replied. "I was just wondering… why did they even think of… I mean, aren't they supposed to represent LOVE and JUSTICE and all that is NOBLE and GOOD? Doing what they plan to do will sure cause a LOT of trouble."

            The two other Mazoku lords developed a rather pronounced twitch at every word, their minds sharing the same thought. If only she weren't their sister… what a disgrace!

             Dynast recovered from his rather uncharacteristic perturbance and loudly cleared his that. "Kai-ou, if you haven't figured it out for yourself, they must have thought we were planning to revive our Lord and took these precautions out of sheer paranoia."

            "But why do we have to resurrect Lord Shabby?" pursued Deep Sea. She had always been in awe of their Master.

            "Have you any other idea? And stop calling him SHABBY!" Really now…

            "Well…" she twiddled her fingers. "We could have some sort of peace negotiations and organize a truce…"

            "WHAT?" Zelas exclaimed in indignation. Never in her very long life and even after that would she condescend to speak with such… Suppressing the urge to transform into her beast form and trample a certain Ocean King, she forced herself to cool down.

            Calm down, Zelas. Calm down. Phibrizzo and Gaav are gone. It's just you three against those overgrown lizards…

            She looked almost pleadingly at the Supreme King who seemed to notice. Looking up from his musing, Dynast spoke, eyes flashing with determination. "Deep Sea is right."

            "She is?"

            "I am?"


            "Listen, Zelas. If we are able to trick their Elders into entering into a truce, that would buy us more time to hunt down the Seven Shards of Lord Shabranigdo and assure us that they would make no move towards the accomplishment of their original plan."

            "But what if they disagree?"

            "They won't. They are the "peaceful" race, after all."

            A wee evil smile crept up the Beast Master's face and her cat-slit eyes glistened playfully. "Oh, I see. Trick, eh? I've got the right… mazoku for the job…"

            Okay… I didn't change much… but still…