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Hidden Perspective

Part II

"I won't forgive myself. I should have seen it coming," she whispered. Her hair fell in a sloppy way to the side. She felt odd having it down when it was normally braided, it felt heavier this way.


That was all the response she got back was a 'Tsk', didn't Oga know anything? Obviously not. Her stomach knotted up slightly as she stared dumbly at her hands. It was funny how hands could become extremely fascinating when one was trying to avoid the eyes that were trying to search hers. She couldn't face his eyes though, those piercing onyx eyes that were beginning to know her. He was starting to read her a bit too well and he had been 'starting' to for a while now. Her thoughts lazily flashed back to a heated kiss they had shared months ago and felt her tongue dry. They hadn't even talked about it. On her soaps everyone always talked about it, and often times undying love proclamations came along with it. Not a word, it was like it had never happened.

"I should have been stronger to finish him off on my own," he growled after a moment.

The room was dark. Master was snoozing peacefully in the bed beside her, and Oga sat on the ground next to her. He had a sleeping mat set up but he hadn't so much as touched it yet. Dark circles rested under his eyes and his hair was messier than normal. This seemed like such a familiar scene.

"That's my line," she teased. She found a reassuring smile plastered on her face, or as reassuring as she could be.

Tense silence filled the air and she felt herself lying down slowly to curl up around Master. Her eye lids drooping slightly as her head found a soft pillow.

"Your bed stinks," she complained. She wouldn't mention that the shirt he had let her borrow stunk as well. She wasn't sure if she could handle the remark that may or may not come with that statement.

"Get over it," he growled.

It wasn't in a bad way. That was the bad thing. It smelled good, it made her want to curl up in the scent all day and bask in it. But that couldn't be allowed to her. Oga wasn't hers. His scent wasn't hers. In fact she was probably kidding herself that he even cared for her outside of his relationship with Master. He didn't. He liked her simply because she took care of Master for him when he couldn't, that was where their relationship ended. Then why was she the one that had been stabbed yet she had been so worried that a worse fate was in store for him? Why was she striving to save his life even when she was bed ridden from a wound she could have easily avoided?

He had held back because she asked him too. She knew if anyone else would have asked he would have never agreed. She knew that he worried about Master but his thoughts weren't always on par with his actions. He listened to her because that meant he could keep Master safe. It all boiled down to that. Did he love her back or was it simply because of their close proximity to each other that feelings arose?

Thoughts of Aoi ran through her head and she suppressed a growl. It came down to this. She wasn't a human, and Oga was so obviously a real human girl would be the one to appeal to him. She had no business in that matter; she should watch from the side lines and be happy that something like that did exist outside her soaps.

"You really had me worried," he whispered and suddenly the bed sank slightly as his weight added to the bed.

Her thoughts froze and her tongue dried itself again.

"I mean really worried," his breath brushed against her ear as he lowered himself to kiss her forehead.

And just like that he was gone. Peacefully snoring on the make shift mattress next to her. Where his lips had met her forehead it burned. It tickled and it spread like fire, warming her up to her fingertips. A stupid smile was plastered on her face as she buried herself into the pillow careful not to disturb Master.

No matter what she did she would be in love with him. All she had to do was master her emotions and learn to hide them better. She found herself cracking and showing compassion, like the night before she was stabbed. She had wanted to help Oga's mom cook dinner every now and then for being so sweet and accepting her even though she was so weird in this world. A thought occurred to her, she should probably start referring him by first name while they were at the house. Even though everyone knew when she was addressing Oga it felt almost disrespectful to address him as such within the house hold.

"Tatsumi," she whispered lowly. It sounded so odd and foreign on her tongue, but it wasn't bad it was kind of like tasting dark chocolate for the first time. Bitter yet sweet.

Onyx eyes were boring into her as she flipped over. She felt a dark blush spread over her face and was thankful for the darkness even if it did little to nothing but hide her blush.

"You said my name," he whispered. For a second she wondered why they had been whispering. It was odd, but then she remembered Master was sleeping by her side. How could she have even forgotten for a moment that he was there?

"I did," she mumbled rolling so that she laid on her back and stared up at the ceiling.

"I liked it," he whispered and suddenly she was looking up at his eyes.

She felt like she was being dissected and even if her abdomen gave a slight protest she wasn't about to push him off. She felt heat gathering up inside her as she noticed his eyes were smoldering like they had been that time before. She didn't even want to growl as she felt the familiar sensation of being pinned to his bed. His scent wafted her nose and made her thoughts blur.

She didn't bother wasting time for him to lean down and kiss her. She leaned up and pressed herself fully against him, enjoying the groan that escaped him as her lips caught his. He pressed back both fighting to win the upper hand until she caved, letting him lean her back down onto the bed. She felt herself pant as he began to place chaste kisses along her jaw line and neck. She swallowed and tried to still her breathing. She let out a small gasp when she felt something warm press up against her thigh.

"You know I kinda like seeing you in my shirt," he whispered as he tugged along the rim of it. She couldn't bring herself to respond as his hand slowly traveled up the fabric to caress her stomach. He stopped just where her bandage began.

As if the bandage brought him back to reality he began to lower the intensity of his kisses. He stopped and pulled away, looking at her fully in the eye.

"Hilda. Don't get hurt again for me," his voice sounded strangled and he was gripping her with a little more force than necessary. She let out a small breath and smiled up at him lightly.

"I can't say I won't."

She stole a kiss from him quickly and rolled to her side grabbing Master as if it was the only thing she could do to keep from being kicked out of his bed. Strangely enough Oga just laid down beside her and pulled her so that she was resting against his chest. His scent was stronger here, a dirty musky scent but with a hint of sweetness. It was uniquely his scent and she loved it. She smiled and inhaled deeply.

She loved him, and for now, even if it meant harm coming to her, she would do everything in her power to protect him. Master cuddled into her and made a soft cooing noise. She was glad he hadn't woken up this time. Things felt like they had resolved a little bit. Although nothing had been said out loud like they were in her soaps it still felt complete. Like the way his hands were firmly holding her close to his chest, and the steady heart beat that came from his chest. The way his head was resting on top of hers so that he could take a deep breath of her own scent in a 'discreet' way, and how he could barely keep his lips off of her forehead, she loved it. For some reason the action of him kissing her forehead made a flood of warmth envelop her, and she smiled. She wouldn't tell him to stop. Even if it turned out he picked the human girl over her, she still had this moment. This complete moment where it felt like he loved her, even if he couldn't say it out loud. She didn't need it.

He didn't need her to say it either. He had guessed her feelings. He might not know the extent of whatever it was but he knew that there was something between them.

"Oga, maybe you aren't such an idiot after all," she whispered as she kissed his cheek.

He was already sleeping. His hold on her tightened and he twitched slightly.

"Not the… chupachupachupacabras punishment... innocent…"

She sighed.

"Ultra Police… no..."

He was an idiot.

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