This is mainly a Teen Titans/Boondocks story, but because there will be some Justice League heroes in it from time to time; it also incorporates that as well.

This story occurs directly after SuperDocks, so if you haven't read that one you may have some trouble understanding where this one is coming from.

Also, I'm sorry I made you guys wait, even after I posted on the INFO CENTER that I would have this up by April 15. So once again, SORRY!

Last Time:

"Our Lord, perhaps a prophecy would make them a bit better?" The tallest one, Lachesis, said as she took hold of the marble eye. Traban sighed as he nodded his head. The three sisters then gathered around the eye as it floated into the air, becoming a vision of things to come. Huey and the others stared in wonder as it did so.

"11 years into the future you must go" the middle height sister, Clotho, spoke.

"Help those in need with what you know." Atropos said as Traban palmed his forehead. Why must it always be in verse?

"A prisoner's escape will be your cause" Lachesis spoke as Huey and the others watched some kind of demon break free of its chains and rise up.

"You and they must stop him, before all is lost" Clotho said as the eye showed a vision of them teamed with five others and fighting the demon.

"Upon your return you shall get and see" Atropos said as the eye showed them returning to Woodcrest. It was then five figures came out at them.

"A battle and sight which shall fill your souls with glee" Lachesis said as the triplet sisters began to giggle girlishly while the eye began simple marble again.

"That was… weird" Huey said as the others nodded.

"Get used to it, because they do that from time to time. Now, how are we gonna get to the future?" Traban said as he got up from his throne. It was then Thanatos came back into the room with a black and gold pen in hand as if it were the holiest thing in his world.

"Your scepter, my Lord. I've kept it safe for your return to power." Thanatos said as he formally bowed and handed the pen to Traban, who nodded and said his thanks. Thanatos bowed again and left, but this time with the fates in tow.

"Now, how to get to the future… I've got it; I'll do it." Traban said as he clicked the pen which turned into a black scepter with gold demon wings at the top and a silver orb at the head. The others gazed at him and the scepter in confusion and shock.

"This scepter was... given to me during the Great Titan War. It is made of the same magic as the fates' eye and their magic mirror, but instead of seeing the future, like the eye, it can transport me and whomever I wish there, like the mirror. All I need to do now is… this!" Traban said as he held the scepter up with the silver orb glowing as it shoot out a beam on to the wall. The beam became a portal that showed a large city and a T shaped building.

"Now who wants to go first?" Traban asked as Riley ran into the portal.

"I always wanted to do shit like this!" Riley said excitedly as he jumped into the portal cannonball style with his last words echoing as he went through. The others shrugged and dived in after him as Traban was the last one left. Traban created a clone as he walked through the portal himself.

Things would definitely be… interesting from here on out…


Chapter 1: My, How You've Grown…

Time: 8:35pm:

Riley noticed one thing when he fell through the portal: it was in the middle of the air above the ocean.

"Holy shit!" Riley exclaimed as he fell into the ocean far below.

He created a huge splash of water as the others came out of the portal. When they noticed they were in the middle of the air they just floated there, because they could fly and Riley couldn't. Traban laughed out loud as he saw Riley come back up to the surface of the water.

"That shit ain't funny nigga! I'm beat yo ass when I catch you!" Riley said as Traban flew low to the water and then jetted off toward the city in the distance. Riley gave chase as he and the others noticed he could run on water.

"Now that's what I call pulling a Jesus…" Cindy said as she and the others tried to catch up with Riley and Traban.

"No kidding…" Jazmine said as she watched the water Riley had run on shoot upward behind him.

"We need to find him some kind of way to fly, but I'm sure Traban can come up with that." Huey said as Ming nodded.

When they had finally caught up to Riley and Traban they noticed the two weren't strangling each other, but instead found interest in a sign. Huey and the others landed next to them and looked at the city limit's sign as well.

"We're in Jump City… Isn't it that crappy little city no one cares about, and that's like the armpit of California?" Traban asked as Huey shrugged.

"In our time; yes, but it's been 11 years, so I'm guessing in this time; no. It doesn't matter anyway, we have to find a place to stay and then we need to make the norm happen here." Huey said as Ming gave him a look.

"By norm do you mean getting into stupid situations that could have been avoided altogether if we only stayed out of the way?" Ming asked as Huey paused in thought of that, but then shrugged.

"Pretty much…" Huey said as they spit up to find either jobs, schools, or a place to live.

In the Middle of Jump City, 9:16pm:

Sirens wailed in the distance as a male figure ran along the sidewalk. He then ducked into an alley as the police cars pass it by in search of him. He had a bulging sack in his hand, and he was burglar on the run from the police. He looked back toward the mouth of the alley, just in time to see the squad cars had raced right past him. He breathed a sigh of relief, but before he could get 10 feet away a shadow passes quickly over him. He stopped in fear as he only knew a few people who caught crimes like him that way. He ran for it as another shadow passed overhead as he pulled out a crowbar with clear uncertainty. A weapon, shaped like a yellow and red bird clangs against the crowbar.

"Huh?" the criminal said as his not so intelligent remark. He got no response as the shadow passed by him once more.

"I d-don't want t-trouble, o-okay?" He said shakily as he backed up, stammering.

A black blur dropped into view behind him, at the far end of the alley, and he turned his way. He saw a pair of pinpoint eyes staring at him from the shadows. They belong to a large bat. Throwing his arms up to protect his face, the burglar stands his ground as they flap past.

"You should've thought of that before you committed the crime." The unknown person said.

He had spiky black hair and a face mask. He sprinted toward the burglar as he high kicked the man's chin making him skid back 6 yards. The man ran back toward the unknown person with the unknown backing up a bit and blocking the wild punches arcing toward his head before delivering a chop to the shoulder and a kick to the chest. The criminal was going down, but the vigilante does not let it stop there. He bounded up a wall and pushed off it for an upward aerial boost. This caused him to be carried over the criminal's shoulders, and he grabbed them for a solid body slam to the ground.

"Hey! This isn't your town! Aren't you supposed to be with-" the criminal was saying until the unknown vigilante grabbed his collar and brought their faces closer together so they could stare each other in the eyes.

"I've been here for 5 months, and since then; I've been leader of my own team." the vigilante stated as he was about to punch the man's lights out, but the sound of something zooming overhead drew his focus away from the beat down. He then looked back to the criminal, but then noticed someone floating in the air just outside the alley.

"Now what do we have here…?" Huey said as he stared at them, but then a muffled explosion went off and Huey raced off to it as Robin dropped the criminal and pulled out a communicator.

"Titans, move out to whatever that was!" Robin ordered as he raced to the explosion himself, but not before tying up the criminal.

At the Explosion Site:

Traban was knocked through yet another building by this guy… Mammoth, was it? The boy simply started beating the crap out of him and why you might ask. Well that was really simply.

(Flashback, 25 Minutes after the Spit Up)

Traban had flown to the edges of the city and was slowing making his way to the center when he spot an abandoned warehouse that would be perfect as a headquarters and place to live. The only reason he needed a place to stay was because he couldn't summon the Justice Space here for some reason. He shrugged it off though, because he could still alter reality and fiction. He also noticed that his godly powers were sealed away when he exited the portal, but that to would still be no real problem for him. He flew down to it and started evaluate it as 3 teens came up behind him.

"What the snot are you doing, marble for brains?" the short floating one said as Traban looked back in disinterest.

The short one was Gizmo, the tall big one was Mammoth, and the only female of the group was Jinx.

"I'm going to turn this into my new headquarters and place of residence. Now if you don't mind; I'm busy and don't play with children." Traban said lazily as he waved them off.

"Mammoth, you deal with him. He needs a lesson in 'proper' manners." Jinx said as Mammoth grinned while cracking his knuckles.

"Right… I'll give him a crash course!" Mammoth said as he charged Traban, who dodged out of the way. He spun rapidly in the air like a tornado until his was in his hero costume. Jinx and Gizmo looked at him strangely as they had never seen anyone do that before.

Mammoth tried to punch Traban, but he dodged gracefully as his cape fluttered. Mammoth looked at it and grinned as he grabbed in and flung Traban into a nearby building, and that's how the beating started.

(End of Flashback)

The only reason for the explosion was because the short one… Gizmo wasn't it, decided to play baseball with him; using a rocket as the bat and Traban as the ball. Traban got up from his crater in the building and saw the three younger teens laughing at him.

"I think you hit a home run, Gizmo!" Mammoth said as Jinx leaned on to him.

"Yeah, pretty good, especially since you can't hit a real ball with a real bat" Jinx said which made Gizmo grow a vein over his forehead.

"I can to, you pit-sniffing fairy!" Gizmo shot back as Jinx rolled her eyes. Traban sighed as he floated over to them, landing ten feet away as he cleared his throat loudly as to get their attention.

"You know, I find it quite rude to forget about your opponent, you young rag-a-muffins. I dare say it is of the utmost rudeness I have ever received here, especially since I have not at once attacked you back." Traban said in a British-accent with a cup of tea in his hand as he sipped it. The Hive teens gave him looks of disbelief as he appeared completely unharmed. Jinx grinned at him as her hands glow pink.

"Well then; now you have our attention!" She exclaimed as she shot out waves of energy at him. Traban merely sat his tea cup on its saucer as he raised a hand and took in her energy.

"I see… negative energy or 'bad luck' as most people would deem it. It's interesting, but not so much so anymore." Traban said as he used her energy to make a plate of tea cakes for himself. Jinx and the others were speechless after that display as they gaped like fish.

"Crap, he's been toying with us to see how good we were!" Gizmo exclaimed as he finally figured it out. Traban made the tea and cakes disappear as he shook his finger mockingly.

"Very good, but not good enough. You see I used you three so that the heroes of this town would come out to stop you. That way I can see exactly who I'm dealing with, but also I needed my friends to come as well, and what better way than with a little action… especially since Riley's still mad about that whole ocean thing…" Traban said as he whispered the last part to himself.

"I knew they weren't really kicking your ass. Hell, I could pluck you harder than that." Huey said as he had sat on a rooftop and watched them. Jazmine, Ming, and Cindy were right next to him as Riley came out of nowhere as punched the crap out of Mammoth, sending the overgrown teen into a wall which he crashed through. Traban took Riley's arm and flew up to the others as the Hive teens were distracted with Mammoth.

"Now let's see these crime fighters at work. Did any of you encounter one or hear about them?" Traban asked as they all shock their heads.

"I think I did, but it was in a dark alley, so maybe and maybe not." Huey said as Riley gave Traban an annoyed look.

"Nigga we been here for two hours at the most. Do you really think we go see any of them niggas yet?" Riley said as Traban shrugged and gestured to the Hive teens.

"That is why I've provided the bait and the test for our soon-to-be partners." Traban said as Ming and the others nodded and watched.

Down with the Hive kids, five more teenagers arrived on the scene of Mammoth finally being pulled out of the wall. The green boy, Beast Boy, looked on in awe.

"Dudes, who could have did that? They'd either have to punch like a train or run 10 times faster than one." Beast Boy commented as Jinx started looking around.

"Where'd he go? I'm gonna tear him apart for calling me uninteresting!" Jinx said as she and her team finally spotted the Teen Titans.

"Who did that?" Robin asked as he jabbed a thumb toward the hole Mammoth was pulled out of.

"Some guy, who at first was in a t-shirt and jeans, but then he spun in the air like a freakin' fairy and came out in white and black hero costume! He turned her power into cakes, man! Freakin' magic boy!" Gizmo said as Cyborg raised a brow to the description.

"Okay… so he was a magical fairy who made cakes and spun like a ballerina? Wow, and I thought we'd heard everything." Cyborg said in disbelieve with some humor in his voice.

Above them on the roof the others were holding Traban down as he was about to go down there and kill all of them for calling him a fairy and magic boy! He could turn them into Barbie dolls with only a wave of his hand! He'd be damned if he started off with such disrespect!

"Well it doesn't matter, we're still gonna take you down! Titans Go!" Robin exclaimed as they charged into battle.

Huey and the others watched the fight as Traban had finally calmed down just to watch. For some reason he couldn't take his eyes off the hooded girl. He knew she was a girl because her robe would fly open when she cast a spell to counter Jinx. The girl just seemed so familiar to him… like, he knew her…

"Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos!" the hood girl chanted as she fired black bolts of energy at Jinx who cart-wheeled out of the way.

"You think you're a good witch, but I'm a great bad one." Jinx said as she threw wave after wave of her hex-bolts at the hooded girl, who dodged gracefully in the air.

She was very high up when Jinx smirked and crossed her arms outward. The hex-bolts then converged on the hooded girl from every direction. She couldn't dodge them as they collided with her and created an explosion which everyone looked to see. The girl fell from out of the smoke unconscious as her team watched her.

"Raven!" Robin exclaimed as Starfire flew up to catch her.

When Starfire had caught her the hood she was wearing came off as it showed her violent colored hair. Traban and the others went wide eyed as they saw the 16 year old version of the little girl that was now Traban's official daughter for a week. Traban was speechless as he stared at his daughter and the orange girl descending to the ground.

"Okay, we've seen enough and now; we need answers." Huey said as Traban nodded and flew down to the battle faster than any of them thought possible for him. He created a blue energy wall in between the fighters as he descended upon them. Gizmo and the other two Hive kids looked shocked as they pointed toward him.

"That's him, that one!" They exclaimed as he focused his energy to the palm of his hand, making it glow a deep blue.

"Prepare for trouble and make it double" Traban said as everyone was confused.

"W-why?" Jinx asked as he smirked. Traban reared his hand back as if he were winding-up for a pitch.

"Because you three are about to be blasting off." Traban said as he threw the energy blast at the Hive teens, who were hit by it and thrown far, far away by the following explosion from it. The Titans could only look on in awe at the people who were dropping down next to the guy who blasted away the Hive.

"You, you were in the alley!" Robin said as he pointed directly at Huey's afro. He recognized the afro Huey sported from earlier. Huey sighed as Cindy and Ming were silently laughing at him.

"Ahh, I see! His hair resembles the fungus on this planet known as the mushroom, correct?" Starfire asked as Huey's friends doubled over in laughter. Huey was seething in annoyance and anger at that comment while everyone else found it to be the funniest thing said all day.

"My hair aside, don't you think we should be helping her instead?" Huey said with clear annoyance in his voice as he jabbed a thumb in Raven's direction.

Starfire was knelt beside her as Raven was lying on the ground, still unconscious. Traban rushed over to her side and began enveloping her in a green healing energy field.

"Hey wait-" Robin started as he and her other teammates were about to stop him, but Huey and Riley were already in their path.

"Y'all may not wanna get in his way, especially not now. Hell, even my black ass is smart enough to know that." Riley said as Huey nodded, but slapped him in the back of his head for the foul language. This is a kid's show after all…

"We need to move her from here. Do you all have a base we can move her to?" Huey said as he saw the worried expression on Traban's face when he had removed the energy field and picked Raven up bridal-style.

"Yeah the tower's not too far from here." Robin said as Huey grabbed his arm and flew high into the air so they could see the whole city. Ming grabbed Cyborg as Cindy flew up with Riley in hand.

"It's that one right there" Robin said as he pointed to the giant T shaped tower that was on its own barren island. Traban stared at it in disbelief as they flew toward it quickly.

"My daughter lives in a gigantic letter… It's like a bad reality Sesame Street…" Traban said in depression at the prospect as Riley laughed from hearing that. They arrived quickly and got her into the med-bay where Traban finished healing her.

After a few minutes she began to stir and fluttered her eyes open, only to see Traban and the others watching her, though she quickly locked on to Traban as her eyes widened.

"Dad…" Raven whispered inaudibly as he nodded from reading her lips.

"Dad… Dad! Daddy!" Raven said as she jumped from the bed and hugged Traban tightly.

"Daddy?" Her team exclaimed as they watched the two hug each other. Raven then looked over at the others and spotted the other teens which weren't supposed to be there as she jumped from Traban to her own feet.

"Daddy, what are you doing here? I thought you guys were in space going after the Demos?" Raven asked as everyone was confused. It was then she took a closer look at her father and noticed something.

"And why do you look so young and different? You haven't look like that since… Time travel?" Raven said, but then questioned as Traban sighed.

"Time travel" Traban replied as the Titans looked at them all weirdly.

"Time Travel?" The Titans blurted out as the others looked at them. Traban turned back to Raven with a deadpan face.

"Do they always do that?" He asked as she shrugged.

"Only when really surprised." Raven replied as Traban nodded.

"What, dude! Pause, Rewind, and Play back. What the heck's going' on here? Raven, you have a dad? Dude, how come you never told us? And time travel? Dude!" Beast boy said as Raven gave him a look.

"You done?" she asked as he nodded. It was then Robin stepped forward.

"I thought I recognized those costumes. You're the Alchemist, and the guy with the afro must be Revolution." Robin said as Beast Boy and Cyborg's eyes went wide and their jaws dropped.

"You mean to tell me that we have the only guy to ever completely beat Superman in our tower! The Black Man of Steel! The Meteor Masher! The Bad Guy Thrasher! The One Man Revolution himself!" Cyborg said with awe and excitement as he pulled out a poster of an older Huey on it. Huey looked at himself in the poster with a shocked expression etched into his face. It wasn't everyday you saw your older-self in poster form striking a Superman pose. He was broken from his thoughts when Beast Boy started his own ramblings.

"Dude, don't forget about the only guy to kick Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate's butts in a fight on their own turf of energy and magic! The greatest mind to ever exist! The man who recreated Superman's planet with everyone on it from a sliver Kryptonite! The Master of Magic! The Professor of Spells and Science! The Almighty Alchemist!" Beast Boy said as he pulled out a comic book while Raven palmed her forehead.

"And this is why I never said anything… Their complete fan-boys for you guys…" Raven groaned out as Traban patted her back.

"You must be Saturn Girl; the most powerful psychic this side of the universe beside the Martian Man-hunter." Beast Boy said from beside Jazmine as she smiled at him.

"You're Subsonic; the only man to beat Flash in a race." Cyborg said as he dapped Riley off.

"I like them; they know who the best is." Riley said as he puffed out his chest. Huey sighed as he smacked Riley in the back of the head again. This was a kid's show… Those poor white kids didn't need to be exposed to more ego than needed…

"You're Wonder Girl; the fieriest and most aggressive fighter to ever be a hero, yet stay so beautiful." Beast Boy said as he stared at Ming with hearts in his eyes. Ming scoffed at the boy as she turned her nose up at them.

"Look but don't touch." Ming said sternly with a smirk as he nodded and drooled.

"And you're Phantom Girl; the greatest ghost hero ever." Cyborg and Beast Boy said with hearts in their eyes.

"And together they form the greatest evil fighting team since the Super Friends: Team Supreme!" Beast Boy and Cyborg proclaimed as they held a giant poster with all of them on it and the team name below it.

"I guess we have our team name then…" Traban said as he looked at the poster weirdly while Huey and Riley glanced at each other and then back at the poster.

"Dude, I know we had this talk before, but now that they're here in person; which one's the most beautiful on the team?" Beast Boy asked Cyborg as Traban, Huey and Riley's eyes shot wide open.

"Oh no…" Raven said as she, Traban, Huey, and Riley moved back along with Robin who pulled Starfire back as well.

"I do not understand." Starfire said in confusion as they all got to the other side of the room.

"From what I've heard their feud over that whole 'Who's the Fairest of them all' thing can level a planet if it's started, and I hope I don't find out if that's true or not…" Robin said in fear as Traban scoffed.

"Trust me kid, they could have done that before they got powers. Jazmine was trained by me and Ming, Cindy was trained by Huey and me, and Ming was trained in kickball since she was in the womb. The powers only mean it'll be a battle that could destroy the whole universe." Traban said as Huey, Raven, and Riley nodded.

"It's true. About seven years ago back when I was still around them someone asked that same question. The fight lasted for days and it took all of us, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, just to keep them apart until we could get the Martian Man-Hunter to wipe their minds of the question." Raven said as Robin paled at the thought.

The three girls glared at one another as the atmosphere grew colder and darker. Then flames sprouted up in a circle around them as the Mortal Kombat match of sexiness was about to begin. Raven hide behind Traban. Robin pulled Starfire close to him like a child clutching a teddy bear. Riley got out a video camera and Huey actually looked worried.

"Well, stopping them when they didn't have powers was tough enough. How are we gonna do it this time?" Huey asked as he remembered Jazmine's left hook the last time this happened.

"Like this: Ice Cream!" Traban yelled as the girls stopped glaring at one another and rushed over to the ice cream he had created. The others looked dumbfounded as Traban did a victory sign.

"Works every time." Traban said as Raven and Huey shook their head. They should have expected Traban to bribe people with food, especially since he could do it to anyone.

"Umm… maybe we should just talk about all this tomorrow morning… It's getting kinda late…" Robin said as he watched the girls eat ice cream and talk like they hadn't been trying to kill each other through glares ten seconds ago. The others nodded as Traban stared floating toward the door.

"Umm dudes, where are yo going to stay?" Beast Boy asked as Traban and Huey turned around to face him.

"Not here" Huey and Traban said in unison as Raven got a sad look in her eyes.

"Why not? The tower is the safest place for you guys. Besides, you time traveled here anyway, so you can't possible have a place to stay or even a base of operations." Robin said as Traban and Huey gave him a stupid look.

"Ask yourselves this: Isn't your tower just too out in the open? I'm mean seriously; does this place have any kind of protection? This Tower is just too big a temptation for villains to blow it up with a damn missile or something." Huey said to Robin while the other Titans gaped like fish. Everyone turned to Robin as he was in thought over the matter.

"So wait… you're saying some random villain COULD just blow us up with a missile or something!" BB (I'm using BB, cuz he's cool like that) asked in terror as both Robin and Cyborg blinked before grimacing in thought.

"Uh… yeah… I think so…" Cy (I'm using Cy, because he's cool like that) admitted as Robin's mouth twitched for a few moments.

"Then why are we in a giant Tower and not underground or something!" BB asked as Cy gaped for a few moments with a finger up as if he were going to counter the point, but then cleared his throat.

"I'll explain it later…" Cy said while waving the green teen off.

"Like when I figure it out myself…" Cy muttered to himself while trying to see the logic of actually making a massive tower shaped like a capital T in the first place…

Raven yawned as she walked over and kissed Traban on the cheek like a daughter would do before going to bed while the other Titans made their way to their beds.

"I'll put up a protection and safety spell tomorrow, but for now can you stay here and protect us?" Raven said as she knew they could protect the tower far better than anyone. Traban sighed as he and Huey looked at each other and nodded.

"Fine, but tomorrow we're going to get our own base and you, young lady, are going to change that uniform." Traban said sternly as Raven scoffed.

"Didn't work the first time you saw me in it, won't work now either." Raven said as she waved them goodnight and left for her own room.

"Damn nigga, yo little girl got you wiped. If that had been my baby girl I'd whipped that- OW! Nigga stop doing that shit!" Riley said as Huey smacked him in the back of the head again for what he was saying.

"Anyways, let's just get some sleep. Tomorrow while you all train, I'll fix us up a base to use as HQ." Traban said as he placed his hand over his mouth to cover up a yawn. They all nodded and Traban created blankets, pillows and beds for them to use.

They could tell that their time here would be interesting, but they couldn't shake the feeling that they would have a tough time all the same…

So how have I done so far with the first chapter? I hope I've done well.

Also, this story shall follow the show, so be prepared to see Boondocks go up against some pretty strange things here in Teen Titans.

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