This is mainly a Teen Titans/Boondocks story, but because there will be some Justice League heroes, villains and themes in it from time to time; it also incorporates that as well.

This story occurs directly after SuperDocks Season 1 (which is the first 9 Chapters), so if you haven't read that one you may have some trouble understanding where this one is coming from.

Chapter 3: Bathe in Blood

"So, please tell me why our group is named Team Supreme." Huey asked Raven as the teenage girl looked at him oddly for a second.

"Because the Justice Lords was taken by at the alternate dimension Justice League and you were the one that pointed out how you guys could still get sued for copyright infringement." Raven said with an impassive tone as she stuck out her hand while black bolts of magic flew from them and struck the robber that had been running from them.

"Oh…" was all Huey said as he swooped down and grabbed the guy by his collar.

"I kind of like the name Justice Lords, too…" Huey said as Raven tied the man up with a spell.

"Yeah, but what can you do. The Justice Lords actually did sue someone in our dimension for trying to steal their name." Raven said with a shrug while Huey looked from the thief to her.

"Why did we agree to do this again?" Huey asked as they flew away when the cops started coming.

"Because Dad- I mean Alchemist promised to buy pizza if someone handled the crime quickly." Raven said as Huey sighed.

"Pizza does sound good right about now…"

"You have no idea…"

"Triple Meat pizza!" Cyborg shouted as drool .

"Tofu Pizza!" Beast Boy shot back as he and Cy began glaring at each other. Traban merely sighed as he turned to the waitress.

"Just a simple mega Cheese Pizza, please." Traban said as Cy and BB looked like they wanted to argue, but he shot them a quick glare which silenced their protests. Robin, Starfire, Riley, Cindy, and Ming all merely shrugged when BB and Cy looked to them for support.

Traban turned back to the waitress with a smile as he handed her the menus, her nodding with a smile of her own. For months the Titans would come to the restaurant and let the two argue over what type of pizza they would have. She was glad that someone other than Raven could shut the two extremists up (and without verbal threats too!).

"That's odd… normally Beast and Cyborg would be at each other's throats by now over a topping." Raven said as she and Huey flew down from the sky and landed near the table, taking up the two unoccupied chairs.

"Yes, well, I dislike stupid arguments if they're not for comedy's sake, so…" Traban said, trailing off as he made vague hand gestures to convey that he would hurt them.

"Hey, I have a question; does it feel like we're being watched?" Riley asked as Huey raised a brow but looked around with his super-vision. Aside from some large construction beams in the area, he didn't see anything other than normal everyday stuff.

"I don't see anyone suspicious, really. Just the norm." Huey said as all the others relaxed while making small talk until their food arrived.

Riley, Ming, and Cyborg were fighting over the last slice of pizza when the HIVE villain Mammoth dropped from above onto their table. The guy back-handed both Riley and Cyborg as he spun while kicking Ming as well. He then took the last piece of pizza from the air and ate it as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do after hitting three superheroes. Huey raised a brow while the Titans attacked. Raven and Starfire were about to blast the guy when out of nowhere they were attacked by Jinx. Right when Robin was about to throw an explosive disk at the unlucky girl, he was knocked away by the spider-mech legs of Gizmo.

"Where the hell are they coming from? I just looked around a mile from here earlier." Huey said as a figure steeped out of the shadows of a nearby alley.

"That little problem in your sight, would be me." the figure said as his head was covered in a white hooded cloak.

"And just who are you?" Cindy asked as she fired off a green beam of ecto-energy. The figure's only defense was to raise a hand as the energy collided with his palm and stopped.

"I'm Brother Blood, and these are my students. You beat them up a while ago, and that has left a sour taste in my mouth." the figure said as he pulled off his hood to reveal his face and identity, "It was only when they described who helped the Titans defeat them, did I realize it would warrant my personal attention."

Blood rushed them in the blink of an eye as he grabbed Huey and threw him through a building.

"Quickly, my students take out the others before they can regroup!" Blood commanded as three more villains jumped from the shadows, one taking Jazmine into the skies, while the other two went after Cindy and the downed Huey.

Blood turned to a defensive Traban with a smirk as he rose to full height. Traban got into a stance just as one of the villains came soaring pass him and Blood while Starfire gave chase with a battle cry, Raven not far behind as she did battle with Jinx.

"Alchemist… you look younger than the last time we met. Messing with time again are we? I would have thought you learned your lesson well enough last time." Blood taunted as Traban narrowed his eyes, not having a clue who the guy was or what the hell he was talking about. Though the name Brother Blood rang a faint bell in his memory, yet he couldn't tell why.

"I could say the same to you, Blood." Traban snarled out, figuring that indirect statements like that would work best for the time being. Blood scowled deeply as he glared at Traban, his fists clenching.

"Yes, and this time I will not make the same mistakes twice!" Blood shot back as he rushed Traban, who blocked a punch aimed at his face.

Spinning the fist he blocked, he swept Blood's legs from under the man, but couldn't block the kick that sent him down the street. Traban skidded across the pavement, but flipped over onto his feet just in time to dodge a concrete-cracking punch that Blood had aimed at his head. Traban lashed out with a punch of his own, but Blood seemed to expect as such when he grabbed the fist in his hand and hit a pressure point in Traban's arm with his other hand. Traban gasped aloud as he felt his arm seize up on him before spasming in pain. Blood twisted the fist in his hand, and as Traban let his body flow with the motion. Blood let go of Traban's hand and jumped up before he kicked Traban into a building, creating an imprint in the bricked wall of the large building before Traban fell to the ground.

Huey lifted a large portion of wall off himself just in time to see Traban being kicked into a building. Huey pushed the wall away as he shot forward to deal with this "Brother Blood" character. He flew low and fast, and just as Blood was turning to him, he grabbed the white-wearing freak by the sides and lifted him off the ground, taking Blood with him into the skies.

"Urg… Revolution, just as strong as ever, but even you have your weak points…" Blood said as Huey suddenly felt sick and feverish. It was like his skin was on fire while his insides ran cold. He looked down, to see what could possibly cause this intense feeling and saw Blood was holding something in his right hand. It was some weird stone, and Huey was sure that it was causing his sudden feeling of nausea. Huey tried to take the stone from Blood and chuck it into space, but it was like all his strength had left him, so he decided that the best thing to do was to drop Blood and be done with the man and his weird stone-thing. So Huey did just that, he simply let go of a smirking Brother Blood, and the man was still smirking as he fell more than a football field in height back to the city below.

"Alright you little munchkin! Get back here!" Cyborg said as chased after him. Right when Cy was sure he'd get the little brat, Mammoth's hairy fist came out of nowhere and slugged him good.

"And that's why bot-boys should never take on real brains." Gizmo said as Mammoth cracked his knuckles, but was knocked away by the dino-tail of Beats Boy. Beast Boy then morphed into a hummingbird and evaded lasers as Gizmo started shooting at him. A sonic-cannon blast flew over Gizmo's head while Robin threw exploding disks Mammoth.

Starfire and Raven both through energy blasts at Jinx, who used her natural gymnastic skills to cartwheel and flip her way to avoiding most of the blasts. The ones she couldn't were countered with her own. Finally she flipped to a car before she jumped to a small building, using it as a point to jump into the air where Raven and Starfire were flying and spun as she came across Starfire's face with her gothic black and pink boot. Raven saw this and narrowed her eyes as she raised her hand and made a whip out of her black energy. Using it, she got Jinx by the leg and held the whip with two hands as she spun in the air. Jinx was starting to get dizzy by the time Raven finally stopped whirling her around and threw her into someone's truck where she bounced back up after quieting the headache that she got from her skull colliding with the steering wheel of the truck. Thank wickedness that she had superpowers…

Riley, Jazmine, and Cindy simply watched the fights as they weren't truly sure where they could help out without getting in the way. The Titans themselves seemed to have good teamwork as they fought against the three HIVE students. They turned their attention to where Traban was being kicked into a wall and they were about to jet off and help, but Huey beat them to it as he slammed into Brother Blood and took the man up into the air high before he seemed to grow weaker.

"What up with Hu- I mean, Revolution? He looks like he's about to vomit." Cindy said as Ming flew over to help Traban up.

"I don't know. His mind is all… wobbly." Jazmine said as she tried to ask Huey mentally, but his mind was too unstable as he let go of Blood.

"Oh look, he dropping that nigga. I knew he'd kill the first villain to piss him off." Riley said as Cindy narrowed her eyes.

"I don't know, Riley. Just look." Cindy said as she pointed a finger to the sky where Blood was falling fast. The man seemed to be overly calm as he began to tug into himself and flip like a diving contest was about to be won. Mere feet from the ground he stopped as his feet hit the ground, creating cracks in the pavement as he landed in a sleek crouch.

Huey held his head like someone had hit him with a baseball bat. He had no clue what it was that Blood had used on him, but it must have been his Kryptonite. He shook his head lightly while gazing down at the city he was above. If this Blood guy had… whatever the hell that thing was, then how many others had it as well? Huey shook his head again as he plunged back toward the fight. There was no time to worry about that now; it was time to knock some teeth in.

"That was way too easy." Jinx said to her teammates as they stood together while the Titans were regrouping at the other end of the street.

"Don't get too cocky, my students. As I said before we left headquarters; these foes are not to be underestimated." Brother Blood said as he dusted off his white robes with his hands.

"This is a piece of cake. The Titans are off their game and these new butt-munchers aren't even fighting us!" Gizmo said excitedly as Blood turned to him with a slight glare. The glare from Blood seemed to shut the tiny villain up as Blood returned his sight to where Team Supreme was regrouping. The Titans were little more than a nuisance to him, but these Supremes were a thorn in his side ever since he had taken on the title of Brother Blood. Oh well, at least he had steered away from that whole religion thing and branched out to brainwashing children into having an evil education in villainy.

Blood looked to the sky and frowned slightly as he saw the sky had darkened and storm clouds gather while thunder sounded off in the distance. Raven helped Beast Boy up while she and Jinx felt the immense amount of energy in the air.

"What's this power? It's like the weight of the sea…" Jinx said as her eyes widened while the power grew more and more. Blood seemed to have her whispered words because he turned to her slightly with an amused look.

"This is the power that the Alchemist hides. He only unleashes it when his emotions get the better of him; he's tired of playing around, or when he's been downed. Prepare yourselves my students. This will be a difficult test for you three." Blood said as the wind began to blow about more fiercely

Ming helped Traban up as he coughed. Huey landed in front of him while Jazmine, Riley, and Cindy flew to his sides.

"This Blood guy needs to be dealt with. He has some kind of stone-thing that made me feel like I spent the day on roller-coaster drinking liquor. It wasn't green like Kryptonite, so it wasn't that. I can't even get near him without my powers going." Huey said as Traban stood on his own two feet.

"I don't know who this guy is, but apparently he knows us. Blood having something that made your powers fail you only proves that fact the more true. The only person besides me that could even hope to conquer this… demon of a man is you, Titan Girl, and he's already proved that throwing around super-beings is like a competitive sport to him." Traban said as he dusted off his white and black costume.

"Then what do we do, smart guy?" Ming asked, feeling insulted at the faith he had in her combat abilities. She was a warrior, dammit! … Wait, where did those thoughts come from?

"As I've said before; my powers aren't like all of yours. I don't do direct combat, or anything like that. I'm mostly just a distraction. My powers in their natural state aren't a blast or strength; they are the ability to change in the world around those I wish." Traban said as he closed his eyes and gathered his power.

"So what? You're gonna be a damn distraction?" Riley asked, a bit miffed that Traban wouldn't be fighting alongside them.

"Yes, but I was thinking something bigger than any normal distraction…" Traban said, trailing off as he opened his eyes to reveal a smoky grey energy filling his orbs to the brim while the skies darkened and the winds raged, "Much bigger."

"What the hell?" Mammoth said as he noticed a tornado had formed not too far from them while cars and smaller things began to get sucked into it.

"What is he?" Jinx asked in a fearful tone as Blood smirked lightly.

"A God amongst men." Blood said without bothering to turn to her as his arms stayed behind his back while he walked toward the Titans as calmly as they thought possible. It was like he was walking through a sunny park the way his smirk stayed in place while he whistled a happy tune.

"Pure elemental manipulation at this level could wipe out the city. What is Dad doing?" Raven asked herself aloud as her eyes flickered from her adoptive-father and Brother Blood.

"Titans, no more messing around! We need to end this!" Robin yelled as he took out his extendable-staff and rushed Blood. Beast Boy and Cyborg nodded to each other as Beast Boy turned into a prehistoric bird and took Cyborg with him to take on Gizmo Mammoth. Starfire and Raven flew forward for Round Two with Jinx, who began black-flipping as soon as she saw them moving toward her.

Robin jumped right over Blood, who frowned at the action, and managed bring his leg back and give a kick toward Blood. Blood blocked the kick with great ease, and the spin-punch that followed before he used a palm thrust to make Robin back off. Robin flipped in the air and swung at Brother Blood with his staff only for the man to block with the backs of his hands. Blood blocked another staff strike with an X-guard, and rolled his arms to the right until he got the metal bo-staff in his hands. He pulled it in, and Robin not letting go got a punch to the face, but not before he gave Blood a kick to the gut. Blood held his stomach as he looked at the staff, throwing it aside as he glared at the boy who was now getting back to his feet. Robin took up a stance as Blood did the same, both rushing each other with their fists cocked back ready to strike out at their foe.

Cyborg got the jump on Mammoth from the skies as he fell from the air. The extremely large teen had only just looked up when the bottom of Cyborg's metal feet smashed into his shoulders, sending him into the very concrete beneath his own feet.

"Oh you clanking butt-sniffing piece of junk!" Gizmo yelled out as he saw what happened. He bolted towards the half-mechanized teen on his four metal spider-legs, shooting rockets at him for good measure while he blasted at him with lasers.

Beast Boy came flying down as a pigeon, peaking at Gizmo's head while easily dodging the missiles by flying out of their path. Cyborg grinned as he ran at Gizmo while Mammoth was trying to get out of the ground. Cyborg jumped on Gizmo's spider-leg, his cannon hand being replaced with a glowing plasma-saw as he and Beast Boy exchanged excited looks.

"Buzz Saw Time!" Cyborg and Beast Boy yelled excitedly as Cyborg jumped off the leg, only to saw through it like a hot knife through butter. Gizmo supported himself on the other three legs, but Cyborg quickly rectified that by quickly slicing threw the other three legs. Gizmo yelped as he fell forward to the ground, skidding across the ground like a pebble on water. Before the little evil could get back up, Beast Boy placed his foot on the tiny genius' back while Cyborg split the high-tech backpack on Gizmo's back in half for good measure.

"Wanna play some stank-ball, BB?" Cyborg asked as he picked up a fussing and thrashing Gizmo. Beast Boy nodded excitedly as he turned into a cheetah and ran down the street while Starfie and Raven chased Jinx passed them. Cyborg smirked at Gizmo, who descended into using racist slurs and foul language, before he held the little teen at arm's length and punted him into the building wall where Beast Boy was standing.

"It's good! Home Team wins!" Beast Boy said excitedly as threw up his hands while Gizmo, the little small fry he was, slid down the brick wall painfully.

Jinx ran at Raven, who used her abilities with flight to her advantage as she dodged the wild waves of bad luck energy and struck back with her own brand of magic. Jinx jumped and dodged away like a flipping pixy as she threw a bad luck wave at Starfire, who was struck by it and recoiled at the feel of it.

"No need to flinch, baby. It's just the passion of a witch, and boy have I been bad." Jinx said seductively with a wink as Starfire looked at her oddly.

"I don't follow… but I feel oddly uncomfortable around her now." Starfire whispered to Raven who shrugged.

"You probably will never understand her, Starfire, but you shouldn't try to either." Raven said as a green blast of ghost-energy struck Jinx from behind. Cindy appeared from nowhere with a smirk on her face as she crossed her arms while Jinx glared hotly at her.

"Why don't you and my fist get more acquainted." Cindy said as she thrust her fist forward, producing a powerful blast of erngy that knocked Jinx into a wall and unconscious.

"Well that was easy…" Cindy said looking from her fist to the downed dark witch.

"No, we just softened her up for you." Raven said with a rasied brow as Cindy shrugged.

Brother Blood was pushed back once again by the attacks of Robin the Boy Wonder. He glared daggers at the boy and then looked around, only to find that his students were defeated while only of the Supremes had to step in. His fist clenched and his fury raged as his eyes went blood red. He used his mind control powers to the best effect now, seeing that the storm was keeping him dodging lightning and tornadoes while trying to stand up to the harsh winds and deafening thunder.

Blood easily controlled his unconscious students, their minds like an open book to him since they were incapacitated.

Traban stopped his storm when he felt a demonic-like energy flood the air around Blood and his students. His eyes widened when he saw that all four of their eyes were glowing crimson-red and that he couldn't sense the conscious presence of the three teens within their own minds. That could only mean one thing. Mind-

"Blood's controlling his students! I could feel him the moment he started!" Jazmine shouted out as Traban turned to her, having forgotten her mental powers for a moment.

"Can you stop him? He's as smart as he is strong, so I'm guessing once he saw that the Titans were stronger than he anticipated he formulated an escape plan." Huey said with his arms crossed as Cindy flew back to toward them.

"Why are we letting the Titans held this shit anyway? I mean, if we all work together-"

"We're still very new to this time, Subsonic. Revealing more skills than necessary would only make us greater targets for this time's bad guys. Right, Alchemist?" Cindy said as she landed beside Traban and Riley.

"Yes, but it's not just that. It's the fact that the Titans are the main gurdains of this city. Stepping in on their domain would not be a wise choice for us. So, while they will need our help and guidance, only one or two of us will actually assist them at any given point. Besides, we have our own problems to worry about with that prophecy and all. Remember?" Traban said with a sigh as the others exchanged looks and nodded.

Blood controlled Jinx, using the girl's powers to levels she had only dreamed of doing. He made her spin in place like a tornado before releasing her energies in a circlet of power, which threw back both Starfire and Raven.

Moving quickly while the other Titans were distracted by her new-found power, he had Mammoth escape the concrete he had been hammered into like a nail, using the large boy's strength to his advantage. While Cyborg was distracted with his concern for Raven and Starfire, the metal-teen only had spare seconds to turn himself around as Mammoth's fist collided with his mechanized body.

Beast Boy was about to take action until Gizmo got up and back-flipped over his head, kicking him in the process as the tiny teen settled into a fighting stance. Blood knew the small boy wasn't very powerful physically, but he was so he used his years of training and ability in Gizmo's mind to make the boy a force to be reckoned with while under his control. Using Gizmo's mind, he mentally called to the nano-bots inside the boys technology to fuse back together and recreate his weapons and tech. Beast Boy got back up, rubbing at his face as he watched Gizmo's backpack reform and ooze quickly toward him like a blob of slime. It wasn't long before Beast Boy understood what that meant and turned into a gorilla, fully intend on smashing the pack back into pieces. Gizom's spider-legs came out of the newly reformed backpack and walked quickly onto Gizmo's back, lifting him up before turning into bat-wings and taking off toward Blood.

Raven and Starfire didn't even get the chance to fight back as Jinx merely used her energies to propel herself into flight back to Brother Blood while Mammoth leapt toward their Master. All three teens were soon back to Blood, but Blood frowned when he saw that Team Supreme had moved to Robin's side along with the only other Titan not nursing their wonds who was Beast Boy.

"Running away, Blood? I would have thought better of you." Traban said calmly with a raised brow as Robin gritted his teeth. He had no clue what this guy did to make his students more powerful just then, but he damn well was gonna find out.

"Call it a tactical retreat, Alchemist. I had been overconfident when I first arrived, but now I realize that the Titans are a bit stronger than predicted. Until we meet again, Supremes, Titans." Blood said pleasantly as Robin narrowed his masked-eyes.

"You're not getting away!" Robin shouted as he rushed forward, ignoring the warning from Huey, Traban and Jazmine. Thankfully or not, Gizmo threw down a bomb of sorts that knocked Robin back some, both covering their escape and hurting Robin. Though it didn't stop them from hearing the echo of Brother Blood's evil laughter.

The only questions on both Huey and Traban's mind, however, was: Would they be meeting this new and dangerous foe again? And if so, would they be ready next time?

That was all before Traban collapsed forward in the middle of the street while his friends and the others (now having caught up to them) panicked over him and Robin.