Super Klonoa Unleashed


Wrath of the Sun

by Super Klonoa


Characters © SEGA and Namco Bandai


The City of Water... Soleanna.

This coastal, monarchial city was not only as urban as it could be, but it was also religious, and somewhat medieval as well. Every year, the city would hold the Festival of the Sun, in order to praise and worship their religious deity: the Eternal Sun God, the one Living Flame of Hope... Solaris.

The city's monarchial ruler for the past ten years is Princess Elise III...and alone has she ruled the city, ever since her father, the Duke of Soleanna, passed away.

However, no one knows what truly happened to the Duke ten years ago...and because of his fatal mistakes, a secret now lies within Elise herself. A secret that, if it is ever released, could bring about the end of the world as we know it...


Ch.1: "The Darkness Emerges"

"A Worldwide Pizza Delivery Trip"


9:00a.m. Empire City. Algon District, on top of Danny's Restaurant

The morning sun was in the sky, shining its light upon this always-busy city. As it was everyday, people were strolling by on the sidewalks, traffic was doing its usual rounds, and the trains were rolling across their heightened railroads above the streets themselves.

On the roof of Danny's Restaurant lay one long-eared, black-and-white cat...and he had just woken up, now sitting on the roof.


Klonoa was stretching his arms wide, having woken up from a long, good sleep on the restaurant roof. As usual, the cat was his usual naked-but-furred self, with his gloves, shoes, and collar on. His hat was on the ground next to him.

After stretching, he opened his eyes and looked ahead at the city and happenings with a smile.

"Good morning, Empire City! Man..."

Picking up his blue hat and putting it on, Klonoa stood up from the ground. Sighing happily after a second, he went to the edge of the roof and looked below.

"Time to eat and do some work!!"

Jumping down and landing onto the sidewalk, Klonoa turned around to face the restaurant, entering it through the already-open doorway.

Inside, there were already several people sitting at their tables, eating their breakfast. From the entrance, the cat headed over to the cash register ahead of him, with a few people lined up in front of him.

But as he went past the line of people to the cash registrant...


...he stopped and noticed something to his right, at one of the people lined up, who appeared to be a teenage male, casually dressed in all black. In the left pocket of the teen's jeans was something that looked metallic...

Looking at it...Klonoa grew suspicious and faced the teen.

"Um, what is that in your pocket there?" he asked.

Noticing and hearing Klonoa, the teen suddenly looked nervous... He eventually started to tremble with fear on his face, with his eyes slowly looking back and forth between Klonoa and ahead.

", you're obviously hiding something bad in there... Don't think I don't know. Your face even shows it." said Klonoa, looking semi-determined. "Well, why don't you pull it out so that everyoneX.X.X.X.X.X.X"

Without warning, out of pure fear, the teen quickly pulled the thing out and tried to shoot it at the cat...but to the teen's great surprise, the cat quickly, swiftly caught the bullet with his right hand in a split second. And as he held it, his arm's fur was no longer black. It was golden yellow.

"Nice try..."

As the people of the restaurant immediately looked due to the loud sound of the pistol gunshot, a spiky-banged, golden yellow, long-eared cat now stood there in a stance, having just caught the bullet. He stood up straight, opened the palm of his hand, and looked at the bullet with his slanted, dark blue eyes.

"...but that was a waste."

Tossing the bullet away, Super Klonoa then looked at the teen. But as soon as he looked, the teen quickly moved and ran for the exit, pushing people aside.

"Not so fast! Hm!"

With an aiming thrust of his right hand towards the fleeing teen, the golden cat quickly summoned two rings of golden energy that quickly appeared around and trapped the teen's upper body, making him stumble and fall right before he exited.

"Stay there, will you? Hmph."

Lowering his hand and now that the teen was trapped, Klonoa turned, went on to, and stopped near the cash registrant, who was looking at the teen, surprised.

"That kid had a gun on him?" she asked.

"Yeah. Don't know what he was trying to do here, but he's all yours to call the cops on."

"...I'll call them right away, then."

She grabbed the phone on her desk in front and began to dial the number.

"...and let Danny know that I'm here, ready to work, by the way." Klonoa said, smiling.

The registrant nodded as she put the phone to her ear.

Klonoa turned to his right and walked past the people to the employee door, entering it.



After doing an hour of service, Klonoa now rested at a table by the large glass window, with his red bowtie on instead of his collar, and still in Super form. With his hat on the table, he was resting with his hands together behind his head, with half of the sunlight reflecting on him from outside.

He continued to rest...until he felt that his golden spiky hair bangs were being pushed down by someone.


Opening his eyes, Klonoa noticed that an old, gray-haired, slightly obese man was touching his bangs. The man was wearing a red shirt and long, dark green pants; the same colors as the restaurant itself. He had short hair, a big nose, black eyes, and a gray mustache.

"Always spiked up when Super, eh?" asked the man, smiling.

The cat smiled and nodded. "Yep, they stay that way, Danny."

Chuckling, the man let go of the bangs. "Just like Super Sonic. The golden fire of justice!"

"...golden fire... Yep, pretty much."

Moving over to the opposite end of the table, Danny sat down in the other chair.

"What's up?" asked Klonoa. "Just want to have a chat with me?"

"Well, sort of... You doing everything okay here?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just like every other day in the world, serving your customers here... But...I'm kinda getting the feeling that you got something for me to do... Is it?" asked the cat, his smile having faded away.

"...heh heh, your feelings are spot-on, alright... Well, yeah, I definitely have something for you to do, Klonoa."

"I knew it. Hm... Well, what is it, then? Help you gather some ingredients like last time, or...?"

"...actually, its not that, and its not a local errand, either... I'm still full on ingredients, actually, since the last time you went for them... Rather...this is something that requires the use of your Super form, Klonoa. Since you can fly and all..."



Danny leaned back on the chair and looked out the window to his left, with Klonoa sitting up straight in his chair.

"You see, I have a friend of mine, who lives in a different part of this world." said the man. "You can say that he's one of my best friends, as he and I go a long ways back. We both talk to each other frequently as well, on the phone and all. Big talkative guy, he is... And did I mention that he loves pizza? It's his favorite food."

"He does?"

"Yep, especially my style of pizza. Man, out of every kind of pizza out there, he loves mine the most, what with all the extra cheese and toppings and whatnot on it. Heh heh, I still remember his face the last time he ate my pizza. He was crazy-looking, that's for sure! Heh heh heh!"

"So he's basically nuts over it, huh?" Klonoa asked, smiling.

The man laughed with joy. "Nuts, indeed! ...ahhh, man...'s actually been a long time since he last ate my pizza, Klonoa."

"Oh, really?"

Nodding, the man looked at the cat, leaning forward and putting his hands together on the table.

"The thing is, he phoned me this morning, telling me that his fiftieth birthday is coming up. I told him that's great and then asked him about what he's gonna do for it and stuff. Said he was just gonna have a simple party at his house and that's it... I said to him that I wish I could be there and bring him his favorite pizza and all, know, gotta take care of my restaurant here in Empire City... Hm."

"Well, that's true...but it also sucks that you can't go and visit him, though." said the cat.

"I know, I know... Ah, but then...I thought of you, Klonoa."


"Yeah. Thinking of you gave me an idea... I mean, if I can't go, could I at least send my pizza to him? As a birthday gift from me?"

At this, Klonoa stared at him. Then...

"...oh, I see where this is going." said Klonoa, smiling.

"Yeah... And now, I must ask of you... Klonoa, or should I say, Super Klonoa...would you be my 'mail delivery boy' and bring a box of my specialized pizza over to him? Since you are one of my employees and all, it'd be very, very much appreciated if you would do this for me. Heck, I'll even give you a raise for it. What do you say?"

"...heh, a worldwide pizza delivery trip, huh? Sure, I'd be more than happy to do it, Danny!"

The man chuckled happily. "Good! I knew you'd do it."

Danny stood up from the table. "Alright, then, guess I'll go and prepare it, then! I want this delivered ASAP!"

"Alright... Where does this guy live, by the way?"

"Oh, you'll know the details as soon as the pizza's finished, Klonoa." said the man as he walked away.

"Oh, okay, then."

As the man went into the red employee door ahead, Klonoa looked out the window.

"Hm, guess I should continue working until he's done, then."

Standing up from his seat, the golden cat picked up and put his blue hat on. And just then...

"Uh, excuse me, Klonoa." said the woman at one of the tables to his left, wanting him to come.

"Oh, coming!"



Inside the employee area, Klonoa had just finished bringing in dirty kitchenware and dumping them into the water at one of the kitchen sinks. At where he was now, the cooking area was to his right, with the human employees cooking and preparing various food as he looked.

"Looks like he's done with the pizza."

He turned and walked over to where Danny was, placing the pizza into a white box.

"...looks delicious as always." said the cat, floating up a bit in the air and looking down at the hot, tasty-looking pizza. Since he was only three feet tall, it was hard for him to see the food up on the table in the past, before he acquired the Super form a while back.

"Yep, as always." said Danny, smiling at the pizza. He then closed the box.

"So where does your friend live? What place am I going to?" asked Klonoa, looking at him.

"He lives in Soleanna, the City of Water... Heard of it?"

" That's the first I've heard of it... Where is it, exactly?"

"Well, you know where Spagonia is, right? It's southeast of that, by the southern coast. Has a giant castle on an island next to it, you can't miss it if you're in the air."

"A castle...? Is it just some kind of historical landmark or...?"

"Well, Soleanna's actually a city with a ruling monarch. One of the few left in the world that has an actual king or queen ruling over it... Though, it's a princess that's currently ruling it... You'll find out more when you get there, and if you'd like, feel free to explore it after you deliver the pizza."

"Hm, alright."


Danny pulled out a small white card from one of his pockets and handed it over to Klonoa.

"This is my friend's, Lenny's, home address. As it says, his home's in the Castle Town part of the city. It's like the residential district of the city."

"Alright." Klonoa grabbed the card and looked at it. "Okay, so should I go now or...?"

"Uh, actually, before you go..."

"Yeah?" the cat looked at him.

"About Soleanna... Well, lately, I've been hearing strange rumors about it..." Danny said, looking worried.

"Huh? Like what?"

"Oh, I dunno... Something about a top-secret science project gone horribly wrong ten years ago, and that the princess' father died because of it... I dunno, but I got a bad feeling about that city thanks to those rumors."

"...huh... Hmm..."

Klonoa looked a bit suspicious at this. Just then, Danny smiled at him.

"But hey, even if something does go bad in that city, at least you and Super Sonic will be around to stop it and save the city, right? Especially you in particular, Klonoa. I thought you'd only protect this city when you first showed your Super form a while back, but you proved otherwise by saving not only this city, but the world as well! From that giant octopus thing in the sky!"

Hearing him, Klonoa chuckled and looked down, grinning.

"...well, yeah... I DID save the world after all... All by myself, too... Never thought I'd save it all by myself, but..."

Bringing it up, the cat looked at his right hand, smiling at it.

" soon as I saw the Adephagos in the sky, I thought of needing Sonic to help me against it. But then, I was reminded of the abilities I had learned about since that morning, that there's so much potential to be had with this Super form... From that point on, I knew I could save this world without Sonic's help, just like how I saved those dream worlds all by myself as the Dream Traveler..."

He looked ahead, lowering his hand.

"And so I did."

"Yeah, with that huge beam of blue light that you used to destroy it."

"Yep." nodded Klonoa.

Danny chuckled.

"Ah...well, then, you're free to go, Mr. Super Klonoa. Good luck, and have fun visiting Soleanna."

Turning to his right, the man walked past the cat.

"Oh, and you can stop wearing that bowtie now, by the way." said the man.



Having put the pizza box and the card into the safe comfort of his Wind Ring, the golden long-eared cat exited through the alley door, with his regular collar on.

Looking up at the blue sky, with a burst, Klonoa powered up, with his golden energy particle aura around him, majestically moving his long ears around.

"Southeast of Spagonia, huh? Okay! Time to go deliver this pizza, then! Hm!"

With a grunt, Klonoa blasted off to the sky, shooting himself into a different direction afterwards as golden energy trailed from behind him.



After an hour and a half of flying all over the world, high above in the sea of clouds at a steady flight he soon went out of the clouds and into a wide open area, Klonoa finally saw his destination below.

"...that must be it right there..."

What he saw below was what looked like a city that was split into two distinct, district sections on the continental southern coast. On the city's northern side was a huge sprawling metropolis of tall buildings, much like Empire City itself. On its southern side, however, was a town-like area of smaller buildings of Spagonia-inspired design, in contrast to the huge gray metropolis.

And near the town, on the sea itself, was what appeared to be a giant white castle, situated on a single isle.

"A castle... Yeah, that must be Soleanna! ...heh, well, time to descend, then."

Powering up a bit, Klonoa blasted off downwards at a faster speed, approaching the city below.


Soleanna, Castle Town

In contrast to the towering metropolis on the other side, Castle Town, at a glance, looked just like the average residential district of a city or a small town, as its name would imply. Streets were lined up with buildings and houses of varying sizes, miniature outdoor shops, several dining tables, and of course, people. Throughout the area, water from the ocean was calmly coursing through in various river streams and lakes, with some people rowing their boats in them. Indeed, Soleanna wasn't called the City of Water for nothing.

Over at one of the docks near the ocean, a man was silently fishing at the edge of the dock, sleeping while his lure was in the water. The fisherman snored on, until the sound of someone calmly landing behind him woke him up, along with a constant "ssssshhhhh" sound.

Calmly grunting and looking back, he found a golden yellow, long-eared cat standing with constant energy coming out of him from all sides that was making his long ears move majestically along with it.

The man made a sound of awe, seeing the golden cat behind him. The energy aura, and its sound, soon faded away. Hearing something, Klonoa looked back.

"Oh, hey there. Sorry if I disturbed your fishing." the cat said, smiling and waving hello to the fisherman.

Klonoa then looked ahead, observing the place.

"So this is Soleanna, huh? Pretty place. Looks like a good vacation spot, too... Hmm, if that's the metropolis on the other side, then this must be..."

Summoning his Wind Ring in his right hand with a bright flash and with the green gem glowing bright blue, he pulled out the white card and looked at it.

"...Castle Town... Alright, then. I just need to find the right house and deliver the pizza. Hmm..."

He observed the place again, then...

"Wonder if that guard or policeman over there can show me directions?"

Standing at the end of the dock in the direction of the town itself was a man dressed in a blue Soleannan uniform, wearing a tall blue hat as well. Decorated on his uniform was a silver metallic medal, depicting of a majestic winged bird with an orb on top of its beak.

With his hands together behind his back, the guard was facing the direction to the left of the docks, to Klonoa's left. As the guard heard someone walking to his own left...


...he looked at who it was, now standing near him. A second after, the guard recognized him, looking surprised.

" must be...!"

"Yep. Klonoa the Cat! A.k.a. Super Klonoa!" exclaimed the cat, smiling.

"Huh... Uh, wow, it's, uh, a surprise to see you here, Mr. Klonoa! The whole world's been talking about you a lot recently! Even the Princess herself here."

The guard faced him.

"It's an honor to meet you and see you here, Klonoa." he said, elegantly bowing to the cat and standing up afterwards. "By all means, what brings you to the City of Water here?"

Looking at the white card, Klonoa handed it over.

"I'm on an errand for someone. Could you tell me where this guy is?"

The guard grabbed the card and read it.

"Lenny Dartz, 117 Spartan Street. Ah, yes."

Looking right and giving the card back, the guard pointed in that direction.

"It's down that way. Take the second street down on the right side. That's the street you're looking for."

"Oh, alright. Thanks!"

"No problem."

The cat faced his left and began to hover a bit above the ground.

"Enjoy your time here, Mr. Klonoa!"

Nodding over to him, the golden cat then flew off.

As he slowly flew in the air past the buildings, Klonoa observed his surroundings. As he went past by them, many people noticed him, with some of them surprised to see him. Taking the second street as instructed, he flew for a bit and then landed, walking onwards and looking left and right for the designated house.

"117...117... ...ah."

Directly to his left, Klonoa stopped and faced the house he found.

"This must be it."

The house he now faced was two-storied, brown, and of the same design like most of the houses on this street, with a front porch.

With the Ring still in hand, Klonoa summoned up the pizza box, now holding it up with his left hand, with the white card underneath.

"Time for delivery, then."

Putting the Ring back inside of him, the golden long-eared cat stepped up to the porch and onwards to the door. After a second, he knocked on the door a few times.

Waiting for it, the door finally opened, and an old, skinny, mustached man now stood in the doorway, wearing a gray sweater and red sweat pants.

"Special delivery from Danny's Restaurant!" greeted Klonoa. "Your favorite pizza, made just for you and your birthday!"

The old man suddenly looked happy at this.

"Ah, its Danny's delivery boy! Not to mention the golden floppy-eared hero as well! Just as he promised! ...ha ha ha! Hand it over to me, son."

Klonoa lended it over. The old man opened the box, smelling the greatness of the pizza and looking really happy.

"Ha ha ha! Yep, this is Danny's grand work, alright!"

Closing the box, he grinned at the cat.

"Thank you! Thank you, Klonoa! I'll be sure to call Danny that you've successfully delivered the pizza."

"Heh, no problem. Just felt like doing a favor for a friend."

"I'll bet! ...would you like to come in and eat, by the way?"

"Oh, no thanks. I'm not really hungry right now."

"Ah, alright, then. Then I'll go and store this pizza in the fridge for tonight's party... Well, thanks again for delivering, Klonoa!"

The cat nodded. "Enjoy that pizza, will you?"

"Ha ha, I will! Bye!"

The man closed the door, and the cat turned around, jumping down from the porch.

Sighing happily, Klonoa looked at the card still in his hand.

"Guess I don't need this anymore."

Tossing it away, he then looked around...and then he looked up, hovering a bit and now flying straight up, stopping high in the air.

"Time to explore at my own pace, then. Hmm..."

Turning around, as he looked at the entire Castle Town area...a thought came into his head, turning his smile into a frown.

"...Danny said something happened here ten years ago that made him feel bad about this place... A science project gone horribly wrong that killed the Princess' father..."

Thinking about it, Klonoa looked to his left, at the castle nearby on the isle.

"Hmm, I wonder what that project was? Hopefully, it wasn't anything illegal that they did."

Looking back down at the area...he now set his sights on something below, situated in the middle of a lake. Deciding to take a look, the cat then flew down towards it.

Landing down on one of the streets below, Klonoa looked ahead and walked towards the lake, stopping in front of the black, see-through barricade. Situated in the middle of the lake was a set of three very large torches, one larger than the two below it. Three white rails were extended from the torches, one on each, that all lead to the bottom where a fourth, smaller torch was visible.

"...I wonder what those torches are for?"

A guard standing to Klonoa's right, a few feet away, overheard him, facing him and recognizing who he was.

"Ah, Klonoa! Didn't expect to see you here."


The cat looked as the guard walked to him and stopped.

"Came here to sightsee Soleanna, eh? Like usual?" the guard asked.

"...well, yeah." replied Klonoa, looking at the torches ahead. "That, and I was on a pizza delivery trip for a friend of mine back in Empire City."

"Ah... Pizza, huh? It's kinda a specialty here in this city."

"Really? Well, that explains it... Hey, uh...what can you tell me about this place? The City of Water? And what are those torches for in the lake there?" asked the cat, nodding over to them.

The guard turned and faced the torches.

"Ah, that... Hmm, where to begin...? Ahem... Soleanna, the City of Water, is a city with a monarchial government, instead of a democratic one like most nations of this world. And at the center of our government lies our history and religion... It is said that a thousand years ago, a being known as the Eternal Sun God, Solaris, once gave birth to this city, and shaped it in his own image and vision. To accomplish this, Solaris searched for and chose a few select people from various parts of the world. These chosen ones once had the lives of living in poverty in their original homes, and thus were offered by Solaris the opportunity to live better lives. Salvation, if you want to put it that way... Since the people, of course, saw him as a god who gave them hope, they agreed with the Eternal Sun that they would worship him at all times, and form a monarchial government at the center of their religion, with a single duke or duchess leading it. And so it began...

"After he felt that his mission was completed," the guard continued. "Solaris departed our world...but not before leaving a piece of him behind as something to remember him by. A proof of existance, if you will. And it was in the form of a singular tiny flame, lit on a candlestone. The Flame of Hope. Entrusted to the royal family..."

"...the Flame of Hope, huh?" said Klonoa. "Hm..."

The guard made a hand gesture over to the torches.

"So now, ever since Solaris departed, Soleanna never stopped worshipping him for generations. Every year, the city would hold the Festival of the Sun, to give its thanks to the god that gave hope to its people... That is what those torches are for."


"Mm-hmm. In order to start the Festival proper, our Duke or Duchess of Soleanna must lit those torches, but not before giving a short speech about it."

"Hm, I see... That's cool. But..."


" say that there's a duke or duchess ruling over this city." said Klonoa, looking at the guard. "I heard otherwise; that a princess is the ruler here."

"Ah, yes! Princess Elise III. Yes, she is our current ruler. Has been for the past ten years now, ever since her father passed away... The only reason why she hasn't assumed the title of duchess is simply because she hasn't come of age yet."

"Ah, right. That's true... What happened to her father, though?"

"...uh, well, uh..."

The cat noticed the guard was hesitating, looking down...

"...actually, I'm on strict orders not to reveal to anyone about that detail... Sorry, Klonoa."

"Huh...?, that's alright, then."

Klonoa looked at the torches again with a determined frown.

'Certainly top-secret, that's for sure.' he thought. 'But...I wonder if this whole religion has anything to do with it? Hm...'

Just then, the radio, which was attached to the guard's belt on his left, buzzed in, and a male commanding voice was heard:

"Red alert! Red alert to all stations!"

"Huh?" Both Klonoa and the guard noticed and looked.

"The main city of Soleanna is under attack! I repeat, the main city is under attack!"

"Under attack?" asked Klonoa. "...huh?"

Suddenly, the sound of a distant explosion was heard behind them, and Klonoa swiftly looked back, seeing a cloud of smoke rise up into the air to the right, near the metropolis itself.

"Looks like an explosion just occurred! Is it the work of a criminal again?" asked the guard.

"Might be, might not be." replied the cat, facing the metropolis. He then looked at the guard. "Hey, I'll go and deal with whatever's attacking the city. You just follow your orders from the radio, okay?"

"Of course! Good luck, Klonoa!"

The cat nodded. Then, as he looked at the city, with a grunt, he powered up with his energy particle aura and blasted off afterwards, ascending and heading straight into the metropolis itself.


"The Winds of Absolution"


1:15p.m. Main City

The golden yellow, long-eared cat flew into the city, flying high above the metropolis streets. He flew to where the explosion occurred, and as soon as he saw what caused it, he stopped in the air, looking below.


As he looked, with traffic interrupted on the street nearby, the explosion that just occurred came from a now-destroyed gas station, which was emblazoned in flames all over, even the cars and the store itself. Yet, unaffected by the fire, there stood what appeared to be a giant hulking monster, a large group of reptillian-like creatures, and some bats. All were black and purple, appearing to be crystallic in appearance, with large purple crystals jagged out of their bodies wherever they were seen.

"That...was a gas station that just blew up? And...where are the...? Oh no..."

Seeing absolutely no survivors in sight, and with the cars blown up...

"...this was a surprise attack... They had no way of knowing..."

Being a bit shocked at this, and noticing more crystallic creatures deep into the streets in all directions...Klonoa slowly grew angry.

"...grrr...! They. Will. Pay!"

Gritting his teeth, the cat immediately blasted off downwards to the gas station. He fiercely landed on the sidewalk, causing a minor quake to the ground and catching the attention of the crystal creatures ahead of him, who turned to face him.

With his aura still around him, Klonoa slowly stood up and looked at them, now with a frown on his face... He lowered his eyes at them, looking more cold and determined than before.

" think you can get away with this, huh...?" he calmly said. "Well, think again..."

With his look of determination, bringing his hands up and close together, Klonoa reached for his left glove, sliding it off with his right hand and taking it off, dropping it to the ground with it slightly flying off ahead due to his aura. He then slid the other glove off, and his white-furred hands were revealed.

Using his left foot, the cat kicked his right shoe off, and then did the same to his left, both revealing his white-furred feet.

Finally, with his hands, Klonoa threw his hat off and jerked his collar off of him at the same time. Now nothing was left on him other than his own golden and white fur...

"I cannot forgive you for what you've done here..."

Lowering his left hand, but positioning his right hand all the way to his right, a bright flash occurred, and his trademark Wind Ring appeared in it, now grabbing it. The green gem on it glowed bright blue, and soon, his discarded accessories all levitated, going back to the gem and shrinking themselves into it.

The blue glow faded, and the Ring flashed white again, now transformed into the hilt of the Wind Saber. Activating it, a green burst of energy emitted out of it, forming the blade of the weapon.

As soon as they saw the Saber, the crystallic creatures immediately regarded him as a threat. Their red eyes glowed brightly, focusing solely on him.

With nothing left on him to hold him back, Klonoa went into a stance, gritting his teeth angrily.

"Grrr...I don't know where you came from, but regardless, you blew up this place and killed everyone! And for that..."

A second later...the creatures now swiftly went straight for him.

" must paaaaaay!"

With that angry yell and with his dark blue eyes turning red to reflect his anger, the golden cat blasted off angrily, ready to strike. With nothing on him, Klonoa's speed had increased, making him more agile than before.

As soon as they came, two of the reptilian creatures jumped at him, but he quickly sliced them in two with a single horizontal swing of his Saber, destroying them afterwards in puffs of black smoke. Four more of them jumped at him, but as soon as they were near him, the cat quickly did a 360-degree spin with his Saber, slicing all of them at once and destroying them.

Stopping in the air near the ground in that position...


...the golden cat then quickly noticed the crystallic bats around him were shooting a purple energy ball at him from each of them. But he easily, quickly deflected them all back with his Saber.

Lowering his Saber from his defensive stance...looking ahead in determination, he put up and crossed both of his arms into an "X" position, in front of his face. Then, a second later...


...he swiftly brought them down and thrusted his body forward, emitting a huge, surrounding, circular, golden energy wave that quickly disintegrated the bats on contact, instantly vanquishing them.

The wave faded, and he floated upright with his arms down, still looking determined and frowning as ever. Just then, he noticed something huge coming for him to his left, making him look slightly left and up.

The crystallic giant was running towards him, making the ground shake constantly. When it reached him, the giant tried to punch him with its right hand, but as it made contact, it had no effect! The fist stopped hard on him, with Klonoa not flinching at the attack.

The giant realized it didn't affect him, but before it could even react, Klonoa gritted his teeth...


...and with that angry scream, the golden Super cat emitted a huge invisible energy wave that knocked the giant back a bit. Then immediately afterward, with his aura larger than before, Klonoa blasted off to the giant and let loose a very huge, extremely fast, horizontal Saber slash on it, giving off the illusion that he went through the giant and came out on the other side, as if he just plowed through it.

Klonoa stopped in midair, in his finishing stance with the Saber behind him. A large slit soon appeared in the giant's torso, and a second later, the giant split apart and fell to the ground, exploding in large black smoke afterwards.

The cat went out of his stance and floated upright. Looking and turning back, as he saw, there were no more of the creatures left, as he destroyed them all. He then looked directly at the ruins of the gas station.

"...sorry I couldn't prevent it..." he calmly said. "It was a surprise attack after least I can do this."

With one swift sideways motion of his left hand, Klonoa emitted a huge gust of wind at the station that instantly extinguished all of the fire and flames, leaving behind only dust and smoke now.

"May those people rest in peace..." he said, closing his eyes.

After a bit of silence, opening his eyes, now dark blue again, the golden long-eared cat turned around. As he witnessed, still more crystallic creatures were going around causing havoc and destruction, with people running and driving away for their lives on the streets below.

Determined, Klonoa went into a stance with his Saber.

"No more deaths today! I'm going to save this city no matter what! Hyaaaaah!"

The golden Super cat blasted off towards them, with his aura trailing behind him.




Elsewhere, in the central part of the city, the horde and number of dark crystallic creatures was at its strongest; several groups of creatures, of various kinds, were causing chaos and destruction all over. Streets were flooded and crumbled, glass windows were shattered, massive fire and flames spreaded throughout, and people were fleeing for their lives.

The police were around to help, but they were no match for the might of the crystallic creatures, as their guns didn't affect them at all. The giants alone were able to decimate some of the police, while other police simply fled, calling for help on their radios.

At the large main street, unaffected but depleted of its traffic...there was one three-foot, whitish-silver hedgehog kneeling on one knee, appearing to be hurt and frustrated, breathing heavily in the process.

"Ah...ah... Darn it...!"

The whitish-silver hedgehog slowly stood up, leaning slightly forward in pain. From his front, the hedgehog had five quills spreaded out from his forehead, in a formation similar to the head feathers of a cockatoo. His hedgehog ears could be seen beneath his head quills. The whitish-silver hedgehog had yellow-irised eyes like normal Klonoa, with black streaks going across the sides of his sclera. Two large, traditional hedgehog quills stuck out from the back of his head, drooping downwards, and he had dark peach fur on his muzzle and in the insides of his ears.

As it was the case of both Sonic and Klonoa, and most of the other male anthro animals of this world, the silver hedgehog wore nothing but accessories on his hands and feet. His body, albeit bruised all over, was entirely whitish-silver-furred, with a pure white furry mane on his chest, extending to the back of the neck where it was the most fluffiest. Two back quills and short tail were seen from behind.

He wore yellow-braced, white gloves on his hands, with green markings that can be seen on the bracers and on the palms of his white gloves...and he wore dark green-and-white boots on his feet, with the same yellow-and-green bracers on top of them as well.

Looking downwards and breathing heavily, the hedgehog looked ahead, seeing what just caused him trouble...what just knocked him back.

Two large crystallic giants were standing next to each other, gazing at the hedgehog with their red eyes. But they weren't alone; they were accompanied by a dark crystallic entity floating above them, surrouded by a sphere of bat-like, orb-shaped creatures. The entity, the one the hedgehog was clearly opposing against, looked like a dark crystallic clone of the hedgehog himself. Where the gloves and shoes would be were large purple crystallic hands and feet, instead, complete with claws on the hands. The whitish-silver fur was replaced by black fur, and jagged purple crystals appeared at the end of all of its quills. The mane, too, was crystallic in appearance.

The clone's eye pupils were bright green and lizard-like, and its sclera was red in color, with cracks all over. The clone also lacked a nose of its own, and its muzzle and inner ears were gray and rock-textured in appearance.

The clone looked at the hedgehog with an evil, smiling expression.

"Give up yet, my dear Silver?" it asked, sporting a male, sinister voice, but with no visible mouth speaking.

Silver growled at him.

"Grrr... No...I won't give up, Mephiles... You are not supposed to be out of the Scepter of Darkness! The Duke sealed you ten years ago for a very important reason, you know!"

"Hmhmhm, oh, I know why very well... To pay for his own costly mistake, he sealed us away in our own separate prisons so that we will not ever reunite into our former being again... Well, he certainly paid for it dearly, with his own life ending afterwards...but his little deed for this city, and in turn, the world..."

The dark clone raised his hands to his sides, and with their palms facing upward, two large dark purple energy balls, bristling with electricity around them, formed above them, with his sphere of creatures spreading out from him a bit.

"...was only in vain, as I have proven!"

Mephiles threw the balls at him. Seeing them coming, the whitish-silver hedgehog suddenly began to glow bright green all around him, and from his hands, he quickly threw two large, arrow-shaped, energy projectiles at the energy balls, negating them on contact and fading away afterwards...

Silver stood there in his stance, breathing harder.

"You haven't proven anything yet, Mephiles... Your other half is still imprisoned, and I'm gonna make sure...that...he won't get well... Ugh...!"

Suddenly stumbling, with the bright glows fading, the hedgehog fell with one knee and with his right hand on the ground, breathing heavily.

The dark clone chuckled at this.

"So you say, Silver. So you say... But unfortunately, with you in such a pitiful state...ha ha ha, I don't think you can."

Silver continued to breathe heavily with no response. Indeed, he was badly hurt.

"D-darn it...!"

"Hmhmhmhmmm... I doubt you can keep up much longer." said Mephiles. "Such a crying shame, it truly is. Oh, well. At least by finally getting rid of you, the so-called guardian of the princess...I will have nothing to stop me in my way to free Iblis from her. Only then will the people of this world will soon suffer for their sins..."

With that, the two giants to his left and right began marching over to the hedgehog.

"Finish him, will you, my dear sons?"

With each quaking step, the giants went over to him. Stopping right in front of him, the last quaking step made Silver fall backwards, now sitting on the ground with his hands holding himself up.

As they looked down upon him, he gritted his teeth in anger at them.

"Darn...! It can't end like this... I can't give up!"

As Silver was preparing for his demise, however...


...Mephiles noticed something. In the sky above, a group of his large crystallic birds was supposed to be there. But they weren't...and then...


...he noticed more and more of his minions suddenly disappearing without a trace, as he looked all around him. To his left, his lizards weren't there, and ahead, past Silver, more of his giants weren't there either. The city was suddenly being cleared of them all.

"...what is going on? My minions have suddenly disappeared from their posts... What?"

Suddenly, Mephiles suddenly caught a glimpse of something to his upper right in the distance. Something golden, and it just wiped out another of his crystallic birds, exploding into smoke and dust afterwards.

Immediately knowing that yet another one of his birds was next, he focused his sights on it to his upper left. As he witnessed, a golden streak of light just went right through his bird and flew away, with the bird being seemingly sliced in half and exploding into smoke and dust afterwards.

"...what...what was that golden light, that just...?"

While Mephiles pondered what was going on, ahead, the two giants raised their fists up, ready to pound the hedgehog into the ground.

'...I'm sorry, Elise. I...have failed you...' Silver thought, closing his eyes, looking away, and gritting his teeth, preparing for the inevitable.

The giants swung their fists on him, but...

"...ngh?" Mephiles saw right in front of him, the same golden streak that he just saw had suddenly rushed in and shot out a huge gust wind at the giants' back, knocking them past Silver. Then, quickly while they were in mid-air, the golden one blasted off to them and sliced them each in half, destroying them as they exploded in smoke and dust.

About three seconds later, Silver opened his eyes...


...and noticed the giants had suddenly disappeared.

"They're gone...?"

Looking around and noticing that the city had been suddenly cleared of Mephiles' minions, Silver stood up, stumbling a bit.

"They're all gone? Weird..."

Then, as he noticed Mephiles' shocked expression at something ahead of him, the hedgehog looked back.


Floating in the air above the street, with his golden aura moving his long ears majestically, and with the Wind Saber in hand...the golden yellow, long-eared cat slowly turned around and half-faced Mephiles, with a deep, determined, frowning expression on his face.

"It's you!" exclaimed Silver, surprised at who it was.

Mephiles continued to look surprised as well.

" the meaning of this?" he asked. "For someone of your power to come and destroy my minions like that, surprisingly...I have to ask: Who are you?"

The golden cat completely faced him.

"...minions, huh? Then you must be the one behind all of this. The one responsible..."

With his aura disappearing, the cat floated down and landed right in front of Silver, looking back at him.

"Are you alright?"

Silver nodded. "I'm a bit bruised up, though... But yes, he's definitely behind all of this."

The cat looked up at the dark clone.

"I can tell. He looks like you, only with an evil crystal look, instead. And from what I saw, it looks like he wants you dead."

"Exactly." replied the hedgehog. "And for getting in his way."

"I see. Hm..."

Klonoa walked a few steps ahead and stopped.

"My name is Klonoa. Klonoa the Cat. And since I'm in a golden form as you see here right now, you can call me Super Klonoa."

"...Super... That certainly explains your power." said Mephiles.

"Yes...and all you need to know is I am NOT one to mess with..."

The golden cat swiftly pointed his Saber at him.

"...especially when creeps like YOU are running around hurting this world and its people! Do you know that you've taken some lives today because your minions are going around and blowing places up in fire? I hate it when innocent people have to die like that!"

Going out of his shocked look, Mephiles chuckled, with an evil look on his face.

"Do you honestly think I care about them? Their meaningless, sinful lives? Ha ha ha... Obviously, I don't!"

Hearing that, the cat lowered his Saber.

"Hm, typical... As it always is with you evil creeps."

"Evil? Ha. Say what you want, Klonoa, but it is not I who is evil. Corrupted, actually... In fact, this world is pretty much guilty of that word, I'd say. It is why I see their lives as meaningless and sinful, especially the latter... And truthfully, Klonoa, it was due to this corruption ten years ago, that led to what you see here now."

"...huh? Ten years ago?"

"Yes...and I'm sure that little hedgehog over there can tell you all about it."

As he heard that, Klonoa looked back at Silver.

"Uh...!" grunted Silver, still breathing. "...ugh, it was a blind mistake on the Duke's part. He never knew it could lead to an accident like that!"

"A blind mistake, indeed." said Mephiles. "Blinded, by his own obsession to resurrect his precious wife back from the dead... Staying in the past, not letting go of such dead relics and people... That is what we call greed. A component of corruption."

"...we admit he was being unethical about it, but that doesn't mean every single person in the world committed the same mistake as he did. You DON'T have to take it out on the world, Mephiles!" exclaimed Silver.

"So you say... However...aren't we all forgetting a little certain phrase? I'll say it. Simply put, 'History repeats itself.' ...hmhmhmmm..."


The hedgehog growled. The golden cat, however, upon hearing that, looked down, suddenly remembering something.

'Humans have committed the same offense...and they will again!' echoed a deep, male voice in his head.

"Uh... Hm..."

"Ha ha ha ha, I'd love to explain what that phrase meant, but I feel this conversation has gone on long enough." said Mephiles. "Besides, every second delayed means my urge to reunite with Iblis grows stronger and stronger. So let's not delay this any longer, shall we?"

Silver noticed Klonoa was looking down.

" don't agree with what he said, do you, Klonoa?"

After a second, Klonoa closed his eyes and shook his head. He opened his eyes and frowned at the dark clone above.

"I don't exactly get the whole picture here, sort of...but I know what this guy is getting at... Sinful, huh? That he sees humans as a blight on our world, so that he must eradicate them all?"

The hedgehog also looked at the dark clone above.

"Yep, exactly."

"Hm, then it reminds me a little too much of a certain guy I battled against a while back." said the cat.

"But that's just one of his goals, Klonoa... His primary goal is why he definitely needs to be stopped."

"...and that is?"

Before answering, the hedgehog slowly walked over to Klonoa's immediate right, stopping and stumbling a bit.

"I'll tell you after we defeat him. I don't think you need another reason to see why he is a threat."

"Huh, well, yeah, considering that he caused so much destruction already, I definitely don't need another reason to see why...but, uh... 'We?'" asked Klonoa, looking at him. "Oh, no. You can't help. You're hurt, aren't you? Stay back. I'll stop him. I'm way stronger than I already look, you know."

Just then, pain shot through the hedgehog's body, making him flinch and stumble again, holding his right arm in the process.


"See? You're hurt! Just stay back and I'll deal with him!"

"! Ugh...this is supposed to be my mission...! And promise! I promised the princess herself...that I would stop Mephiles...! I never give up on promises..."

"...oh...? Hmm... And you think working with me will still fulfill the promise?"

The hedgehog looked at the cat.

"I believe it would... Ugh...Klonoa, your that of the Chaos Emeralds, right? Like Sonic?"

"That's right. Except that I don't need the Emeralds themselves. All the energy is right inside of me."

"I know... Then..."

Silver completely faced Klonoa, letting go of his arm.

"...since they say that your Chaos energy is always rejuvenating itself...can you lend some of your energy to me? Can you...grant me a Super form of my own?"

"A Super form?"

"Yes... I believe I can't fulfill my promise to Elise without it."

"...hmm, I'm not so sure about that...but..."

Looking at Mephiles, Klonoa thought about it. Indeed, he never really tried to give someone Chaos energy before...let alone a Super form. But then, he never really tried to experiment with his own Chaos energy until he thought about it on the day before the event with the Adephagos. And by doing so, he learned several new abilities and techniques, and grew way stronger than before. If he could just try it now...

Mephiles stared at the two.

"My patience is growing thin... Although...the challenge of battling you both is a little...enticing..."

"Oh, really? Well, thanks for the feedback, then, 'cause I just thought it out." said Klonoa, smiling.

He then looked at Silver.

"Well, I never did this before, but at least I could try... Besides, heh, I guess I can't let you break your promise to her, can I? And...I guess I should never reject any help from others, either, huh?"

Silver shook his head, smiling. "Do it, Klonoa."

"Hmm... Alright, then."

Looking at it, the golden cat aimed his empty left hand at him, closing his eyes and fading his smile away.

"Here goes nothing."

A second later, Klonoa's golden energy particle aura began flaring up all around him, making his long ears move along with it.

Soon enough, Silver felt the Chaos energy coming into him. Now standing up straight, energy winds began flaring up all around him as well.

"...this is what it feels like, huh...? Chaos energy...!"

As the power surged up inside of him, his hands began to tremble wildly. He clenched them...and as his two large quills suddenly spiked up and went sideways, he put his fists up to his face, with his eyes turning red.


Suddenly throwing his fists down and yelling to the sky with his eyes closed, a great burst of light creamy golden energy exploded out of him, transforming him. Along with his bent-up spiked quills, his overall fur color was now a light creamy golden color. His white mane had turned golden as well, with the back of his mane being spiked up as well and flowing along with his own particle aura. His head quills had also slightly spread out from each other. All of his green markings on his gloves and boots had turned yellow as well.

Hearing the yell and the "shhhh" sound of Silver's particle aura, Klonoa opened his eyes to see.

"Hey, I did it! Wow...!"

Lowering his fists down to his sides, Super Silver opened his red eyes. As he felt the great energy of his new Super form within, he slowly gazed up at the dark one himself, looking determined at him.

"Time for some payback..."

The light creamy golden hedgehog suddenly floated up and stopped where Mephiles was directly ahead of him. Klonoa chuckled at this and followed suit, stopping next to the hedgehog.

"Now that you're Super, you're ready to take this guy down, huh?" asked the cat.

The hedgehog nodded, going into a ready stance. With that, Klonoa went into a stance as well with his Saber, smiling.

"Yeah, this guy needs to pay for the lives he's taken as well... By the way, I never got your name. What is it?"

"Silver. Silver the Hedgehog."

"Ah. Heh, that's a cool name... So, you ready for this, Super Silver?"

"Ready when he is."

Mephiles stared at them both, taking Silver's increased power to mind.

"So now there's two golden heroes in front of me... Ha! Love all you want about your new power, Silver, but it will not even make a slight difference to me."

"You think so, huh? Well, we'll see about that!" exclaimed Klonoa.

"Oh, yes, we will see, indeed! Come, my minions! Come to your master!"

As his sphere of creatures closed in on him, Mephiles raised his arms and glowed bright purple. Soon, as the two heroes witnesed, a massive horde of his crystallic minions popped in behind him from various portals that appeared. Creatures, of all kinds and sizes, soon filled the street behind him, going into a considerable distance ahead.

Mephiles stopped glowing and lowered his arms, laughing as well.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa! Do you like what you see behind me? I doubt you can destroy them all at once!"

"...well, that's a lot for sure, but its nothing we can't handle! Right, Silver?" asked Klonoa.


"Ha! Keep thinking that! I doubt you'll last long!" exclaimed the dark one.

He then pointed his claw at them.

"Hear me, my minions! Attaaaaack! Rip them to shreds!"

On his command, the massive horde of crystallic creatures swiftly began to march in on them.

Seeing them coming, Klonoa and Silver nodded to each other. Then, together, they blasted off to the horde, ready to show Mephiles what they're made of.


To be continued in ch.2...

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