an itty, bitty hope for you

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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Let's say Freddie Weasley's a thick git

it'd be easier to go that way, to


:)g r i n(:

bear it

Because no one would ever expect

Freddie Weasley

to ever be anything close to



No one.


Let's say Lucy Weasley's just your average girly girl

it's much easier to think of her that way, and not see her as


a s-c-h-e-m-e-r

a love-lost witch

Because no one would ever dream

Lucy Weasley

would ever actually





in l.o.v.e.


Okay, so here's what Freddie will do

-just relax

-act as though everything's normal

-tell himself this doesn't bother him

(but for being George Weasley's son, he's a t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e liar)

Because he'd rather focus on the blue, blue sky

&& not see anything brownsobrown in his line of sight



that hair is so auburn and coppery

that skin is so peachy and pale

those closed eyes he knows are so

browntawnycoffeemilk chocolate

Freddie curses and hopes he'll believe himself when he says

Lucy (his cousin, for Merlin's sake!) is the


witch he's ever seen



Lucy…sometimes wishes

she'd act the tomboy she feels she really is


she can't really pass this chance up

[no one's looking, please don't tell]

So she'll f.e.i.g.n. exhaustion

She'll find Freddie

&&ask for his shoulder

because never has there been such a comfortable, (((soft))) place

for her to rest her head.


Is it scheming if she

just wants time with the one she loves?

(no! likelikelike



Freddie will blink and pretend

~it's just another day at school~

though if someone were to use


he knows he'd be in a bad spot

(kissing those lips?

wanting to run his hand through those auburn locks?


But Lucy looses a sigh&&he thinks he sees a smile on this pinksopink lips

. . .

Merlin, if only he could…


Lucy will shut her eyes tight

~she's just taking a break~

but if her sister saw her,


Molly would read that l-o-v-e-s-i-c-k look on her face

("Lucy, don't you have someone else to like?

Lucy, don't go down this lane.

LUCY, Freddie's our BLOOD!")

But Freddie's smiling, she just knows, && that makes her smile, too

&& she wonders what he thinks of her lips…

Merlin, if only he would…


:} I've been wanting to write them for a while and I finally did! YAY! Man, I've so much planned for them! I really like them! Xo And the forbidden-ness…cool. B)

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-mew-tsubaki :D