Finding Out About Her Half Sister!

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Rachel has been on her since she could remember. Her mother never mentions much about her first pregnancy, but Rachel knew that there was something more to the whole story. Rachel never understood why she wasn't born in a hospital, but she knew that she was something special. Rachel found herself in different places at different times trying to stay alive. Rachel has been on her own with powers that she never understood, but she figured out how to control them to the best of her abilities to make sure that no one suspected anything.

Rachel found herself in a town where everyone was living the best that they could and she only knew that this was the place that she was going to find out about her long lost sister than maybe get the family that she was longer for and finding out the truth about why she is what she is. As she walked through the streets looking for a place to work. As she turned the corner she saw a place of work it was called the Jam Pony. She took a breathe and walked into the building and walked right to the front desk.

"Excuse me?" she said as sweet as she could

"Yes? How can I help you?" Norman asked

"I'm new to town and I'm looking for a job. I was wondering if you were hiring at this time?" she asked

"Like I don't have enough unstable teenagers here."

"Im sorry sir, but I could really use the job and I could come back at a later date if you wouldn't mind."

"Did you just call me sir?" he asked

"Yes sir." She said

"I like that." He said taking out a piece of paper and handing it to her "Come back here in the morning with this fill out."

"Thank you so much sir and I will not let you down." She said walking off

Rachel never knew how easy it was going to be just to get something that she wanted, but now that she had it she knew that this was going to be the perfect start for a new life. As she walked out the door she walked right past Max and Alec some of her family that she never knew about. But the main was her sister Max. They have the same mother, but the only thing was Rachel was out of the government institute living a free life while Max was stuck in there until 2009 when 12 of them escaped from the place. Now it was a matter of time before the three found one another and put a stop to the upcoming war.