Showing her Big Sister who is Boss!

Disclaimer: in chapter one

Max has been following her sister around like a lost puppy. Rachel on the other hand was more interested in being a part of Alec's team and staying far away from her sister as possible. Alec was enjoying her company and loved making all the other girls jealous. He knew that they had to be jealous since Rachel was the new girl spending all of her time with him. Come to think of it he had invited her to come live with him in his apartment. Of course Rachel accepted his offer and moved in with him right away just so she wouldn't have to live with Max. Granted she was only doing it because she knew that her big sister didn't like him to much because was always talking to Original Cindy about he was such a child and how he always talks and talks. Rachel loved the fact that there was someone else out there just like her. Alec enjoyed having someone laugh at his jokes or even talks about Max and Logan's relationship just as much as him.

Max felt like she wasn't getting the chance to know her sister since she was spending so much time with Alec. The one person that she couldn't stand in this world. She watched them from the corner of her eye and thought. What does she see in him? He isn't that funny and he is the biggest ass around. God what is happening here? I find out that my mother had another daughter just like me and she has been sent here to spend time with me and what happens. She ends up living with Alec because she hates me for some reason. Well I'm not going to let her go that easy it's my time to spend with her. And I know just how I'm going to do that too.

Max went over to Normal and looked at him. He felt her eyes on him like fire and he looked up at her. "What can I help you with Max?"

"Normal you can give Alec a job on his own further than yesterday so I can spend time with my sister."

"Why would I want to help you Max?"

"Cause if you don't I will make your life a living hell until you actually do listen to me."

He gulped. "Alec." He called

Alec looked over and walked to him "Yes Normal?"

"I have these packages that need to be delivered in Sector 9." He said

"Alright Rachel and I will get right on that." He said

"No. you have to go alone. I have something else for Rachel to do." He said

"But Normal."

"No buts Alec do this and do it now." He said

Alec nodded getting his bike and telling Rachel what was going on. Rachel just glared at them as she watched Alec ride off for the first time since they met without her. She knew that Max had something to do with this, but she didn't want to make a huge scene right there in front of everyone so she decided that she would go get what she had to deliver and be done with the whole thing. But little did she know that she would have to work with Max the whole day.

"Normal I hear that you have some things for me to deliver."

"Yes and you will be working with Max."

"I work better alone or with Alec." She said

"And you see that Alec is gone and I don't want you working alone until you actually get the hang of things so you are now working with Max for the day." He said

"Fine." She said grabbing the packages and walking over to her bike.

Max smirked as she went to get her bike. Normal watched them ride off, unsure of what was going to happen little did he care as long as the packages got delivered on time. Max and Rachel rode pretty much in silence for the most part. Until Max decided that she was going to start up a conversation.

"So what was it like?" she asked

"What was what like?" Rachel asked

"Being with our mother?"

"I'm guessing it like every other normal relationship mother and daughter has."

"Rachel that is not telling me much."

"Well I'm sorry Max I wasn't that close to her when all she talked about was you."

"What do you mean?" she asked

"What do I mean? Really? Max you were the baby that got away from her. So she decided that she was going to steal some new DNA of the X5. When she did she went and had my egg planted inside of her and the next thing she knew I came into the world. She was using me to get back what she lost so many years ago. Don't you get it now Max, she talked about you all the time and made me feel like I was the replacement of you. Now that I'm out on my own and I knew about you I just had to meet the one person that got away from our mother. Now that I know who you are I don't think I want the happy little family thing with you." She said

"Rachel I'm so..." was all she got out

"Don't say you're sorry Max because we all know that you're not. You have your own life to live and you have been doing that. Now it's my turn to live my life without being held back. So if you try to get in my way I will have no problem stopping you."


"This is my life Max and you nor anyone else can control it. I make my own destiny Max and that is something no one can take away." She said walking off

Max couldn't believe that her little sister was the one that could show her that she could stand on her own. She just followed her and watched her make the deliveries. Rachel pretty much handle the whole being nice in front of other people thing and when there wasn't anyone around she and Max pretty much kept their distance. Things haven't been good just yet, but they might start looking up if they just could get to know each other.