Muse. Let's write a Tangled and Danny Phantom one-shot! It'll be sweet and show that we're still alive!

Me. Why not? I like Tangled!

[Several days later]

Me. [blinking at the large word count] There's no way this is a one-shot! That's the last time I listen to my muse…

Seriously, this thing grew like a weed on me. Hope you enjoy, though. I had to cut it at several opportune points to make sure it flowed smoothly. Drop a REVIEW! :)

For those of you absolutely not familiar with Danny Phantom, I trust you're the crowd that simply likes to read crossovers for the fun of it. It's a TV show about a half-ghost superhero and his friends. This is set after the last episode of the last season, or Phantom Planet. But there's not much of a background given so there won't be any spoilers. If you're really curious, just Google it!


BTW, this has some crack in it, I believe… The good kind, not the bad. It wouldn't be K+ otherwise.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Danny Phantom, Tangled, or Harry Potter! (The last one you'll see why in a few moments. It's not a Harry Potter crossover.)

EDIT (04/22/11): I fixed the dialogue at the end to match more with Tangled since I watched it twice yesterday on my birthday. By the way, in case no one noticed: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR TANGLED! (I know; I repeated that twice. It's just that I didn't have this warning up the first time I posted. -.-)

A Tangled Phantom

Chapter 1

"That was an awesome movie!" Samantha Manson, or Sam, exclaimed, stretching in the sunlight.

Daniel Fenton, or Danny, raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend. "I thought you didn't like Disney movies?"

"I don't like movies where the girls are little victims. This one has a girl who's touting a frying pan!" Sam grinned enthusiastically. "I thought the trailer looked awesome."

"I liked the horse," Danny commented. "I never thought I'd see one act like a dog."

Sam cocked an eyebrow at the black-haired sixteen-year-old. She leaned against a pillar of the movie hall they were standing outside of. "You saying horses can't act like dogs?"

"They don't sit when told to and they certainly don't act like bloodhounds," Danny said. "What's more, they don't act like paper shredders."

"That was one of the funniest scenes in the movie!"

Danny had to stifle a snicker. "Yeah, it was. I couldn't stop laughing."

"And the lantern scene!" Sam sighed, resting her head back against the pillar and closing her eyes. "That was the best scene I have ever seen in a movie."

"Aren't you glad you saw it in 3-D after all?"

"I still hate 3-D but that scene made it all worth it," Sam said. "In fact, just for that, I'm getting the DVD in 3-D."

Danny leaned against the pillar as well. "Aren't all your DVDs in 3-D since your parents got the latest 3-D TV?"

Sam shrugged. "Nuance." She flashed a grin. "Flynn Rider is definitely one of the best heroes I've ever seen in an animated movie."

Danny raised an eyebrow. "What about me?"

"You're cool," Sam said dismissively, a teasing light in her lilac eyes.

"At least I'm not a thief," Danny retaliated.

"You'd be a better one," Sam said, smirking. "For one thing, you wouldn't get caught."

"That's true," he acknowledged, disappearing from view for a moment to reappear on her other side.

"Man," Sam sighed, staring up into the sky. She was oblivious to the other movie goers around them. "What I wouldn't give to live in that universe for only a little bit."

"What do you mean?" Danny asked curiously.

Sam shrugged and took Danny's hand, pulling him away from the weekend crowds. "It's a happily-ever-after universe. There's some bad stuff in it but it always works out in the end. Things are simpler in a way. There's even magic."

Danny made a face. "You don't call having ghost powers magic?"

"Sorry, ghost boy. Ghost powers come with the job of being a half-ghost superhero. Magic hair on the other hand is something to be proud of."

The teasing lilt in Sam's voice told him she wasn't being serious. "Ah… So by your definition, there's nothing magical in our world at all? That's funny. I seriously thought having a ghost portal in my basement was magic."

"Stunning people and levitating objects are magic," Sam retorted.

"I'm learning how to levitate things," Danny said defensively. "It's getting there."

Sam flicked the bangs hovering over his blue eyes. "But you don't have hair that opens wardrobes or brings down chandeliers."

"Neither do you." Danny tugged the short black ponytail she had some of her hair in. "Unless you're hiding something in that house of yours."

Sam grinned and waved his hand away, latching her fingers into his and pulling them onto a less crowded street. They were now nearing the residential area of Amity Park. "Regardless, I would love to live in Tangled. There's so much there that you can't find here."

"But that's why it's a movie," Danny said quietly. "It gives people the chance to live somewhere else, even if it's only for ninety minutes."

Sam shot him a look, seeing the subdued light in her boyfriend's eyes. "You've thought about this, huh?"

He gave a shrug, smiling lightly. "When you're a half-ghost who's constantly fighting ghosts and keeping the media off his back, you wish things would get a little easier." A blue wisp floated out of his mouth to prove his point and he turned his head, seeing a familiar blue and chubby ghost wave at him from the corner. "On the plus side, ghosts like him are getting easier to deal with." He waved back, seeing the box the Box Ghost was holding up with a pleased grin. The ghost disappeared from view.

"What would you do if you were in Tangled?" Sam asked him.

Danny mulled that over. "Well…I guess I'd just live in the town."

"No. I mean, what would you do if you could change the events of the movie?"

"Strangle Gothel," Danny said wryly, thinking of the evil black-haired woman. "I wanted to bash her with the frying pan."

"I'd do the same," Sam agreed, grinning. "I'd also have the time of my life in that dance Rapunzel dragged the entire square into."

"Yay. Dancing," Danny said sarcastically.

Sam snorted. "It's not that bad, Danny. Tucker could always take you for lessons."

"It's too bad Tucker doesn't have that much time anymore," he muttered, pulling her down onto a bench by a bus stop.

"That's another thing that would be great about living in that universe," Sam said. "Endless time to hang out and drink in pubs like the Snuggly Duckling."

"There's no technology," Danny pointed out. "He'd die of withdrawal within five minutes."

"He'd live," Sam said, rolling her eyes. "But I wish…"

"Sam," Danny warned, looking around warily.

"Relax, Danny. She's not here." Sam kicked her legs out, closing her eyes as she exhaled. "I wish we were in Tangled."

A soft chuckling filled the air around them and Danny sprang to his feet, eyes flashing green. "So you have wished it…"

He glared accusingly at Sam, who simply shrugged sheepishly. She didn't look very sorry.

"…so it shall be!"

"Desiree!" Danny shouted, a bluish-white ring forming at his midsection. Before he could transform, though, a greenish smoke surrounded him and Sam. Reflexively, he inhaled before he could think the better of it.

Then he was gone.

It was snuffling that woke him. Snuffling and something sniffing his hair. Groaning, he raised an arm and made to push it away. His hand met something warm and wet that was breathing on him.

Thinking that he might want to see what was standing above him, Danny opened his eyes slowly, blinking as he came face to face with something dark gray that did not resemble anything he had ever seen before in his life.

It was a horse.

"Aargh!" Danny scrambled backwards from the horse, pressing backwards against something he dimly registered was a tree.

Wait… How had he gotten from the middle of Amity Park to some place that had trees and a horse staring at him? Funnily enough…why did the horse look so familiar to him?

Squinting, he saw the golden plate on the horse's chest area and the writing engraved on it. He couldn't read it from this distance but was one hundred percent sure it read "Maximus"; he had just watched a movie with the exact same horse in it after all.

Then he remembered why he was here. Sam had made a wish to be in the Tangled universe. And, as luck would have it, Desiree had been around to hear it.

"Sam," he whispered, looking around for his girlfriend. He was going to throttle her when he found her. Hadn't they already had enough discussions about not making wishes since the last time? At least this time he had all his memories intact. Plus, his ghost powers were still there as a buzz underneath his skin. "Sam!"

The horse was staring at him. It came to Danny that Maximus looked completely wet. So did that mean the whole incident with the Snuggly Duckling thugs and the water dam had already passed?

If they were even in the Tangled universe to begin with. He wasn't sure. Knowing Desiree, anything could've happened. The horse could be Tucker for all he knew or maybe he was hallucinating and currently passed out at the bus stop.

Damn… He was really going to kill Sam.

That was when he saw his girlfriend lying a short distance away. Keeping an eye on the horse, who was still staring at him, Danny scooted over and began shaking her.

"Saaaammm," he whispered. When that didn't wake her up, he said it sharply. "Sam!"

The black-haired Goth jerked up, almost knocking her head into Danny's. "What?" Her eyes darted around, meeting Danny's after a few seconds. "What happened? Where's Desiree?"

"No clue and not here," Danny said. He jerked a thumb in Maximus's direction. "Care to explain the horse?"

Sam's eyes followed Danny's thumb and landed on the horse. Her mouth dropped open. "Is that…Maximus?"

The horse nickered at the sound of his name. It sounded questioning to Danny.

"This cannot be happening," he muttered, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut. "We did not just land in a movie."

Sam ignored him, getting to her feet and slowly approaching Maximus. "Who's a good boy, hmm? Who's a good boy?" she cooed.

Danny blinked, unable to believe what was happening in front of him. His girlfriend, a hardcore Goth and hater of anything sweet and sappy, was talking to a horse in the sweetest and sappiest voice he had ever heard her use. Maybe he was hallucinating after all…

"He's soaking wet, Danny," Sam said in a normal voice. "And he hasn't found Eugene yet."

"We're calling him Eugene now?" Danny asked, approaching her side.

Well, yeah." She looked meaningfully at Maximus and Danny understood that if she said Flynn that Maximus would instantly start harassing them for the thief's whereabouts.

"How do we know we haven't already changed something?" Danny slowly reached a hand out, stroking Maximus's mane when it became clear the horse would let him.

"The sun's just rising," Sam pointed out, looking at the brightening sky. "It'll be bright before long. Besides, the river's over there." She pointed to their right and Danny wondered how he could have missed the sound of water running. Maybe it was the fact that he had been distracted by the fact he was in Tangled. "I don't think we've changed anything, Danny."

Maximus snorted and bumped his head against them, snuffling their clothes. He was particularly interested in Sam's short skirt and exposed midriff, eyeing her scandalously. Even Danny's clothes drew some loud snuffling from the intelligent palace horse.

"You're lucky nothing worse happened when Desiree granted that wish," Danny said, folding his arms.

"I thought it was pretty straightforward," Sam objected.

"She could've turned you into Rapunzel and me into Flynn Rider. Then where would we be?"

Upon Danny saying "Flynn Rider", Maximus's ears perked up and he shoved the teen after he had finished speaking.

"You want Flynn, Max?" Sam asked, smiling when Maximus turned to her eagerly. "He's probably around here somewhere. Look for a girl with really long blonde hair and a guy sleeping on a rock."

With a loud whinny, Maximus bolted off.

Left alone now, Danny turned to glare at Sam. "You don't have anything to say about the situation we're in now?"

Sam sighed, rubbing her arms. "I'm sorry, Danny. But…we're inside Tangled! How can you not be excited?"

"We're not home, it was a ghost that sent us here, we just met a horse that acts like a dog, and we have no clue how to get back!" Danny listed off on his fingers. "Did I miss anything?"

Sam beamed. "We're in Tangled! Can't you be at least a little excited?"

"We're in a movie that we shouldn't be in," Danny insisted, hating that he was such a killjoy. He'd normally be jumping for joy. "Desiree's probably wreaking havoc back in Amity Park. How are we going to get back?" He groaned, rubbing his face.

Sam bit her lip, understanding a bit better now what Danny was worried about. "We'll figure it out, Danny. But…could you at least try to enjoy the fact that we're inside a movie? And Tangled? It's like the best movie possible to have landed in!"

Danny found himself grinning rather reluctantly. "Yeah. It is exciting. And you know what? Maximus looked pretty normal to me. He didn't look like an animated horse at all."

Sam latched onto his arm. "We should make the best of this! We can change how the movie ended!"

Danny drew away slightly to look into her face. "I thought you liked how the movie ended?"

"I did! It's just…I missed Rapunzel's hair. She looked really cute with that short brown hair but her long hair is really beautiful!"

"So you just want to save her hair? But that's how Gothel died."

"She'd probably die if someone threw her out of the tower before she stabbed Eugene," Sam suggested.

"And who'd do that?" Danny raised an eyebrow. "Flynn didn't have a clue and Rapunzel was chained up."

Sam peered at him for a long moment. "Us maybe?"

His eyes widened. "Us?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah! You still have your ghost powers, right? We could easily throw her out before she stabs Eugene and he has to cut off Rapunzel's hair."

"But…Sam…she's a human," Danny objected, looking ill.

"She's an evil villain, that's what she is," Sam retorted.

"Sam." The look on Danny's face bode trouble, something Sam noticed.

"But I know what you mean," she continued hurriedly. "At least consider it?"

Danny sighed slowly. She was right: Gothel was an evil villain. But that didn't mean he had to kill her by throwing her out of a tower, original movie ending be damned. "I'll hit her with a frying pan," he conceded, grinning wryly. "I'll let Flynn and Rapunzel do the actual deciding."

Sam grinned broadly. "Eugene!" she said, flicking Danny's nose. "That's his name."

Danny chuckled at the memory of when he had first heard the thief give his actual name. "All right. Eugene Fitzherbert it is."

A loud yell pierced the air at that moment. The two instantly recognized it.

"Looks like Max found him!" Sam said, grinning.

"You have any ideas for now?" Danny asked, looking in the direction of the yell. He had to admit: he was really curious as to how Eugene and Rapunzel looked when not animated.

The bright look on Sam's face told him trouble was brewing on the horizon.

He could walk through walls, turn invisible, and fly over two hundred miles per hour. He could fight ghosts without batting an eye and outtalk evil villains any day. His witty banter was legendary.

But he was not a thief.

Even in a fictionalized world that he was actually walking in – walking in! – he wouldn't become a thief. Unlike some people – coughStabbingtonbrotherscough – he actually had morals.

So why couldn't Sam understand that?

"I am not stealing clothes!" Danny hissed, clutching Sam's hand to be sure they both remained invisible.

"You yourself said that the reason Max was looking so strangely at us was because of our clothes!" Sam argued. "Who else do you see wearing a short skirt?"

At that moment, an old man with knobby and hairy knees and wearing a short green, black, and red skirt hobbled by. Danny promptly pointed in his direction.

Sam rolled her eyes. "That's an Irish kilt! Besides that!"

Danny sighed. "I get why we need new clothes. I just don't get why we even need to get them. Can't we just stay away until we figure out how to get back?"

"Come on, Danny! We're in Tangled! Plus, we're in Tangled on the princess's birthday! That means we get to have fun like Rapunzel and Eugene did!" Sam was clutching Danny's fingers tightly now, making him wince. "We can't have any fun unless we blend in with the crowd. I don't know about you but I don't want to cause a scene because I'm not dressed appropriately."

Danny also wanted to have fun. But he also didn't want to steal. "I don't want that either. What I don't want is to have to steal clothes."

"Unless you have any of the money that's going around here, I don't see how we can pay," Sam remarked dryly. "I might have a wallet and you might also have a wallet but I don't think they take paper."

"I have pennies," Danny protested, seeing a glint of copper being exchanged between a baker and a young boy. "That looks authentic enough I should think."

"You saw the captain of the guards," Sam said, pointing towards a pair of guards marching down the street to make sure everything was orderly. The gleam off their helmets nearly blinded him. "And you see them. Do you really want to get arrested? Besides, Danny, I already told you: you'd make a much better thief."

Danny pursed his lips, peering into the shop uncertainly. He really wanted to enjoy himself. "You're not going to make a habit out of this, are you?"

Sam patted his shoulder. "Once we're back, I'll be golden."

He sighed, pulling them into the shop and into the racks of clothes. They were still invisible. "All right. Just go ahead and pick out a dress or something."

"Sweet," Sam muttered, fingering the articles of clothing. What scared Danny was that there wasn't a single note of sarcasm in her tone. Was this still the same girl who ran from her mother every time she pulled out a frilly pink dress?

"I thought you hated dresses?" Danny asked quietly, moving his hand to Sam's shoulder so she could use both hands.

"I hate the dresses my mom always forces on me," Sam explained, pulling out a deep red dress before wrinkling her nose and putting it back. "But I like authentic stuff like this. It's not frilly and it's not too elaborate. It's just right. Even though Rapunzel's dress is pink, it's such a muted pink I wouldn't mind wearing it."

Danny honestly had nothing to say to that. So when Sam made a sound of surprise and pleasure, he guided her to a changing room behind some vibrantly red curtains and left her alone. He had no desire to see her get changed. (Okay, so that was a lie. He was a guy and she was his girlfriend… It was just that he would get whacked with a frying pan if he tried something.)

It only took a couple of minutes before Sam hissed, "Danny!"

He gently flicked the curtains open and made Sam invisible before taking them out of the shop and turning them visible in an alley. His eyebrows rose as he saw the dark purple long-sleeved gown Sam had taken. The hem dropped to her ankles and he saw that she still had her boots on; that would have to be remedied. Her bodice dropped in a V-shape but not so low as to expose anything unwanted (although if he were to be honest, nothing would be unwanted…). She had let down her ponytail, letting her hair rest just above her shoulders; her bangs framed her eyes.

"What do you think?" Sam asked, smiling as she gave a little flourish and a bow.

Danny had to swallow before he could say anything. "You look beautiful."

Her smile widened. "Thanks, Danny!" She gave him a kiss on the lips and pulled away before he could react. "Now we just have to get shoes for you and me and also some clothes for you!"

Knowing it would be useless to argue, Danny held his tongue and followed Sam as he remained invisible. She handed him her clothes before leaving the darkness of the alley.

"Incinerate these?" she requested, pushing them into Danny's hands.

Danny raised an eyebrow, becoming visible so she could see. "Why?"

"It's not like I have a bag or a pocket to keep them in. And it's also not like I have more clothes back home." Sam shrugged.

Danny glanced around and retreated to the shadows. He made the brightest ecto-beam he could and transformed the clothes in his hands into a blaze of green fire. Ashes crumbled to the ground, the only remnants of Sam's modern-day clothes.

Sam kicked off her boots then, shoving them into Danny's arms with a gleam in her eyes. Sighing, Danny did the same with them. Then he looked down at his girlfriend's bare feet. "You're going to walk around barefoot?"

"Why not? If a girl who spent eighteen years of her life in a tower was able to walk around barefoot on her first day out, why shouldn't I?"

Danny cocked his head to the side. "Because it was a movie? I don't know if you noticed but everything seems pretty real right now."

Sam waved it off. "I'll be getting shoes in a couple of minutes. But first we're getting you some clothes."

Danny bit back whatever he wanted to say and turned invisible, letting Sam do the guiding now that she was dressed appropriately. She didn't enter the same shop but rather one tailored for men. He turned her invisible so they wouldn't get any helpful salespersons badgering them for money they didn't have.

Ten minutes later, Danny found himself staring in disbelief at himself in the small mirror they had provided in the changing area. He didn't know how Sam had managed it but somehow she had managed to get the exact same clothes Flynn – Eugene wore. There was even the vest!

"Why did you just dress me up as a thief?" Danny whispered to her; she was facing the red curtain and was inside the changing area with him.

Sam turned to appraise her boyfriend. She smiled widely. "You look terrific! The only thing that doesn't match is your shoes."

Danny scuffed them on the floor, not bothering to reply to that. "Why am I dressed up as Flynn Rider?"

Sam shrugged, grabbing Danny's cast aside clothes and his hand. "It looks good, doesn't it?"

Resigning himself to the fact that he wouldn't get an answer (although one was niggling at the back of his mind), he turned them invisible and walked out of the shop. After disposing of his clothes and shoes via ecto-beam, he and Sam went to steal two pairs of shoes. As per to his clothes, he got Flynn's – Eugene's boots and found he couldn't complain: they were actually more comfortable than his own. Sam got a pair of cute black flats that were made out of some soft material that Danny really hoped wasn't silk or satin.

"Now we have souvenirs!" Sam gushed, pulling her boyfriend through the streets. They matched perfectly with everyone else now. Only Danny felt a little underdressed in his clothes. Was it ironic that he was wearing a thief's clothing when he had just stolen them?

"Why are you so happy?" Danny asked warily. They passed a vendor selling bread and stopped in front of a mural of the king, queen, and a baby Rapunzel. Out of curiosity, he looked to see if Rapunzel or Eugene were anywhere in sight. When he didn't see the trademark blonde hair or someone wearing the same clothes he was, he returned to Sam's side to admire the art.

Sam studied the mural for a few moments before pushing them to the side. Her voice was quiet as she spoke. "We haven't had much time together. That date was the first one we've had for ages. And…well…I made that wish hoping Desiree would grant it."

So that's why she hadn't looked very sorry. "How did you know we wouldn't end up as Rapunzel or Flynn? I don't think I'd appreciate being hunted down by a white horse."

Sam shrugged, biting her lip. "I didn't. But we still would have been able to spend more time together. Now that we're in Tangled and actually walking around and being a part of what we were only able to imagine before, I'm really glad I did make that wish. We don't have any ghosts to worry about and it's fun. Plus, we don't have any parents nagging at us." She smiled amusedly at that.

"Aside from the fact, that I'm worried about how we're going to get back…I have to agree with you." Danny rubbed his forehead tiredly. "I'm sorry I haven't been a good boyfriend, Sam." He put a finger to her lips when she opened them to protest. "No, I mean it. I'll make more time." Shrugging, he said ruefully, "Not everything I do is that important. The reporters can take a step back and"—he adopted a British accent—"bugger off."

Sam smiled at the accent. "Thanks, Danny. I appreciate it."

Danny smiled back, brushing a stray lock of hair away from her face. They were leaning in when a burst of music caught Sam's attention. Knowing what it was, Danny let her drag him into the square. The long blonde-hair of the young woman dancing in the middle immediately caught their attention and they froze.

That was Rapunzel.

They couldn't get a good glimpse of her face as she started pulling other people into the dance with her. Grinning at each other, they joined the dance as well. Danny was pulled away from Sam by a rather old lady and caught a glimpse of Maximus and a man he instantly knew was Eugene. Pascal the chameleon was on Maximus's saddle and looked adorably green.

Remembering the movie, Danny knew Eugene would be dragged into the dance in a couple of minutes. Gosh...this was cool! He'd actually get to meet the guy he'd seen on screen! And not the actor but the actual character!

His thoughts slammed back to the dance when he abruptly switched partners. His reflexes kept him from making a fool of himself but he sorely wished he knew how to dance. Properly. All he was doing at the moment was making sure he didn't trip over his feet and mimic the movements of the guys around him. So much easier said than done.

A minute later and he caught sight of Sam. She looked to be having the time of her life. As they came closer to one another, he reached out to her but found himself landing with someone else. His breath stopped when he saw who he had.

A long blonde-haired green-eyed beauty. Wow…he was dancing with Rapunzel? This was seriously wicked!

His eyes landed on Sam and he saw her gazing at the man she was dancing with a dumbstruck look on her face. When they twirled around, he saw why: she had Eugene Fitzherbert, aka Flynn Rider.

Danny had to admit: while Eugene looked good on screen as an animated CGI character he looked infinitely better in real life (if this could be considered real life). Rapunzel was also a stunning beauty. If he wasn't already taken and didn't know that Rapunzel loved Eugene, he totally would've asked her out.

His thoughts jerked back to the present when Rapunzel gave him a beautiful smile. All he could do was smile rather weakly back, hardly able to believe his luck. Then he switched partners again.

It was several more minutes before the music ended with a grand flourish and Danny ended up with an attractive red-haired woman who was slightly too old for him. He looked for the expected couple and smiled when seeing they had again finished the dance in each other's arms. Looking back at his partner, he gave a short bow and left, hoping he hadn't committed a social faux pas. She was seriously too old for him, though!

"Wasn't that awesome?" Sam exclaimed, grabbing his arm out of nowhere. "I danced with Eugene!"

"I saw. I got Rapunzel," Danny said, unable to stop grinning.

Sam also couldn't wipe the smile off her face. "Epic, right?"

"Yeah. Now if only we had a camera," Danny said wistfully, seeing the couple they were talking about vanish into a side street. "Tucker won't believe us otherwise."

"Can't this be our secret?" Sam pleaded.

Danny looked at her, thinking the same. "I'd like that, too, Sam. The problem is that time is probably passing in our world and they've most likely noticed we've gone missing. That's if Desiree isn't doing anything. If she is, then they've definitely noticed we're not there anymore."

Sam sighed, blowing a lock of hair upwards. "Yeah…"

"But it doesn't mean we have to talk about everything," Danny said slyly, winking at her. "That's just between us."

Sam beamed at him and suddenly hugged him, almost throwing him off his feet. "Great! Now let's have some more fun! I really wanted to try the cupcakes and check the bookstore out."

Speaking of cupcakes…Danny groaned mentally as he realized this would require his special skills again. If they ever caught him…

On the plus side, they probably wouldn't butcher his nose.

It was approaching night now. They had managed to obtain two lanterns which Danny didn't have to steal considering that they were free of charge to all people who wanted to release one. What they did manage to swipe was a purse from a rich man who had bullied around a very shabbily dressed man and his wife.

Personally, Danny didn't regret swiping the man's purse. From the look of his clothes, he was rich enough to have ten more of those purses plus a gigantic mansion filled with luxurious items. He figured that this was a side of Tangled not seen in the movie. They had seen rough bandits like the Stabbington brothers but hadn't seen outright cruelty from anyone besides Gothel whenever she insulted Rapunzel.

Considering that this universe did have its dark sides and wasn't all bright and happy, did it mean they were in an actual world and not just walking around in a movie? Did that also mean they could really change what had happened?

Oh, Clockwork… The ghost of time would probably not be pleased.

Danny sighed, breaking from his thoughts as Sam gave him a nudge and pointed towards a small craft that was rowing out onto the water. "Look! I bet we could find Maximus eating the apples on the dock."

"You want to?" Danny asked, shifting his arm around Sam's waist. He was in ghost form and floating above the lake. Since his ghost half had a glow, he was invisible.

"No need to. We'll see him again later." Sam held the lantern she had in one hand and a book in the other. "Thanks again for the book."

"Thank the guy the purse belonged to," Danny responded wryly. "Besides, we need a souvenir aside from our clothes. One of the books from The Adventures of Flynnagin Rider is just as good."

"It's perfect," Sam disagreed, hugging the book to her chest. "Now we can actually see what Eugene was so excited about."

"I'm guessing the guy is going to make you want to throw the book across the room," Danny remarked, grinning.

"I don't throw books across the room," Sam denied, rolling her eyes.

"Then what was that fiasco the other day with that book about the woman having an affair?"

"She made me want to strangle her! Besides, I threw it on the ground and stomped on it. There's a difference."

Danny snorted. "Looks the same from my perspective. You're just abusing the trees."

Sam glared at him. "Thanks for reminding me. Now I'm definitely not abusing this book."

"You shouldn't anyway. It's the only copy we have."

Any further arguing was cut off as Sam exhaled sharply and suddenly squeezed Danny's neck so tightly he was choking for a moment. Then he was holding her bridal style and trying to prevent his lantern from getting squashed. His eyes drifted towards the castle and he noticed what had caught her attention: the first lantern had been released.

The sun had set, meaning it was a glowing orange against the backdrop of the dark night sky. As it slowly drifted upward, the hundreds of other lanterns in the kingdom's streets also lit up and began to float upward. It was such a beautiful sight that Danny could hardly believe that he had seen it only a short while earlier on screen.

"It's beautiful," Sam breathed, her eyes wide with wonder.

Danny didn't say anything as he was too busy taking in the hundreds of lanterns that were floating around them now. His breathing was quiet as he gently nudged Sam in the shoulder with his nose before letting go of his lantern. Following suit, Sam's lantern floated after Danny's for several minutes before being lost in the cloud of lanterns.

For several seconds, that was all Danny was aware of: Sam, the cloud of lanterns surrounding them, and the cool night breeze.

Then he heard something:

And at last I see the light

And it's like the fog has lifted…

Okay. He had to admit that he seriously liked the song but really…

"Seriously? They're singing? I thought that was just the movie!" Danny whispered.

"Shh!" Sam hushed him, looking at the boat floating on the lake beneath them with a smile.

And the world has somehow shifted

All at once everything looks different

Now that I see you.

"Don't diss love, Danny," Sam scolded him quietly, gently bopping him on the head.

"I'm not. I'm just wondering why they're singing when it's not scripted."

"It's still the movie's universe," Sam reasonably pointed out.

If she's here, it's crystal clear

I'm where I'm meant to go.

Regardless of how beautiful the singing was or whether he was supposed to diss love or not, Danny began scanning the shoreline. He knew the Stabbington brothers were supposed to show up soon and completely wreck the moment. He'd groaned along with Sam when they realized Eugene wasn't going to kiss Rapunzel after all because of that damn crown.

"The brothers are going to show up," Danny said, maneuvering his way through the lanterns. "Do you want to do something to save Rapunzel's hair?"

Sam jabbed her knee into Danny's chest, causing him to let out an "ooph" and stop. "It's not just Rapunzel's hair! Besides, we can't go too far from the movie's script. We need Rapunzel to see what a cow her so-called 'mother' is. The only way that's possible is if the tower scene happens again. Anything else is too unpredictable."

Danny sighed loudly. "And I was really hoping to knock their heads together Dash Baxter style."

All at once, everything is different

Now that I see you,

Now that I see you.

Their breaths caught as they watched the two lean in for a kiss that would never happen. Danny's green eyes caught sight of a greenish lantern being held by the Stabbington brothers (he should really send a letter to the producers for that marvelous name) and he knew from Eugene's body language that he had just seen them as well.

"Torture," Danny muttered, squeezing his eyes shut before opening them again. "I really don't want to see them knocking him out and tying him up to the wheel."

"Then don't. I'd like to get something from the boat anyway."

Raising an eyebrow, Danny silently flitted behind the boat Eugene was rowing to the shore. When it finally reached the shore, he set Sam down on her feet and held her shoulder to be sure they still remained invisible.

"There's just something I have to do," Eugene assured Rapunzel, holding the satchel in his hands.

Rapunzel gave a weak smile. "Okay…"

Eugene's smile was equally feeble, although Danny was pretty sure it was supposed to be reassuring. "I'll be right back."

With that, Eugene vanished into the mist. Rapunzel looked down at Pascal, who looked remarkably like an actual chameleon now that Danny had a closer look at him.

"It's all right, Pascal," she murmured.

It was only Danny's sharp ears that heard the conversation between Eugene and the Stabbington brothers. Sam didn't seem to notice anything. When he heard the sounds of a scuffle breaking out, his fingers inadvertently tightened, causing Sam to shoot him a questioning glance. He simply shook his head, keeping his eyes fixed on an anxious Rapunzel.

Gah… His hero complex was really coming to bite him in the butt now. It was practically screaming at him to go and kick the Stabbington brothers' butts and save Eugene but he knew he couldn't do it. Like Sam said, it would simply deviate too far from the movie script and that was their only guiding point at the moment. Besides, it would all turn out for the best in the end, regardless of their interference. All they were going to do was save Rapunzel's hair.

He felt Sam stiffen as the Stabbington brothers emerged from the mist. Rapunzel's words didn't register in his mind as the only thing he could think was that CGI did wonders for their complexion. They were much uglier in real life.

"He did," one of the brothers said, grinning evilly.

"What? No," Rapunzel protested. "He wouldn't."

"See for yourself."

Although he'd already seen it, Danny couldn't help but look at the sailing boat. Despite his better eyesight, he had to admit he was also fooled. If he hadn't known what had actually happened, he really would have thought that Eugene had up and left with the crown.

Rapunzel cried in dismay after the boat. "Eugene!"

The brothers creepily approached Rapunzel. "A fair trade: a crown for the girl with the magic hair. Can you imagine how much they'd pay to stay young and healthy forever?"

Rapunzel's eyes widened as she seemed to realize what that meant and she stepped away. "No, please…no!" She bolted in the direction they had come from when they opened a sack and tried to stuff her in it.

Danny didn't have to see the fact that her braided hair was caught in a branch. What he did see was Gothel stealthily attack the chasing brothers from behind with a sturdy branch. He was sorely tempted to snatch it away and hit her with it but restrained himself.

"Rapunzel!" she called, sounding concerned.

"Mother?" Rapunzel stepped back over the log, freeing her hair in the process.

"Oh, Rapunzel!" Gothel dropped the stick and held out her arms. "How are you? Are you hurt?"

"How did you…?" Rapunzel ran into her arms.

"I was so worried about you! So I followed you. And then I saw them attack you!" Gothel fussed over Rapunzel; it made Danny sick to his stomach. "Oh my… Let's go before they come to."

As Gothel retreated to the forest, the two invisible watchers watched as Rapunzel looked back to the lake, awareness striking her as she realized what she had lost. Tears formed in her eyes and she rushed into Gothel's arms.

"You were right, Mother. You were right about everything," she sobbed.

Danny didn't miss the way Sam's arms suddenly wrapped around his waist. He had to bite his lip to stop himself from doing anything rash.

"I know, darling. I know," was all Gothel said to Rapunzel's sobs. Then they disappeared into the trees.

As soon as they were gone, Sam rushed toward the boat, flickering into full visibility.

"Hey – Sam!" Danny turned visible as well, his glow now lighting the area around him for five feet. "What are you doing?" He glanced at the Stabbington brothers; they were still out cold.

Sam didn't respond, rummaging through the boat. Then she straightened, triumphantly holding something up. "Ha!" It was the frying pan. "The infamous frying pan!" she said unnecessarily. "Since I didn't see it at the end of the movie, I figured it was left in the boat."

Danny approached her, looking at the frying pan. "Is it made out of iron or some other hard material?"

Sam pushed it into his arms. "See for yourself."

He waved it around experimentally. "Jeez. How did Eugene's head not bleed when he was whacked with this? Better yet, why didn't he get a concussion? I've been knocked into enough buildings to know that's what happens when you hit your head!"

"It's a movie," was Sam's explanation. "Besides, it makes for a sweet weapon." She snatched it back, nearly beaning Danny in the head.

He ducked away from the dangerous weapon and moved toward the Stabbington brothers. Picking them up by the scruff of their shirts in both hands, he threw them into the boat Sam had just clambered out of.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow as Danny's eyes lit with an insane gleam. The brothers were lying face down and on top of one another.

"If they get Eugene arrested, I'm going to get them into the same soup. I don't know how they were found the first time but I can definitely change it by dumping them in the city." Danny grinned wickedly. "Hang on a moment. I'm going to fetch something."

Sam only had to wait two minutes before her boyfriend flew back with a flyer in hand. He smacked it onto the top brother's back. A closer look showed it to be the "Wanted" poster of the brothers.

She smirked. "Clever, Danny."

Danny shot her a grin. "I'm going to go push them into the city."

"And I'll be coming with you," she declared, latching onto his neck.

Danny gave her another smile and pushed the boat into the water, flying behind it as he zipped it along the surface of the water at a rapid speed. He made sure to dump it at a spot where there were guards in plain sight. The loud noise it made instantly alerted them and he hightailed it out of there.

Green met lilac and the two knew what they would have to do next.

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