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Chapter 4

Tucker Foley had been many things in his sixteen years of life: best friend of Danny Fenton, techno geek, victim of bullies, mayor of Amity Park, best friend of Danny Phantom, ghost hunter extraordinaire, and a ladies' man. Granted, the last one was more of a delusion than anything else but his repartee amongst the ladies was improving, especially since he had traded his thick wire-framed glasses for thin ones that accentuated his olive green eyes. He'd also ditched the beret in favor of growing his hair out more.

But ladies' man or not, nothing Tucker had been before this time could prepare him for this fiasco: Danny Phantom was missing. And it wasn't like, "Oh, he's gone out for a flight; he'll be back soon." No. Danny Phantom was missing, as in no one could find him or his girlfriend anywhere.

It had started with a call from Maddie, Danny's mom, a couple of hours before this chaos broke out. She had asked Tucker whether he'd seen Danny or Sam since they'd last gone on a date to the movie.

"They went to a movie?"

"Sam wanted to watch Tangled."

"I thought she hated fluffy Disney princesses…"

"She said something about this one 'touting a frying pan'. Tucker, have you seen them?"

"No, I'm sorry, Mrs. Fenton. I haven't. If I do, I'll let them know you asked for them, all right?"

That conversation had taken place several hours ago. Since then, Amity Park had gone to hell in a picnic basket. Since the "hell" in question was caused by Desiree, Tucker had a suspicion that she had something to do with Danny and Sam disappearing. But how could she if no one had made a wish? He knew full well that they had agreed to never make any wishes outside the privacy of their own heads in case Desiree eavesdropped.

Especially since the incident with the giant mutated squirrel that Sam had randomly wished for to stop the bulldozing of some trees in the park of Amity Park. Needless to say, there had been no bulldozing planned for that day or any other day after that.

But that wasn't the point. What was the point was that Tucker was outside in the streets, having been ousted from his office by a random pack of vampire unicorns that some little girl in a birthday party had probably wished for. Why would someone wish for vampire unicorns?

"Everything's all about vampires today," Tucker muttered in despair, stepping into an alley to dodge a rampant mailbox that was chasing a screaming pedestrian. He really couldn't do anything since he had no weapons on him. Besides, the mailbox was soon destroyed by a green beam that came from an ecto-gun held by Jazz Fenton.

"You okay, Tucker?" Jazz asked, peeking into the alley where he'd hidden.

"Fine!" Tucker said brightly, stepping out into the street. "Just, you know, chilling…"

Jazz smirked. "Right."

The Fenton RV (or Ghost Massacring Vehicle as termed by Danny a couple of months ago after it almost took his head off) screeched to a halt besides the two. Jack Fenton flung open the door and poked his upper body out, wielding a huge ecto-gun.

"Seen Danny yet?" he asked Tucker.

Tucker shook his head. "Nope. By the way, mind tossing me one of those?"

Handed a smaller ecto-gun from someone sitting beside him, Jack tossed it to the dark-skinned teen. "New and improved!"

Immediately suspicious, Tucker made sure to hold the mouth of the barrel away from his face as he looked for any buttons that he might push on accident. When it was clear that the gun was for the most part safe, he handled it more confidently. Anything that was classified "new and improved" by Jack had to be given a good onceover. Unfortunately, now was not the time to do so.

"Relax," Jazz told him. "Danny had it tested yesterday."

"Oh good," Tucker said, relieved. "I didn't want it blowing up in my face."

As if to compound his words, a mini explosion sounded from behind them. They looked to see what resembled a green nuclear cloud jettisoning from the street. Once the smoke had dissipated slightly, a crater that spanned the entire width of the street was revealed.

"Do you see Desiree anywhere?" Tucker asked.

"What makes you think it's Desiree?" Jazz inquired.

"Vampire unicorns barging through my office." Tucker began jogging towards the crater. "I don't know any other ghost that would come up with something like that."

"Point taken," Jazz said, keeping pace. She looked back at the RV. "Mom! Dad! It's Desiree we have to keep an eye out for!"

"Got it, sweetie!" her mom called. "We're plugging her ecto-signature in right now."

"Do they mean that device that ended up plowing the RV into a building?"

"I think so."

Within a minute, the RV made a complete U-turn and sped off…only to crash into a lamppost. The occupants were unharmed as they stumbled out of the doors.

"I told you I fixed it, Mads!" Jack argued, scratching his graying hair.

"The lamppost is not a ghost, Jack," Maddie said firmly.

Still arguing, the ghost hunter couple caught up with Tucker and Jazz. Then the four of them sprinted to the crater.

Since he couldn't see anyone, Tucker suddenly got a brilliant idea that he wished he had thought of earlier. He shouted it to the heavens. "I wish I was at wherever the ghost causing all of this is!"

Jazz started in alarm. "Tucker!"

But it was too late. He abruptly found himself face down in the street and lifted his face up, wincing as his nose smarted from the unexpected impact. Looking up, he saw that he had landed directly under Desiree, who was sourly glaring at him.

"Bold idea," she said, her arms folded across her chest. "Are you sure you won't regret it?"

"Nah." Tucker got to his feet and brushed his vest off. He pointed the ecto-gun in her direction. "Where're Danny and Sam, Desiree? And while you're at it, I wish Jazz, Maddie, and Jack Fenton were here, too!"

Desiree growled but had no choice but to comply. In a second, the three Fentons Tucker had asked for appeared next to him, also lying flat on the ground. They sprung to their feet quickly.

"Next time warn us!" Jazz scolded him.

"I'll be sure to pull a Technus and let the ghost know exactly what I've got planned," Tucker confirmed sarcastically.

"Where's Danny, spook?" Jack demanded, ignoring the arguing teenagers.

Desiree smirked. "You won't find him."

"He wouldn't have made a wish!" Tucker yelled, jabbing a finger in her direction.

"His girlfriend didn't share the same qualms," Desiree said, bored. She buffed her fingernails against her short top.

"Where are they?" Maddie shouted, her finger tightening on the trigger of the ecto-gun she was holding. "Answer or—"

"You'll blow me out of the sky?" Desiree laughed unpleasantly. "Sorry, hon, but all that'll accomplish is absolutely nothing."

"I've got an idea," Tucker said out of the corner of his mouth to Jazz.


"I wish Danny and Sam were back with us!" Tucker shouted, grinning triumphantly.

Jazz blinked. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"You're just not that good."

She bopped him upside the head. In the meantime, Desiree was shooting figurative daggers at Tucker.

"So you have wished it," she said in a menacing voice, "so it shall be!"

Although Tucker was glad his wish would be granted, he wasn't so confident anymore when green smoke began materializing under Desiree's flying form.

"I hope you haven't gone and put your foot in your mouth this time, Tucker," Jazz groused, also wary.

"I'm a politician, Jazz; it's my job."

"He's got a point," Jack said unashamedly.

Further arguing was cut off as tendrils of the smoke reached their shoes. Warily, they stepped back and watched as it thickened. Then, just as quickly as it had materialized, it began thinning, revealing two shapes in its midst. Before it had time to completely disappear, a green ecto-beam nailed Desiree in the chest, coming directly from the figure on the right.

"Argh!" Desiree was thrown upward.

She had no time to react further as a black and white blur bolted out of the cloud to grab her tail and swing her around in a complete circle before throwing her to the ground by Tucker's and Jazz's feet. By this time, the blur had solidified to reveal a very pissed off Danny Phantom.

"All right, Desiree. I'll admit I had fun but that was definitely not cool! Hiding under the Box Ghost?"

Desiree picked herself up, glaring at the half-ghost. "If it works, it works. It certainly fooled you."

Tucker wondered what Danny meant by having fun. How could something Desiree had been responsible for be fun?

Then he saw what Sam was wearing. His jaw dropped open.

She was wearing a dress. Admittedly, it wasn't pink but it was a dress. Plus, she had her hair down and wasn't wearing her combat boots.

"Is she wearing a dress?" Jazz asked incredulously, apparently having the same trouble Tucker was having in absorbing the sight.

Sam looked up at Danny. "Hey, Danny! Remember what I called dibs on?"

"It's in the satchel and not on my ghost form." Danny landed on the ground next to her, eyes still on Desiree.

"What'd you call dibs on?" Tucker asked, confused.

They didn't answer as Desiree sprung on them. Danny grabbed her by the wrists and held her off.

"Mom! Thermos?"

Maddie began rummaging around her person. "Hold on a moment!"

"I thought you had it on your belt?" Jazz sounded dismayed.

"I did!"

While Maddie was still fussing over her belt and the missing thermos, Danny was wrestling with Desiree. She blasted him backwards with a gusher of water that came from a nearby fire hydrant.

Sopping wet now, Danny lifted his white hair out of his eyes and spat out some water he'd inadvertently swallowed. A thoughtful look crossed his face. "I gotta say, that tastes better than the water I had in the pub."

"You were in a pub?" Jazz asked incredulously.

"Long story!" was all Danny could say before Desiree conjured several dozen knives and sent them hurtling his way.

He flitted through them and approached Desiree. A look of concentration overcame his face and all of a sudden—


The four ghost hunters blinked as Desiree dropped like a stone to the street. They looked up to see Danny with a satchel by his side and a frying pan in his hand. He was looking pleasantly surprised.

"Whaddya know! Eugene was right after all!" He tossed the frying pan to his other hand, grinning mischievously. "It really is handy!"

Sam cleared her throat. "Danny?"

Rolling his eyes upward, Danny reached into the satchel and pulled out a long dagger. He tossed it down towards Sam, who easily caught it and unsheathed the blade to reveal that it was wickedly sharp.

That taken care of, Danny looked at his parents again. "Thermos?"

Maddie put up her hands, frustrated. "I don't have it!"

Jack pursed his lips, a pensive look covering his face. In the meantime, Danny shot an ice blast at Desiree when he saw her stir. It froze her in a solid block.

"Overkill much?" Sam asked, coming over to poke the block with the toe of her black flat.

"A frying pan isn't very helpful against a ghost," Danny said, floating by her and prodding her chest with the frying pan's head. He twirled it once and then tucked it away in the ghost space that Tucker was forever trying to figure out.

Suddenly, Jack exclaimed. "Ah ha!" He procured the thermos, a proud look covering his face. "I had it!"

Maddie stared at it, her eyebrows raised. "Didn't I have it?"

"Well…" Jack grinned sheepishly, letting Danny take the thermos and suck Desiree in. "I might have taken it to suck in that mailbox."

"Jack…" Maddie sighed, shaking her head and holstering her ecto-gun.

"Where were you guys?" Jazz asked her little brother and his girlfriend.

Danny shrugged, transforming back into his human self. He found himself the recipient of dropped jaws as his family and best friend took in his new attire.

Tucker looked at his boots, which seemed to be made out of some kind of leather (how did Sam approve of that?). His pants were a khaki color and his shirt was white; the sleeves were folded up just below the elbow. He had a blue vest on that buttoned up almost to his neck; the top few buttons were open in a "V".

"Were you guys at a Renaissance fair or something?" Tucker asked. "What's up with your clothes?"

Danny and Sam shared glanced at each other, bright smiles breaking across their faces. "Well…"

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