Hello All! So, this is my first story ever and to be honest I'm nervous about it.

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Six months ago if you had told Bella she'd be in this very spot she'd spit in your face. Probably call you delusional and laugh at you, denying it whole heartedly, because Bella Swan didn't even go to parties. At least, that's what everyone had thought until he had come into her life.

One night, one party, one drink, led her to this fate. No matter how much she hated him, she couldn't bring herself to regret it. She couldn't believe what her family was telling her. She had to believe everything would be alright, that she would never regret how she got here today. Her father's words echoed in her mind throughout the entire appointment, "You're my baby girl and you're too smart to end up in that situation, you're only twenty-three!"

She had felt incredibly guilty the moment she had realized that she had proved her father wrong, that she disappointed him in any way. Bella Swan was not supposed to disappoint daddy, ever. That just simply wasn't how it worked in her high and mighty prestigious life. Everyone always followed her father's orders, because Charles Swan was not a force to be messed with.

Charles had only proven that fact when Bella had come to him five months ago crying and pleading with him to understand. His only response was to turn his cold eyes away from her and meaningfully, yet with no emotion at all, tell the servant to, "Make sure Bella finds her way out." It had hurt Bella immensely at the time; all she wanted was his approval. If she couldn't have that, what could she have?

Despite all this, Bella couldn't bring herself to care that her father had abandoned her, had left her with nothing. She didn't care, because at that very moment she was staring at the sonogram happily, seeing her beautiful baby girl.

She had just found out the sex of her baby, her Mia, and although he wasn't here, she enjoyed it completely. She didn't need a man in her life, neither did Mia. Especially not the man that had drugged her, raped her, and then had her falling head over heels in love with him.

They would never need Charles Swan, or her rueful brother that had supplied him with the GHB, they did not need Edward Cullen.

She'd be lying though, if she said she didn't want him, because she did. Mia and her would never need him, but she had a feeling they would always want him.

I know it was super short, but that's kind of what I was going for. I didnt want to give a ton away, but still enough to reel you in.

The rest of the story won't be like this. It will be written in Edward and Bella's point of view's.

Let me know what you thought. Should I continue with it?