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"Riley?" The blonde man standing in front of me smiled wide. I shuddered when the memory of the last time I saw him smile came to mind. I couldn't think about that now though, I wouldn't. Not with him in such close proximity.

"Bella, baby. Come give me a hug," He opened his arms wide and made a step closer to the door, making my eyes go wide and, without a second of hesitation, try to slam the door shut. I wouldn't let him in my house. Never again. However, he managed to squeeze his foot through the door jam, officially stopping the closing I was trying to accomplish. The door was pushed open, and he gave me a menacing look, taking another step. His blonde hair fell into his piercing blue eyes and he blew it out of the way, not stopping his steps towards me.

I took a deep breath when Riley got within a couple inches of me; instinctively I leaned away, making him even angrier. Distantly I heard feet shuffling around before someone screamed and yelled out a familiar name. It was Jane, she was screaming for Edward. Seconds later Riley was pushed away from me and out of the house. Jane ran to my side and pulled me father away, making the distance between Riley and me greater. I hadn't released the deep breath I had taken earlier and soon realized I was going numb because of it. Jane was calling my name out, trying to get me to breathe, trying to bring me back to her.

Only after hearing the door slam shut and seeing Edward stand next to Jane did I release that breath. After seeing I had visibly relaxed, Edward started the inevitable questioning.

"Who the hell was that? Didn't I tell you not to answer the door? What were you thinking! Are you alright?" I almost laughed at the order of his questions; shouldn't he make sure I was alright first?

"His name is… Riley. I can open the door in my house any time I want. I was thinking that this is, again, my house and someone was at the door and yes, I'm fine now," I narrowed my eyes at him while Jane pulled me into a tight hug, "Thanks for getting rid of him, though."

He nodded and walked out of sight while Jane started whispering in my ear, "Holy shit, Bells. I don't think I've ever been that scared. I mean, I've seen Riley," She sneered, "Angry before, really angry, but it had nothing on what he was right now. He looked ready to kill! Please, please, don't answer the door without Edward next to you unless you know for sure it's someone safe. God, I can't even imagine how scared you were. And then… and then Edward came running in here, looking deadlier then Riley no less!" I nodded, not really sure what to say, and hugged her tighter. She had been through it all with me. She knew the control Riley once had over me, she knew about it all.

I pulled away from her slowly, wiping away the few tears that had fallen during our embrace. I smiled weakly at her, and was grateful when she gave me a mischievous smile back.

"I think you pissed off the bodyguard," She whispered. I chuckled and turned to look in the living room. Edward was sitting on the couch his right elbow on his knee, and his palm cupping his chin. He looked annoyed as he glared at the wall. He was back to serious Edward. The no fun Edward that I'm sure no one liked.

"Jane, come on, his ego took a blow. He's not just pissed, he's pouting," I didn't whisper it, and I watched in silent victory as Edward's gaze snapped to meet mine.

"I'm not pouting, however, I am pissed," Jane and I walked to stand in front of him and he glowered at us as Jane began to tease him.

"Are you pissed that she answered the door, or that you couldn't stop her?" She quipped, making him angrier.

"I'm pissed that I didn't do my fucking job!" My eyes went wide and Jane and I both instantly recoiled at the tone of his voice, and the look in his eyes. Edward took a deep breath and cursed quietly under his breath. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off when the doorbell rang. Jane and Edward both shot me daring looks, like I was going to run to answer it. They both backed off, however, when I sat down and they realized I was not going anywhere near the door with someone behind it. Mentally, I made a note to see if I could get a peep hole installed or something.

Edward stood silently and went to open the door; Jane sat next to me, also silent. The only noises in my house were Edward's footsteps and all of our breathing. As soon as the door was open a small figure ran towards the living room and just like that the silence was broken. I heard Edward groan as the small black haired girl started throwing questions everywhere.

"Where is she, Edward? Oh, there she is! Wait, which one is her? Why is everyone so quiet? What's with the tension?" She paused and smiled at us, "Hello! My name is Alice Cullen, names?" She threw her hand out for one of us to shake but Jane and I just stared between her and each other. Not sure what to make of her craziness. And I thought Jane was bad…

"Ladies," Edward spoke, "This is my sister, Alice. Alice, the short blonde one is Jane, I'm sure you two pixies will get along just fine," I looked in time to see Jane grab the remote off the cushion and throw it at Edward's head. He avoided it easily and merely smiled at her. "The girl next to her, who looks to be in a catatonic like state, is Bella. My assignment," I grimaced at his way of introducing me and shot him an annoyed look.

Slowly, I stood and grasped Alice's still offered hand, "Nice to meet you."

"You too! I can just tell were all going to be such great friends! Now, what's with all the tension?" She's so energetic.

"Uh, there was an incident…"

"She was irresponsible and stupid," Edward snapped, "She answered the door and there was danger behind it."

"Really, Edward? You sound like that guy from Let's Make a Deal. Could you just chill out?" Jane was getting annoyed now, and was obviously letting everyone in the room know it.

"Ooh, you're right, Eddie. I do like her!" It didn't escape my notice that when she called him 'Eddie' he didn't even bat an eye. Edward so obviously had it bad for his sister. She had him wrapped around her little finger. Alice seemed nice enough, but unlike most people, as Edward says, I wouldn't be becoming her best friend right after meeting her. Jane never would either. Despite Alice's automatic assumption, we both were still very wary of her. We've been through a lot and because of this we know not to trust everyone we meet, especially within the first few minutes.

There was an awkward silence after Alice's words of affection; we all just kind of stared at one another, waiting for someone to speak.

"Well, I'm just gonna… go… I'm sure my husband is waiting for me," Jane words came out awkward and I shot her a worried look at the word 'husband.' That's certainly not the word I would have used for Demetri.

"I'll walk you to your car," Edward offered.

"Um… that's alright. Thanks?"

"Riley still may be waiting, it's a risk."

"You're not my bodyguard, if you've forgotten," Jane argued.

"I'm still a bodyguard, and it would be wrong for me to let you go out on your own while he may be out there. You were just as scared as chocolate eyes- er, I mean, Bella,"Jane lifted an eyebrow at the term and rolled her eyes. It was like watching a tennis tournament. Alice and I swiveled our heads back and forth between the two. Neither was willing to give in, and both stood strong with their defiant facial expressions.

"I don't need protecting. I can handle myself. I have been married to Demetri for a few years, I know enough self-defense," Her statement was true. The same month her and Demetri got together he began training her. He learned karate when he was just six years of age, and has now been an instructor for three years.

"Regardless, I'm walking you to your car. Let's go, it won't help to argue with me."

Reluctantly Jane sighed and rolled her eyes, "Hurry up. I have a surprise for my darling husband. Bye, Bella. I'll call you later," I nodded and gave her big hug.

"Let me know what happens with Demetri, call me as soon as he leaves, alright?" She nodded and pulled away. When they began walking towards the door I turned back to face Alice, who was looking around my house curiously.

"You have a lovely house, who designed it?"

"My mother did. Thank you."

"You're welcome. So, who was Edward talking about earlier? The 'danger'?"

"Uh… An ex- boyfriend. He stopped by earlier. We didn't part on good terms…" She met my eyes for a second and I could see the understanding in her brilliantly green eyes.

"Well… Thank you for having Edward call me to stop by. I haven't seen him in a few weeks. Most of his clients, if that's what you want to call them, aren't very social with the, uh, what makes sense here? With the help, I guess. Most don't even speak to him, let alone his family."

I was about to respond when I heard the door open, "Alice?" I heard Edward call.

I bit my lip as Alice turned toward the door expectantly, "Yes, darling brother?"

"Who exactly do you have waiting outside for you? He scared the shit out of Jane!" I could see veins popping out of Edward's neck as he became angrier. It seemed pretty cliché.

"It's Jasper, Edward. He picked me up from work today. I talked to you about it him last week, remember? I didn't want to bring him in without permission. I knew if I would have asked you, you would have said absolutely not. I figured this is Bella's house, Bella's decision. So, Bella, can he come inside?"

Edward turned his sharp gaze to me the same time Alice's hopeful one did. I, personally, didn't care if he came inside. It made no difference to me; I was a fairly social person, seeing as how my father has been a director since I was little. His job often caused him to host parties and such at the house. Instead of answering I walked quickly to my front door. When I threw it open Alice laughed and ran towards me while Edward scowled.

The man behind my door jumped when I yanked it open and tipped his hat to me.

"Hello, ma'am. My name is Jasper Whitlock, Alice's boyfriend."

"Hello, Jasper. I'm Isabella Swan, but please, call me Bella," I extended my hand while Edward walked up behind me. When Jasper grasped my hand he placed a kiss on my knuckles, and I heard Edward scoff when Alice and I both giggled. "Come on in, Jasper."

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Oh, Jasper. You sure got some southern hospitality in you. I said call me Bella. Ma'am is for the older woman. You look older than me, it's just not right," I closed the door behind him and walked towards the kitchen, my guests following behind me. Except Edward, of course, who stayed behind at the door looking thoroughly pissed.

"I'm from Texas, by the way, Bella. I can't believe you even noticed. My accent wasn't very prominent."

"I have been to Texas several times for my father's filming's. I'd recognize the hospitality anywhere," Jasper and Alice accepted the glasses of iced tea that I handed them and sat on the stools next to the island in the kitchen. Jasper smiled while Edward walked into the kitchen angrily. He loudly pulled a chair away from the kitchen table, and sat in it. I rolled my eyes and Alice giggled.

"So, Alice, got any good Edward dirt? You know, embarrassing stories and stuff?" I asked Alice with a smile on my face. Her eyes got big as saucers, and she nodded her head violently. Edward groaned again, and I saw him throw his head on to the kitchen table, causing us all to laugh.

I couldn't wait to get the material to make fun of him. Maybe he'd get so annoyed that he'd finally quit.

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