Oh my god!

My first ever Assassins Creed fic!

And, it's the first non-yaoi I have written in years.

The plot bunny for this one would stop gnawing my ear until I began typing this uber long chaper.

Pairing - EzioxRosa

Rating - NC-17

Language and strong lemon with mention of rape (non-explicit).

I own nothing but my laptop Steve. Ass characters of Assassins creed belong to Ubisoft.

AN - all the novice's names are the ones I recruited throughout the course of my game and I have taken a few liberties with the time in which Rosa appears in the fic, it's much, much earlier than she did in the second book. And, I am also going on the basis that, up until Ezio left for Rome the first time, he frequently travelled back to Venice to see Rosa. I also appologise in advance if there are any spelling errirs, I did re-read this fic many times but there are always a few that slip through the net. My writing may also be rustly...not written alot in aaaaaages!

No flames please.


It had been months since he left.

Months since he had held her close and told her he would be back.

She doubted his words.

Neither her or Antonio knew of Ezio's whereabouts after his breach of Rome and the Vatican. Was he still in Rome? Had he returned to Monteriggioni? Was he back in Florence or even in hiding in Venice? Hell, he could even be dead.

However, she would not worry, fret or become anything like some of the weeping women she saw on the street, forever pining over a lost love.

No, she did not love him.

She convinced herself of that every day.

She doubted her own words.

Packing up her supplies into a small bag, Rosa glanced out the window of her quarters in the thieves guild.

She decided to seek out the Assassin, just to ascertain whether or not he was still alive. Nothing more, nothing less.

His home of Monteriggioni was her first destination and she was going it alone. Despite Antonio's pleas for him to accompany her.

Rosa knew she was perfectly capable of travelling alone however, she couldn't tell anyone that. No-one thought she capable of travel.

"Dammit, it only happened once…." She mumbled to herself as she adjusted her short jacket over her stomach.

It had happened before she even knew.

As usual, after pick pocketing a few guards, she began the leap frog scale of a building near the guild. It was then it happened. Her stomach spasmed painfully and she fell. Just fell. Clutching her stomach, she couldn't get a fresh foothold on the building and she kept falling. Expecting a rough landing and possibly a couple of broken bones, Rosa felt herself fall into someone's arms. Ugo had luckily been in the area and saw the raven haired Rosa fall. Sheer luck and speed caught her.

He questioned as to what happened but her only response was a painful breathless gasp, hands pressing painfully over her abdomen.

She was carted off to the guild's doctor Bianca to have her looked over. Rosa withstood being poked and prodded until she was told to put her clothes back on and wait for Bianca to bring Antonio.

She laughed out loud when Bianca told her and a shell shocked Antonio that she was at least 3 months pregnant. Possibly more.

She laughed until it finally clicked in her head that she had indeed missed her cycle for a few months and it was around then that she last made love with the rogue Assassin.

As quickly as she had laughed, Rosa fell utterly silent before launching an all out verbal abusing session on the male in question.

Antonio simply shook his head. He knew this was always a possibility, especially knowing the number of times the two of them were together but, nevertheless, he was going to wring Ezio's neck next time he saw him for making him lose his best thief.

And so, Rosa was confined to working quietly in the guilds library filing and making new scale models of the city. She watched as the other thieves came and went on jobs while she stayed at the guild base, bored out of her mind with nothing better to do than curse Ezio and the 'gift' he had left her.

As her stomach grew however, she began to hate him less. Part of her wanted him near by, even just to hold her like he used to. The first time she felt the child kick and squirm about inside her, she had stayed awake that night just staring out the window hoping, with tears in her eyes that he would swoop into her room like he always did.

Snapping back to the present, Rosa pulled her riding jacket over her large stomach once again, trying to conceal as best she could what really couldn't be hidden. She refused to wear skirts or dresses and simply took all her breeches out so she could still dress as she pleased. Glaring at her bump, she pulled the belt round her waist so tightly it almost hurt.

Oh yes, she was going to murder Ezio. Very slowly.

Her journey to Monteriggioni had been uneventful but she did hear whispers along the way that it had been destroyed by the Borgia.

While resting in a small village near Ezio's home, Rosa made the mistake of listening to the local drunks in the bar as she ate a small meal to sate both her and her childs hunger.

"Yeh, heard that the place was levelled to the ground."

"Auditore was shot in the head for resisting."

Her stomach churned inside her as Rosa left the money for her meal and set off into the night to see for herself.

She received little or no hassle from any stationed guards as she passed on her black steed. They simply saw her as pregnant therefore no use. No doubt they thought she was abandoned and left to fend for herself out here. They wouldn't even goad or taunt her as she swiftly rode by.

By dawn, the ruined barracks and guard towers of Monteriggioni crept over the horizon towards Rosa.

Dismounting her horse, Rosa entered the once thriving town and took in the destruction. Everything was gone. She didn't even try to approach the Villa Auditore. Her heart sank as did her stomach at the thought of the drunks words being true.

Was Ezio dead?

"What are you doing here child?"

Rosa whirled round at the sound of a voice behind her.

Her face almost frantic, she tried to get the words out.

"W-what happened here?"

"It was terrible. The Borgia came with their cannons and destroyed the town. So many of us died. It took over a week to bury the dead."

"And….w-what of….Ezio?"

"He fought the Borgia with grave wounds and only a few Mercenaries. He fought until most of us escaped. Mario Auditore was shot for resisting. It appears that Ezio escaped by the skin of his teeth. I have heard rumours that a hooded man in white is re-building Rome and destroying the Borgia influence."

For the first time in what seemed like months, Rosa smiled. Her eyes slightly glassy with tears, she dropped a few coins into the old womans hand and dashed, as quickly as she could in her condition to her horse.

The ride to Rome was long and arduous. Rosa watched her stomach grow almost daily. She was tiring faster. Rest was becoming harder to find due to the amount of ruined towns and villages Rosa encountered on her way to Rome. The closer she got, the worse it became.

Finally, just 3 weeks shy of giving birth, Rosa finally stepped down from her horse in the outskirts of the centre of Rome. Pulling her altered jacket down over her stomach, she began her slow search for the man in white.

Taking refuge in a small canal side bar, Rosa stared out at the murky water. Her money was dwindling and she was in no fit state to be stealing purses from the nobility. She sat sipping some water just watching people milling about. Her stomach grumbled loudly, causing her to drop a hand to her bump in an effort to sooth her unborn childs hunger and restlessness.

"Fat lot of good that will do…." Rosa grumbled to herself as she filled up her beaker with water once again.

Peering over at a separate island in the middle of the canal, Rosa could have swore she saw a few men, clad in white, standing atop the towering structure in the middle of the island.

"No….it can't be…."

Looking harder she not only saw the few men standing guard, she saw a couple more entering the building through both a roof entrance and vanishing down to what seemed like below the building.

Finishing her water, Rosa slung her pack over her back and started off over the bridge to scope out the mysterious island dwelling.

Wandering as non-chalantly as she could, she confirmed her suspicions of other Assassins.

A swift bump to her shoulder made the heavily pregnant woman stumble forwards only to be steadied by a slim pair of hands.

"Do forgive my brother. The idiot has no manners….especially someone in your condition. I am sorry."

Rosa was about to hurl some abuse at her attacker until she looked up at the woman steadying her. A familiar white cowl covered her head, leaving her nose, mouth and blonde hair the only clearly visible parts.

"I uh….it's alright. Be more careful boy." Rosa glowered over at the youth who couldn't be more then 25years old.

Just as the young woman was turning to leave, Rosa placed a hand atop her shoulder. Said female whirled around and Rosa heard the familiar click of a hidden blade being prepared. Swiftly removing her hand from the young Assassin, Rosa dared ask the question. "Is your Master Ezio Auditore?"

The young woman glared at Rosa, her hidden blade snapping from it's bracer.

"Tell him a Rose waits for him. Over there….half way along the bridge. As you can see young Assassin, I am practically unarmed and….well….incapable of fighting."

After a long pause, Rosa whispered out. "Please."

Rosa hated begging for anything. She hated how powerless she had become. If she were still fighting fit, she would have no doubt scanned the area and found the perfect time and place to start her climb of the building. Now? She had to beg this young Assassin to help her.

"A Rose you say? We shall see."

Letting go the breath she didn't know she was holding, Rosa felt her knees grow weak. She had forgotten how foolish it was to catch unawares or even touch an Assassin while their back was turned. She watched silently as the two Assassin's vanished into the crowds.

Running a hand through her now shoulder length raven black hair, Rosa turned tail and headed out to her proposed meeting point.

The mid afternoon heat was stifling and Rosa had to, much to her displeasure remove her outer riding jacket, leaving her in her deep green breeches, soft leather riding boots, green neck tie and a larger off white blouse covering her large stomach and swollen breasts. Stretching and flexing her shoulders slightly, Rosa felt the bindings around her breasts pull and tighten against the sensitive flesh. Wincing, Rosa rested her elbows against the crumbled stonework at the side of the bridge, resting her chin atop her hands, she started out at the blue sky.

A swift kick to her abdomen halted her day dream as she hunched over slightly, putting a hand atop the small but powerful kicks.

"Shhh little one….already an Assassin at heart child."

The pain quickly ebbed and Rosa stood unconsciously rubbing her stomach. Was the child a boy or girl? Would it look like her or it's father? Would it have green or golden eyes. Would it have black or dark brown hair? Would it have pale skin or tanned? Would it be a born killer?

A flash of movement from her peripheral vision jolted Rosa slightly. Without turning her head, she strained her eyes to make out a white blur atop a near by building. It was that same young woman.

Groaning to herself, Rosa turned her back to the young Assassin. Adjusting the serrated edged dagger she kept on her belt, just incase, Rosa turned back and attempted to stare out at the sky again, all to aware that a pair of mistrusting eyes were pinpointed on her.

"When I was told I was getting a Rose, I half expected a wilted flower. I did not expect this….Rosa."

Trying to hide her joy at hearing Ezio's voice after so many months, Rosa coolly cocked her head slightly and glanced at the male dressed in white standing just 2 feet from her, mirroring her position leaning against the bridge. Smiling to herself, Rosa concluded that somehow, he had not noticed her current condition due to the placement of her jacket which she had draped beside her at the side of the bridge.

"Well well beautiful. You saw fit to come and see me?" Rosa almost snapped in Ezio's direction.

"When my young Apprentice told me your cryptic message, curiosity got the better of me." The older male replied while waving his hand slightly towards the young woman perched atop a building.

"Why did you not contact us in Venice? Why didn't you send word that you were alright? Do you have any idea how worried I have been?" Rosa snapped out, sudden anger flooding her senses.

"With my mind focussed on destroying the Borgia influence here and ridding myself of the shadow Cesare casts over me….I haven't…." "That's right, selfish as always. Never thinking about anything but your own revenge. You left us….left us without a word, a heart beat. Nothing. Especially now that I am…."

Ezio seemed to shrink back slightly at the hurt clearly apparent in Rosa's now shaking voice. Tears glistened in her eyes as she tore her gaze from the Assassin.

"Now that you are what Rosa?" Oh no, he was not comfortable with Rosa's sudden teary outburst. This was just not like her.

Trying to calm down, Rosa turned her back to Ezio. Not wanting to look at those intense golden eyes. Not wanting to see his perfect face.

Hands roughly clamping down on her tensed shoulders caused Rosa to yelp out in slight pain. Her unborn child picked that precise moment to start moving and kicking about inside her again.

"Ahh….damn kicking." She muttered under a harsh breath.

Feeling herself being spun around, her eyes snapped shut just as she heard the sharp intake of breath from Ezio.

It wasn't until she heard Ezio dropping to the ground, hands atop her stomach, that Rosa dared to open her eyes. She watched through teary vision as the Assassin ran his hands down the curve of her large stomach before raising her blouse slightly and placing his cheek against the soft, warm skin obviously feeling the small kicks against his face.

Her hands finally unclenched from her sides so she could run long, pale fingers through Ezio's hair, pushing his hood back slightly as she did so.

Feeling a soft kiss against her flesh followed by tears running down her swollen stomach, Rosa pulled Ezio's face up towards hers, making him stand back up in the process. His hands however, never left her bump.

All anger suddenly gone, Rosa began pulling the older male down towards her.

She barely heard the soft whisper coming from Ezio.

"This is mine?"

Saying nothing, Rosa pulled the Assassin closer, lightly touching his scarred lips with hers.

His kiss seemed reluctant, almost wary so, mindful of her stomach, Rosa pulled said Assassin closer still, parting his lips with her tongue, tasting him again for what felt like the first time in centuries.

They kissed atop the bridge until both had to pull away for air.

"Stupid Assassin. This is ours."

"I can see it….it's silhouette at least. Why didn't you tell me Rosa?"

"I didn't know until after you had left Venice. And of course, I had no real way of reaching you so I decided to come to you instead…..wait….what do you mean you can see it?"

"My Sight. I can just make out it's shape inside you."

"I knew you were capable of incredible things stupid Assassin."

Taking Rosa's bag then clutching tightly at her hand, Ezio began to lead her to the Tiber Island hideout.

Leading her down under the building, Ezio pulled her closer towards him as they approached the non-descript door to the hideout.

Her green eyes caught his just as he reached for the door handle. Raising herself up on her toes, she lightly rubbed her cheek off of his, swiftly following by a quick lick of the tongue.

"Not changed a bit have you Rosa?"

"Apart from this bump in the road….no."

Following Ezio into the brightly lit drawing room of the hideout, Rosa took stock of 7 Assassins caught up with either reading, writing or chatting amongst each other. The young male that had bumped into her earlier was sitting on a long comfortable couch with another young male, deep in conversation, arms wrapped around each other.

"There are 5 more out on missions, usually this place is so crowded I cannot hear myself think."

All of the young recruits, on noticing Ezio quickly stood up and bowed deeply to their Master. The young blonde female from before wandered up to Ezio, whispered something in his ear, bowed again and moved back over to talk to another young woman.

"Someone wants to see you Rosa. I am sure you remember him."

Mirth crossed Rosa's features as an older male, around 50years old came from a side room towards her. She took stock of his changed appearance, dusty brown hair spattered with grey, sparkling blue eyes, those freckles and that red beret.

"Leonardo!" Rosa shouted as she drew the older male into her welcome arms.

"Ah Rosa. Time has been kind to you. You are positively glowing."

Leonardo stepped back from Rosa's embrace and took note of her appearance. Her eyes, just as pale green, showed little sign of her age, only a few small lines touched her pale skin. Her hair was as raven black as always. Her cheeks tinted pink with her life of living outdoors.

"May I?" Leonardo questioned as he stared with rapt interest at her growing stomach.

"Um….of-course." Rosa mumbled back, a bit shy of having another man touch her.

"Do not worry about Leonardo Rosa, he is fascinated with how the female body changes during pregnancy."

Rosa glanced warily down at the ink smudged hands, feather light against her stretched skin. Grimacing a bit when his fingers pressed a bit to hard onto her flesh, Rosa was about to chew the artists ear off before, "Remarkable. I can feel a foot….right here. Oh Rosa, you must be enjoying this wonder so."

"Pfff, what? This bloating, swelling, pain and insatiable appetite? My body being used as a squat for this hellish spawn of a Stupid Assassin!" She almost yelled out while glaring at the now cowering Ezio.

"Oh….I take it you are not enjoying motherhood then Rosa?" Leonardo timidly questioned while he pulled himself off of sore knees back onto his feet.

"I have got used to this little one's rolling and tumbling around in here. I think he is already flying over rooftops and scaling the tallest buildings with ease Leonardo."

Rosa shot a small smile in Ezio's direction before she placed a hand to Leonardo's arm and made for one of the couches on the other side of the room.

"I thought you were in serious trouble there my friend." Leonardo whispered into Ezio's ear.

"He is Leonardo. My back and feet ache too much at the moment. I plan on murdering him very slowly for putting me in this living hell." Rosa quipped back at the two men, all the while running a hand affectionately over her stomach.

Before anyone could say anything else, the sound of thundering feet hurtling down the stairs broke everyone from their tasks at hand.

"Looks like the cavalry has arrived." Ezio grumbled while pulling the cowl back, off his head.

True enough, 4 more Assassin's clamoured over each other into the drawing room, all battling for a well earned seat and a rest. Machiavelli gracefully wandering into the room behind them and their foolishness.

"They are young, brash, egotistical and irritating novices if you ask me Ezio. However, they have performed this mission well and have returned with quite a cargo I may add including silks, foods and ornate jewellery to be sold in the market."

"Nice to see you too Machiavelli." Ezio replied while extending his hand to the younger Assassin.

The dark haired male spotted Rosa, not knowing her very well, he simply inclined his head as a greeting and made towards the maps on the thick wooden table to plan their next assignment.

The noise in the room increased tenfold when the final young novice, carting arm loads of food in with him stumbled into the room, white robes askew, cowl twisted strangely on his head.

Simply yelling "Food!" he stormed over to the middle of the floor and dumped everything atop a detailed rug on the carpet.

"All procured above board I hope?" Ezio laughed as the youths, half dressed, made their way over to the fruits and assortments of bread and meats.

"O-of course Master Ezio….La Volpe supplied the foods. I did not question as to where he….procured them."

"No need to be so formal Ulrico. You have done well from what Machiavelli has told me. Now, go eat."

Rosa, who had been silent the whole time, watched as the young Assassins, half way through changing into regular clothes all abandoned their efforts when the food was brought in. She smiled as the rambunctious noise fluttered through the large hall, even more so when Machiavelli, on abandoning his maps, passed canteens of wine around the novices. A warm smile on his lips despite his previous icy statement about the youths. She noted how Leonardo was also sitting amongst the recruits, talking animatedly to the same male, Ulrico who had brought in the food.

"They are a sight are they not?"

Rosa jumped slightly at the sound of Ezio's voice right beside her.

Glancing down, she noticed the Master Assassin was sitting on the stone floor by her feet. Head leaning affectionately against her thigh.

"They are like a huge family Ezio….all shouting and talking over each other. Fighting over who gets what. All in good fun."

"I suppose it is Rosa. Can I get you anything?"

Before either could react, the blonde female from earlier, now clad in calf length breeches and a red blouse brought over wine, water and food for the pair.

"Rosa was it? I am pleased to meet you. I am Beatrice. I have heard many tales about you and your city Venice. I would love to visit it casually….not on a mission."

"She would love to have you Beatrice. Thank you for the food." Rosa smiled back as politely as she could. She could tell from the way the girl carried herself and how eloquently she spoke, she was of noble birth.

The young woman bowed to both Ezio and Rosa and went to rejoin her brothers and sisters.

"I don't know why they are so formal to me Ezio….I am a thief….an unknown one with the Brotherhood at that."

"You carry within you the next generation of the Brotherhood Rosa. My novices will do everything they can to protect you and ensure your safety….as will I."

Feeling a powerful hand wrap itself gently around her thigh, Rosa smirked down at the male on the floor.

"Still charming the women with your words stupid Assassin."

She was rewarded with said stupid Assassin's cheek nuzzling her thigh as he sipped his wine and watched warmly over the youths. Alcohol loosening them up, so much so that a few dared to tease Machiavelli who, rather than bite their heads off, gladly joined in.

"I think you should tell me their names Ezio. If I am to be stranded here, I would like to know which novice I am talking to."

"Ofcourse, well, you already met Ulrico Ursini, him beside Leonardo, much wiser than his years if you would believe, keeping going clockwise, the next is Beatrice Simoni, Enrico Emilione, Zeno Zaccardi with his partner Marco Melozzi, they hit it off the day I brought them into the Brotherhood and have been inseparable ever since, next we have Luciana Lanese, Valeria Viozzi, Desideria Donati, Bastiano Pulci, Orfeo Occhionero and his partner Carlotta Caci, she wears the trousers in that relationship and finally on the other side of Leonardo is Laura Boccanera, she is the intelligent one out of the group." Ezio added at the end, a bit louder so that all the novices bar Laura, glared, shouted and made rude gestures at their Master. All in good humour though.

"So may of them Ezio….it's quite a Brotherhood you have started. I take it, he is Machiavelli then?" Rosa questioned while gesturing over to the dark haired male reclining on a plush couch a few feet away from the youths.

"Yes, the very centre of our information on Cesare and the Borgia. Leonardo is also providing me with information too. He has been forced to work for Cesare in an attempt to unlock the potential of The Apple….unfortunately, according to Leonardo, his age is slowing his progress with it. It is truly frustrating is it not Leonardo?"

Said male turned away from his conversation to rub exaggeratedly at his back then stifle a huge yawn, earning a laugh from Ezio and a small giggle from Rosa.

Rosa finished her meal and leaned back, further into the comfortable chair, raising a hand and running slender fingers through Ezio's hair, effectively pulling it free from it's red ribbon. In response, his cheek rubbed affectionately against her thigh once again, his well trimmed beard tickling her leg through her breeches.

Together the two sat and watched the recruits tell tale of their adventures as they tried to see them. The alcohol really taking effect on them as their story telling becoming farther and farther from reality to become as bizarre as "I saw him fly!"

"They are always like this when Machiavelli gives them wine….I think he does this on purpose. Thank heavens none of them have to leave for missions tomorrow as I fear they will all be quite useless."

"You are one to talk Ezio Auditore. I remember some of the drunken states you could get into back in Venice. I think you forget that you were once young like them too. Now, you seem more like a bitter old man."

"No, just protective. As you said Rosa. They have become my extended family and I value each and every one of them. I also have a new family to be looking out for…." Ezio whispered as he reached up and placed his free hand atop Rosa's stomach. "However….I do not think I can do that until I have rid the world of Cesare and his Borgia scum."

Rosa was sure she heard his voice crack a bit as he spoke of Cesare. She supposed it would given all that he has done not only to all of Italy but to Ezio personally. She knew that Ezio looked to Mario as a father figure after Giovanni was murdered. Smiling almost sadly down at Ezio, she carded her fingers through his hair once again. His golden brown eyes turned up to meet hers as she continued smoothing his hair back from his face.

Leaning down, as far as her swollen stomach would allow, she lowered her voice as she spoke in his ear. "Still so beautiful Assassin."

Her only response was she sat back was his hand moving an inch or two up her thigh, fingers tightening against her leg.

Rosa felt a flush sweep across her face and chest as his fingers slowly massaged in small circles on her inner thigh. His face though, the epitome of innocence as he kept watch over the rowdy novices.

After another hour or so of back and forth chat with the novices, Machiavelli announced that he was leaving for the night. Leonardo decided to accompany him as he was going that way anyway. Both said their goodbyes to Ezio then Rosa before retreating into the inky darkness outside.

A small tap to Rosa's shoulder startled her slightly. On turning round, she noted Bastiano smiling shyly at her.

"Um, I have taken the liberty of running you a warm bath and set out clean clothes for you to wear. I hope that's alright with you."

"Ofcourse it is. Just show me where to go. I am in need of a long bath." Rosa smiled as she linked arms with the thoughtful young man.

Ezio, who was busy ushering the drunken novices off to their rooms, especially Zeno and Marco who had decided the couch would be the best place to have a drunken fumble. Literally kicking all of the youths into their rooms, he started a bit at seeing Rosa missing.

"Master? I have shown Rosa to the bath-hall. And I have provided fresh clothes for her too. I think she was getting tired."

"Thank you Bastiano. I have already sent the rest off to their rooms. I suggest you join them. Oh, is the building secure?"

"Yes, all the doors are barred from the inside and the windows locked. Good night Master."

"And you."

Rolling his shoulders to ease the tense muscles, Ezio made for where Rosa would be. Stopping short of the ajar door, he could hear her muttering to herself as she undressed. He kept listening as she lowered herself into the large copper bath tub, a satisfied sigh escaping her lips as she done so. He could smell the aroma of rose coming from the bathroom. The oil in her bath would ease any aches and pains and relax the mother to be.

"I know you are out there you pervert. Might as well come in and annoy me from here."

Sinking further into the water, Rosa felt her eyes slide shut, totally relaxed in the Assassins presence. Her mind drifted back to the last time she had seen him in Venice almost 9months previously.

All she had previously known was that he was planning going to Rome to recover the Apple. That was all he had disclosed to Antonio and herself at the Thieves Guild. She had remained silent throughout the meeting. Rosa just sat and watched Ezio. She watched the dark shadows under his eyes, small age lines appearing around them. Even their striking golden brown colour seemed old and tired. Once the meeting had ended, Ezio didn't even want to race her across the rooftops of Venice. However, after enough of her goading and needling, Ezio finally lost his temper, stripped off his armor and threw himself from the window leaving the cocky Rosa in his dust. The chase was long and difficult, more than once, Rosa thought that he was trying to kill her by roughly throwing her from him and sending roof tiles sliding out from beneath her booted feet. Finally after reaching the San Giacomo Di Rialto, Rosa finally managed to tackle the enraged Assassin. Thereafter ensued her manhandling him against one of the bell towers, screaming at him, demanding to know why he was being suck a fucker. It was then that she saw, through sweat soaked bangs, tears flooding from his dead looking eyes. Moving a hand to his stubbled cheek, Rosa made to wipe away his tears but, that action seemed to enrage him further. Before she knew what was happening, she was spun round so her back was against the tower, her breeches ripped from her body as she was roughly forced up the concrete, her legs being pulled around Ezio's narrow waist. A hand was slapped against her mouth, preventing her scream as he took her with no preparation. It was not making love. Not even sex. No, it was nothing but raw fucking. Nothing about the coupling was for her benefit or pleasure. It was all his. It seemed that she was his vent for all the pent up rage, hurt and anger inside him. Afterwards, he let her sink to the tiles below them. Rosa stared blankly up at the dark haired male, silently wondering what the hell had just happened. She was answered when said male, while apologising profusely, scooped her up in his arms and held her close, peppering both tears and kisses all over her face. Somehow, he managed to get the two of them back to the guild without attracting any attention to the fact that Rosa was wearing nothing but a loose fitting blouse and boots. After putting her to bed, he spooned himself against her back so tightly, she thought he was trying to meld into her flesh, the grip around her waist was painfully tight as she slept. Come morning, he was gone again. After that, Rosa found that the end result of the brutal act atop the church created the child inside her.

A warm hand atop her damp stomach shook Rosa from her dream. Tired green eyes opened slightly to regard the older male. The soothing fingers massaging her stretched skin lulled Rosa into closing her eyes again and sinking that bit further into the water.

After a few minutes, Ezio withdrew his hand from Rosa's stomach and pulled himself back onto his feet, grimacing slightly as his knees clicked with the movement.

Never taking his eyes from Rosa, Ezio removed both bracers containing the deadly hidden blades, followed by the rest of his armor leaving him in nothing but his breeches and a thin white tunic.

Kneeling down at the side of the bath tub, Ezio raised his hand to Rosa's swollen stomach once again. He looked almost sadly at the sign of the Brotherhood forever burned on his ring finger, knowing all too well that his son was about to be born into the Creed. A fate he couldn't escape.

"What are you thinking about Ezio?"

"Nothing important Rosa….I can see him again. He has turned round."

"I know. Using my body like his own personal training grounds." Rosa laughed out, still thinking it utterly incredible that Ezio could see the outline of the child within her.

Ezio's right hand which was previously resting against the back of the tub, moved to push the damp hair from Rosa's eyes. He was, even after all these years, mystified at the pale colour of her eyes. Such a light green but so striking.

He took in her face once again, as if he had not seen it for years. She had barely aged from when they were young in Venice together. Her hair was still jet black, her skin pale and smooth.

Finally, his gaze left her face and trailed lower, past her neck and stopped at her breasts, although obscured by the dark water, he could clearly see that they were much bigger than he remembered. All in preparation to feed their son when he came into the world.

Ezio moved his hand from Rosa's face to follow the same trail his eyes had just made, down her neck, over her collar bone, to ghost over sensitive breasts, lingering for a few minutes before moving to rest atop Rosa's stomach once again.

Ezio jolted slightly when he felt two hands grasping at his wrist, effectively pushing his hand further down and under the warm water.

"He has had enough of your attention. I think I deserve some you stupid Assassin."

Rosa barely had time to finish her sentence when demanding lips crashed against hers, a desperate tongue forcing it's way past her lips to twine with her own. Ezio's hand cradling the back of her head stopped her thumping it off of the side of the tub. A moan escaped her lips as wandering fingers trailed lower, ghosting over her hip before moving inwards. The gasp that came from her lips almost shocked Rosa, she had almost forgotten the feeling of Ezio's touches over the long months apart from him. Breaking away from the kiss, despite the hand at the back of her head, Rosa forced her head backwards, eyes falling shut as a lone finger circled around her entrance before gently pushing in. The red flush across her cheeks swiftly travelled and spread across her now heaving chest.

Reaching up blindly, Rosa pulled at Ezio's hair, demanding through actions that he kiss her.

The kiss itself was hard and bruising. All the anger and hurt Rosa had felt up until that moment poured from herself into the Assassin. Breaking away from those beautiful, scarred lips, Rosa let out a thick, breathy groan as another skilled finger worked itself inside her body. Every nerve inside her was tingling, everything was so sensitive, so tender.

Her lower abdomen coiled almost painfully as those same fingers began pumping in and out of her core.

Pulling her self up and Ezio down at the same time, Rosa ended up half cradled against his chest, desperately kissing him once again. She felt the hand bracing the back of her head leave before hearing it slapping against the back of the tub.

Pulling back again, Rosa let out a string of curses as she came closer and closer to her climax. Those fingers working her insides coupled with the sneaky thumb circling, pressing, pushing against the nub of her sex were driving her insane. She couldn't remember feeling this way the previous times they had sex. Perhaps it was the pregnancy that was causing this hypersensitivity.

Rosa however, had no more time to ponder that thought as the coil, previously wound tight in her abdomen, burst, sending her head back against the tub, back arching almost painfully, right out of the water. Her insides boiled around those still thrusting fingers.

As her breathing slowed and calmed, the raven haired Rosa let her body sag back into the water. Her bones felt like jelly and her back was starting to ache again.

After a few minutes of lazy kisses, Rosa opened her eyes, slowly sat up with the help of Ezio and stared intently at him, looking him up and down.

"Put your dagger back in it's sheath Assassin." She lowly whispered out.

"But Rosa, you are the one which made me draw it….and you are the one with it's sheath." Ezio smirked back, fondly remembering the exact same conversation between them when they were youths back in Venice.

"Well, I suggest we do something about that."

Rosa gasped as Ezio whipped her out of the cooling water, carrying her with ease, despite the extra weight she was carrying, out of the bath-hall and into what was obviously his master bedroom.

Not getting a chance to look around, Rosa felt herself being placed gently and lovingly atop what she concluded was silky sheets. Persistent lips were against hers once again as she was slowly guided onto her side, one of Ezio's arms looping under her back, palm spayed against her stomach, almost as if to keep it off the bed.

Rosa's head tilted at a strange angle, not wanting to break the kiss as she heard the rustle of fabric as the male behind her lowered his all to tight breeches enough to free his aching sex.

Bringing her left arm up, Rosa once again pawed blindly until her fingers tangled in Ezio's long, dark hair, groaning as she felt his free hand slide under her thigh, opening her legs enough for one of his thighs to settle in between.

Rosa's head fell round against the pillows as Ezio's lips left hers, instead moving to nip down her jaw and pepper kisses against her neck.

Not able to wait any longer, Rosa swallowed thickly to wet her dry throat before demanding, "Now!"

The words had barely left her mouth when she felt the familiar length and girth of the Assassin almost violently plunge into her soaking depths. Her voice caught in her throat as he pulled almost the whole way out before jerking his hips back into her again.

Despite her condition, Ezio kept up the punishing pace, moving the hand that was on her thigh, back to the nub of her sex once again.

Sweat ran down Rosa's flushed face as she turned her head, bringing her lips to Ezio's once again, groaning into his mouth as his tongue mimicked what his member was doing inside of her.

She couldn't hold on, she could feel herself coming a second time. A guttural groan escaped her lips as she came, warm juices leaking out onto her thigh and his.

Feeling herself go boneless again, Rosa was just and no more aware of Ezio's frantic pounding in and out of her body. It wasn't until he went rigid against her back as his climax overtook him did Rosa regain some of her senses.

The two lay in the middle of the bed, limbs tangles, clinging to one another, panting as they cooled down from their first love-making in months.

Rosa rolled onto her back, tilting her head to the side and smiling at the stupid looking smile gracing Ezio's face.

"What are you so happy about?"

Rosa got her answer in the form of Ezio laying his head atop her breasts, hand moving to rub in slow motions against her swollen stomach.

Running her fingers through his hair, Rosa soon felt herself being lulled into the first proper sleep she had had in months.

Ezio however, could not sleep, now that the afterglow euphoria had cooled and waned, a horrible feeling of guilt pulled his gut, so much so that his stomach turned and churned inside of him. He felt strangely scared. Not scared of the fact that his son was about to be born into a creed which he may not even survive. No, it was the fear that Rosa was using him, somehow for her own gains. His mind slung him back to the affair he had with the red-headed Caterina Sforza. An affair he had at the villa while Rosa was pregnant with his child.

Suddenly feeling sick, Ezio pulled himself from Rosa's grasp, holding his breath to make sure he didn't wake her.

Pacing the main hall of the Tiber hideout, Ezio's breathing became quicker and shallower. The more he thought about what happened with Caterina, the sicker he felt. He believed himself to love the Countess of Forli. That belief left him crushed when she basically told him she had used him for her own gains.

What if Rosa was doing the same thing?

His mind then took him back to the now dead Christina. His first love before he became an Assassin. She had died in his arms, shooting his heart into pieces.

What if the same thing happened to Rosa? What if a Templar or worse still, Cesare found out about Rosa. She couldn't defend herself being so close to giving birth.

Stumbling to the lower exit from the hideout, Ezio unbarred the door and threw himself part way out the door as his stomach brought up everything he had ate and drank that night. Slamming the door shut again, Ezio slumped down the wall, head resting against his bent knees, tears leaking from his golden brown eyes. He remained that way until a hand atop his naked shoulder jolted him from his silent tears.



Chapter one done :)