Cullen Kids

Bella 5

Alice 6

Emmett 8

Hale Kids

Rosalie 5

Jasper 7

Swan Kid

Edward 5

Chapter One: Bella's kindergarden

"Girl's, come on. Julie's going to be here to pick you up for school," Daddy said handing Alice her jacket and shoes.

"Daddy, is Rosalie and Edward going to be there?" I asked as he zipped my jacket up.

"Yes, they will be there. Emmett, come on. Get your jacket on," he called out to my brother. He was eight and tall. He ate enough for ten people. He ran downstairs and shoved his hands through me and Alice's hair.

"Bella, are you ready to meet the kindergarden monster?" he asked grinning.

Fear suddenly passed through me.

"Daddy, what monster?" I cried.

"Emmett, tell your sister that you are joking and that you're not funny," daddy said in his doctor's voice.

"I'm joking, but I can't say that I'm not funny. Cause, I am".

A car horn went off outside. I followed my older sister and brother outside. Daddy bent down and gave me and Alice a kiss on the cheek. He bent to give Emmett a kiss but was rejected.

"Dad, third graders don't get kisses, we high five," he said putting his hand up for dad to high five. Alice rolled her eyes and dragged me by the hand and into Esme's van.

Rosalie, Jasper and Edward were already seated in. Emmett climbed into the front seat. "Bella, look at my hair clips. Jasper says they're ugly but mommy says they make me look like a princess," Rosalie said. Her blonde hair was tied in two pigtails. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"He's a dumb boy. What does he know?" I said.

"You guys, will love school. Milk, cookies, coloring and games," Alice explained listing off the things that would happen.

"Hi Bella," Edward said, quietly. He's always quiet in the morning.

"Kids, we're here," Julie announced.

We got out of the van in a noisy way. I looked up at the big, scary building and felt my heart race.

"I'm scared," I whispered to Edward and Rosalie.

"Me too," Edward said.

We all grabbed hands and followed Julie inside. Emmett, Jasper and Alice had already dashed off to the playground.

Inside the building was colorful and bright. I could see other kids with their parents.

One woman was standing outside a classroom with a big smile on her face.

"Hello, kids! Are you here for school?" she asked, still smiling. Me and Rosalie nodded but Edward didn't move.

"Okay, follow me," she said.

Three hours later.

"Alright kids, let's all put our coats on and wait for our parents," the teacher, Ms Mathers announced.

"Is Esme coming soon?" Edward asked, excited. Esme is my mommy.

"Yes, and she's bringing a surpirse," I said.

"Bella, Edward and Rosalie, your ride is here," she announced.

"Mommy!" I cried, throwing myself in her arms. She laughed and kissed my head. "Esme!" Rosalie cried hugging her tightly. Edward gave her a small hug and said, "School is fun".

"Are we going to go home?" I asked once she put me down.

"You are but I need to pick up your brother, sister and Jasper so you are going home with your father," she said to us. Rosalie and Edward's parent's don't come home until later so they have been staying at my house until supper since we were three. Jasper and Emmett always ignore us and play video games. Alice likes to dress us up. I like the pretty dresses but Rosalie and Edward don't.

"Let's watch TV," I said, turning the big flat screen on.

"Hey, there's a movie on!" Rosalie said. She changed the channel and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs came on.

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