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My first fanfic ever. It's risky to write this so close to exams, but if I don't, I'm going to be distracted all the time, so here we are.

Let's see, how should I introduce this? After reading "Average Joe in Bullet Hell", I followed the author's recommendations and read "Crossing the Border", "Unparalleled Ayakashi Incident" and "Touhou Chronicles". So far, I'm quite impressed by them, but then I thought, 'What happens if there's a MC that's even more lacking in power?' I have most of the routes fleshed out in my mind already, hopefully I can recall them long enough to write them out satisfactorily.

If I were to put a synopsis to this, the most straightforward thing would be 'Yukari decides to strand a human from the Outside World in Gensokyo'. Certainly not anything new by the Touhou standards, but getting everyone else to participate... that's where the fun would start, I think. Doubt I'll put in anything like a Big Bad, though there will be fighting.

"Damn it, nothing's sinking in." I mutter quietly, my voice going unnoticed over the soft whispering of the other students in the library. Glancing at my notes in frustration, I close my eyes and try to recite the properties and uses of the drugs listed in front of me. "Salbutamol, beta-2 agonist, used against asthmatic attacks, its side effect is..."

It's less than a week to my exams, and while my grades are barely average, the harsh competiveness within my cohort of students has forced me to resort to the most basic study method: rote memorization. It's a hard way, but I'm desperate enough to take it. So far, I've used up five sheets of paper just writing things down over and over, and it's working somewhat.

I stand up and head for the toilet, intending to wash my face for a bit of wakeup, before I return to my studies once more.

[In Gensokyo]

The girls are drinking...

It is a grand party they are having this day. Even Hinanai Tenshi, the Celestial that most of them detest, is present, not to mention Fujiwara no Mokou and Princess Kaguya, though those two are seated at opposite ends of the group. Beneath a tree some distance away, Komeiji Satori takes cautious sips from her cup, with constant encouragement from her pet Kaenbyou Rin.

"So... Yukari, mind explaining why there are so many people at my shrine?" Hakurei Reimu asks the blonde human-like youkai seated next to her.

Yukari simply smiles in her usual inhuman way. "Why Reimu, isn't it obvious that sake tastes much better when drunk in the company of others?"

"You're up to something."

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. May I interest you in a new bottle of sake? It's said to be very good."

"Sure, I'll have some ze!" A girl dressed in black and white clothing reminiscent of a witch holds out her cup.

"Marisa!" Reimu glares at her longtime friend. "She didn't offer it to you!"

Kirisame Marisa grins toothily. "Aw, don't sweat the small stuff ze! C'mon, pour me some of that sake, Yukari!"

The youkai chuckles. "Of course, of course, no need to rush. But there's enough for all," Yukari raises her voice so the others can hear. "So let's have a taste, shall we?"

[In the Outside World]

I stare at my reflection in the mirror as I wash my hands. A face with black eyes, short black hair, and a tan complexion stares back at me, its expression unreadable as usual. Sighing, I straighten up, making an effort not to fall into my usual slouch that puts me at a closer level to those around me, and head back to my table in the library.

And... the next part to memorize is... a single sheet filled with Japanese? But I didn't pack any...

Ah, what the hell. If I leave it aside, it's going to stay on my mind and interfere with my memorization. Let's see...

[In Gensokyo]

"So, what do you think of my idea? It sounds fun, doesn't it?" Yukari smiled slyly.

Reimu frowned, though it took a lot to do so. The alcohol she had been partaking of was far stronger than what she was normally used to.

"It's reck... reck...recklessss..." She slurred.

"C'mon, Reimu! It'll BE fine, ZE!" Marisa's irregular tone betrayed the fact that she wasn't much better.

"I picked one already, so let's see how he does on my test..."

As one, the girls present at the feast turned to look at the gap that Yukari opened.

[In the Outside World]

I took courses in Japanese outside of my university, so while the text on this paper uses non-syllabus material, it's easy enough for me to comprehend.

If you were in a fantasy world, what would you do?

Zenryoku Zenkai, I wrote, knowing that the line had a double meaning. (1)

Living in a safe, unchanging life compared to a fast-paced life filled with variety, which do you prefer?

The one that is more fun, of course.

[In Gensokyo]

"Hoho~, this human writes some pretty interestin' stuff." A small girl with orange hair and two horns growing out of her head noted.

"Hey, Suika! Don't block, I can't see!"

"'Kay~, Yuugi." The little oni, Ibuki Suika, scooted a bit to her side to make way for her bigger counterpart, who had a single red horn adorned with a star protruding from her forehead.

"He's going through them pretty fast, ze." Marisa pointed out. "Those questions aren't too easy, are they?"

[Back in the Outside World]

What describes you the best?

The cloud. One more left.

What is the one thing you will always do?

Move ahead, no matter what.

Okay, that's done. I put the paper aside and resume the arduous task of memorization once more. Still, where the heck did that paper come from? Oh wait, I didn't check if there was anything on the back...

Silently, I stare at the place where I had placed the paper, seeing nothing but the wooden surface of the table. Uh... what the fuck?

Suddenly, the mood to study left me, and I decided to unwind a little by surfing the Internet for random stuff. Normally, I read fantasy-orientated stuff, maybe a bit of fanfiction, but usually anything that had an interesting storyline, be it movie synopses, book spoilers, manga chapters, etc. Yet, for no logical reason, I just started to read things like recipes, fighting techniques, electronics, things that were definitely far out of my field of interests.

It somehow feels... important. Like it'll come up in my test on pharmacology.

As if. I knock my head softly against the table, and focus back on my notes.

[Returning to Gensokyo]

"Mmhmm~. Interesting set of answers." Yukari murmured to herself as the others leaned around her trying to read over her shoulder.

"Yakumo!" The blue-haired girl dressed in red called out from beneath the shade of the frilly umbrella held by the maid behind her. "What did he write on that paper?"

"Read for yourself." The youkai stuck her hand through a gap that opened in the air before her, handing it straight to the one who had called her surname. "Now, what comes next is a matter... of... timing..."

Yakumo Yukari focused on the image of the teenager, clearly doing more than just looking, though no one could tell what she was truly up to.

[Once more in the Outside World]

Suddenly it feels very... very... I need some fresh air, right now. My water bottle's nearly empty, guess I'll go fill it up at the water cooler. Grabbing it, I get up once more and head for the lift that will take me to the fourth floor, where the exit and the water cooler are located, leaving my laptop on the desk.

No one's gonna take it. With so many students crammed in here, a potential thief has no way of knowing whether the guy seated next to me is a friend who's watching over my stuff. Door open, step in, hit the button for the fourth floor, door close...

Then the floor of the lift dropped out from beneath my feet, sending me into darkness.

[In Gensokyo, for the final time]

"There we go." Yukari said, cat-like satisfaction in her voice.

(1) 'Zenryoku Zenkai', it's a quote from the Nanoha 4-koma "Nanoha Nano!". As indicated, there are two meanings, one simply means 'Full power'. The other... 'Total annihilation'. XD

Probably will write one more chapter before I feel sufficiently calmed down enough to actually study once more.