Playlist for Remember Me: the songs that inspired me and their singers.

Abrazame (hug me tight) -Camila

Leave out all the rest-Linking Park (twilight soundtrack)

Bring me to life-Evanescence

My heart will go on-Celine Dion (Titanic soundtrack)

I miss you-Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana 2 soundtrack)

One day too late-Skillet

Here is the last epilogue the final closure for Remember Me and its characters...Hope that you enjoyed it, thanks to an anonymous reviewer named Jamie, your review warmed my all of those kind reviewers that encouraged me with their words.

*it starts were the other epilogue left off*

Epilogue Pt. 2

Remember Me: Miracles do happen

3 months later…

"Dr Cullen, you have another patient" Jackie said over the intercom. "Okay"

The patient entered Bella's office, it was a young girl, and "hi I'm Dr. Isabella Cullen"

"My name is miracle, I was a patient of Dr. Gerandy, he referred me to you" Miracle explained, Bella nodded, "yeah he gave me you medical records, you have a…" Bella choked, Angela had the same illness as Edward.

Bella looked at the young woman with sympathy.

Bella read her medical report and noticed that her illness was progressing slowly; and that the medicines and antibiotics where doing little to kill the illness, she read the name of the patient at the top: Miracle Lillian Cope. "Nice name" Bella said, Bella asked her some routine questions; after a while she noticed that Miracle had a folder on her lap. "What's that file?" Miracle remembered, "Oh! I almost forgot, this is another medical report…" she gave it to Bella, she opened it and after a few seconds she gasped…Miracle is pregnant.

"I know that is going to be rough, but I couldn't say no to my baby" Miracle said, Bella looked at her apologetic "I know the feeling, I couldn't say no to my baby either" Bella said, she told Miracle all about Teddy and Edward. The appointment ended and Miracle had to come back in two days for an ultrasound and a check up.

So the week went on, Miracle's baby was okay and her heart infection at bay. Bella and Miracle were becoming really close in just a few weeks; Bella even invited her to lunch, they even went shopping. Miracle bought some stuff for the baby, Bella picked out something too. It was all in neutral colors since miracle had to wait a few more days to find the sex of the baby.

2 weeks later…

"There is your baby" Miracle's OB said.

"Okay, now let's see what we have here…you're having a girl" the doctor said, Miracle was overwhelmed with joy; A baby girl. They checked miracles heart and the infection invaded another section of her heart, she was getting tired lately, so she had to be hospitalized for some monitoring and observation. Miracle was Bella's priority now, she stabilized her on the cardiology ward, she assigned two nurses to her care and she had two nurses in the night too. Bella left to the OR to get ready for a heart valve replacement surgery on a 25 year old man; he was her age, Bella couldn't believe it…

Miracle was released two days later. Bella was going to have dinner with Leah's family that night; she went to pick up Teddy from the Cullen mansion. They arrived at Leah's home, it was a nice house. Bella and Teddy were greeted by a that was huge as Jacob. "hello" he said, "hi you must be Sam, I'm Bella and this is my son Edward" Bella said, Sam nodded and let them in. the insides of the house were lovely; Bella even saw on the living room, that Leah had pictures of her from younger years, she smiled.

Bella was in love with her nephews and niece, she couldn't believe that she had this big family, from both sides; Teddy wasn't going to be that alone after all. Teddy played with Embry when dinner was done and the adults were having cheese cake and coffee. Bella had Rachel Isabella on her lap, Sam had Paul.

"Your kids are beautiful Leah" Bella said with adoration, they left shortly after that.

The days passed and Teddy adapted to the new grade very well; Bella and Leah recovered her sisterhood and they even hanged out with Alice who found out that was expecting her second child, she told Bella that Jacob was very happy; he didn't want EJ to be an only child. Things at the hospital were okay, even though at the medicine field things could go wrong at any moment, Bella's new patient entered her 5th month of pregnancy and she was going to have another ultrasound and do some blood work plus other studies to see how her heart and infection was and how the baby was progressing. Miracle had to follow a strict diet to fight off the bacteria with her natural body defenses and antioxidants. The baby was fine, then Bella took her to do the laboratories and other tests, it was going to take a few hours, but they had to make sure that everything was okay.

"Bella you don't know how much I owe you, no other doctor I've ever had, has done what you've and this hospital has done for me" Miracle said with a smile.

"It's nothing" Bella replied with a slight blush, she still couldn't accept a compliment without doing so.

No one knew that Bella had been working on a proposal for the hospital; she wanted to expand the cardiology ward, add more rooms for patients, two more surgery rooms, and replace some of the equipment. And also she had been doing research of heart studies on other countries, she was looking for equipment and tests to detect heart diseases and malfunctions earlier.

She wanted to built a heart center for children at the pediatric area; she wanted to help heart patients since they're young. Bella remembered the first time she took Teddy for a heart test, she was scared but everything went fine, she still had to take him to do some tests since Edward had been detected as a teenager, Bella wanted to make sure that everything was okay with her son so if something happened they could do something when there was time.

2 hrs after Miracle left Bella had an emergency call, she had a patient that needed an intervention or he was going to die, Bella rushed to the OR and got ready to operate; it took her 3 hours to make the procedure but she saved him. She got home exhausted she was going to pick up Teddy from the Cullen house, but he was sleeping when she called so she told Esme that he could stay there for the night, she went home and took a shower and went to bed.

Fall passed and it was almost winter, Bella had made a family trip to Disney downtown on California; everybody went even Sam and Leah, Bella wanted the other side of the family to know her sister, brother in law and nephews; they had a great time. Miracle was now 7 ½ months pregnant, over the last few weeks she had to be hospitalized, she was going to be in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy, she was getting weaker and weaker and both she and the baby had to be under observation.

Bella and Miracle had developed a bond, something more than a patient/doctor relationship; they were friends. Miracle knew her fate, she was very clear and she knew that her body was going to give up after her baby girl was born. She did all Bella and her OB told tell her to do but she knew better, she could feel her body getting weaker and she could feel how her heart fought with every beat it gave. She was holding strong for her baby girl because she wants her to be born, so she had the solution for when she was gone; she had talked with her family's lawyer and had everything settled, her will was written, the only paper left were the custody rights and adoption documents…

"Jackie, can you tell Dr. Cullen that I want to speak with her?" Miracle asked her, she nodded and went to look for Bella.

"Jackie said that you wanted to speak with me?" Bella said sitting at the chair near the bed.

"okay Bella, I know that you're doing all you can to save me and my baby" miracle said, Bella was going to interrupt her, "no Bella, let me finish" she said pleading Bella nodded, "I know my fate Bella, it's not going to be your fault if I die, my mother only lasted seconds after my birth, I almost died with her she was too weak to keep pushing and I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my throat, they used forceps to help me get out; my grandma said that my mom just looked at me and held me for a second, that she whispered my name, said that I was beautiful and then she died. That was it, no more mom." Miracle finished with a sigh, Bella was silent "I'm sorry" she said.

Miracle smiled, "don't worry Bella, I don't remember her." she said Bella was going to leave, "no Bella I'm not done, please sit down" she said. "I have no family Bella, my fiancée is dead too he was killed on a plane crash…I miss him like crazy, I cry sometimes but I know that he didn't want me to cry his death, he would have wanted me to move on; that's why I'm so happy all the time. Bella, I don't want my baby to end up in a foster home or an orphanage, it might sound a little selfish but I don't want her there" she said, Bella just looked at her confused Miracle continued, "if I put her up for adoption I want to know who she's going to be with…but it's a little late for me to do that, I don't have much time so I had to recur to plan B... I want you to adopt my baby girl Bella, I want you to be her mother" Miracle dropped the bomb, Bella was completely speechless.

"W…WH…what? You want me to adopt your baby?" Bella repeated miracle nodded.

"Yes Bella, please. I wouldn't trust nobody else with her than you, you've been with me all this time taking care of the both of us, I know you love her please adopt her" she said. Bella was still processing all this; she was going to need time.

Miracle had a point too, Bella was perfectly capable to take care of her and love her as her own, she could help this baby to have a full and loving life…she was going to think about it.

"Can you give me time to think about it?" she asked miracle, miracle nodded. Bella left after that, she went home thinking about miracle and the baby…she would have a newborn baby girl if she accepted, but she was a doctor, her job had needs she couldn't just drop her children and go she had never done that with Teddy, but just now she realized how much she wanted another child…maybe this was God's answer to her prayers? If it was then she was going to accept it…it had to be.

2 days later…

It's been two days since Bella made the decision to adopt miracle's baby, but she needed to hear the rest of the family's opinion, she had gone to her mom and she told her to follow her heart. Bella also told her about Leah, she told her that Leah wanted to talk with both her and Charlie, Renée agreed to meet her.

Bella gave her all the information on Leah as well as her cell phone and address. She after that went to take Teddy to see Charlie at the hospice, he was staying there permanently since his accident at work 2 years ago they had retired him earlier and he was at the hospice being taken care of. She also told him about the adoption and he was surprisingly trilled! Bella couldn't believe it, so after an hour she left with high hopes.

Emmett and Rosalie were married and had a 4 year old girl and were expecting the second one, Bella had become one of the hospice's donors over the years, a few years ago Rosalie made a tribute to her when they expanded the hospice, they had built the Edward Cullen wing, that contained terminal patients a lounge room and a library, all the walls were covered in Edwards art, even the portraits of her and Alice. It had been a beautiful ceremony and Bella was very grateful with Rosalie for it, it was another way of remembering Edward.

Rose gave her some advice too, then on the way to the Cullen house she stopped on a park for ice cream, she wanted to speak with Teddy alone; she wanted to tell him about the adoption.

"Edward, sweetie mommy wants to ask you something" Bella said Teddy looked at her "what mommy?"

"Well, there's the possibility that you might have a baby sister"

"Really?" he asked curious "yeah" Bella replied, "but how mommy? You need a big Belly for that, like cousin EJ, he's having a baby sister but she's on Aunt Alice's tummy" he said as he liked his spoon, Bella chuckled.

"Yeah Teddy I know that but there are other ways, like adoption and that's what I'm doing, I'm adopting your sister." She told him carefully, making sure that he understood.

"Oh, okay. What's an adoption?" he asked "it's when a mommy signs some papers to get a baby from their real mommy because she can't take care of them. In this case, your sister's mommy is sick and she can't take care of your sister so she wants me to adopt her" Bella explained. Teddy was silent for a moment, then he smiled "okay mommy, I wanna have a sister, so I can be a big brother and protect her" teddy said, Bella thought that it was the cutest thing ever.

It was a good thing that Alice was expecting a girl and that EJ is so excited that he transmitted his excitement to Teddy. They finished their ice cream and Teddy couldn't stop talking about the adoption, Bella agreed that she will take him to see Miracle with a special permission from the hospital since he was under the age the hospital permitted. They arrived to the Cullen house, Teddy ran to his grandfathers arms, then he went to Esme and Maria who where in the kitchen; Bella told him to go outside to play with Aro, Jasmine, and Carlisle.

Bella sat at a stool and Emily entered from outside and sat beside her, jasper came down too freshly showered, it was great that all of them where there, Bella told them about Miracle and the baby, and that she wanted to really adopt her, everyone agreed that she should and gave her green light with it. Esme offered her babysitting services once again and Bella was grateful, they stayed for dinner. When the night was over and Bella was home, she found a rose on her pillow with a note,

Love, you're making the right decision, believe me you won't regret it.

I love you, goodnight, and sweet dreams.

Eternally yours,


She smiled and went to bed, the next day first thing in the morning she went and told Miracle her decision and before she left that afternoon she sighed the adoption and custody papers, she was officially the mother of Miracle's baby. Miracle also gave her a set of keys and a piece of paper with an address, she told her that it was the address of her house, that in the attic she would find all the furniture for the nursery and some baby stuff that once belonged to her. Bella promised to pick everything up once she started to work on the nursery…

2 weeks later

Bella had taken Teddy to see Miracle and when they had done the 3D picture of the baby, Bella took some copies for her family, she wanted them to meet the baby, they had even planned a welcome baby party for when she was born, and they had done a baby shower to buy all the other things the baby needed, they did it alongside with Alice's baby shower even though Alice was only 6 months pregnant. They made Bella wear a fake belly, when she told Miracle she laughed, Bella showed her the pictures and she was very happy that they had accepted her baby so well already.

The days passed and it was December, Rosalie had her baby boy he looked just like his daddy, Emmett was really proud and no one could take the grin off his face. A week later Bella received a call in the middle of the night from the hospital, Miracle was in labor, Bella woke up Teddy, she called Leah and dropped him off. She got to the hospital ready for the delivery, she checked all the heart monitors and saw that her heart was beating uneven they needed to act fast and so they did, an hour later Leahanne Miracle Elizabeth Cullen was born she was a total cutie, Bella couldn't keep her eyes of her. She showed her to miracle and she held her, but she was tired. Bella gave Leahanne to the nurses and went to Miracle, her heartbeats were slowing, and she was going to die.

"Thank you Bella, for saving my baby. Please tell her that I love her, and that all I did was for her own good. Please remember me to her. Thank you Bella, you where the best friend I ever had, I love you too" miracle said rushed, she grasped Bella's hand tight for a second, and she was gone the next…

2 months later

Miracle's will reading was today, Bella went with 2 months old Leahanne, Jasper and Alice. She discovered that Miracle had left Leahanne her house and all that's in it. She had a bank account with money that she could use for college. The will also said that Miracle gave Bella all the rights over the baby and thanked her again for taking her in. After that they all left and Bella went to visit miracle's tombstone and take flowers, she also visited Edward's grave and left him some fresh flowers and told him all about Leahanne.

"She's beautiful" Edward whispered that same night when Bella was rocking Leahanne to sleep.

"I know, she's wonderful" Bella replied.

They both stayed there watching her sleep for a while, Bella then went to bed and Edward left. Bella was happy with the decision she made, she loved little Leahanne and Teddy did too.

Two years after that Leah gave birth to her last baby, and Emily & Alec got married, Teddy was 10 years old and always building things, so they all guessed that he might want to be an architect when he grew up. Leahanne was a beautiful 2 year old, mommy's little princess she had everyone wrapped around her pinky. Bella had a big and loving family, two amazing kids and a bunch of nieces and nephews to love, she had all she ever dreamed and more; she was very blessed.

72 years later

It's been 72 years, Bella was 100 years old.

Her parents died long ago, Esme, Edward Sr., Maria, jasper, Alice, Leah and Sam had passed too. Teddy and Leahanne were old, enjoying their lives with their children and grand children and some great grand children. The family got bigger and bigger with each passing year, Bella retired when she was 50 years old, since she developed arthritis and her eyesight was decreasing, she had presented the proposal to the hospital before that and they expanded, they also founded research projects to find the cure for the illness Edward had died of, it took them a while, but they finally found it and now it was the best medicine used in hospitals over the world.

Bella saved a lot more lives with the medications and studies, she was very proud of herself, she became a renamed doctor worldwide. Teddy got married when he was 26 with a girl he met in college they had 3 kids. Leahanne fell in love with Emmett and Rosalie's youngest son, he was just a week older than her they also had 3 kids, Bella had 6 grand children and 8 great, great grand children… they all where the light of her eyes.

She loved them all with all her heart. Edward visits came and went through the years, Bella knew that he would keep his promise of being there when it was her time to leave, Bella knew that night was the night, she was seated on her bed at the hospice, on Edward's old room looking through the window, the colors the neon lights made on the rain, as she listened to the soft song of the night birds it was spring time, they were singing their spring song for her. Bella remembered the first time she heard them, Edward was beside her…

"Hello Bella" he said as he sat by her, and looked through the window. "Took you long enough, I've been waiting for you" Bella replied looking for his hand, "I know you have my love, and I apologize" Edward said looking at her.

The atmosphere in the room changed and Bella knew it, it was time…

"That's why you came right?" Bella asked Edward he nodded, "its time my love" Edward whispered Bella gave a deep sigh, and a last look around the room, her eyes landed on a picture she had on her nightstand it was of Teddy, Leahanne and her "they're all grown up now, they stopped needing me a while ago" Bella said, "you will always be their mother Bella" Edward told her, she nodded.

She took a piece of paper from the same nightstand and wrote.

I love you all with all my heart; you all filled and overfilled my life. Be happy, don't forget my love. Remember me when the sky reaches twilight, and when the flowers bloom on spring. I'll be there with you all, forever in your heart.

Goodbye, forever yours

Your confident, friend, and mother


She folded the note and reached out for Edward's hand again.

"Ready?" he asked her "I've waited for this my whole life" Bella replied.

"No more goodbyes, just you and I forever" were Bella's final words; she closed her eyes and joined her beloved Edward after 100 years of wait, they were finally together as one…


All the children born in the story in order:

Isabella Renée Ateara Swan (Leah's first baby that died)

Embry Samuel Uley Swan (Leah and Sam's first born)

Edward Anthony Cullen Jr. (Teddy, Bella's son)

Aro Alexander Cullen (Edward Sr. and Esme's last son)

Maria Jasmine Whitlock (Maria & Jasper's daughter)

Edward Jacob 'EJ' Black Brandon (Alice and Jacob's son)

Carlisle Jasper Whitlock (Maria and Jasper's son)

Rachel Isabella & Paul Ryan Uley Swan (Sam & Leah's twins)

Leahanne Miracle Elizabeth Cullen (Miracle's baby adopted by Bella)

Allison Bella Black Brandon (Alice & Jacob's daughter)

Charles Harrison Uley Swan (Sam & Leah's 4th child)

Bella's grandchildren in order:

Teddy's kids:

Danielle Evangeline Cullen

Evan Anthony Cullen

Angelica Renee Cullen

Leahanne's kids:

Felix Marcus McCarthy

Amanda Nicole McCarthy

Katherine Rose McCarthy