Hello, so I decided to re-make this story, and fix many the mistakes I have found with rereading it, so here we go :3

"BUT I'M A VIRGIN!" My mind is racing figure eights.

Thump! Thump! Thump! My heart quickens as I look franticly around the barren hospital room. Thump! Thump! Thump! What the hell is happening? Thump! Thump! Thump! Dr. Jin pulls his glasses down on his nose like you would assume a librarian would if you asked her where the nearest cemitary might be while holding a duffle bag. Wait, where did my heartbeat go?

"Are you really-?" He begins after (most likely) assessing if I should be restrained or something similar in nature. I have a reputation to freak out when it comes to my body.

"Well no, I'm not…" I slurr, thinking about my first time, "But I haven't-" I scowl, "you mean I'm pregnant!?"

He is probably having a harder time grasping what I was saying, than I am trying to figure out how I got laid without my knowing. This isn't helping my story at all. Of course I'm not worried about the little life sitting in my stomach; I'm far more worried about my reputation around town more. What the hell would Chase think? Holly crap he's sill in the waiting room!

"I'm sorry but I have to leave now." I say thinking about everything at once: Chase. Dr. Jin. Beeping. Hospital. Pregnancy. Grilled cheese. Chase! Chase is so cute. He would be a good dad. I bet he would have a beautiful kid too. Kid? My kid! HOLLY CRAP I HAVE A KID!

I jump off of the hospital bed and bolt for the door forgetting that I was tied to some machine. A sharp pain in my left elbow catches me as I spin and yank out the needle, pulling at my arm in the process. Because of my anemia I tend to bleed. Alot. There is now warm fluid pooling on the floor.

"Marcy you have to sit down so we can talk this over," comes the doc's voice as I push open the doors to find a very wide eyed Chase. My blood runs cold yet I start to blush like a madman. He had heard everything. Holly. Fucking. Crap.

"Erm… " I stagger, not knowing how to explain anything, "technical difficulties?" I throw out as I slam the doors shut in his face. I spin to face Jin wiping up the blood on the floor. He seems used to this sort of behavior.

Oh yeah. Chase really hates me now. I hold on to my stomach wondering how accurate those damn robot tests were.