012. :goodbye me:
Word Count: 210
Summary: He watches as she fades away.

Chapter 423.


She's fading into ash now. Just like Ulquiorra, only more graceful. Dignified.

His senses are fading as well, he can't even feel her presence anymore. He can only see her, and that in itself is not enough. There's nothing, no emotion from her until she lifts her face and stares into his eyes and he can't bring himself to look away. He wants to, wants to look away and pretend this isn't happening, but he knows that if he does that will be the end of them. She's fading away and there's nothing he can do. He gave up everything to save everything. That means giving her up too.

So he watches as she fades into ash around him, watches as she stares up at him with large, shimmering eyes and parted lips as if to say something, but she won't, and he won't either. Because at that moment is when something changes, something separates them beyond the slab of concrete that they stand upon, something that is as distinct as the worlds they reside in. Because then-

Then she is gone.

He stares at the spot where she stood, where he knows she is still standing, even if he cannot see her. He utters two words.

"Thank you."



Well, it's been a year now since I started this collection. Thank you all for your support. I probably wouldn't have made it this far without it.


(also, sorry for the overused 423 fic; had to do it sometime, right?) Hope you enjoyed it.