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Chapter 2: New Members

"Wake up, Finn!" Finn rolled over and saw his stepbrother standing by his bed. "Finn, we're seniors! How can you not be up yet?" Kurt shouted. "Aren't you excited for your first day of senior year?"
"How can you be up at this ungodly hour?" Finn mumbled.
"Because it's the first day of SENIOR YEAR! I had to get up early to pick out the right outfit and start my moisturizing routine... that reminds me, I should moisturize you!"
"Kurt, I'm a guy."
"Get dressed Finn and come downstairs! Rachel and Blaine will be here soon."
Finn crawled out of bed and went to get dressed. Kurt had talked about little else besides the first day of senior year for the past week. He arranged for Blaine and Rachel to come to the house for the first day of school pictures (which Finn thought they were too old for) and then all four of them would drive to school together.
"This is the last first day," Finn's mother, Carole, said as Finn came downstairs. "So, I went all out and made blueberry pancakes for you boys."
"Thanks, Mom." Finn took two pancakes and began to eat, still thinking about this being the last year at school with Rachel.
"FINN!" Kurt shouted. "You are NOT wearing that."
"I'm not?" Finn looked down at his pair of khaki shorts with a hole in the knee and the red American Eagle t-shirt with a chocolate stain on it. "It feels like I am."
"No, Finn!" Kurt shouted. "It's the first day of senior year. You need to make a statement. You can't go into school looking like that. Let's go to your room and pick out a new outfit."
"Get changed quick," Carole said. "Because I want to take pictures of just the two of you before Blaine and Rachel get here."
Finn wasn't up to arguing with Kurt, so he just changed into a white polo with blue stripes and a pair of jeans shorts before heading downstairs. He was preoccupied by his thoughts. For some people, the end of high school was exciting. For him, it was something he was dreading.
"Come downstairs, Finn!"
Finn went downstairs and joined his mother, stepfather and stepbrother. Burt and Carole were being typical parents, taking pictures of the boys on their first day of senior year, Kurt with a big smile and Finn forcing a smile. The boys each held Ally for a picture. Then, they heard a knock at the door.
Kurt ran to the door. "BLAINE!" he shouted before engaging in a full-out makeout session. "WE'RE SENIORS, BLAINE! SENIORS!"
Rachel walked into the house and came up to Finn. "Hey!" she said, giving him a hug. Finn couldn't help but notice how beautiful Rachel looked. She was wearing a flowered sundress and pink sandals and had her long, wavy hair tied back with a gold scarf.
"What's going on?" Rachel asked, seeming to notice Finn's silence.
"You look really cute today," Finn said.
"Thanks." Rachel smiled. "You look nice, too."
Finn's mother took pictures of Finn and Kurt, then of Kurt and Blaine, then of Finn and Rachel, then of all four of them. Then all four of them got in Finn's car. Kurt and Blaine claimed the back seat for making out, so Finn drove with Rachel in the front seat.
"Can I see your schedule?" Rachel asked.
"Sure." Finn dug into his bag and handed Rachel a printout of his schedule. At a red light, he glanced at the schedules.
Berry, Rachel Barbara
Sex: Female Grade: 12
1st period: AP Calculus, Room 317
2nd period: AP Government, Room 319
3rd period: AP English and Composition, Room 312
4th period: Senior Lunch
5th period: AP Biology, Room 227
6th period: Theatre, Room 214
7th period: AP Spanish IV, Room 309

Hudson, Finn Christopher
Sex: Male Grade: 12
1st period: Senior English, Room 118
2nd period: Chemistry, Room 226
3rd period: Sports for Life, South Gym
4th period: Senior Lunch
5th period: Spanish IV, Room 309
6th period: Government, Room 217
7th period: Pre Calculus, Room 312

"No classes together senior year? Are you kidding me?" Finn moaned.
"Blaine and I have identical schedules!" Kurt announced.
"Thanks for rubbing it in," Finn called. What a letdown. It was his and Rachel's last year at school together and they didn't have any classes together. He wanted to spend every second possible with her, but that likely wasn't possible.
"Don't worry." Rachel patted Finn's leg. "We have lunch together and there's always Glee. Plus, we can always hang out before and after school and on the weekends."
Finn pulled the car into the McKinley High parking lot and scanned who was already there. So many of these people had impacted his life over the past four years.
His eyes fell on Quinn, who was leaning on Sam's arm, almost right away. He remembered their sophomore year and all the baby drama. Quinn had lied and told Finn the baby was his although they hadn't had sex (at least now he knew that you had to have sex to get pregnant), when it was really Puck's. Quinn continued to make Finn believe it was his and yelled at him to pay the medical bills. Eventually Finn had found out from Rachel that the baby was Puck's and broken up with Quinn. Of course, last year, after the drama with Puck and Rachel, Finn had tried getting back with Quinn to help him get over Rachel. Quinn agreed, but the more in-depth the relationship got, the more Finn realized he was only being used. Quinn wanted to be prom queen and thought the star quarterback would be the perfect running mate. At Nationals, Finn broke up with Quinn because he really loved Rachel. He then withdrew his prom king application and Puck and Lauren had become prom king and queen. Rachel and Quinn had been roommates at Nationals and had been hanging out all summer, the past clearly forgotten. Finn was tentative friends with Quinn again, but was still slightly mad at her.
He looked a little further and saw Puck and Lauren. They'd gotten the prom king and queen crown that Quinn had thought she and Finn were destined for. Finn and Puck had also had their ups and downs throughout high school. They'd been best friends since day care, but when Puck impregnated Quinn sophomore year while she was dating Finn, Finn and Puck's friendship took a turn for the worse. Puck considered Finn his best friend again, but Finn still wasn't sure if he'd forgiven Puck, wasn't sure if their friendship would EVER be like it used to be.
Finn looked on and saw Santana with Brittany. Santana had taken his virginity and cost him Rachel briefly. The months without Rachel were pure hell. Despite the fact that Rachel had kissed Puck to get even, Finn still felt guilty for lying to Rachel for months and wondered why Rachel still had been willing to get back together. Of course, now Santana had revealed she was a lesbian a few weeks after Regionals, and was now dating Brittany, claiming she never wanted to date a guy again.
The football jocks, led by Karofsky and Azimio, stood by the dumpster. Finn cringed at the sight of them. They'd driven Kurt out of McKinley, trashed the Glee club, questioned Finn's sexuality and threw slushees at the Glee kids. Finn may have had complicated feelings for many of his glee teammates, but he knew he would not miss the majority of the football team members AT ALL next year.
Finn turned to Rachel. "What is it, Rach?"
"Something on your mind?" Rachel asked.
"Just - I can't believe this is the last first day of high school."
"I know." Rachel linked her arm in Finn's. "The beginning of the end."
Finn secretly hoped this wasn't the beginning of the end, but rather, the end of the beginning.
"Come on, you two!" Kurt shouted. "New Directions is making a grand entrance. The National runner-ups are all entering together, two by two. AS SENIORS."
"Are you serious?" Finn asked.
"Heck yes," Kurt said. "And as the power couple and the Glee captains, you and Rachel are leading us in."
"Are you SURE this is a good idea?" Rachel asked. "If the underclassmen see us all together - "
"They'll know we're a family and that'll appeal to them," Mercedes said.
"But what if the jocks throw slushies on all of us?" Finn asked, worried.
"They won't!" Mike protested. "Come on, let's enter."
Finn sighed and took Rachel's arm. The New Directions made their entrance. No heads turned, but better yet, no slushies were thrown.
The first week of senior year was already over. Now, the Glee club was gathered in their meeting room, hoping people would show up for auditions. They had performed their second-place winning numbers from Nationals at a school assembly the second day and gotten a more positive reception than usual. Hopefully that meant new people would audition.
After about twenty minutes of waiting, three girls walked in. "Hi, I'm Kylie Nichols," the girl with wavy brown hair, blue eyes and freckles said.
"I'm Hannah Zippert," the girl with strawberry blond hair, green eyes and freckles said.
"I'm Natalie Oliver," the girl with brown hair and brown eyes said. "We're freshmen and we saw your performance from Nationals on YouTube. It was really cool."
"Yeah, we'd like to audition," Hannah said.
"Fantastic," Mr. Schue said with a smile. "Do you girls have an audition song picked out?"
"Yeah, we're singing 'Party In the USA' by Miley Cyrus," Natalie said.
Santana snickered.
"Let's hear it," Mr. Schue said. The music began and the three girls sang with Kylie leading. Rachel leaned over to Finn and whispered, "They're really good."
"Natalie, Hannah, Kylie, welcome to New Directions!" Mr. Schue said.
As the three new girls sat down, three boys came in.
"Is this the Glee club auditions?" asked the boy with blond curly hair.
"You've come to the right place," Mr. Schue said. "Your names?"
"I'm Johnny Cortell," the boy with blond curly hair said.
"I'm Will Prentice," the shortest boy with dirty blond hair said.
"I'm Jake Cirino," the boy with dark brown hair said. "Yeah, we're freshmen."
"So are these three girls," Mr. Schue pointed at the three new girls. "We won't let age get in the way. What song are you guys going to sing?"
The three boys sang "I've Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, with Jake as the lead.
"Welcome to New Directions!" Mr. Schue told the boys.
No one else showed up, but six new members was better than none at all. The rest of the time was spent explaining the glee club to the new members and getting to know them.
As they left, Finn asked Rachel, "Well, what do you think of them?"
"I like them," Rachel said. "They seem really cool. And they have great voices. Kylie's really talented and Jake has a good voice too. When we're gone next year, I can see those two taking over the leads."
"You've come so far, Rachel," Finn said, thinking out loud. "I remember last year when you sent the new girl to an inactive crack house - and now you're full of praise for the new members."
"You make me want to be a better person, Finn." Rachel hugged Finn. "I can't go through life just focusing on myself."
Finn hugged Rachel, feeling so proud of her. She really had come far. He just hated to think that in another year, all this would be over.

NOTE: Kylie is played by Lindsay from the Glee project, Hannah is played by Marissa, Natalie is played by Emily, Jake is played by Damian, Johnny is played by Cameron and Will is played by Mattheus.