Erin sat in the nursery rocking her four month old son, staring out the rainy window. Life had really changed for her and Dean but sometimes change is a good thing. Kids were something Dean and Erin never really talked about but baby Drew was the best surprise they had ever gotten and they wouldn't change a thing.

Dean stood there leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed and a smile on his face just watching Erin rock their son to sleep. Who knew that being a farther would be this awesome? He loved every second of it. Well all but the 2 and 4 am feedings and the lack of spontaneous sex but they were finally getting into a routine.

"Are you just going to stand there staring at me or are you going to come in?" Erin looked over her shoulder and smiled at Dean.

"How did you know I was here?" He asked her and closed the room door softly. He knew if he slammed it and Drew woke up he was screwed.

"I could feel you looking at me. You know I hate that."

"I can't help." Dean said and squatted next to the rocked and looked into her eyes, "You're just so beautiful."

"I think someone is trying to get a few extra brownie points." Erin smiled down at him.

"Is it working?" Dean asked her.

"Maybe just a little." She said and looked down at Drew who was sleeping peacefully, "I think the rain helps him sleep."

"I think so. Always works for me." Dean said.

He stood up and slowly took Drew from Erin's arms and walked him over to his crib and gently laid him down. "Sleep good buddy." Dean whispered before him and Erin quietly made their way out of the room.

Dean and Erin walked next door to their bedroom and went inside. Erin stretched her arms above her head and groaned a little, "I feel like I spend most of my time in that chair." Dean just smiled at her and looked her over from top to bottom, "What?" Erin asked.

"Just looking at you."

"I know I'm a mess. I need a long hot shower." Erin said.

Dean closed the space between them wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to his body, "You're just as sexy as the first time I laid eyes on you."

"Wow you are going all out today with the compliments aren't you?" She smiled.

"No I was just thinking about that day for some reason. One of the best days of my life."

"I know and it was one of the best days of mine." Erin smiled.

"Why because it was the day you met the man of your dreams and he was even sexier in person and even better in bed?"

"Nope." Erin said and wrapped her arms around Dean's neck, "It was the day I beat the man of my dream at pool and won 500 big ones off of him."

"Oh please. I let you win and you know it." Dean said, "I was trying to sleep with you so I had to let you win or you would have never left with me."

"Is that so? Well keep telling yourself that but we both know I won. So what? I still put out didn't I?" She smiled at him.

"Hell yeah… but who would have ever thought that I would come out the winner that night. I got to keep you." Dean said before leaning down and giving her a soft kiss on her lip.

"Winning takes all remember?" Erin smiled up at him.

"Winner is still taking it all." Dean said and lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the bed.

*Five Years Ago*

Erin stood in front of the pool table with her stick leaning against her as she counted her money with a huge smirk on her face, "Oh come on guys. Any more takers? I can do this all night." She taunted them. Little did she know that there was one person she hadn't played yet and he had been watching her all night long.

"How much?"

Erin looked to her left and saw this perfect man leaning next to her. His eyes alone made her want to melt. He was the best looking man she had seen. This night just got a little more interesting.

"Five hundred. 3 games and winner takes all." Erin said. "So are you in..."

"Call me Dean." He winked and grabbed a stick, "And I'm all in."

"Then let's get started." She said and pulled a coin for her pocket, "Heads I break tails you break." She said and tossed the coin in the air and let it land on the table.

"Heads." Dean said.

"Huh haven't even started the game and I already beat you once." Erin said.

"Baby you can beat me all night if it gets you off." Dean winked at her again and started racking the balls.

Erin watched him with lust in her eyes. Either win or lose she knew who she was going home with tonight. Dean was hers and he didn't even know it yet.

After three games Erin took the money from Dean's hands and counted it, "What you don't trust me?"

"Just making sure." Erin said. "Looks like its all here. Thank sweetheart but there something missing."

"And what is that?" Dean asked.

Erin put the money in her jeans and grabbed the front of Dean's shirt and jerked him to her, "I said winner takes all." She said before pulling his lips to her and kissing him hard and rough and Dean was taken by surprise but he gave in right away.

The two parted and tried to catch their breath, "Wow." Dean said.

"So….my place?" she asked.

"Is that a request?" Dean asked.

"No." she said and moved in closer to him and was inches from his lips again, "That's an order."

"Yes Ma'am." Dean smiled before Erin grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to the door, "Damn I love a feisty woman." He smiled.


"Come on Anna. Come to Mommy." Avery said and called out to her little girl with her arms open wide. "You can do it." She said but Anna just stood there hanging onto the coffee table.

"Still nothing?" Sam asked as he walked into the living room.

"No." Avery said and stood up. "I don't get it. She walked to you, she walked to Dean, and she even walked to Erin. Maybe she doesn't like me or something."

"Anna loved you." Sam said.

"Then why won't she walk to me? I'm her mother."

Sam thought it was cute seeing Avery get all worked up in a way but it was time to let her in on their little secret. "Ok I have a confession." Sam said.

"What?" Avery asked.

Sam smiled at her and Avery watched as Sam got on his knees and looked at his daughter, "Come on Anna. You want a cookie?" he asked.

Anna's face lit up and she let go of the able and waddled over to her daddy and Sam lifted her into his arms, "Ookie." Anna said.

Avery opened her mouth wide, "Sam Winchester. Have you been bribing our daughter with junk food?" she asked and placed her hand on her hips and tapped her foot on the floor.

"Just a few times. I really wanted her to walk before her birthday. She was so close." Sam said and Avery still just glared at him, "Dean did it first and then Erin and then me." Sam said and still no response from Avery, "I love you."

"Yeah Yeah." Avery said and took Anna from his arms, "I guess I owe her a cookie now." She told her daughter and then looked back at Sam.

"Oh don't be mad." Sam said and followed them, "At least she's walking. That's a good thing. You don't have to carry her as much."

"But I want to carry her. She's my baby." Avery said and got Anna a cookie from the jar and then sat her on the floor.

"We can always have more." Sam smiled and walked over to Avery, "You said you wanted a big family."

Avery smiled and wrapped her arms around him, "I would love to have more with you…..just not this second." She said and looked at Avery, "Maybe when she's older and we aren't living with four other people."

"Well then I guess we'll just have to practice until then." Sam said to her before kissing her deeply but that didn't last long. Anna crawled over to them and started tugging at Sam's jeans.

The two broke apart and smiled down at their little girl. Sam leaned down and picked her up and held Anna between them, "I guess practice will have to wait."

"Just until she falls asleep." Avery winked at him. "Oh hey I forgot to ask if you got the boxes from my parents place."

"Yeah me and Dean got them but they are still in the car. I'll get them later when the rain stops."

"Thank you." Avery said and her face dropped a little when she thought her of parent and how they died, "So uh…how did they place look?"

"Like nothing every happened. Open house starts on Sunday." Sam said.

""Oh...Ok then." Avery said. "At least I got everything out of it. I want Avery to know her grandparents."

"Me too and she will." Sam said and kissed Avery on the cheek. "I'm going to go lay her down."

"Thank." Avery said.

When they were out of the room Avery walked over to the sink and began to help Erin out by washing the bottle for Drew. The rain was really coming down and when Avery looked out the window she could have sworn she saw someone standing beside the garage in the pouring rain. This wasn't the first time either. She always felt as if they were being watched. Sam said it was all in her head but something didn't feel right.

Avery blinked a few time and looked again and they were gone. She really needed to get some extra sleep. She was starting to lose her mind. "There's no one out there." She said and tried her hands. "Just need some sleep."

Avery turned out the lights and walked up the stair unaware of what was to come and threaten even thing they had built in more way than she could ever imagine.

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