Avery tossed and turned from left to right, "No...No please." she said over on over as she was lost in dream world.

"No please. Pleas don't take her." Avery sobbed on her bedroom floor as she watched a man stand in front of her holding Anna, "Please."

"Come with me. Sam has already joined us. We just need you and everything will fall into place." He said. "You and him will be the learder of a army and this little girl will be stronger than you will ever know."

"Just give her back to me please." Avery begged. "Let her go! She just a child!"

"Sorry, I can't do that."

"No!" Avery screamed as he man vanished with her baby girl.

Avery sat up in bed covered in sweat. She looked over and saw that Sam was still fast asleep. She looked at the clock and it was just after five in the morning. She got out of bed and walked down the hallway to the nursery. Slowly she opened the door and went inside. She sighed when she saw that both Anna and Drew were still fast asleep. Maybe Sam was right. She was worrying over nothing. She just needed to calm down and remember that everything was ok.

Avery walked down the hall and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and took off her gown and dropped it to the floor. She needed to calm down after the dream she had.

She was so lost as the warm water hit her face that she never heard the bathroom door open and someone come in. That someone slipped into the shower and slipped his arm around her waist and Avery jumped and little in surprise and turned around. "God Sam! You scared me." She smiled. "What are you doing up? Did I wake you?"

"Just when you got out of bed. I heard the shower turn on and I thought you could use some company. Have another bad dream?"

"Yeah but I feel a little better now." Avery said and she saw a smirk spread across his face. "What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing it's just that…..we are alone…naked…and in the shower." He grinned, pulling her body against his.

"Why Sam Winchester you dirty boy." She smiled.

"But you love me." Sam smirked and pulled her even closer. Avery looked into his eyes and smiled as she bit her lip, "That's what I thought." Sam said before he pressed her up against the shower wall and kissed her hard. His tongue sliding into her mouth. Avery responded and slid her hands around his waist.

Pulling back from her lips Sam looked at her before dipping his head and taking her left breast into his mouth. As he moved his skillful tongue against her hardening nipple, she let out the tiniest moan. "S-Sam.." Avery moaned and leaned against the wall as Sam trailed hot kisses down her stomach.

Sam moved his head between her legs and propped her right foot up on the side of the tub to give him better access. His licked around her clit and Avery ran her fingers through his hair and pulled. "Oh Sam!" she moaned and bit her bottom lip, "Pleas don't stop…" she begged him.

Sam moved his tongue in and out of her as his thumb moved in circles on her clit. Avery pulled at his hair as she threw her head back against the wall. She missed their little moment together.

Sam smiled against her as he continued to work her over. Avery knew she was close and started rocking against his face. "Sam….Oh Sam…right there." She said and gripped his hair tighter as her orgasm came hard. She covered her mouth as she screamed and came on his tongue.

Once she came down Sam stood up again and smiled at her as he grasped her hips and moved closer then positioned himself at her entrance. Avery shifted to allow him access and closed her eyes as he slid inside her. She was so wet that he entered her effortlessly.

"God, you are so tight, baby." he told her, nipping her ear and sending shivers through her body. "I have been thinking about this for days."

"M-Me too." she breathed as he began to thrust in and out of her. "F-Feels go good. H-Harder please." She asked and this was unlike her but it had been a few days she she felt him inside her.

Sam lifted her up with his strong arms and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he thrust harder. "God, yes, Sam! Don't stop!"

Sam braced one hand on the wall behind her while the other held onto her as he pumped more forcefully into her. Her cries of pleasure were driving him crazy. Finally, he felt her tense and then her muscles clamped down on him, "Cum for me, Avery. Please baby." he whispered as he pounded into her.

"Sam…I'm…oh...uh…I'm coming!" She shouted as their orgasms ripped through their bodies.

Sam sat her back down and leaned against her, trying to catch his breath. Avery pressed a kiss against his neck. Sam slowly pushed away from her and he kissed her again. "I love you."

"I love you more." She said and the two shared a passionate kiss under the now cold water.

Erin rubbed her eyes as she walked out of the nursery, "Mommy will be right back." She said as she listened to Drew whimper from the crib, "Nature calls."

She walked down hall and opened the bathroom door just as Sam and Avery stepped out of the shower, "Hey guys." She said in a sleepy voice and then soon realized what she had walked in on, "Oh my God! My eyes!" she yelled.

Dean heard her and ran down the hall, "What's wrong?" he asked and when he looked into the bathroom and smiled, "Yeah….get in there Sammy."

"Oh God." Avery said and she buried her head into Sam's chest as he wrapped the towel around them but he couldn't help but laugh just a little.

"We're so sorry." Erin said and pushed Dean out.

"Wait it was just getting good." Dean said.

"Dean, out!" Erin said and gave Avery a wink, "We'll take care of Anna while you two…you know….finish up." She said and closed the door behind her.

Sam and Avery both stood there laughing a little, "Well…at least now they know how it feels." Sam said.

"True. We've walked in on the enough times." Avery said and looked up into her husband's eyes, "But you know she did say they were going to take care of Anna so maybe we should…."

"Round two?" Sam arched his eyebrow.

"Read my mind." Avery said and turned the shower back on and they got in.

Erin was cleaning up the dishes from breakfast while Anna sat down at her feet tugging at her pajama bottoms. Erin looked down at her and smiled, "What are you doing in here?" she asked and picked her up, "Let's go take you back to Dean." Erin walked out of the kitchen and back into the den where Dean was sitting on the couch with Drew, "Missing one?" she asked.

"How the hell did she get in there with you? I just put her down." Dean said.

"She can walk now. You have to watch her more."

"I blinked." Dean said and placed Drew in the small bouncer, "When did she get so fast?"

Erin smiled and handed Anna back to Dean, "She has grown up so fast."

"Yeah I know."

"Let's just hope Drew stays little for longer."

"Got that right. I don't think I can chase two." Dean said and looked at Anna, "You need to lean to sit still. Uncle Dean don't run unless there is a demon on his ass."

"Dean! Language." Erin said.

"Oh its not like she's gonna say…"

Anna giggles, "Assssss." She smiled and grabbed Dean's necklace.

"Nice going Dean. Her fifth word is ass. Real nice." Erin said.

"Hey you just said it to." Dean said.

"Assss." Anna said again.

Avery walked down the stairs putting her hair up and walked over to Dean and Erin with a smile on her face, "Is my baby girl talking this morning?" she asked and took Anna from Dean.

"Assss." Anna smiled, "Ass, Ass."

Anna's smiled faded and she glared over at Dean, "Did she just say what I think she said?"

"Uh…no. She said Ask. No way would she be saying ass." Dean smiled nervously.

"Ass." Anna smiled, "Dean ass."

Avery frowned at Dean and he laughed a little, "Where do kids learn these things?" he said and Avery still stared at him, "It was Erin."

"What? No it was not!" Erin said, "Don't blame me."

"Fine I'll just asked her. Anna who said that word?" Avery asked her daughter.

"Deeeean." Anna smiled and reached back for Dean.

He took her and look at the little girl, "Tattle tail. You're supposed to have my back. What the hell?"

"Hell." Anna said.

"Dean!" Both Avery and Erin yelled.

"Sorry it slipped." He said. "She'll forget it in a week."

"She better." Avery said. "So can I help clean up or anything?" she asked as she yawned."

"No I think we got it. Maybe you should go back to bed. You look exhausted. Then again two rounds of sex in the shower will do that to you." Erin said.

"Ha Ha. No I couldn't sleep last night." Avery said.

"More bad dreams?"

"Yeah. It's becoming a every night thing now. I just wish they would stop you know."

"Maybe if you wouldn't worry so much they would." Dean said, "You need to learn to relax a little. Nothing is going to happen."

"I know that. I just don't know why they keep getting more detailed."

"Because you over think things." Erin said, "Why don't you go take a nap. We'll take care of Anna, maybe take her for a walk. I promise Dean will not teach her any more new words. You need to rest."

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Avery said.

"We don't mind at all. Just go get some sleep. We go this. Team Dean and Erin are here. Right baby?" she asked Dean.

"Damn right." Dean said and winced, "Sorry. Last one I promise." He said.

"My poor baby." Avery said, "But thanks guys."

"No problem." Erin said and watched Avery walk up the stairs, "I think its getting worse, Dean."

"She's just over thinking stuff. She'll be fine. We don't need you worrying too."

"Yeah I know." Erin sighed. She was starting to get worried about her friend.

Avery closed her eyes and took a deep breath. All she need was at least an hour of sleep with waking up in a sweat. She just needed to clear her mind and think of something happy. Sam and Anna where the first things that came to mind and she smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

Avery opened the motel door and froze when she saw Sam sliding his jeans back on. Her heart sank even farther when she saw Ruby walk out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel, "What the hell is going on?" she asked but she knew the answer.

"We're going to get your daughter back now." Ruby smiled and looked over at Sam, "We have a deal. Sam here is a real keeper." she winked.

"I can see that." Avery said.

Sam walked over to her and reached for her but Avery jerked away, "It's not what you think. I had no choice. We need her help. Please understand."

"Understand? You want me to understand?" Avery said with tears in her eyes, "I lost Anna and now I've lost you."

"No you haven't. I'm right here. Baby, I had to do this. I had no choice." Sam said with his own tears falling, "Don't be mad at me. I love you. I did this for our family."

"I doubt that. We have no family Sam. You ruined that. Well good luck finding Anna with your new friend. I'll find her own my own." Avery said and stormed out of the room.

"Avery wait!" Sam yelled, "Avery….Avery..

"Avery honey wake up." Sam said and shook her a little, "You're having a bad dream."

Avery opened her eyes and looked over at Sam, "Sam?"

"Yeah baby. Are you ok?" he asked.

She sat up and looked him over, "Who's Ruby?" she asked.

"I don't know. I don't think I've ever met a Ruby before. Why?" he asked.

"No reason." She smiled and placed her hand on his face, "Just a stupid dream. I love you."

"I love you more." Sam smiled, "Now get up and get dressed. Me, you, and Anna are going to a picnic in the park today. You my wonderful wife needs to get out of this house."

"I couldn't agree more." Avery smiled. "Just give me five minutes."

"Ok." Sam said before walking about of the room.

Avery sat on the bed and ran her fingers through her hair. If dreaming of someone taking their daughter wasn't enough now she was dreaming of Sam and another woman. What was happening to her?

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