Ok I know I should be updating my other stories and I will! Eventually, and stop burying myself in unfinished ones, but since this is another Sasodei I figured it wouldn't get left in the dust. Anyways enjoy!

Sasori was exhausted, not only physically, but mentally as well. His body was screaming with pain, however he knew he couldn't rest yet. His ears flickered, telling him that nobody was coming, which was a relief to the neko.

Yes Sasori was a neko.

His ears weren't small little nubs, they were quite large and easily noticed by people, one of the reasons he couldn't just walk among normal people. His eyes had adapted to see in the dark, and his nose was extremely strong. He also had a tail, a bright red one that matched his hair and ears.

With a sigh he sat, wincing at the extreme pain that filled his ass. He'd always been the scientist's favorite at the lab he'd escaped from, and being the favorite wasn't the good thing.

They loved to have sex with their favorite toy.

He hated every second of it, meowing and hissing, wishing his fingernails had grown like claws so he could fight against his attackers.

He'd been at the lab ever since he could remember, fourteen years, being used as a sex slave, drugged constantly, the sick feeling never leaving him.

Until he'd escaped.

He still wasn't sure how he'd managed it, all he knew was that for one second he'd been alone in the outside world.

And the next second he'd been gone, running as fast as he could.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been freed, but he'd found freedom not all it was cracked up to be.

He'd slept on the streets, hiding in boxes that barely shielded him when it rained, he could barely find enough food, people were frightened of him, even worse were the people that taunted him, ones that were brave enough to run forward and yank his ears, or pull on his tail.

Then they'd laugh as Sasori retreated into a corner and hissed at them, unable to do anything else.

Even worse were the homeless when they were drunk, they'd rape the neko for fun, then beat him until he was black and blue.

Sasori was just getting over their last attack.

He'd learned if you didn't fight, it didn't hurt as much when they entered you.

Fight and it hurt like hell.

"Hey un!" Sasori flinched at the harsh voice and the sudden grab on his arm. He turned to see a blonde staring at him, not that he was angry, just an expressionless face. Sasori was nervous, and mewed, a trait given to him by the cat DNA.

Suddenly he was dropped, but he fell backward and his butt hit the ground hard, he let out a low hiss as the pain shot through his body. His eyes were closed when he felt a gentle tug on his ear, a more curious tug then one that meant harm. As if to play with the hand Sasori twitched his ear, causing the hand to go back quickly.

"Hello un." The voice was kinder now and Sasori opened his eyes to see the blonde from earlier squatting next to him with something like a curious smile on his face.

"What do you want brat?" asked Sasori coldly.

"Feisty, aren't you un?" asked Deidara poking Sasori on the nose, which made the red head have a sudden urge to bite his finger.

He studied the blonde who was maybe five years older than he was, he was thin and lanky, probably from high metabolism rather than some kind of eating disorder. His hair was bright, the golden bangs covering one of his eyes. He was wearing a fishnet shirt and a pair of jeans, both of which were quite revealing. Another small tug on his ear brought the redhead out of his trance.

"What brat?" he asked annoyed.

"You weren't answering me, and I got bored un." the blonde stated simply.

"So you feel like abusing me for your own entertainment?" The blonde frowned.

"Not really un, my intention was coming here and asking why you were sitting on my front porch, but this is more interesting un." Sasori hissed lightly, only to feel a new sensation.

The blonde was petting Sasori between the ears, his hand gently running through his red hair. Sasori's ears went straight back, and he let out a strange noise, one he'd never let out before.

"So you purr too un?" asked the blonde with amusement. Sasori wanted the hand to go down more, so he arched, gently trying to guide the hand down his back. He got his wish and the noise intensified.

"You know you're cute un." said the blonde with a smile. Sasori felt a light blush come on his face.

"Yo blondie!" came a voice, and the blonde turned to see a boy with silver hairwalking towards him.

Sasori immediately went on the defensive.

"Oh Hidan un." said the blonde with a bit of, was that nervousness. The silver haired stared, then his jaw dropped.

"Deidara what the fuck is that?"

Deidara? So that was his name.

"This is my friend un." said Deidara, "His name's… ah what's your name un?"

Sasori was quiet.

"Uhmm." Deidara had no idea what to call the boy.

"How about freak?" offered Hidan, and Sasori physically flinched at the words.

"Hidan un!" scolded Deidara

"Oh look he even has a fucking tail." said Hidan grabbing it and giving it a hard yank, which because he'd been raped so much lately was tender and as sore as hell. Sasori was now pissed, sore, and on the defensive, he hadn't meant to do it, but his fingernails made contact with Hidan's face in a clawing motion. Hidan let out a cry and held his face. He was quiet after a moment, actually finding pure pleasure in the pain, but now Sasori was freaked.

"Hidan un, you're scaring him." said Deidara annoyed. "Go be a pothead somewhere else."

Hidan smirked. "Whatever you say man." Deidara rolled his eyes.

Sasori got up to leave, when Deidara grabbed his arm. "Don't go un, why don't you come in? I was just going to order something, I can't cook for my life." Deidara snickered. "Unless you're in the mood for something charred."

"I really think I should."

"I insist." said Deidara smiling.

"It's ok, I promise I won't hurt you."

Sasori looked at the boy, debating on whether or not to trust him.