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"Bella?" I turned to the door as it swung open, I'd been in this room for a little over four hours and apart from the guy who bought me a nasty cup of coffee when I got here, this was the first time anyone had spoken to me.

I gave him a blank stare as he sat down at the table opposite me. He was the last person I wanted to see.

"Bella, talk to me."

"Where are my kids?" I asked him.

"They're safe." He nodded. As if that was the answer I was looking for. I narrowed my eyes at him and he met my stare evenly. "I promise they're safe." He repeated and reached out his hand to take mine.

I swiped my hand back off the table. "Don't touch me." I hissed. "Where are my fucking kids?"

He sighed and sat back in his chair. "What can you tell me about the whereabouts of Edward Cullen?"

I shrugged.

"Have you ever heard him mention the Volturi family?"


"Don't play dumb Bella."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I sighed.

"I can help you, if you're stuck in this situation, I have people that can protect you."

"Fuck you. Why am I here?"

"I just wanted to ask you some questions, no big deal, think of it as a friendly chat."

"You sent your officers to arrest me and take my kids god knows where, because you want a friendly fucking chat?" I stood up. "I'm leaving. I have nothing to say to you, so tell me where my kids are and next time you want a chat pick up the damn phone."

"Sit down Bella." He shouted angrily, before reigning his temper in and softening his voice. "I'm trying to help you here. How many times are we going to go through this? What will it take Bella? Are you prepared to lose your kids?"

"Is that a threat Detective?" I arched my eyebrow at him.

"No, please sit down, I know you're not involved in any of this, but Edward is knee deep in shit. You need to get away from him, if you knew the half of what's in the file sitting on my desk, you'd be running for the hills. I'm trying to look out for you."

I said nothing, but sat back down.

"Bella please. Just give me something here. Anything, it doesn't even have to be something big, just a name you've heard or a location?."

I didn't answer, he knew I wouldn't.

"No one's seen him for days. Including you." He said smugly. "Are you're expecting him to waltz in and rescue you like last time?" He laughed nastily. "Not going to happen this time Bella, I made sure that fucker was gone before I brought you in."

We sat in silence for several minutes until there was a commotion outside the door.

I jumped as someone pounded on the door. "Police, open up." A muffled voice shouted. I laughed loudly.

"You were saying Jacob?" I looked up and smiled victoriously.

"What happened to you Bella?" Jacob whispered, pushing back in his chair knocking it to the ground as he stood up and stormed to the door throwing it open.

"What's up Princess." Edward said nonchalantly as he pushed forcefully into the room and grinned at me. "How many more times am I gonna have to bust your sweet ass out of jail?" he laughed.

"Edward" I cried jumping up into his arms and kissing him passionately, his hands went straight for my ass as he held me up, moaning as I pressed my hips against him. He turned, still kissing me and walked out of the small interrogation room.

"The children." I gasped as I pulled back for breath.

"My mom and dad have them. He didn't tell you that?" I shook my head no.

Edward put me down and pulled me under his arm. He smiled softly and kissed my forehead, before his face hardened, his eyes cold as he turned to Jacob, who had followed us out.

"Do not fuck with me."

"You don't scare me Cullen." Jacob spat.

"No?" Edward chuckled darkly, letting me go and stalking towards Jacob, who swallowed noisily and backed up a few steps. "You're a fucking pussy Black, you waited until I was out of town to pick her up, because you knew damn well you wouldn't get her back here if I'd been around. You want to come after me, fine, you do that, but leave Bella out of it." Edward glared down at him, standing a good few inches taller than Jacob. Edward looked every bit the dangerous man he was capable of being as him and Jacob stared each other down. Jacob finally looked away and Edward smirked.

"You ready to go baby?" he asked cheerfully, his mood instantly changing as he held out his hand for me.

"You'll fuck up one day Cullen, and I'll be waiting." Jacob shouted as we headed out of the station.

"Ooh scary." Edward pretended to shiver. "Fuck, I missed you Princess." He pulled me to him once we were outside and kissed me again.

"Take me home." I whispered.

"Bells." Jacob called after me as we reached the car. He was standing in the doorway of the station looking at me pleadingly. "I know you're in a difficult position here, but you've got to trust me. If you ever need anything, call me, I'll be there. Don't let him drag you down with him."

"Jacob." I warned.

"Alright, I'm sorry. Look why don't you come stay with me and Leah for a bit, bring the kids, clear your head."

"Are you out of your tiny fucking mind?" Edward scowled at him.

"I was talking to Bella, not you." Jacob approached me slowly.

Edward shrugged and leaned against the hood of the car looking at Jacob passively. "Go for it."

"Give me a sec." I winked at him and he nodded, smacking my ass as I walked towards Jake.

Jacob smiled at me, his old friendly smile that I used to see all the time before he found out about Edward and everything changed, then he glanced over my shoulder and smirked at Edward. I laughed as Edward gave him the finger.

"Listen Bells." He said, quieter now, so that Edward couldn't hear. "I can protect you, I promise."

"I don't need protecting, Jesus Jake, its Edward. I love him, you know that. Just leave us alone."

"Damn it Bella. Edward is not who you think he is, he's into some serious shit, he's no good for you or your kids, you need to leave."

"I'll never leave him." I told him honestly.

Jakes eyes widened. "Let me help you Bells. Go get your kids and leave, as soon as you can. I've already said too much, but I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you. I'm your best friend, trust me please."

"Trust you! You just had me arrested."

"It was the only way I could talk to you, warn you, without Cullen being around. Listen to what I'm saying." Jake grabbed me by the top of my arms and shook me a little. "Leave him now, before it's too late. If you get caught up in the shitstorm that's about to go down, I don't know if I'll be able to keep you out of it. Not if you won't help yourself. Please Bella, take the kids and go." His eyes were desperate for me to agree, but he knew I never would.

"Take your fucking hands off my wife." Edward said quietly, his tone deadly. I hadn't even seen him approach us but he was right beside me.

Jacob gasped and let go of me, Edward promptly put his arm around my shoulder and lead me back to the car.

"You married that son of a bitch?" Jacob shouted angrily.

"That's handsome son of a bitch to you." Edward called, opening the passenger door and helping me inside, he kissed me sweetly. "You ok?" he said cupping my face in his hands.

"Yeah, I could do without all of this." I waved in the general direction of Jake and the station.

"Ah come on, you love it really. I think you do it on purpose, so I'll come get you. It's like your idea of romance or some shit." He laughed standing back up and pushing my door closed. Jake was still hovering as Edward jumped into his seat.

"Is this motherfucker for real?" Edward asked me as Jake started tapping on his window. I laughed and nodded as Edward pressed the button to lower his window.

"How can I help you detective?" Edward asked straight faced.

"Save your bullshit Cullen." Jacob was getting desperate. "Bella, he's our prime suspect in a murder investigation."

"He didn't do it." I told him emphatically.

"Why are you protecting him? We know it was him, we just can't prove it."

I shook my head. "It wasn't him."

"I can't believe you Bella. Charlie would be spinning in his grave if he could see you now."

Edward threw his car door open, Jacob only just managed to jump out of the way as Edward leapt out of the car.

"You're on thin fucking ice, Black. Watch your mouth."

"Worried she might finally realise the truth about you Cullen." Jacob got in Edwards face.

"Back the fuck off." Edward warned.

"Or what?" Jacob challenged. Edward just shrugged his shoulders. "Come on Cullen." Jacob pushed him in the chest.

Edward laughed loud and long. "You think I'm going to put my hands on you right outside the fucking precinct so one of your little deputies can come out and arrest my ass for assaulting an officer. You think I'm fucking stupid." He arched his eyebrow. "Now, run along back to work. I need to get my wife home." He smiled and got back in the car. "Catch you later Jakey."

"Bella think about what I said. Please." Jake poked his head in the still open window.

Edward pressed the button and the window went up, almost catching Jakes head in it.

"Fuck you Cullen." Jacob screamed as Edward started the car and pulled away laughing.

We didn't say much on the ten minute drive home. Edward seemed lost in his thoughts and I left him to it. I was busy thinking over what Jacob had said. Something was happening, something big that Jake felt the need to warn me about. If anyone found out he'd given me information his job would be on the line. But he'd done it anyway, which meant it was serious.

It meant they were coming after Edward for the murder of Aro Volturi, something I was sure he didn't do, and with the right help I could prove it.

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