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I had just finished getting ready in the bedroom when I heard the unmistakable roar of Emmett's hummer in the drive. We were having the whole family over for the day to celebrate the twins fifth birthday. It was also the first time we'd had everyone over since we moved into our new house in the outskirts of Seattle.

We had stayed at the house in Forks until Edward turned twenty-one, then we followed Emmett and Rose to Seattle. Jasper and Alice joined us the following year, and with all the family now based in Seattle, Esme and Carlisle moved as well. The boys had gone into owning and managing clubs and the three of them worked hard at their official jobs and their unofficial family business. Between their clubs, Marcus's casino's and Alec's hotels there wasn't much of Seattle's nightlife that the Cullens didn't run.

When we first moved to the city, we'd had a large apartment in the heart of Seattle, but when the twins got bigger, Edward bought some land further from the city and had a house built for us. I managed to talk him down from building an actual castle, luckily telling him that our twin boys wouldn't really think much of it persuaded him to go for a more traditional design, and it had finally been finished last month, Esme had decorated it beautifully and we moved in two weeks ago.

I was still getting used to it since it was much larger than our apartment. There was a lot of land and there was a separate house on the grounds for the security men Edward hired to watch out for us. Jasper had installed a state of the art alarm systems throughout the property and Edward assured me that no one could get inside the gates unless we let them, but Embry was still an almost constant presence when Edward wasn't home.

The boys were struggling to adjust; they had separate bedrooms now and so far Mason had spent every night in our bed sleeping between Edward and me. They were due to start school soon and I was planning to spend the summer settling them into the house and getting them ready for kindergarten.

I tied my hair up and made my way downstairs to see everybody. I liked that Edward and I had our own space, but I loved it when all the Cullens were back together in one place.

Despite them all being parents now, the Cullen's behaviour hadn't changed at all. Luckily none of the children ever repeated the cursing they heard from their parents or uncles and aunts and they seemed to be quite unaffected by talk of guns and violence.

I could hear one of my sons wailing in the kitchen and I headed that way. Both my boys were on the gentle side, a fact that Emmett found highly amusing. He teased Edward relentlessly and although Edward argued back, he didn't really care...he loved his 'little dudes' the same way he loved me, completely and whole heartedly, exactly as they were.

His approach to parenting them however, was somewhat unique.

"Fuck, don't cry! Here look, you just rub that shit off. See?"

"Uh huh," I heard Mason sniff.

"Listen Mase, we talked about this. What should you do when that little troll kicks you?"

"Kick her back harder."

"That's right son, in the shin, that's where it hurts most."

"I thought we weren't allowed to hurt girls."

"You're not, but Lily doesn't count, she's your cousin and she could do with a good kicking."

"Edward Cullen! I did not just hear you giving our son tips on how to kick someone." I rounded the corner into the kitchen with my hands on my hips.

"Uh…" He turned to face me knowing he had been caught. He had Mason in his arms snuggled into his side, his face hidden in Edward's neck. It never failed to make my heart melt when Edward was holding one of the boys. They were the spitting image of him, two little clones that followed him around. My boys worshipped their daddy.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Logan came running into the room looking upset. "Lily says Uncle Em is stronger than you!"

"You tell Lily that she's full of shit."

"Edward!" I said exasperated. "Logan just ignore Lily. It doesn't matter who's stronger. Being a good person is what counts."

"Are you kidding me with that crap Princess?" Edward looked at me incredulous. "Emmett! Your kid's a lying little fucker and if she kicks Mason again, I'm gonna kick her back," he yelled, modelling excellent behaviour for his sons.

"Watch what you call my daughter E," Rose came into the kitchen laughing. "And if you kick her, I'll kick your fucking ass."

I took Mason from Edward and set him on the worktop and wiped his tears. "Mason, you did the right thing. If someone hurts you, always come and tell an adult. You come and tell me." I amended, because although Edward was an adult, his advice to the children was often less than stellar. "You never hurt someone back, that would make mommy very sad."

"See, this is why your kids are wimps E. Little B keeps filling their heads with fucking nonsense." Emmett arrived, and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me into his chest and ruffling Mason's hair. His style of parenting was fairly similar to Edwards.

"My kids aren't wimps," Edward scoffed. "They're just not giant fucking bullies like the lunatic you produced. What the fuck do you feed that mutant?"

"Edward, don't call Lily names, she's four." Esme came into the kitchen carrying a cake and telling Edward off.

"Em started it!"

"Emmett, don't make fun of the boys, I think it's lovely that they're sensitive," Esme scolded.

"Fuck Mom! That's just a more polite way of saying they're wimps." Edward moaned as Emmett coughed and said 'wimps' under his breath.

"Go on outside and play." I said to the boys, Lily was already hanging upside down from the swing-set in the garden.

"And keep the fuck away from the bruiser in the dress!" Edward shouted after them.

"Hey! She looks cute," Emmett moaned. Lily did indeed look cute, she looked exactly like Rose, she was however, built like Emmett. She was already far bigger than the twins.

"Uncle E!" Jasper let Chloe down and she flew into Edward's leg and hugged it.

"Hey, it's my favourite niece." Edward smiled down at her and then smirked at Emmett who gave him the finger.

"I come'd to sees you, Uncle E, and I's gonna play on a bouncy castle and I telled mommy I a Princess and daddy say'd that Auntie Bella is the Princess, but I can be a princess too can I? Can I? Cos you's the most handsomest prince and when I gets big I is gonna marry you." Chloe Cullen was a little ball of energy. She was tiny, like her mother, but certainly not silent. She chattered almost constantly and she had always loved Edward.

"Shit, I'm sorry Angel, I already married my Princess." Edward picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"You say'd a bad word Uncle E. I needs ten dollars."


"For the curse jar, I needs ten dollars."

"Ten Dollars! Jesus Christ Jazz, ten dollars a time? That's fucking extortionate. Since when did you have a curse jar?"

"Since we realised we could make a fortune out of you and Emmett. We're hoping to have enough to put her through college by the end of the afternoon," Jasper smirked at him.

"Fuck off." Edward gave Jasper the finger before taking out his wallet and handing Chloe several hundreds. "There, that should cover me for a good chunk of the day."

"I loves you Uncle E," Chloe beamed at him.

"Yeah, yeah, you just want my money." He smiled at her indulgently.

"Mommy, look at all my monies," Chloe said, as Alice came into the kitchen.

Alice rolled her eyes at Edward and he shrugged.

Once all the hellos were said and we had showed everyone around the house we settled in the garden.

We had patio doors leading outside off the kitchen and the patio was set up with a table so we could all eat together. We sat outside chatting and laughing while the children played. Emmett was going to fire up the grill and I was making side dishes. So I was in and out of the kitchen, getting drinks and checking the food.

Edward had bought the boys a bouncy castle and I buzzed the delivery guy in when he arrived. Edward helped the guy lug it into the back garden and they plugged it in. I laughed as I watched out the kitchen window as it rose into the air in seconds. There had obviously been a mix-up.

"What the fuck is this shit?" Edward glared at the delivery guy.

"Uh, is this not what you ordered sir?"

"It's fucking pink! And it's an actual castle with animals and flowers and shit! Why the fuck would I buy this for my twin boys?" Edward asked the guy who looked a bit panicked because Edward seemed to be expecting an answer.

"Uh…well…,um, I don't know sir."

"Exactly! I wouldn't. And stop calling me fucking sir! You're about fifty years older than me."

"Sorry sir."

I saw Edwards nostrils flare and was about to go out there and rescue the poor guy, when Chloe saved me a job.

"Uncle E! It's a fairy princess castle! Is it for me? Can I haves a go, can I, can I?" Chloe bounced up and down on his leg, and I knew that the delivery guy was about to be let off because of a three year old girl who had Edward wrapped around her little finger.

"It's all yours Angel," Edward smiled down at her.

"Can I have one?" Lily asked him.

"Of course you can Munchkin." Edward nodded, because although he teased Emmett he loved Lily just as much as Chloe.

"I'm gonna need another one of these," he told the delivery guy.

"Yes Sir," he stammered. "We can have it delivered in seven days."

"Yeah, I'm gonna need it today."

"Uh, I don't think that's going to be possible sir," the delivery guy cringed. "I could maybe get it here for Wednesday."

"Fuck! Can you wait Munchkin? We can get it delivered to your house next weekend yeah?"

"No!" Lily stomped her foot, threw herself onto the ground and launched into a screaming fit. She could throw an impressive tantrum when she applied herself. Edward just stared at her bemused for a few moments before he yelled.

"Em! Come sort your fucking mental kid out!"

"Hey Lily-boo, it's alright." Emmett ran over and scooped her up off the ground. "Uncle E's just a mean motherfucker. Daddy will get you a kick ass castle, much better than this pile of shit."

"Fuck you! I told the demonic little freak I'd get her one."

"Fuck you! What did you order a pink one for anyway, is that what your wimpy kids wanted?"

"If you call my kids wimps one more time, I will shoot you in the head."

"Mommy say'd no guns at parties," Chloe interjected.

"Mommy's a big fat liar Angel," Edward told her seriously.

"Edward!" Esme admonished.

"Daddy, where's our bouncy castle? You said it was going to be green," Logan asked him.

"Uh, well there's been a bit of a mix up, so we're going to have to play on this one for today, but we can still have fun right? I fucking love pink bouncy castles, they're my favourite." Edward tried his best to stop the imminent meltdown.

"But…but…., you said it was gonna be a dinosaur!" Logan started to cry and Esme rushed over to hug him.

"See what I mean, what a fucking w.…"

Edward went for his gun before he could finish his sentence.

"Hey, I'm holding my kid," Emmett moaned.

"You should have thought about that before you called my kid a fucking wimp."

"Don't shoot Uncle Em. I loves him. Not as big as I loves you, but I still loves him lots," Chloe said from around Edward's leg.

Edward sighed, his hand went to his hair and he stared at the delivery guy who was looking a bit shell shocked.

"I will give you a ten thousand dollar tip if you can get one more pink castle and the fucking dinosaur one that I originally ordered here within the next two hours."


"Better hurry the fuck up." Edward finished for him.

"Yes sir." The delivery guy literally ran back to his van and I was pretty certain ten thousand dollars wasn't going to be a big enough incentive for him to come back to the house.

I wouldn't blame him, it wasn't often you saw a man with a little girl hanging off his leg threaten to shoot at another man with a child in his arms, while they threw foul mouthed insults at each other's kids. Well, it wasn't often unless you were me, in which case it was a fairly frequent occurrence.

"I'm too old for this shit Princess." Edward came into the kitchen looking stressed.

"You're twenty-three," I rolled my eyes at him.

"Whose fucking idea was it to invite everyone around anyway, I'm fed up of the fuckers already and they've only been here an hour."

"I'm keeping Chloe, she's a good influence on you."

"Fuck no! She talks too much." He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me towards him. "We could always try for a baby girl of our own."

"Yeah, I know how that would go Edward. We'll end up with twin boys again. Christ, can you imagine, five Cullen boys in one house."

"Sounds like fun." He kissed me. "Wanna go upstairs and make a baby?"

"No," I laughed. "I don't want another baby yet."

"I know Princess, but you wanna go upstairs and practice?"

"We have a house full of people," I told him, although it had been a while so I was tempted.

"Exactly, between them they should be able to keep my cock-blocking son amused for five minutes so I can fuck my wife."

"Who's fucking your wife?" Emmett strolled into the kitchen.

"No one, that's the fucking problem," Edward grumbled and I blushed because I still got embarrassed by how open the Cullens were.

"Shit, is Mason still sleeping in your bed? Fuck E, that's gotta suck."

"It's just a phase since we moved. He'll grow out of it," I told him.

"He better," Edward moaned. "Little dude sleeps like a fucking starfish. I don't even know how he manages to take up so much space."

"Why don't you just chuck him back in with Logan? Maybe he's just used to having company at night." Emmett shrugged.

"You know Princess that might actually work." Edward sounded surprised.

"It's worth a try. I just want him to feel secure enough here that he doesn't need to sleep with us."

"Really? I just want him out of our bed so we can have sex in it." Edward laughed and I smacked him. "I'm kidding...kinda." He pulled me into his arms and kissed me before we broke apart when Marcus arrived.

"Bella, looking beautiful as always," Marcus greeted me with a smile.

"Marcus." I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"If I catch you kissing my wife again, there's going to be trouble," Edward huffed.

"I believe it was your wife that kissed me Edward," Marcus told him.

"Who the fuck invited you anyway? I certainly didn't."

"Again, that was your lovely wife." Marcus winked at me. "She likes me."

"I liked you, before I met the Princess and you started flirting with her."

"One of these days she'll realise she married the wrong Cullen."

"You wish old man."

"I really do," Marcus said wistfully.

"Ok, get the fuck out of my house," Edward laughed.

Marcus patted Edward on the back and went to say hello to the others.

Alec was away on business, so he couldn't make it, but he had called the boys and promised to see them as soon as he returned.

Although we hadn't had any massive problems like we had with Aro, there was still the occasional bit of trouble. Edward had needed to go off with Emmett or Jasper to 'work' and Edward worked closely with Alec on the family business. I kept myself out of it as much as I could. If I needed to know Edward would tell me, and if I asked he would tell me anything, but as long as we weren't in any immediate danger, I preferred not to know all the details.

Surprisingly the guy returned with the bouncy castles and after Edward had tipped him, Lily hugged Edward for a good long time.

Mason and Logan were thrilled and they spent the rest of the afternoon bouncing off their excess energy until Logan threw up and we decided it was time to let the castles down.

We ate and drank until it was dark; I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I was a little sad when the time came to wave our goodbyes, although no doubt we'd be together again soon. I saw Rose and Alice most days, and Emmett and Jasper spent everyday with Edward, but it wasn't often we all got to be together as a big group.

"Thank fuck they're gone." Edward said as he closed the front door and pulled me towards him. He leant down to kiss me and I kissed him back enthusiastically, before we were interrupted by the sound of our boys gagging.

We bathed them and put them to bed. Edward moved Mason's bed into Logan's room, which they both thought was very exciting, and we settled them down to sleep, hopeful that Mason would sleep through.

I cleaned up the kitchen a little but saved the back garden for the next day, I was tired and looking forward to climbing into my bed for the night.

Edward surprised me by joining me as I was getting ready.

"Are you not going in to work?" I asked as I climbed into bed.

"I took the night off." He smiled at me, before discarding his clothes rather quickly, he climbed in beside me in just his boxers and pulled me over to him. "I don't get to go to bed with my wife half as much as I'd like to," he said looking at me the same way he always had, like I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

I reached up to kiss him, I still wanted Edward the way I always had, time hadn't changed us at all. He responded enthusiastically, rolling us so he was on top of me.

"I love you Princess," he said, before kissing me again. I got caught up in kissing him, my hands wandering down his back as he ground himself against me. I was a little surprised when I felt him groan before rolling off of me.

"What is it Mase?" He called and I realised he'd heard him get out of his bed.

"Can I sleep in here? I'm scared." Mason came into our room looking sleepy.

"Of course." Edward pulled the covers up inviting him into our bed. He climbed in between us and snuggled up to Edward.

"What are you scared of?"

"That the bad guys will come and get me."

"Come on Mase, we talked about this. Daddy shoots the bad guys yeah. No one's ever gonna come and get you."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"Ok." He yawned and his eyes began to droop and before long he was asleep

"We're never going to have another baby if he keeps this up," Edward said looking at me.

"You really think now is the right time?" I asked him, he'd brought it up a couple of times in the last few months but I wasn't sure if I was ready.

"We're twenty three, we've been married nearly four years, we have a nice house and enough money, surely that's when couples start trying for a baby."

"I'm sure it is," I snorted. "But we already had babies, plural, without trying!"

"And look how fucking good we are at it, we're the most awesome parents ever. Imagine how great we'll be if we actually plan it!"

"I don't know Edward."

"It's up to you Princess, whatever you want." He leant over and kissed me quickly, careful not to disturb a peaceful Mason , who had spread out between us.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The P and the E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Over the next few months we settled into an easy routine, I got comfortable in the house and Mason had finally learned to sleep in his own bed again, a fact that pleased Edward no end. He worked most nights but was often around in the day, and we spent our summer with the boys getting them prepared for kindergarten.

Mason and Logan were ready, they were bright boys, and Edward was always finding new ways to educate them. He had been relentless about finding them the best school in Seattle and we had finally decided on a small private school not that far from our new home.

With the boys due to start soon, Edward and I had agreed to see what happened with regards to adding to our family, so I didn't get my shot when it was due. I felt we were ready to be parents again and the thought of another baby was exciting, although my doctor had warned that it could take a while to conceive after coming off my shot.

Mason and Logans first day at school was emotional for me, I cried kissing them goodbye at the door whilst fussing over them and checking they had their lunches and coats. Edward picked them both up and had a quiet conversation with them, unaware of the stares we were getting from the other parents. I knew we were a lot younger than most of them and I'm sure some of them recognised Edward as a Cullen.

I waved until their teacher took them into class and Edward put his arm around me.

"They'll be ok Princess," he assured me as we made our way to the car.

I nodded, I knew they'd be fine but I couldn't help but worry.

"So, we have 6 hours before we have to pick the little dudes up, what should we do?" Edward whispered in my ear and I giggled, Edward still made me blush.

The boys loved school, they settled in quickly, coming home eveyday with paintings and filling us in on everything they had done. Within weeks my boys, who had always been home with me and spent time with us and the family, were out and about, at various playdates, parties and activities, it was good for them to meet some kids who were not from our family, although Jasper had done background checks on everyone who came into contact with them including all the staff at their school and their friends parents.

I found myself at a lose end now, and I missed them terribly, often finding myself tearful when they seemed to spend more time away from the house than in it.

it was on one such day that I was sitting in our bedroom, Edward had called to say Mason and Logan were having dinner with their friend and I had moaned that I never saw them anymore. Edward had told me he'd be right home, sensing I wasn't in the mood to be alone.

He came strolling into the bedroom and handed me a bag.

"What's this?"

"A pregnancy test."


"You're pregnant Princess," he said confidently.

"How do you know?"

"I remember what it was like last time. You were all moody and weepy and shit."

I arched my eyebrow at him.

"And beautiful and glowing and I love you," he added, wisely, in my opinion.

"Well you're wrong."

"Yeah, I also remember that's what you said last time, and there's two little boys downstairs that prove you know fuck all."

"If you knocked me up again already, you're getting a vasectomy."

"You can fuck off if you think I'm letting some doctor near my dick Princess."

"Well then we just won't have sex anymore. You choose."

"Take the test," he laughed. "We have nine months to discuss long term contraceptive choices and just so you know...abstinence and vasectomies are not options."

I took the test from him and went through to the bathroom. Edward followed me.

"Uh, are you planning to watch me pee on a stick?"

"Yeah," he shrugged.

"Wrong, get out."

"Fine," he rolled his eyes at me and left me alone.

He was waiting in the bedroom when I was done.

"I'm right aren't I, we're gonna have a fucking baby!"

I smiled and he leapt up and hugged me.

"Can you please try and watch your language with this one."

"It might be two again."

I smacked him. "If it is, I'll give you a vasectomy myself."

"See now you Princess can go near my dick any time you like."

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately, it was so different to the last time we found out we were going to be parents, I was over the moon and the family were bound to be excited and I could hardly wait to tell the boys.

We decided to leave it until I was further along to tell Mason and Logan, it was too long for children to wait and I wanted to wait for my ultrasound to check everything was ok, and more importantly to confirm there was just one baby this time.

We found out that we were expecting a girl and Edward was over-joyed. We were planning to sit the boys down and tell them that they were going to have a sister.

"Remember they're five Edward," I warned him before we called them.

"I know how fucking old they are Princess," he scoffed.

"I know that, just…try to talk to them like small children. They're going to have questions and they don't need the adult answer." I warned him before calling Mason and Logan into the living room.

They sat down and looked at us expectantly when I told them we needed to talk to them.

"Mommy and Daddy love you so much," I started. "We will always love you, and we have something very exciting to tell you."

"You've probably noticed mommy got fat recently," Edward continued and I glared at him.

"I did not get fat Edward!"

"Oh, uh, no, sorry Princess. You see boys, mommy's gonna have a baby."

"What now?" Mason looked a bit panicked.

"No, in a few months. It has to live in her belly for a little while until it's ready to be born."

"Ew gross!" Logan cried. "How's it gonna get out!"

"When it's time, mommy will go to the hospital and the doctors will help her deliver the baby."

"Where did it come from?" Mason asked.

"Um, mommy and daddy made the baby?" Edward asked more than stated looking at me warily.


"It's complicated," Edward told them and I laughed, there was no way my inquisitive boys were going to let him off that easily. It was his own fault...Edward hadn't ever done baby talk and he still struggled with age appropriate discussions. He often talked to them like they were adults; it had made them intelligent and they spoke early and well, but it had also made them question everything and expect answers.

"I wanna know how you made the baby," Mason demanded.

"Ok, well you know how men and women have different body parts? Well, inside of a womans body she has thousands of tiny little…"

"They're five Edward," I warned him, before he gave them a biology lesson they were nowhere near ready for.

"Oh right yeah. Uh, so, basically girls have eggs."

"Like ducks?"

"No. And boys have uh…seeds."

"Like apples?"

"No. And to make a baby you, uh, mix an egg with a seed."

"Ohh! Like baking," Mason nodded thinking he understood. "So mommy ate the baby to get it in her belly."

"No!" Edward ran his hands over his face and looked at me for help, but I was too busy laughing hysterically at my inept husband. "Fuck Princess, you're better at this shit than me," he said running his hand through his hair.

"Oh no Edward, you're doing a great job. Carry on." I got out through my laughter and he gave me the finger.

"Mommy didn't eat the baby. We…uh, hugged to get the baby in her belly."

"But I hugged Megan Hunter at school!" Logan looked horrified.

"So?" Edward looked confused.

"Will she get a baby in her belly now?" Mason looked thoroughly distressed.

"Fuck no! Christ, you have to be older and married and shit. Well, you don't have to be married necessarily, but you definitely have to be older, and it's a different kind of hug. I mean, technically it's not really even hugging, it's more involved than that, but….uh, I'll tell you more about that another time, because you know, you're five and you probably don't need to know about that stuff for a while. They don't need to know about that right now do they Princess?"

I snorted. Edward had never really lost his propensity for nervous rambling.

"Mommy and daddy had a special grown-up magic cuddle to get the baby in my belly, and I'm going to keep her warm until it's big enough to come out and play with you. Because you're going to be the baby's big brothers and that's a really important job. You're gonna have to help look after your little sister, but I know you two are going to be the best big brothers ever," I had decided distraction was the key.

"Really?" Mason asked happily and I nodded.

"Cool!" Logan said excitedly.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Edward glared at me. "You couldn't have said that five minutes ago Princess?"

"No," I laughed. "And I'm giving them the S-E-X talk. Otherwise we might end up with two very confused boys on our hands."

After putting a very excited boys to bed, Edward and I snuggled up in bed together.

"What are you doing?" I asked as his hands wandered to my chest.

"I want a special grown-up magic cuddle," he said as he nuzzled my neck.

"You only have special grown-up magic cuddles when you're trying to make a baby Edward and we already did that," I laughed.

"Oh, well then I wanna fuck my hot, pregnant wife." One of his hands wandered down over my protruding stomach and his hand lingered there for a while before working its way between my legs.

He rubbed at me while I moaned, moving myself against his hand as he pressed his erection into my back.

He pulled my panties slowly down my legs and I felt him take off his boxers behind me. He entered me gently from behind, pulling my hip, so our bodies were as close as could be. He moved slowly, leisurely, his hands caressing my breasts, bump and body before he began to move faster and his hand slipped down to where we were joined and he took me over the edge into bliss.

My back arched and I cried out quietly, as he found his own release, muttering how much he loved me into my neck, before pulling out and turning me to face him. He then took me in his arms and kissed me softly.

We lay together catching our breath as Edward had his hand on my stomach andbegan whispering to our daughter in his own unique cute way.

"And when you get bigger, I'll buy you a pony, well perhaps not a pony because I fucking hate horses, but I'll get you a puppy, except they shit everywhere, and there's no way I'm getting you a kitten, because cats are fuckers, so, uh, maybe a fish, yeah, I'll buy you the best fish, and you can take ballet lessons and you can bake cookies with Mommy and your brothers, because those little dudes love baking, daddy's shit at baking, and you can play dress up and mommy can do your hair, because I just know I'm gonna be shit at that too. And you can have tea parties, although that's probably another thing to do with mommy, but daddy can…uh….,shit!" He looked up at me panicked. "What the fuck am I gonna do with a girl?"

"I love you Edward," I told him amused.

"I'm serious!"

"You're gonna love her Edward, and that's going to make her the luckiest little girl in the world," I told him honestly, because Edward did many things well, but the way he loved was by far what he did best.

"I love you Princess, so fucking much." He kissed me. "I hope she's exactly like you."

"Yeah? What are you going to do when she falls in love with a dangerous mobster and runs off to live with him?"

"Well, if he loves her as much as I love you then I suppose I'll have to accept it."


"Don't be fucking ridiculous Princess! I'm gonna kill any motherfucker that comes near my baby girl."

"Ah, there's the Edward I know and love," I laughed.

"Shit, she's gonna hate me, isn't she?" He ran a hand through his hair.

I took his face in my hands and kissed him firmly on the lips before promising him.


The End.

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