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I:The Small Rabbit

"Curiosity is what leads people to late.. madness "

"Mom?" 6-year-old Rin Kagamine called while tugging on her mother's jacket.

"Not now honey.. I'm talking to your Aunt Ada." Her mother said then she went back on the phone.

Rin pouted. She was in England... That was where her Auntie Ada, Grandma Mary, Uncle Howard and some of here cousins live. She looked around to see snow everywhere, she never felt this cold... good thing she was wearing jackets,gloves and a scarf.

She sat on her mother's suitcase.. Again she starting tugging on her mother's jacket.

"mooooooommmmm..." She whined. "I'm bored. When are we going to get out of here?"

"Now Rin... " Her mother said. "You have to be patient."

Rin pouted again. "Why do we have to be here again?"

"We're visiting your Aunt Ada's place for Christmas.." Her mother said.

"Why can't they go to Japan? not us go here?" Rin said.

Her mother sighed, for her, Rin is really one tough girl and is the one always asking questions that are "answerless" to mankind.

"Well,she's living here with your Grandma and you know she can't be left alone in th house. besides, wouldn't it be nice to see them after years without seeing them?"

"yeah.. I guess.." Rin shrugged."When is she going to pick us up here on the airport?"

"Soon Rin... you'll have to be patient." Her mother responded.

15 minutes passed and Rin was dying to do something fun. She sighed as she looked around the place to find anything that might get her attention. Then after scanning the whole place.. She saw something coming towards her...

It was white.. like the snow.. and It's eyes were blue as the ocean and the clear sky. It was a little Rabbit.

Rin smile as she saw the little ball of fur coming towards her. She knelt down to pat it on the head.

"Hey Bunny~" She grinned.

"Hey Mom! look! I found a rabbit!" She said to her mother who was talking to someone on the phone.. again.

"That's nice honey" Her mother said paying no attention to Rin.

The rabbit just sat there staring at Rin.

"I'm sorry.. but I don't have any carrots." Rin said as she patted it again.

Again, It just sat there looking at her.

"Hehe..your adorable~" Rin said. "Do you have an owner?"

The rabbit just tilted its head on the side.

"hm.. Do you want to come with me?"Rin asked.

Again, it did nothing.

"hm, I'll take that as a yes!" Rin beamed as she picked it up.

"Rin? Are you going to bring that to your Aunt's house?" Her mother asked, finally putting her phone inside her purse.

"Yes, and It doesn't have a home..." Rin said.

"I'm sure that little rabbit has a home sweetie.." Her mother said as she knelt down to Rin's height."It's Mother must be worried about it.. and they have to sleep.. for the winter."

Rin looked at her mother with confused eyes.

"It'll be better if you let it go... It has a family too you know.." Her mother said.

"Well.. okay." Rin said gloomily as she let the rabbit go.

"That's a very nice thing to do.. Now, Your Aunt Ada is already waiting for us on the otherside of the airport.. come on now." Her mother patted Rin's head as she geld the little girl's hand and walked away.

Rin turned her head to see the Rabbit still watching her. Sitting there.

"Go home now..." Rin whispered. To her surprise.. The Rabbit left.


They were inside her Aunt's cozy house. Rin was sitted on the couch in the living room along with her cousins Nella, Kiri and Johnny. It had been a pleasant day, Her cousins had been very nice to her. Her Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle was very welcoming. She started to enjoy the sight of snow outside and the house is just.. cozy. for short, she loved it here.

laughters filled the whole room. Then Her Grandmother said. "Hey..had you guys heard about a beast who had been killing animals and humans lately, especially in this time of season?"

all of their eyes widened. "tell us more!" I insisted.

"Ah Rin." She said. "I see you take interests int these kind of topics eh?"

Rin smiled and nodded politely.

"Well, okay then.. I'll tell you more." her Grandmother said. "When the year started.. There had been alot of people missing... then the officers find their body dead.. bloody animal bodies are started to be seen and same with the humans.. All they can see are bite marks..When snow started to fall, more people had gone missing and it all ends up the same, found bloody dead with bite marks.."

"Awesome... It sounds like a werewolf or something." Johnny said.

"No, Little Johnny.. it's not a werewolf.. If it was a werewolf then they could have seen animal footprints.. but all they can see are human footprints.." Grandmother said.

"But how can a human bite?" Kira asked.

"Yes, and how come it's always blood?" Nella continued.

Then that is where 6-year-old Rin said something. "Maybe it was a vampire.."

Grandmother was quiet. All of them were, except for the four little youngsters.

"What's Vampire Rin?" Kiri asked.

"Well, It's a monster that eats human blood-"

"You mean drink human blood." Johnny interrupted.

"ugh, okay.. It drinks human blood and it is human-ish..."

"I don't get you Rin.." Nella said.

"Never mind.. let's just stick for werewolf okay?" Rin said grumpily.

"Be careful... They could be anywhere.." their Grandmother said.

The four children's eyes widened again.

"Now.. we don't want to be the children be afraid would we?" Aunt Ada said.

"Now who wants some hot choco?" their Uncle said.

"Me!" The four said in unison.


It was two hours 'till sunset so the four children were given a chance to play on the snow outside.

"Hadn't you experienced snow before Rin?" Nella asked.

"No. It's always sunny or rainy where I come from." Rin said. "but I like the snow.. it's white and I feel like i'm on the clouds!"

"Hey Nella! Rin!" Kiri called out. "Come help us on this snowman!"

"coming!" Rin said as she dragged Nella with her.

Everything was fine, the children were playing and the adults were inside. The four were allowed to play as long as they don't go beyond the gate.

From the corner of Rin's eyes she saw a little white ball of fur... It was the Rabbit!

Rin dropped the snowball she was holding and ran towards the rabbit.

"Rin! Where are you going?" Johnny asked.

"Look! It's the rabbit! I saw it a while ago!" Rin said.

She knelt down and picked it up. She looked at it on the eyes, something seems different... the eyes weren't "Rabbit-ish" in fact.. it looked... human.

The rabbit hopped away from Rin's arms. "W-Wait! Where are you going?" Rin shouted as she followed the rabbit out the gate.

"Rin! We're not allowed to go outside!" Kiri shouted.

but Rin didn't listen, she just kept on following it.. "Where are you running of too?" Rin thought.

The next thing she knew.. she was lost.. but the Rabbit was still there.. still waiting for Rin to follow it.

"Where are you taking me?" Rin asked. "Please take me back home!"

The rabbit started running again..Rin knew she couldn't get out of here alive she's in the forest there's no way she can get out alone, what if the 'beast' her Grandmother said will come and get her? She had no choice but follow the rabbit where ever it was taking her.

finally, they reached a frozen lake... Even though it was frozen.. It still looked magical and beautiful.

"Is this what you were trying to show me?" Rin asked.

but It started running again, She followed it deeper in the road there was more harder, there she lost her shoe and her socks got thorned, she got bruises all over legs and arms. Then they reached a cave.

She was scared, what if the 'beast' lived there? what if it's going to eat her?

The rabbit hopped inside. Rin took a deep breathe and went in.. It was dark... She can't see anything.

The 6-year-old Rin Kagamine tripped down, hitting her neck on a rock. Tears rolled down from her eyes.

"It's dark... I'm scared." She sobbed.

"Mommy? Nella? Aunt Ada?" She called.

She felt something softly nibbling on her toe. She wiped the tears from her eyes and saw two shining blue orbs staring at her.

"Can you please lead a way out?" She sniffed. "Please.."

Again, It hopped away again. Rin tried her best to get up.. She wobbled as she followed those shining blue eyes. Then suddenly.. there was light.. It wasn't cold.. It was warm and.. It wasn't snowing.

Rin looked around her. "Where Am I?" She said. "This is not home..."

The sun shone on her emerald eyes.. The place she was at is a wonderland. All around it were trees and colorful flowers, birds were chirping.. She stumbled across a small pond where she saw her reflection clearly.

She looked around for any sign of the rabbit. She saw nothing but birds, butterflies and... A small boy about her age?

"Hello?" Rin called on the boy.

He was sitting under the shade of a tree.. He looked paler than Rin.. His eyes were Icy-Blue,his hair was golden and his face showing no emotion. He did not speak, in fact he just sat there, looking at Rin.

Rin ran to him. "Hello?"

He looked at her.

"Hi? Please! I need to go back home! You see, I saw a rabbit and I followed it.. it led me here.. Please help me.." Rin said. "Hello?"

"H-Hi..." The boy said softly. "I-I can help you..."

"Oh, thank you!" Rin beamed. "Do you have a house and parents? Maybe I can use your parent's phone to call my mom?" She asked as she sat beside him, then he moved a bit farther.

"I-I don't have." He mumbled.

"Do you live here by yourself?" Rin asked again.


"You don't have a family?" Rin asked surprisingly.

The boy was quiet.

"Oh, sorry for asking that... well, what's your name then?" Rin asked.

"I-I don't think... I have any.." He mumbled softly.

Rin looked at him sadly. "Oh.. well, would you like me to give you one?"

The boy shrugged.

"I'll call you..." Rin said. "...Len."

"Well? how is that name?" She asked him.

"It's o-okay.. I guess.." The boy said.

"So Len it is!" Rin smiled brightly.

"Wh-What 'bout you.." Len asked softly.

"hm? What was that?" Rin asked.

"What's your name?" Len asked a bit louder this time.

"Oh! I'm Rin! Rin Kagamine! I'm sorry for not introducing myself sooner.." Rin moved a bit closer to him then he he moved farther.

"Len? Do you hate me?" Rin asked.


"You hate me.. don' you..you don't want to come near me..." Rin said looking down.

"oh.. I'm sorry.." Len said as he slowly moved closer to Rin. He held her hand, "He feels so cold" Rin thought..

"Len? Are you blushing?" Rin asked.

"What is blushing?" Len asked.

"You know.. When you turn red when your near someone you like.." Rin said, trying not to smile.

"..I Like you.." Len said, still emotionless. Rin smiled at him.

Len looked at her. "What's that thing wrapped around your neck?"

"It's a scarf, you wear it when It's cold..but It isn't cold now so.. I think i'm going to take it off.." She started to unwrap it on her neck, she saw a cut on her neck and it was bleeding. Len's eyes widened.. He shivered then covered his nose.

"What's wrong?" Rin asked.

"I feel hungry.. but I don't want to eat..." Len said burying his face on his knees.

"You MUST eat if your hungry...or else you'll starve..." Rin said.

"N-No..." Len said his eyes focused on Rin's cut on the neck.

"Why?" Rin asked.

"because I don't want to kill again.." Len said.

"I don't understand you... what do you mean?" Rin said.

Len didn't respond to that question but instead he said.. "Your neck..." He said while looking away.

"Oh.." Rin said touching the cut. "Uhm.. I tripped while I was inside the cave... It was dark but when I get home I'll cure it.."

"Speaking of home... When are you taking me home? you promised you'd help me.." Rin continued.

Len sighed. "Just close your eyes..." Rin did what she was told.

"Len, since you don't have a family.. would you like to come home with me?" Rin asked with her eyes closed.

"I c..can't.." Len said firmly.

"Well... I'm going to miss you..." Rin said, her eyes still closed. "Promise when I come back here. We'll meet again 'kay?"

"s..sure..." Len said.. He looked down at the blood that was falling down to her collarbone. "Promise me one thing..."

"What is it?"

"Don't ever loose this.." Len said as he put on a necklace on her. "Bye Rin..."

Rin's eyes were closed.. She could feel Len beside her but then... His presence started to fade away... The weather that was warm was now cold and the hard tree that she was leaning on was now a bed where she was lying on. She can hear voices around her, familiar voices..

She slowly opened her eyes.. she saw her mother... her cousins and everyone..

She smiled.

She looked at herself, she was okay, no cuts or bruises but one thing she recognized was a necklace she was wearing...

Was everything a dream? was Len a dream?

Will she ever see him again like promised?

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