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..BEFORE YOU GO AND THROW YOUR CHAIR AT ME... I DO have some GOOD news. I am REDOING this..in a VERY different plot, characterization and well, stuff...so, it's like doing a different story but the title stays :D.. Me likey title :D

I wasn't happy on how this story turned out, honestly It was supposed to be angsty BUT it turned to humor.. XD

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OH! ..and I'm going to tell you how the story supposed to go because i don't want to leave you guys thinking on what could have happened, I hope you enjoy :D

WARNING: not written properly :D

-The beginning-

~(For all who guessed) RIN IS A VAMPIRE. Half Vampire. (Credit to those two reviewers who found it out: vocal-maiden and macchi-chan!). Her Mom is human while her Dad's immortal. Her family hid this from her. Her Dad was king of the World where his kind lives (To tired to give a name). Being a king of that place and all, he can't tell them he had a daughter with a mortal but it eventually slipped because of Haku and Dell who were once his servants (BETRAYALLL!). So he made this magical necklace-thingy which was supposed to be protection for Rin and gave it to her then he escaped her from the immortal world (her Mom wasn't there. The king took Rin after she was born)... BUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT something went wrong, Dell and Haku blocked the king's way and went all "GIMME YAR DAUGHTER. BLOOD TASTE GOOD" and the king was all like "NOOOOOOOOO!" and Len went in out of nowhere (Len's a servant :D) and helped and they finally knocked them both cold and finally escaped her daughter. turning to Len, he said "As a loyal servant-blah blah blah- Promise me, Never go look for my daughter, She means alot to me. If she finds out even a small thing about our world-blah blah blah. You are now free."

So the king disappeared and Len was "yay. Me no servant anymore." but then he saw something glittering. It was the necklace, it had fallen from Rin! *GASP GASP GASP*. SOOOOOO he takes it and finds Rin.


Rin grew up to be a normal teen and got a scholarship to a very fancy school. This one is the story, so yeah :D. Skip Skip Skip!

Okay, so they end up falling inlove and Piko in the story is one of Haku and Dell's siblings. but Piko LIKES Rin (because she is the Half vampire princess and Piko is in the "Marry me and I'll take over the immortal world MWAHAHA" plan here)which is using Miki to get her. Rin's friends doesn't know that Len is a vampire, all they know is that they're together and sneak out most of the time. SOOOO when Miki realized that Piko's using her, she told the principal about Rin and Len and both got suspended (NO! Y did I make Miki the bad girl? D: *is a big Miki fan and wondering why she made Miki one of the betrayers.*). A night before leaving, Len invited Rin to go with him. So she went, they went to that place inside the cave BUUUTTTT Rin forgot to wear her necklace and they got into another situation. Haku, Dell and Piko went Ninja Vampire moves on them and theres the part when Rin unleashed her "inner vampire" and knocked them out in like 5 minutes and she went like "What's happening?" and Len was like "I-I need to tell you something.."

and then Len tells her the whole story. Rin was like "NO FREAKIN' WAY." and tries to run but another group of badass vampires shows up and captures Rin. She wakes up in the immortal world, locked up in a cell with an old guy and then realized that he is her dad. and this part has the "MY DAUGHTER?" "DAD?" moment. So they did some magical incantations and chants and broke outta jail. Len on the other hand, was getting punished Servant Of Evil Style! (His head was gonna be chopped off) so Daddy-o and Rinny-kins stopped the event and went all POWERPUFFGIRLS SAVE THE DAY!


Okay, soooo...

Len told Rin that she is in a coma in the real world. She can't go inside the immortal world with her body so they took her spirit.. So, she needs to get back fast or else, she'll be stuck there forever! ..Back to the real world,Her Mom and family are crying their eyes out and Yuki, of course (The part about the 'dream' when Mom and Yuki were crying and Rin was like 'Hey, I'm right here!' on chapter 6)

So.. Yeah...I'll skip to the end..

Rin was accused dead... but truth is, when she came back to the real world, she ran away from the hospital and tried to find her way home. The doctors were scared to admit that they lost their patient so they said Rin was dead. (using a fake, other dead person's body and a few make-up stuff to make it look like Rin, to trick them..) when she heard about the news, she can't take it. Why does everybody needs to lie? This wa sjust too much.

So, She ran away with Len and who knows what could have happened to them..

~Yeah, that's about it.. :\ I hope you like it!

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