Still Moments In Time - Tantei

Sweet Snow - Kurama and Hiei

Reflecting on it, Kurama should have known it was a bad idea to give Hiei that much ice cream, on a mission. Or any day really. He always acted younger when he had some human sugar in his bloodstream. Which had resulted in what was happening now.

"Hiei, you need to go to bed!"

"No!" Bounce, bounce, boooinng! Hiei went flying into the air, for all intents and purpouses acting like a five or six year old and of all things, was bouncing on a bed, giggleing like crazy.

Kurama sighed and pulled a seed from his hair. Willing it to grow the seed turned into a smooth vine and with a little prodding, went and snaked around Hiei who was once again in mid air. The smell of burned plant reached his sensitive nose and Kurama had to sigh again. He should have never introduced Hiei to the "sweet snow" in the first place. Not if he was going to act like that every single time.