Seth smirked at the chained Pharoh. The blindfolded man thrashed and struggled, but he couldn't touch the floor, much less escape from his priest. Seth had shackled his hands, and looped them over a hook in the ceiling, and the Pharoh was now dangling, helpless, over the floor.

Seth moved forwards, touching Yami. Gently, he ran his hands down the boy's chest.

"S-seth!" Yami cried out. "Please!"


The chained Pharoh cried out when his priest struck him, skin turning red where he had been slapped. Seth gently kissed his cheek.

"You know you don't get to talk, pet. Good dogs don't yap at their masters," he said, smirking at the heated blush that blossomed on the embarrassed boy's cheeks. Reaching into his belt, Seto pulled out the Sennen Rod, and unsheathed it's hidden blade.

When Yami heard the sound of a blade being unsheathed, he tensed, quivering. Seth ran the blade's point along his prisoner's jaw, careful not to push down too hard. A bright red trail followed the knife's tip.

Enjoying Yami's whimper of pain, Seth applied less pressure to the blade, angling it so that it was almost flat to the skin and drawing it across the smaller boy's throat, letting the point rest in the hollow of his neck before angling it down and pulling the knife down and through the boy's tunic.

Ripping the shredded cloths off of his captive, he sheathed the Sennen Blade. Yami gasped when he felt the cool air hit his chest, and cried out wordlessly when he felt a hot mouth latch onto one of his nipples.

Seth nipped and tugged on Yami's nipple, delighting in the boy's whimpers and gasps of pain and pleasure. Reaching over, he began to tug on the other nipple, and Yami arched forwards with a muffled scream of pleasure.

"Are you enjoying this, Atem?" Seth growled, releasing the boy's nipple and twisting the other between thumb and forefinger. Yami shrieked in pleasure, thrashing as Seth pulled him up, still lached onto his nipple, twisting and rubbing to draw out moans and screams of pain.

"Do you like this, you dirty little slut?" Seto reached down to cup the young Pharoh's groin through his pants, squeezing the hard length before undoing the string holding the loose cotton pants. Tugging them down, he stroked the boy's cock twice, watching the boy thrust into his hands, and then stopped touching the boy altogether, walking over to the bed and sitting down.

Yami's eyes widened behind the blindfold when he heard the priest walk away. Whimpering, he thrashed uselessly against the chains before falling limp.

"Seth, please!"

When Seth heard the Pharoh's voice, he looked up. Tutting at the boy, he stood up and began to circle his captive. Although the child couldn't see him, the boy sensed his presence and began to squirm again.

Yami screamed when he felt the whip crack across his back. Seth's breath was hot on his ear as he spoke. "I thought I told you not to speak, bitch. Do I have to gag that filthy little mouth of yours, or should I find a better use for it?"

Another lash, and Yami cryed out once more. Seth spoke again, from across the room this time. "If you want to speak, you can count, whore, and beg me for more."

Yami sobbed as another lash fell across his shoulders.







By this point, Yami had fallen limp, held up only by virtue of the shackles that wrenched his shoulders back, placing all of his weight on his wrists. His body was wracked by sobs, and he trembled when Seto walked around to his front and pulled him into a kiss, forcing his tongue into the other boy's mouth. When Atem resisted, he bit down on the younger's lower lip, prompting a gasp from the boy and filling their mouths with the metalic taste of blood. When he began to feel the need to breathe, Seto drew back, and his pet gasped, sucking in air desperatly.

"Let's try that again, slave."

Yami nearly passed out at the first crack of the whip across his chest. He writhed as his master lashed out again and again, the leather cutting into him and leaving red bruises. Finally, they stopped, and he slumped forwards, to be supported by Seth's strong arms. The man lifted him and unhooked him from the ceiling, before allowing him to collapse onto the floor. Moving to sit on the edge of the bed again, Seth smirked at the trembling, aroused boy who knelt on the ground before him.

"Atem," he finally commanded, and the boy's head shot up, looking for the source of the noise. "Come here, slut, and suck me off like the little cock-whore you are. Maybe that'll teach you to shut up." The boy whimpered, but dragged himself on his hands and knees towards Seth, who unzipped his pants and pulled out his length.

The smaller boy leaned forwards and licked cautiously at the elder's tip, crying out as Seth gripped his hair and forced his head down over the erect length. Yami choked as the brunette began to force his head back and forth, the tip of his cock striking the back of his throat. "Keep going, you little bitch. You like that, don't you? You like the feeling of me inside you, getting ready to spill myself down that needy little throat of yours. And guess what, bitch?" he said, holding Yami's head down, cock shoved down the gagging boy's throat as the boy struggled to breathe. "I'm going to fill that stomach of your's with my seed. You're going to swallow every drop, and beg me for more." Pulling Yami's head back, he allowed the boy to take one huge, shuddering gasp, before ramming back in. Yami screamed and writhed when Seth wrapped his legs around the pharoh's chest, pinning him down.

Seth reached into his belt, yanking free the Sennen Rod. Grabbing a tube of lube off of the desk, he slathered the round end of the rod in the oily fluid, and began to rub it over Yami's ass. The boy's eyed widened, and he began to really struggle. When Seth released the boy's head, he jerked back. "Seth, no!"

Seth reached out and slammed his fist into the boy's face. "I said that you weren't to talk, you masochistic little whore. I guess I'll have to find a gag, won't I?" Slamming a drawer open, he groped around, grinning as he pulled out a ring attached to two strips of leather. Forcing it into the boy's mouth, he strapped it on, then raised the boy's chin so the terrified child was forced to meet his eyes.

"You should have listened to me, Yami. Then you would be able to close your mouth, at least. Now look at you, Yami. Just another hole to be filled, I suppose." Pulling his head up, Seth grinned. "If you're a really good boy, maybe I'll even let you breathe." Seth struck Yami again, causing the boy to let out a grunt. Drool was already trickling down his chin, and tears were filling his eyes. "God, slut, you'd think you'd be used to this by this point. I mean, it's not like you haven't been filled before. I of all people would know that. So suck, before I get bored and just start fucking that wet little hole of yours."

Yami knelt before the priest, whimpering. With some effort, he managed to lower his head so that the gag slid down over the other man's cock.

"Good boy, Yami. Now, I want you to reach behind yourself, and spread those pretty cheeks for me. Don't worry, as long as you have my cock in your mouth, you shouldn't pitch forwards."

Yami, tears running down his cheeks, began to suck him further in. He reached back, pulling his cheeks apart, and whimpered as he saw the size of the rod's tip.

It was almost two inches wide, with a ball on the end that was closer to two and a half. Even though it shone with lube, Yami knew that it would hurt, and Seth hadn't even stretched him.

Seth began to rub the oily Rod over his pet's ass. Finnally he decided that he had played with the boy's fears enough, and angled the Rod so that it was pointed down into Yami's ring. Grinning, he thrust it in in one swift motion.

Yami screamed, even around Seth's cock, and thrashed. The older man grinned, wrenching the item out from between the boy's cheeks, then thrusting in, plunging it in and out as Yami cryed, screamed, and begged for mercy.

Seth felt himself nearing orgasm, and used one hand to force the pharoh's mouth all the way down onto his erection. He renewed his efforts, plunging the Rod deeper and deeper into the gaping hole with each thrust. As Yami's muffled screams caused the boy's tounge to run along the sides of his dick, Seth thrust the Rod in another time, and came.

Yami began to cry even harder when he felt the salty juices slide down the sides of his mouth. Desperately, he struggled to swallow the older man's seed, but he gagged and choked. When Seth finally pulled out of the smaller boy's mouth, he looked down and laughed.

"Look at you, you little cock-sheath. Not even able to swallow properly. You want some more, slut? Do you want me to tie you up here, and whenever I want to whack myself off, I can come in here and pour a little more of my sperm down your throat? Or I can tie you up in the bathroom- you can be my urinal. Would you enjoy me pissing in your mouth, bitch?"

Yami gurgled uselessly and shook his head. Seth laughed again and began thrusting the rod into the little Pharoh's ass. Yami began screaming again in earnest, incomprehensible but no longer muffled by the Priest's cock.

Finnally, Seth rammed the Rod into his slave's ass, and it sank in all the way to the hilt. Seth began to laugh uncontrollably. When he finally stopped, he answered Yami's nervous look. "Your little ass is just sucking the rod in, isn't it? You've got twelve inches of metal rammed up inside you, and you can't even move. So, what should I do now, I wonder?"

He grabbed Yami's hands and tied them together again. Once more tossing the slender boy over the hook in the ceiling, he began to shift the rod in circles, stretching the sobbing boy's asshole without thrusting. As he moved it, he spoke. "I think I'll go get something to eat. I'll bring back some new toys for you, too, so that we can have more fun. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone where you are, so don't worry about being walked in on. After all, it would be terrible if someone walked in on the great Pharoh when he was in this condition, wouldn't it?"

Yami moaned and gasped as he felt his insides tear further with every twist of the rod. He slumped, relieved, when he saw Seth move towards the door, and Seth paused. Turning around, he moved towards some drawers, and, smirking, said, "But it would be such a shame to leave you lonely. Let me find you something to occupy yourself with. I have a few moments before I have to go, after all." Reaching into the top drawer, he withdrew some items, keeping them hidden from Yami.

Walking over to the bed, he lay them down, then lifted one and strode over to Yami. Holding the two clamps before tearstained eyes, he inquired, "Do you know what these are, slut?" He busied himself attaching the first to Yami's erect right nipple, leaving it still fairly loose. Once the other one was attached, he grabbed the one on the right again, and began to tighten it, not stopping until Yami screamed in pain. "Good boy, my little cock-slut. But that's only 15 cranks. Let's see if we can make it to twenty with the other one, shall we?"

Yami let out a choked sob, shaking his head, but Seth ignored him. When the boy attempted to swing out of his grasp, he grabbed the rod and pushed it straight forwards, forcing the boy's entire body to swing forwards with it. Grabbing the clamp, he allowed the boy to fall back into position, but pulled out on the nipple so that all of the boy's weight was on that one point. As the boy howled and writhed, Seth began to tighten the clamp.

"…19…20!" By this point, Yami was arching his back and screaming. Seth let go of the boy, who slumped back until he was limply dangling.

Seth marched back over to the bed, grabbing another toy, and carrying it over to the trembling boy, who didn't resist as the cock cage was clamped over his limp length. He didn't even twitch until Seth moved up to his chest again, this time with two dangling weights attached to strings.

"Let's see how you do with 6 ounces, to start, cocksucker. I'm just a bit worried, do you think it's too little?" he laughed, hooking them over the clamps. Yami shuddered and sobbed.

Yami whimpered as his master stepped away, surveying his work. Finally, he turned and grabbed a length of cloth and two foam earplugs. Placing the cloth over Yami's eyes, he tied it into place before putting the plugs into the small boy's ears. Stepping back, he twisted the Sennen Rod one last time, then walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Yami hung, limply, sobbing. He couldn't hear or see anything, and didn't even know if his master had left yet. He couldn't even assess how badly hurt he was, and the lack of any other sensory input made the pain a thousand times worse.

His nipples were in agony. Seth had made sure to swing the weights before he left, so they were still being tugged back and forth, sending pain ripping through his chest.

His ass was worse. It was sore and bruised all over, and every time he inhaled, he could feel the metal move slightly, ripping a little more of his insides.

His cock was limp within the spiked cage, lying on the sharp spikes, which didn't dig in like they would have if he were erect, but nonetheless sent pain shooting down the sensitive nerves.

Even his throat burned, jaws sore from being wrenched open for so long, and his master's come was still in his mouth, slowly trickling down his throat, the salty taste making him gag. He was unable to stop himself from drooling, and his saliva was collecting in his mouth, choking him.

Yami lay still, waiting for when Seth would return, and continue his tortures.