As Seth pumped the rod in an out of his toy, he felt himself harden. With one hand he continued to fuck the smaller pharaoh, but with the other, he began to jerk himself off, enjoying the whimpers of pain that his fucktoy produced every time the Sennen Rod was plunged back between his small asscheeks. Finally, however, he withdrew the rod and positioned his own precum-covered cock at the boy's quivering entrance.

"Don't worry, little one. I'll be gentle," was the only warning the younger had before the priest drove his hard cock into the boy's thoroughly loosened ass.

"Mmmhhhmf!" Yami's scream, muffled by the rubber cock gagging him, nonetheless cut through the quiet room. The sound of his soft grunts and moans, as well as the priest's heavy breathing, filled the dry, warm air of the priest's chambers.

"Mmmm, you like that don't you. Feels nice, right? Feels good. Are you going to cum for me, whore? Are you going to cum for me when I spill my seed in your ass? You will, won't you, you filthy little slut," Seth ground out, thrusting deep into the other boy, who gave a soft cry of fear when he heard the harsh words. "If you didn't have that cock in your mouth right now, bitch, you'd be begging me for more.

Driving home, Seth managed to strike his slave's prostate, prompting a long, drawn-out moan from the trembling child. The sound of the younger man's pleasure spurring him on, Seth thrust again and again into the well-stretched ass, groaning in pleasure as the smaller boy began to thrust back slightly under him. However, he restrained himself, waiting until he felt the pharaoh orgasm under him to release his load deep inside the boy.

Despite the discomfort he was in from the gag and his abused body, Yami quickly dropped off to sleep, exhausted, with his master's cock still deep inside him.

Behind him, Seth gave a low chuckle, and wrapped his arms around the pale, slender body before allowing himself to drop off too, curled around the trembling body of his young toy.

Seth awoke slowly the next morning. It took him a few minutes, blinking blearily at the light filtering through his curtains, to figure out exactly what was going on.

However, he was brought quickly back to alertness when he felt Yami, still impaled on his dick, begin to wriggle. Giving a predatory grin, he tightened his hold on the boy, rolled the pair over so he was on top, and waited for his pet to fully return to consciousness.

The wait wasn't a long one, and soon Seth was listening to the sweet sound of a panicking Yami trying to figure out where he was. Still smirking, Seth pulled his now erect cock out of the boy's ass, and slammed himself back in.

"MMMMmft!" The sudden action prompted a scream from his victim, who stiffened, realizing that he was still in the arms of his master. However, this small response was not enough to entertain Seth, who began to plunge in and out of the gaping hole, ignoring the tears that ran from Yami's eyes as his asshole was once again torn and pounded by the thick cock. As Yami began to buck under him, Seth thrust deeper, pulling the younger boy's head back with his long hair and causing him to choke on the dildo still shoved down his throat.

As his slave began to gag and gasp for air, Seth pounded into him a few more times and then released, spilling yet more cum into the boy's still-stick insides. Still on top of the smaller boy, Seth once more rested, ignoring the fact that his actions had brought the pharaoh no pleasure. Once he had recovered his breath, he leaned over to his slave's ear and whispered into it, "What a nice way to wake up, little cumslut. A nice, mewling body beneath me, all tied up with a cock down its throat, ready for me to shove my dick down its loose little ass. Did you enjoy that, pet? Did you like my cock being the first thing you felt when you woke up? I promise you that this won't be the only time you wake up with something nice and hard shoved into one of your pretty little holes."

Tears ran down Yami's face at his master's words, but Seth ignored them, instead pulling himself out of the boy and wiping his cock off on the boy's soft ass cheeks.

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