This is a new fiction area for me, and this is the first part of a story I have loosely plotted. Set some short while after events in the movie, things are returning to normal, and that includes the weather. I've done my best to make the speech resemble the movie. For now, enjoy this the first part of the story and let me know if you would be interested in more.

Storm Rising

You may have heard of a place known as Burk, where it snows nine months out of the year, and hails the other three. Perchance you may have also heard of the strange happenings there of late, during the oddly nice weather they had recently. Nevertheless, nature has returned to its usual cycle, and with it, the village has slowly but surely adapted to their new lifestyle. My story starts thusly, on a cold winter's day, with a pair of friends sitting quietly on a cliff, watching the weak winter sun renew its battle against the building clouds in the distance.

Sighing, the young man shifted a bit, and leaned on his friend, his roving eyes taking in the sunrise. It had been a rough few weeks, making sure everyone got along. He'd felt the need to distance himself from the clutter for a few hours, and his friend had obliged. No words had been spoken, but then again, none were truly needed. Indeed, the dragon sitting next to him knew his mind nearly as well as he himself did. Even now this was proven true as Toothless peered at Hiccup and rumbled a soft question.

"Yeah, I'm ok bud. I just needed to clear my head for a while, get away from everybody." The dragon gave a nod of his head, and settled down, gazing out to the vast grey ocean. For a while there was silence but for the wind and the surf below. Then Hiccup felt the need to rearrange himself once more, and he uncrossed his legs stretching them out and letting them kick loosely against the cliff. One made little sound as his boot hit the rock, and the other made a distinctive metal clank that made him inadvertently wince and caused Toothless to shoot an anxious glance at his friend. Hiccup merely shook his head, and went back to gazing at the sea thinking. He'd had to replace the original leg that Gobber made for him twice now. The mostly wooden leg hadn't stood up to the stresses a pouncing Night Fury demanded of it, and as such, Hiccup had tinkered with the design extensively, and the current version was largely metal and had stood up to the stresses put on it so far. It was also the most comfortable design yet, with a bit of padding where it joined the rest of his leg.

That wasn't to say it never pained him though. He'd lost track of the times he'd slipped and had jammed the appendage into his flesh. There were also the matters of the night dreams that woke him up in a cold sweat, and his leg on fire, ever though it didn't exist anymore. Both of the matters were manageable though, mostly through the help of Toothless, who always seemed to be ready to lend him a support, or to be there with a friendly murmur and a warm embrace on those horrid nights.

Speaking of the dragon, Toothless was yawning widely, indicating all too well he had gotten his fill of the beautiful view and was ready to go elsewhere as soon as Hiccup was ready. Idly stroking his friend on the nose he murmured, "Just a few more minutes is all, and we'll get going for the day." One hand still on the Night Fury he gazed back out to the waves before the sound of wings caught his attention, and he looked up in time to see a very familiar Nadder land close by, and an even more familiar figure jump off it and walk towards him.

Struggling to his feet, Hiccup got his good leg up, placed his fake solidly, and promptly tripped when he turned around, falling dangerously close to the cliff edge. He was promptly dragged back from the edge by Toothless, who then placed himself between boy and vast open space. Blushing furiously, Hiccup again tried to find his feet, and got to his knees before looking up to find a hand in front of him which he accepted without a word before pulling himself up. Looking over her friend (who was perhaps more than just a friend, but they rarely spoke of that), Astrid's voice was slightly tinged with both humor and concern. "You're up early. Something bugging you?" Managing a grin, he shook his head. "Nah, just needed to get away from the village for a while. Needed to clear my head."

Glad to see a smile on her friends face, Astrid nodded. "Alright then. If that's the case, want to go flying with us? I think the weather's finally stopped cooperating, and we want to get one last good flight in before the snow starts." Suddenly excited Hiccup began to nod, and then stopped as a thought came to him.

"I'd love to, but I've just remembered that today the students in Dragon Training have finished their basic lessons with Gobber, and now it's my turn to teach them." He glanced up at the sky, hoping the blush had vanished from his face. "They'll probably be wondering where I am right now." Thinking, he shook his head. "Another day, I promise." He watched Astrid closely, feeling some invisible tension, as if he were letting her down.

She broke the tension after a few seconds, shrugging. Then, in a teasing tone and partly to cheer her friend up she added. "Alright. I bet you have more fun anyway, watching the new guys blunder around in the arena." She paused, feeling uncertain. "Maybe, later today when you're done and I'm back we can hang out? You know, just the two of us." The dragons rumbled together, from where they stood and Astrid rolled her eyes. "Oh, alright. The four of us then." Much happier expressions were displayed by draconic faces and she sighed. "Worse than parents they are."

Hiccup chuckled softly. "Yeah they are. Well, I'm getting later by the second." He stepped up to mount Toothless before his dragon gave him a nudge. "Wha- Oh." Turning back and blushing again he added."Yeah, hanging out would be good." Quickly swinging himself up, (this being one of the few actions that still felt natural, even with the fake leg) he looked to Astrid who had just mirrored his action and was now atop her Nadder. "Well, happy flying then. See you soon." His friend merely nodded and grinned in returned and together by unspoken command the two pairs launched into the sky, one heading towards home, the other over the open ocean for one last flight.

As the four wound their separate ways, unbeknownst to them the wind shifted, blowing directly from the North. As any old Viking grandmother can tell you, when such winds start to blow the best place to be is home, 'round the fire and not out venturing. But stubborn girls not often heed the advice of the elder generation, and as the winds grew stronger on they flew.