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Sooo here's an angry one for you!
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. A n g e r .

I was acutely aware of my rage.
I felt it moving in my veins.
Alive. Breathing. Consuming me.

Oddly enough, it did not hurt. My vision went black, and all mercy and gentleness faded from my personality. My very mind went numb as sheer vehemence overcame me. I felt nothing but this venom.

All I wanted was to lash out, and I had finally snapped.

This man (they would all see him as 'innocent,' but I saw him as 'guilty'; after all, he was the one who had carved my face open like a Jack-o'-lantern a few weeks prior), shuffling drunkenly to his front door in sagging pants and a baggy T-shirt with a lit cigarette hanging from his lips, would not be waking up in the morning.

My claws quickly found his shoulder, foot-long talons of solid black steel carving effortlessly through his muscle and skin. His scream made that insidious anger dance along my nerves, the euphoric feeling making a cruel smirk twist my pale lips. I ducked to dodge a wildly-thrown haymaker from his good arm, then stabbed the sharp ends of my claws into the flesh of his thigh. He screamed again; I had a bit of trouble dislodging my talons from his femur, but with a flick of my wrist and a bit of a kick upwards from my feet I was freed. He tried to deliver a front kick to my chest, but a graceful back flip saved me. As I came down, I lashed out at his foot, severing a few toes. He howled in pain.

By now, I had grown bored of his pathetic cries. I darted forward and dragged my claws along his throat; blood immediately poured from his torn flesh, splattering my pristine white sleeve, the front of my cropped jacket, and my white shirt. Some even got in my snow-white hair and onto my face. I listened to the bubbling garble of his severed vocal cords as the blood began to restrict his breathing, and the look of sheer horror on his face made me feel completely righteous in what I had done. I giggled softly, coldly, as his body sagged to the ground and he slumped forward, dead.


My giggles turned to chuckles, and my chuckles became manic laughter as I tossed my head back, proclaiming my victory to the stormy sky above. I eventually turned my head to the blood-soaked body laying sprawled on the sidewalk and clutched my head with both hands, my claws drawing five lines of blood on my cheek and up into my hairline because I hadn't been careful with them, but the laughter didn't cease.

I had done it. I was finally rid of that darned naivety.

In the back of my mind, I wondered…who would be able to tame me now?

Would anyone acknowledge me?

…would you?

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