Chapter 2

Lustful Lynx Sex-driven Squirrel

The two Mobians fell on the bed. Tails and Amy, both naked and padded in sweat. They cuddled together and fell asleep, not knowing of the shadowed figure peering thru the crack in the doorway! A certain AI (Artificial Intelligence) sticking her digital snout in other animals business. Yes it was Nicole, the operator of the city, and now she had just discovered a strange sight.

Let's go back a few minutes ago, Nicole was strolling thru the city when she heard a scream from Amy's house. She teleported up there and peered through the doorway of Amy's room and was astonished. She recorded what was happening and searched the internet. She found many articles, recordings, pictures, etc. on the subject of what was named, sexual intercourse. But she needed more info.

Meanwhile, at Acorn castle, through the empty halls, the locked bedroom of Sally Acorn, there was a squeaking sound from within the chamber. Inside we find Knuckles the Echidna performing anal sex on Sally! The guardian had the princess on her back, her legs high in the air, as he thrusted hard into the royal pussy! Rad red had been at this for hours; Sally had already smelled of his scent, drenched with sweat, and semen! "Oh, shit!" Knuckles grunted releasing all of his seed into the young princess. With one last moan the princess absorbed most of the cum, the rest poured all over her firm ass, and bed. Knuckles removed his erect cock from her drenched flower. "Damn, that was the longest ever." Sally told him. Knuckles chuckled. "Good thing your folks, and brother aren't home, or I'd be the one with the sore ass." He remarked.

"Speaking of which." Sally said rubbing her soaked ass. Knuckles got up and stretched his arms. "Knuckles, it was great "catching up" with you." Sally told him. Knuckles left with a smile. Sally collapsed on the bed. "Fuck that was brutal. He drained me; I don't think I'll be able to sit down again!" Sally said. Then Nicole appeared. Sally looked over. "Sally are you alright?" Nicole asked. "Yeah, I just have the sorest ass ever." Sally answered. Nicole noticed Sally was naked and wet. "What happened?" Nicole questioned.

Sally smirked. "Nothing, I just got out of the shower, what's up Nicole?" Nicole fiddled with her thumbs. "Could you, teach me about… sex?" Sally raised her eyes to this. 'I just got fucked in every possible way by Knuckles, and now I have to teach Nicole?' Sally thought. Then a naughty smile formed on her face. "Why of course I'll teach you." Sally purred.

Then Sally crawled under her bed and pulled out box that had all sorts of gadgets and gizmos in it. Nicole tensed. "W-what are those?" She asked. Sally smiled. "These, are your tools."

Then Sally pulled out a long plastic "U" with two bulges on each end. 'That looks like the one Tails had, only two of them.' Nicole thought. Then Sally pushed Nicole on the bed and tore off her clothes! Nicole was shocked. Then Sally kissed Nicole! Nicole cooed, as Sally twirled her tongue inside the Lynx's digital mouth. Sally groped Nicole's firm breasts, as Nicole did the same to Sally! Then the two broke the kiss, panting. Sally then prodded the double sided dildo to her opening, it slid in smoothly. "Whoa, wait, couldn't we just…" Nicole begged, but Sally responded by shoving the other half into Nicole's tight cunt! "Aaaaaaaagh!" Nicole squealed, as Sally pushed in and out! The room started to spin, Nicole's stomach churned, the pleasure built up. "Oh fu- oh fu-"Nicole tried to finish as Sally got into the rhythm. "What was that? Fuck you harder? Okay!" Sally answered. The AI's eyes widened. "Hold on…"

Sally pushed in harder. Nicole screamed with pleasure and pain. The princess grabbed the Lynx's hips and fucked her harder! After what seemed like hours the pleasure was too much and the two females climaxed.

Nicole pulled the dildo out and lay down. "Now we rest until tomorrow's lesson!" Sally said with a wink. Nicole looked at Sally like she was crazy. "I am so fucked!" Nicole said.

At that moment Sonic arrived in Moebius, he was in Scourge's throne room! "Hell yeah I made it! Then his ear perked. He followed a noise to a room. He opened the door and saw Scourge getting a blow job from Rosy the Rascal!

The End.