The Tardis then re-materialised on a beach somewhere on planet earth.

Once it touched down,the Doctor and the whole gang got out.

"Where are we now?"said Ryoko.

"Why,it's earth."said the Doctor. "But in a different time peroid of course."

"Time period?"said Tenchi. "You mean,we're in the past?"

"Well,he said it's a time and space machine as well,Tenchi."said Washu. "Don't forget."

"Oh yes."said the Doctor. "And according to the readout back at the controls,we've arrived in hawaii in the late 60's.

And it says,that a great big new year's eve party is nearby,and we're invited to it."

"That's it?"said Tenchi. "You brought us here in the..60's to a beach party?"

"Oh,not just one beach party,Tenchi."said the Doctor. "But one held at a local millionaires house and a personal friend I happened to help out on of my travels as well recently."

"You don't say."said Ayeka.

"I think I do."said the Doctor. "Now,let me check my pockets."

The Doctor then took out a banana.

"Oh yes."he said. "As I said to a friend once,always bring a banana to a party,bananas are good."

"Man,he's freakin'weird."thought Ryoko. "But if he likes parties,he can't be all bad."

"Oh come on Tenchi."said Katsuhito. "After all we've been through,I think we've earned a break.

And i'm sure the Doctor will bring us back to our own time period as well."
"Oh,all right."said Tenchi. "But remember no alcohol for me okay?"
"No prob,Tenchi."said Ryoko. "Just give plenty to me!"

"I was afraid she'd say something like that."said Ayeka.

"Well,what are we waiting for?"said the Doctor. "Onward,ever onward-ALLONSY!"

Tenchi,the Doctor and the rest of the gang ran up to the beach house mansion where the party was taking place.

They were welcomed with open arms,flower lays were placed around their heads,they wined,dined,danced and had lots of fun.

The Doctor slumped about with his tie around his head,and clutching a bottle of champagne.


"Oh man!"said Tenchi. "Now he's drunk! How are we gonna get home now?"

"I'm sure he'll come around Tenchi."said Washu. "Come on,let's really have some fun here!"

There were hula dances,hula hoop games,limbo dances and all sorts of fun.

Ryoko and the Doctor even had a drinking game and were both so damn sauced they became pretty darn close at the bar.

"You're-the-you're the man,Doctor.."said Ryoko in a drunken slur. "You know...know how to parrrrrt-ty...hee-hee.."

"Oh,Ryoko-baby."said the Doctor in an equally drunk manner. "You're..you're way to kind,yes yes you are..."

"Oh brother,look at them."said Tenchi.

"Well,that's Ryoko for you." said Ayeka. "Get a few drinks in her,and she just gets close with anyone."

"I never had so much fun in my life."said Katsuhito. "That limbo bar really gets ya-ouch in a real way that is."

"Heh,yeah it has been fun."said Tenchi. "Even if it was dangerous and plenty crazy-meeting this Doctor guy might have been just the best thing that ever happened to us."

Later on,the Doctor and the others had pictures taken of each other.

There was even one taken which the Doctor had to break up a fight between Ryoko and Ayeka,and other hijinks.

Hours later,it was morning,and it was time for Tenchi and the gang to be returned to their time and place.

The Doctor had to drink eight cups of coffee before he could shake off the effects,but he managed to take them back to their own time and space continuuim on planet earth.

The next day,after everyone rested,the Doctor stood before everyone with his Tardis.

"Well,my new friends."he said. "I truly thank you all for your cooperation in stopping that madman..but I really have to go.

I really shouldn't be here at all. As I said to an old friend once..i'm not exactly breaking the laws of time,but I am bending them a little."

"Oh,do you really have to go,Doctor?"said Sasami. "We had so much fun,you could live with us."
"Yeah,we really enjoyed having you around."said Mihoshi.

"I'm sorry ladies."said the Doctor. "It's sweet of you to offer,but I have my own place and destiny to follow,wherver that may be that is."

"Will we ever see you again?"said Ayeka.

"Will we?"said the Doctor. "Well,they say time is relative after all. Just keep those pictures of us together,something to remember me by."

Tenchi approached the Doctor and then shook his hand.

"And to think it was just during me out in the carrot patch."he said. "It was really great meeting and knowing you Doctor."

"You as well,Tenchi Misaki."said the Doctor. "You as well. Always treasure each other as long as you live,that's all I ask."

"Oh,we always do Doctor."said Tenchi. "For better or worse."

The Doctor then turned back to his Tardis,opened the door and took one last look at his newly founded friends.

"I hate goodbyes though."he said. "Till we meet again,take care."

He then shut the door behind him and the Tardis started to make it's engine pitch wine.


And with a quick fade in and fade out,it was gone.

"He's gone."said Ryoko. "Ah,I miss him already."

"Same here."said Mihoshi. "He was really great and really cute."

"We'll see him again gang."said Tenchi. "I'm sure of it."

While back out in space and time,the Doctor steered the Tardis towards it's next destination.

He then took out a photo of him with the entire gang and placed it in a drawer in the Tardis controls and shut the drawers.

"Memories...are made of these."he thought. "Ah well,till next we meet again."

The Doctor's adventure with Tenchi Misaki and company was at last over,but little did the Doctor know what was going to be coming next for him as he was about to come across the planet mars.


(Author's note,I hope you all enjoyed this as I did writing it. Tenchi Masaki and Doctor who are owned by very big companies,but Sinistar was my own creation,I hope you liked him. I also dedicate this story to David Tennant who's amazing performance of the tenth Doctor lured me well into modern Doctor who. I also still miss him playing the Doctor,but at least we have Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor,right? Well,till my next fanfiction,thank you and goodnight. ALLONSY!)