Dean Winchester. To some it's just a name like any other name. To most its the name of a man that other men wish they could be, the name that most girls have screamed over and over as he took them back to his motel and gave them the night of their lives, the name that every evil son of a bitch feared. He was a man of many talents and he knew it, everyone knew it. He liked it that way but to me he was just Dean. He has always been just Dean. The same as everyone else…..kind of. Maybe because I was never the one he chose to take back to his place. Some say it's because he respects me. That's a nice way to say I'm not into you and I knew it. He was the only man that made my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. Every single time he walked through that door I hoped he would see me as more than a friend but that never happened and I'm realistic, that would never happen. I'm stuck in the friend zone and there is no getting out. My name is Abby Singer and Dean Winchester is my best friend.

Chapter One

Dean knocked once and walked into the house, "Anyone home?" he called out and closed the door behind him, "Hello…Bobby, Abby."

"In the kitchen!" Abby yelled back.

Abby fixed her hair really fast and turned just in time to see Dean walk into the room, "Well look what the cat dragged in." she smiled.

Dean walked around the table and gave her a soft punch in the arm, "hey short stuff." He said and headed to the fridge and grabbed a beer, "Where's your dad?" he asked and Abby just gave him a smile. Same as always. No hug or any contact other than a punch.

"He had to run out and get a car part of something for a old Honda he's working on." Abby said. "He should be back soon."

Dean popped the cap off the beer and tossed into the trash, "So home alone huh? How many guys you got hiding in your bedroom? Should I go check and do some damage?" he winked at her and leaned on the counter with a smile.

That wink and smile sent shivers through her body but she tried her best to hide it from him. She knew she could never have him. He would never want her in that way. It is what it is.

Abby tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled, "None. You know I don't date. Hell if I tried dad would have them buried in the back yard before I could tell them my real name. You know him. No guys allowed." She said, "So is there anything I can help you with?" she asked him as she leaned over to put the pots and pans under the cabinet. Dean's eyes roamed over her, checking her out. It had been six months since he last saw her and she had really grown up a lot.

When Abby stood up and saw his eyes glues to her she wondered, 'Was he checking me out? No he couldn't have been.'

"Nah I can wait on him" Dean said, "I'm just going to head out back and change the oil on the impala."

"You still driving that old thing?" Abby smiled at him.

Dean gave her a glare, "Ok one she is not old, she a classic. Two she it not and it. Three she is may baby, the love of my life. The only woman that has my heart. Four she attracts the ladies. I cant tell you have many friends we have made over the years together."

Abby just rolled her eyes. The last thing she wanted to hear about was all his hook up but that was part of being his best friend. "I swear if that car had a skirt you would stick you dick in her tail pipe."

"Damn straight." Dean said.

"I thought so." Abby said. "How's Sam doing in college?" she asked.

"I don't know. I don't talk to him much. I guess he is ok. He's moving in with some chick so I guess they are serious. I told him not to. I mean its college. He should be getting laid by more than just one girl you know what I mean?"

"No I don't. I'm a girl, Dean."

"But you know what I mean."

"No because like I said I'm a girl. I think you forget that sometimes." Abby said and crossed her arms.

"What? No I don't." Dean said, "How can I forget? You look all… a girl and stuff." He said and scratched the back of his head. "Im going to go fix the car." He said and walked out of the room. Things were getting awkward.


Later on that evening Dean and Bobby were sitting in the den watching TV and reading over articles Bobby found over a hunt when Abby walked down the stairs wearing a lavender fitted tank top and a blue jean skirt. "Hey dad I'm going to pick up dinner." She said.

When Dean heard her he looked up and saw what she was wearing and his mouth dropped open. She had really grown into her curves over the last few months and she was hot.

"Whoa hang on a damn minute." Dean said, "You cant go out like that."

Abby turned around and looked at him, "Why not? Does it not look good together?"

Dean looked at her and then looked at Bobby, "Tell her she cant go out like that."

"What?" Bobby asked and looked over at Dean.

"Look at her. She's wearing….clothes."

"I know and I think that's a good thing." Bobby said.

"No you know what I mean. Guys will be looking at her and thinking stuff about her and you know what that leads to. Guys will be knocking at your door wanting her and the next thing you know she's pregnant and doesn't know what the father is. Haven't you seen Maury?" Dean said in one breath.

Bobby glared at Dean and just shook his head, "Idgit." He said and went back o what he was doing.

"You ok there Dean?" Abby asked.

"Fine." He said, "Be careful." Dean had took notice of how she had developed over the passed few months. He didn't want anyone taking advantage of her. Before she wore sweats and t-shirts but now she was a woman and it was hard not to see that. 'Get a grip Dean. This is Abby. Don't look at her like that.'

"Ok well I'll be back in a few." Abby said and walked out the door.

Dean couldn't believe how much she had grown. She was a woman now and he was afraid for her. Guys were going to look at her like he looked at other women and he didn't like that at all. He knew he was a jerk but he didn't want anyone taking advantage of Abby. She was sweet and innocent and he had to keep her safe. That is what was important. Their friendship meant a lot to him and he wasn't going to lose it. If only he knew how she really felt.

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