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After Jess listened to Abby's side of the story and Sam listened to Dean's, they both new they had to get them back together somehow. They belonged together. The only problem was, they were both too damn stubborn to say 'I'm sorry' to one another. Jess and Sam, just needed a plan to set them up somehow. All they wanted was for Dean and Abby to be as happy as they were before.

"So, how did it go with Dean?" Jessica asked as she handed Sam a beer from the fridge.

"Dean is just...well Dean," said Sam raising his brows and shaking his head. "I know he cares about her, but he hates the fact that she is with Danny now. The thing is, if he would just open up to her, things would be fine." Sam sighed and took a drink.

"Abby is the same way. She's just so confused right now. She loves Dean, but she is so afraid of getting hurt again. Danny is just a safe choice for her right now."Jessica said as she sat next to Sam.

"Why cant those two just stop pretending they are still hurt and just talk to each other? I swear, its been this way since we were kids, so I guess we all saw this one coming."

Jessica nodded, "So what could we do? Just wait and see if they come to their senses, or should we give them a little push?" She said with a smile on her face.

Sam grinned, "You know, I love the way you think sometimes. We'll get them back together somehow. Hell, we'll just lock them in a closet if we have too."

Jessica moved over and sat in Sam's lap, "I always knew you were a smart one." Leaning in she smiles before giving him a kiss. Now they just had to figure out how to get Dean and Abby alone.

Dean sat in his motel room leaning against the bed watching TV trying to get his mind off Abby but nothing was working. He stopped it on 'Days of our lives' and for some reason left it. "What kind of shit it this? Dude come on." He said to himself as he watched the romantic moment with Nicole and Eric, "She don't want you man." He sipped on his beer, shaking his head, "This guys such a geek."

A few minutes had passed and Dean sitting on the edge of the bed glued to the TV, "What a bitch." Dean said and then he heard his phone vibrating on the night stand. He quickly turned off the TV and answered, "Hello?"

"Dean...have you been crying?" Sam asked on the other end.

"What? Hell no. Was just watching a...car show. Anyways whats up?'"

"Was just calling to see if you wanted to get together for a drink or something later."

"Yeah man, I'm going nuts sitting here." he looks back towards the TV, "What time do you want to go?"

"Meet me about six down at Mikes on Fifth." Sam said.

"Alright see you then." Dean hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed. A night of drinking and a few hot single women and he would be back to his old self.

Abby sat on Sam and Jessica's couch flipping though the channels, every now and then checking her phone. No surprise to her, she had no missed calls. She closed her phone and sat it aside sighing. She just wanted a chance to talk to Dean and explain herself. Why he was mad, she had no idea, "He is the one that started this." She put herself out there first and he turned her down. All she asked for, was a little time to get her feeling straight, and he couldn't even give that to her. Maybe she was the one, that should be mad at him.

Jessica walked in and saw Abby sitting there, chewing on her fingers as she smiles to herself. She knew what was on her mind. "Hey Abby," she said as she sat next to her, "Still nothing from Dean?"

Abby, shook her head, "No but you know what?...I really don't care. If he wants to be a stubborn ass, then let him."

"Now your thinking." Jessica smiled. "Let him come to you. I was actually thinking you and I should go out tonight. Just us girls. We can let the guys do their own thing. What do you say?

"Sounds great to me. I could use a night out. I need to just clear my head."

"Great. We'll head to Mikes around six, if that's ok?"

"Perfect. I'm going to grab a shower." Abby said. She got off the couch and headed into the bathroom. Tonight she was going to forget all about Dean, and Danny. It was just going to be about her...or so she thought.

It was just after five when Abby walked out of the guest room dressed in a small red dress, "Jess you ready to go?"

"Yeah but I need to wait on Sam to get back from class. You think you could go on ahead and get us a table before it gets too busy?" Jessica asked.

"Sure no problem. I'll see you there in a bit." Abby said. She grabbed her jacket and keys and headed out the door. She grabbed her phone and saw she had a text from Danny. He wanted to see her tonight. Abby sighed before texting back, "I'll be at Mikes. You are welcome to join us if you want." She waited for a minute and she got a text back, "See you then."

"So much for a girls night." Abby mumbled to herself. She couldn't't tell Danny no and the truth was she wouldn't mind seeing him.

Dean, looking at the clock, climbed off the bed and put on his jacket. He grabbed is cellphone and headed out the door. Pulling up to Mikes he noticed that Sam's car wasn't in th lot,"I wonder where Sammy is?" he said. He got out of the Impala and went inside and ordered a drink.

Abby pulled up to the bar and got out of the car. She fixed her dress and put her keys in her purse. Just as she headed in, she looked up and saw the impala "You have got to be kidding me." she said. She thought about just leaving, but this was her night and she wasn't going to let him ruin it for her because he was the one choosing not to talk to her.

She walked inside and saw Dean sitting at the bar with a drink in his hand, and surprise surprise, he was flirting with a red head with a mini shirt on. Abby rolled her eyes, and walked over to an empty booth and took a seat, waiting on Jessica.

Dean pretended to put the girls number in his phone and gave her a wink before she walked off. He rolled his eyes and drink in hand, turned around on the stool. He scanned the bar looking for Sam, but who he saw was the last person he expected to see, "Abby?" he looked and sure enough it was her. "This is...oh hell." He sighed. Seconds later she looked over at him and Dean knew he was caught. He had to talk to her now. He got up and walked over to her booth, "Abby."

"Dean." She said, "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Waiting on Sam. What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Waiting on Jess." she said and then it came to her, "But...they aren't going to be showing, are they?" she looked up at him.

"What are you talking about?"

"I think we have been set up." she sighed. "Leave it to Sam and Jess to play matchmaker."

Dean sat across from her and downed his drink, "Just what I need." he said.

Abby rolled her eyes, "No one is asking you to stay. Looks like you have a date anyways." she folded her arms over her chest and gave him a glare.

"I didn't say anything!" Dean said louder than he wanted and looked around the bar before leaning over, "I didn't say anything. Look, we are here so why not just deal with it and...talk or whatever."

"So, are you ready to talk now?" she asked.

"Don't give me attitude, Jess. You screwed me over, remember."

She dropped her arms and leaned over talking through gritted teeth, "I, didn't screw you over. I, asked you to give me time and you freaked. I, needed time to figure out what to do about Danny."

"Yeah...and? You had your time, so what do you want?"

Before Abby could say anything, she heard, "Hey sweetie." She looked up and saw Danny standing next to the table.

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