A/N: The following story takes place between the events of Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 3. A lonely young woman named Magdalene Kreuz travels to Silent Hill, seeking rest and relaxation. But what she uncovers instead, is a town full of monsters and an overwhelming sense of dread and despair…

Dear God…Why is this happening…?

Sitting on a bench in Rosewater Park, 32 year old Magdalene Kreuz, clutched a pistol in her trembling hands. She was on the

verge of tears, cursing herself for getting into this predicament. The last thing she wanted was to be trapped in an empty town,

enshrouded by fog, teeming with monsters. But in the end, it didn't really surprise her. With the way things were going for

Magdalene (or Maggs as she was often called), a town full of bizarre monsters seemed like icing on the cake. For Magdalene, life

had never been easy. When her father died before her 20th birthday, it seemed that life was nothing but an endless stream of

heartache and adversity. But as time passed, she eventually managed to land a well paying job, working at an exclusive

antique shop. And just when things were finally looking up, Magdalene's mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died 10

months later, and Magdalene was distraught, alone in the world. It was only at the behest of her employer, that Maggs packed

a bag, left Pittsburgh, and drove down to Silent Hill in West Virginia. Magdalene hadn't been there in years, at least not since

her aunt and uncle left the town, and moved back to Pennsylvania. But she had many fond memories of warm summer days

spent by the lake. She believed that Silent Hill would be perfect for a little rest and relaxation. Everything was going fine, until

she drew closer to her destination. Suddenly, her car radio acted possessed, making loud garbled noises piercing Magdalene's

ears. She only looked away from the road, briefly to try and fix the radio, But when she returned her attention to the road, she

saw a gigantic, grayish-black mass, charge out of nowhere in front of her Jeep. Magdalene screamed, unable to hit the breaks.

She quickly swerved to the right, barreling towards a small rest stop, but miraculously, she was able to stop the car, just before

it slammed into the small stone structure.

Moments later, after Magdalene regained her bearings, she tried restarting her car. But then, she heard heavy footsteps

approaching from behind, and the sound of heavy breathing…or was it groaning? Checking her rearview mirror, Maggs' jaw

dropped when seeing the gigantic, grayish-black mass (that looked like a deformed sumo wrestler), charging towards her jeep.

Magdalene screamed as the huge ugly thing slammed its body into the back of her jeep, causing it to lurch forward. At the same

time, Magdalene's cell phone started to make loud static noises. The Grayish-black thing, slammed into the back of her jeep

again! This time, shattering her back window. Acting on pure instinct, Magdalene undid her seatbelt, grabbed her large tan

shoulder bag, and burst out of her vehicle.

Without looking back, Maggs dashed towards a stone staircase, leading down towards a winding forest trail, engulfed in fog. As

she navigated through the dense fog and rocky path, Magdalene wished she had worn slacks instead of her black dress skirt

and silk, scarlet colored camisol. Her black ballet flaps kept slipping as she ran. But the trail eventually led through a decrepit

cemetery, and eventually, her intended destination: Silent Hill…

Magdalene was dumbfounded. "What's happened to this place" she asked herself. "Where did everybody go?" Magdalene rubbed

her bare arms, suddenly feeling quite cold. The town didn't appear dilapidated, just abandoned. So she slowly wandered

through the empty streets of Silent Hill, trying to warm herself and to take in the haunting atmosphere. And that's when she

noticed a fresh trail of blood and gore leading from a crosswalk towards a building with a sign: Jack's Inn

"Do I really want to do this…?

But because curiosity was gnawing away at her insides, Magdalene, carefully made her way to Jack's Inn, and cautiously

entered the dimly lit place. She quickly scanned her surroundings, and was relieved to see it was quite safe. There was nothing

inside, except for these bizarre, headless, mannequins scattered throughout the room. Relying on the dim light of the window,

covered by newspaper, Magdalene followed the blood trail, to the bar. At the end of the trail, she found a standard 9mm pistol.

She picked it up and studied it. The gun felt warm, almost as though it had just been used. Suddenly, Magdalene's cell-phone

emitted loud, garbled noises, causing her to jump. And that was when all the strange headless mannequins came to life, and

began surrounding her. Without even thinking, Magdalene started firing the gun madly at the things, as they encircled her and

she tried to run away. But one of monsters struck Maggs from behind, hitting her between her shoulder blades. Magdalene fell

to the ground, crying out in pain as the mannequins moved closer, boxing her into a tight circle.

Oh my God, this is it…what am I gonna do?

Just as everything seemed hopeless, Magdalene looked up and saw the entrance to the bar. Fighting through her pain,

Magdalene held fast to her shoulder bag and the pistol, and quickly crawled, evading the mannequins. She continued to crawl

until she pushed open the glass door, tumbling out into the street. Magdalene was now hyperventilating, struggling to catch her

breath, and calm herself down…when her cell phone started making noise once more. Hearing footsteps from behind,

Magdalene spun around and saw another mannequin monster approaching her in a swift but awkward manner. Magdalene

scrambled to her feet and just ran. She ran and she ran until her lungs felt they would burst….and that is how she ended up

here at Rosewater Park: cold, frightened, and alone…

Magdalene studied the pistol in her trembling white hands… "It would be so easy" Magdalene thought to herself, "Why not?

It isn't as if my life is really going anywhere. No family, few friends, no significant other.." Magdalene tightened her grip on the

pistol as warm tears continued to flow.

"Oh Jesus" whispered Magdalene, "please forgive me…"

She turned the pistol on herself, pressing the barrel hard against her throat. But just before she could squeeze the trigger, a

voice broke the silence, startling Magdalene.

"No Stop PLEASE! Don't do it!"

Magdalene stood up, trying to find the source of the voice. Out of the fog, she saw a man quickly run towards her. He was tall

and well dressed. He had a full head of thick, dark hair, with a few bangs that hung perfectly over his forehead. He appeared to have a strong, but slender build; His nose was slightly pointed, but not out of place, and his lips appeared lush and

inviting, in spite of the very light beard stubble. His eyes were what disarmed Magdalene the most; they were large, sharp and intense,

changing from pale grey to intense blue. The stranger was very handsome. However, she didn't know what was more disturbing

about the stranger: the fact that he was dressed like a funeral director OR the fact that he bore a near eerie resemblance to that

handsome Scottish movie actor she saw play 'Dracula' in the 'Dracula 2000' movie she watched not long ago, while channel


"Damn it!" Magdalene thought to herself, "What was that actor's name? Jerry? No. Gerard?...Yes! Gerard But...something!"

But suddenly, Magdalene's thoughts were interrupted, when she noticed the handsome stranger moving closer to her. He

continued to approach Magdalene, but soon stopped short when seeing her point the gun, defensively in his direction. The

stranger held up his hands, gesturing for her to stop.

"Please" urged the stranger, "I mean you no harm. Let me help you!"

"Who are you" demanded Magdalene, tightening her grip on the pistol.

"My name is Markus... Markus Wolf…"

He continued to approach her, slowly and cautiously.

"Please" begged Markus, "I mean you no harm...everything is going to be alright…"

But Magdalene did not budge, she continued to aim her weapon at the stranger.

"Stay back!" ordered Magdalene, "Don't come any closer to me!"

This stranger she thought, handsome or not, couldn't be trusted. At least, not until she could establish who he was and what

he was doing here. For all Magdalene knew, this stranger could BE 'Dracula' in disguise. That would be ironic she thought. The

headlines would read: '32 year old lonely pathetic woman: found murdered in Silent Hill by Dracula and his Monsters! Extra

Extra! But suddenly, Magdalene noticed that despite her warning, Markus Wolf, took one more step forward, keeping his hands raised.

"Miss" he urged, "It isn't safe out here. Please let me help you. I can take you somewhere safe..."

Markus studied Magdalene's fragile, slender looking figure, and he could tell by the expression in her sea green eyes, that she wanted to

believe him, but was still uncertain.

"Please...I'm not going to hurt you" Markus persisted, "Trust me, everything is going to be all right..."