Magdalene shook uncontrollably in Markus's arms, as they stared at the giant Centipede lifting itself up in an unnatural half standing position. The deathly pale human face of the Order Soldier, still protruding from its mandibles, moved its lips dribbling a strange dark colored drool, as every single one of its sharp legs twitched in a violent, sickening manner.

"Oh God!" shuddered Magdalene as she buried her face into Markus's chest, "What are we going to do?"

Markus still didn't have an answer. Instead he squeezed her tightly while sliding them both off of the bed, on to the floor. Perhaps they could try to make a run for it, he thought, but no! Magdalene's ankle! Markus bit his lip, as he eyed the shotgun nervously beside the giant monstrosity. Even if he could reach it, there were no shells left in the chamber. Maybe, he thought, if he could distract the horrible thing just long enough, maybe Magdalene could get away to safety. But Markus already knew she wouldn't leave his side. Not after everything they just endured.

Come on Markus think! THINK!

Suddenly, Magdalene's foot brushed up against something underneath the bed, prompting her to look down; and upon discovering what it was, she immediately tugged on Markus's arm, feeling elated.

"Markus LOOK!" she cried, reaching underneath the bed. She pulled out a Sniper Rifle, along with a backpack and pushed it towards him.

Markus grabbed the rifle, breathing a sigh of relief upon recognizing it, along with the backpack Natalya had given him. He quickly checked to make sure it was fully loaded. He then rummaged quickly through the backpack for spare rifle ammo, and then tossed it to Magdalene.

"Right Maggs" Markus spoke, "Stay there! Don't move until its safe! Promise me!"

Magdalene stared at Markus, hesitating at first, but she nodded and Markus quickly kissed her before turning to face the hideous Centipede Monster. He cautiously got up and moved away from the bed, circling the creature that appeared to respond, by slowly turning and approaching Markus; it's sharp, hideous legs moved and clicked in perfect unison. Markus lifted the rifle and took aim at the protruding Order Soldier's face, through the scope, and fired. The Centipede let out an ear splitting scream, spewing out projectile dark liquid in Markus's direction. Markus dodged this attack as best as he could, but some of the liquid spilled onto his arm. The liquid smoked and bubbled as it burned his arm, causing Markus to bellow out in pain, and Magdalene gasped, as she watched beside the bed.

Markus quickly dashed towards the standing freezer, just as the Centipede lunged forward, as if to strike him down. He took two more shots, but they appeared to bounce off the Centipede's hard, bandaged shell. Damn it, thought Markus, he would have to wait until the creature turned to face him again before taking another shot. But the Centipede quickly spun around in a circle, repositioning itself and lunged at him, before Markus could steady his rifle, forcing him to throw himself on the ground to avoid this attack.

Magdalene gasped in horror as she watched Markus hit the ground hard, and the giant red Centipede demon swiftly crawling on top of him; piercing its sharp legs deep into his flesh, provoking cries of pain. The Centipede demon lowered its pale human face, frighteningly close to Markus's face as he struggled to break free from its sharp painful grasp. Markus's eyes suddenly widened in terror, as he noticed the creature's blood drained rubbery lips begin to part, and a foul putrid chemical-like odor permeate from it's mouth, along with the sound of gurgling. It was getting ready to vomit that poison acid, or whatever it was, right into his face! Markus frantically began twisting and struggling, but his efforts were only rewarded with more deep lacerations to his back, chest, and arms, causing him to bleed profusely.

Just then, there was a distinct snapping sound and the Centipede immediately screamed, jumping off of Markus, and violently started twisting and balling itself in a mad frenzy. When Markus strained his neck to see what was happening, he spotted Magdalene, standing close by holding the giant medical shears, in wide eyed terror, shaking and hyperventilating. The medical shears appeared stained with the same dark colored liquid that the Centipede was both vomiting and bleeding out. The Centipede continued to twitch violently, prompting Markus to push himself off the ground, grab his weapon and shield Magdalene from harm.

"I'm sorry Markus" cried Magdalene as she felt Markus roughly pulling her to the opposite side of the room. "I know you told me to stay put. But I had to do something!"

"It's Okay" breathed Markus, as he forced Magdalene behind him, "I'll let it slide this time."

He stared into the scope of the rifle and took aim of the Centipede's face. He fired 5 shots, and with that, the Centipede demon finally collapsed with an unearthly scream. As the disgusting monstrosity began to dissolve and bubble in a foul smelling pool of liquid, loud sirens started blaring in the distance. Markus suddenly turned around and quickly grabbed Magdalene, causing her to yelp and drop the giant medical shears, as he squeezed her tightly against him.

"Markus what's going on? What are you doing?"

But he did not answer her. Magdalene gasped, fighting desperately to catch her breath as Markus continued to squeeze her tightly against him. As Magdalene continued struggling to breathe, she found herself both mesmerized and dumbfounded by the transformation taking place in front of her: all the rust, blood, gore and putrid decay that was once the 'Other World', was now rapidly melting away, before her very it never existed! Although it appeared, from the basement window, that it was still dark outside, the basement itself seemed to have reverted back to 'normal'. Magdalene suddenly felt herself become lightheaded. Never in her life had she seen anything like this before. What the Hell kind of place was Silent Hill? Would it even be possible for them to really escape this town? Suddenly, her thoughts were soon interrupted by Markus. At first she thought he too was struggling for breath, but then it quickly became apparent that he was crying.

"Markus..? Oh my God…what is it? What's wrong?"

"Magdalene" he spoke, his voice breaking into a sob, "I thought I lost you. I thought I'd never see you again.

When I was kidnapped, I prayed for you. I prayed to God or whoever would hear me that I'd find you again" Markus sniffled and swallowed hard. "But this, this wasn't what I wanted…Maggs, I thought that thing was going to-"

"Shhhhhhhh don't say it" Magdalene pressed her fingers firmly against his lips, before wiping away his tears with her thumbs.

"I love you Markus...and I prayed that I'd find you too"

Markus and Magdalene stared deeply into each other's eyes, both faintly aware of each other's breath becoming heavier, their grip on each other tightening, and their bodies growing increasingly warmer. Magdalene swallowed hard, as she felt her head beginning to swim and her heart beating rapidly, as Markus's grip tightened more around her, pressing her against his bare chest. She sucked in a deep ragged breath as Markus leaned in close, his breath warming her lips.

"I love you Magdalene" he whispered softly, "I love you and I want you".

Magdalene swallowed hard, feeling herself becoming increasingly dizzy and her heart beating more rapidly. But suddenly, she began to feel her strength slipping away from her, and her legs, giving out from underneath her. She stared deep into his lovely blue eyes, as she felt warm tears of fright, stream down her face. Magdalene loved Markus, and she wanted him just as much as he wanted her...but something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

"Markus...!" she gasped, as her body started to become heavy and limp in Markus's arms, "I...I...oh my God..! what' me?"

Markus panicked, loosening his grip on Magdalene as he gently lowered her to the basement floor. Magdalene began to gasp, taking in rapid deep breaths.

"Oh My God! Maggs!" cried Markus frantically, as he stretched her out on the basement floor, tilting her head back so she could get air. "Just close your eyes and breathe Magdalene. Breathe!"

"Markus..." Magdalene spoke in between breaths, "...what if...what if I...what if I die here...?"

"SHUT UP!" cried Markus squeezing Magdalene's fingers, as tears welled up in his eyes, "Don't Talk like that! Don't you EVER talk like that! You're not going to die!"



Markus looked down at Magdalene and could see by her large eyed expression, that his words had hurt her. Seeing Magdalene in such a vulnerable state, caused Markus to break down sobbing once more, as he squeezed her hand, kissed it, then pressed it to the side of his face.

"You can't die on me Magdalene" he continued to cry, "You're my Angel...and if you die, then I'll die..."

A/N: The following tracks that inspired this chapter include: Basement Fight (SH: Downpour) and Witchcraft (SH:Homecoming).